Ban Fireworks-South Africa



OMW. Its almost 20:00 hours on the 2nd of January 2020 and there are still some brain dead people blasting away. My animals are terrified. Please you dumb humans. This has been enough!. I would like to.put your fireworks were the sun never shines.

Jackie Visagie (Pretoria North, 2020-01-07)


I believe very strongly that fireworks are harmful. Can cause fires and injuries to people and animals.

Eileen Steeman (Cape Town, 2020-01-07)


Does more harm to animals every time

Gavin Neuhoff (Vanderbijlpark , 2020-01-07)


The trauma for animals and elderly, nevermind war veterans is not worth the money spent. Also the money spent could be put to much better use i.e. animal shelters, homeless and disadvantaged people etc.

Colin Preuss (Polokwane , 2020-01-07)


It cruel and unhuman. Animal abuse is not just hiting, kicking and chaining your dog. Fireworks is also abuse to your wild animal's. Please please let we stop this. Year after year we letting humans hurt animal's that can't speak for them self. Let's make a difference in 2020.

Corné Jooste (Pretoria , 2020-01-08)


This is an act against humanity. A fire hazard and gross animal abuse

Lynne Temlett (Vanderbijlpark, 2020-01-08)


For the sake of our domestic animals!!!!!!

Corlia Lourens (Johannesburg, 2020-01-08)


Fireworks are a danger to humans and irresponsible adults in the world they are also not biodegradable! They are a complete noise hindrance to all humans and animals causing much harm to innocent animals especially. The places where these big bangs are assembled and made use child labour to manufacture fireworks!!

Lesleyann Bryce (Durban , 2020-01-09)


Animals are more important than a moment of fun. They have acute hearing and scare the poor things to death. I love fireworks but love my animals more. So for banning them for any seasonal celebration, including sport.

Carole Chambers (Durban, 2020-01-09)


I totally agree that Fireworks should be banned! Our dogs with terrified this year and its so sad to see all the dogs that have been lost and killed due to fireworks.

Lorraine Short (Blantyre , 2020-01-09)


I care more for animals than for human beings

Jenny Spangenberg (Centurion, 2020-01-09)


Poor animals!!

Cailin Schoonbee (Bloemfontein, 2020-01-09)


Fireworks do absolutely nothing to enhance our luves but do EVERYTHING to cause misery, injury and death to our pets and all wildlife. Then there is the matter of pollution. Our country already suffers from all kinds of pollution. Can we afford to add to the already dangerous levels?

Amanda Borrett (Malmesbury, 2020-01-09)


There is little or no control with the sale or responsible use of fireworks. A total ban is the only solution.

Malcolm Orchard (Vereeniging, 2020-01-10)


The noice of fireworks causes a great amount of fear , stress and inxiety in animals sometime resulting in horrific injuries. Fear causes them to flee into roadways and increase in dead animals (our pets) The chemicals are also dangerous to animals. It is clear that using fireworks near animals are CRUEL and INHUMANE. That is why I would like fireworks to be banned for the animals and stop the increase of scared animals ending up at animal welfare (SPCA). Report animal abuse and cruelty in neighbourhoods and unnecessary suffering to any captive or domestic animals.

Mandie Matthysen (STRAND, 2020-01-11)


All fireworks should be banned and destroyed

Sonja Muller (Calvinia, 2020-01-11)


Various reasons - primarily animals, loss and damage to propert as a result of secondary fires - I could go on .....

Beverley Whittaker (Pretoria, 2020-01-14)


I have 2 big dog that I have to dose everytime and that still doesn't help.

Alecs Kuhn (Midrand, 2020-01-15)


No to fireworks they are harmful to our environment and our pets

Peter Mueller (Durban, 2020-01-15)


I love animals and have witnessed the stress these animals go through during the fireworks. There is no need for this.

Martin Hollinger (Johannesburg, 2020-01-18)


Its time to find an alternative.

Yvette Huysamer (Observatory, 2020-01-26)


Silent fireworks are acceptable. The noise is just too much.

Sylvia Martin (Johannesburg, 2020-02-08)


Multiple people in my proximity lost their houses due to fireworks. Our fire departments are not strong. This is not to mention the tragic amount of reports of animal suffering.

Elsa Glenn (Johannesburg, 2020-02-10)


We have no problem funding animal right and winant rights and what not, but how many woman and children have been hurt by fireworks. It's inconsiderate. It shouldn't even be done in a public venue under fire department supervision, as even wild birds and small animals get hurt or chased from their natural habitats

Eugene Van der Schyff (Kempton park, 2020-03-07)


I hate fireworks because so many animals are terrified over Guy Fawkes. They run away from home, badly injured or never get found. I believe that there are other, unharmful ways to celebrate.

Tracey Mackay (Hillcrest, 2020-03-16)


Animals are innocent. Im spesking for them.

Julia McCue (PRETORIA , 2020-04-10)


It is harmful to animals

Adele Naidoo (Durban, 2020-11-14)


I am signing because fireworks petrify animals and children. There is no need for the noice to be allowed in residential suburbs.

Roleen Webber-Green (Johannesburg , 2020-11-14)


I feel that fireworks with a extreme noise should be banned. There should be a decibel rating that allows low noise fireworks only

Shazia Ismail (Tongaat , 2020-11-15)


Because every year so many animal and human lives suffer from these big bangs.

Stephané-Lee Richter (Durban, 2020-11-16)


I have fur babies and I fully understand the damage it causes to them. Not busting fireworks harms no one. But busting fireworks causes harm to many

Preleen Pillay (Durban, 2020-11-16)

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