UAEM-Amsterdam support letter



I am interested in equal making and spread of medicine. Medicine should be availeble for everybody on every moment. Medicine should be made for every disease, even when it has no economical fuction. We are talking about lives!

(Amsterdam , 2016-12-01)


Life-saving medicines should not be a luxury for the rich but available to all people who need it.

(Amsterdam, 2016-12-01)


I support the cause

(Amsterdam, 2017-04-12)


Medicine that can help people should be available to anybody in need for it.

(Amstelveen, 2020-01-29)


It's crazy how expensive medicine are in a lot of cases they should limit profit to a maximum.

(Almere , 2020-01-30)


Being able to treat everyone is the essence of being a doctor.

(Amstelveen, 2020-05-20)


everybody should have the rights to access the medication they need!!

(Amsterdam, 2020-09-27)