Ban Fireworks-South Africa



They scare, maim, cause stress, anxiety and sometimes death to animals. We are their voice!

Angie Hales (Benoni , 2017-01-03)


Fireworks ate devastating to animals causing death maiming injuries

Tania Forrest-Smith (Benoni, 2017-01-03)


My animals are like my children. When they hurt, I hurt.

Mark Moss-Damarell (Parys, 2017-01-03)


I'm siginger because of the devestation and trauma this selfish act causes animals.I have seen my own pets in high distress how they have needed medication to get through the night.I have seen spca posts of animals impaling themselves trying to flee from the noise. This is a selfish display of the lack of humanity people have.just for some pretty lights, it's a wouldn't put your children through it knowingly.then why would you to animals?!

Sian Boolsen (Capetown , 2017-01-03)


Because I'm against animal abuse

Nadia Rowling (Richards Bay, 2017-01-03)


Fireworks are dangerous for everyone, causing many animals to run away from home and often results in fatalities. The noise causes many people to be unsettled. The noise is really over the top, many people using fireworks are inconsiderate about the times and places they let off fireworks.

Shireen Roberts (Durban, 2017-01-03)


I have 5 dogs and struggle to understand how people could be so heartless to not empathise with how they react to the noise and flashes. Was these children or anyone else, action would have been taken with no hesitation for anyone affected. Apart from the stress and anxiety our animals are put through, this is nothing in comparison to the amount of money spent to literally go up in smoke. Why not spend these on feeding the homeless or educating the youth, leave the displays to professional, non-governmental bodies, in areas away from animals and people, under controlled and informed conditions. Fireworks are pretty and amazing, but nothing is worth the fear in my dogs eyes when the sky flowers bloom with all the fury of a canon shot.

Carl Visser (Garsfontein, 2017-01-03)


Because I've seen way too many pictures of animals getting hurt during this festive season.

Elke Raath (Cape Tow , 2017-01-03)


I absolutely despise fireworks because of what it does to animals.

Nelmarie Robson (Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


Animals needed to be protected irrelevant of people's rights to have "entertainment". Ban fireworks and help our four legged friends.

Audrey Reynolds (Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


fireworks just have to's not just about u and's about the animals too

Fiona Burger (East London, 2017-01-03)


Fireworks is illegal and not enough law enforcement is enforced.Animals dying.Waste of money..

Jo-Anne Wentzel (Margate, 2017-01-03)


I believe this cause

Dennis Holme (Benoni, 2017-01-03)


I don't like the harm it causes the "fur-kids". If not me, who?

Shaun Wilkinson (Tshwane, 2017-01-03)


No perceived celebration is worth the life of an innocent animal

Jennifer Hensey (Durban, 2017-01-03)


The loud noises of fireworks cause animals distress and cause animals to run away or do something that can cause them injury or death while trying to escape.

Heidi Pfeifer (Pretoria , 2017-01-03)


Animal cruelty

Tarryn Northcote (Durban , 2017-01-03)


I have animals and grandchildren eho live with me. My 3 x dogs and two cats were severely traumatised by my neighbours throwing "cobra" fire bombs off in front of my driveway. The bangs were so loud, it shook the foundations of my house....literally. it was very frightening as I do not appreciate loud sounds in general.

Maria van Niekerk (Durban, 2017-01-03)


I love animals and have pets of my own so i can see first hand how it affects my children

Tinus Pretorius (Centurion, 2017-01-03)


Sick of my dogs being terrified because of these careless idiots

Mel Eggar (Durban, 2017-01-03)


I'm signing because of the fear I have seen in my own animals and the fear I have for those animals that are hurt in the process of fireworks being let off

Laura Strydom (Durban, 2017-01-03)


Fireworks are dangerous and cruel to our animals and wildlife. Plus they are noise pollution.

Andie Thomas (Scottburgh, 2017-01-03)


Fireworks cause pain, fear and suffering to innocent animals and could result in deaths due to panic.

Janine Shields (Roodepoort, 2017-01-03)


Fireworks are harmful to animals, birds, and individuals. They are a nuisance, noisy and pollution.

Yvette Huysamer (Cape Town , 2017-01-03)


I hate animal abuse with a passion. Animals get stressed out and terrified and run away and get hurt. People that are cruel hurt animals with fire crackers. I say ban them completely.

Tracy Lee Westermeyer (Durban, 2017-01-03)


Too many animals are being harmed ... It's tragic

Charmaine Knoesen (Boksburg, 2017-01-03)


I hate fireworks and my dog goes crazy when people shoot fireworks.

elzibe pretorius (pretoria, 2017-01-03)


Ban fireworks

Muriel Deysel (Durban , 2017-01-03)


The SA government cannot control the sale of fireworks and far to many animals and young children get hurt or even die of it. The only way to control it is to place a total ban on fireworks in South Africa

Lizelle Wiese (Cape Town, 2017-01-03)


The terrible suffering it causes dogs and other animals

Frikkie Coetzee (Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


It's disgusting how our animals have to suffer for minuscule entertainment!

Tina Hollinshead (Benoni, 2017-01-03)


Fireworks cause pollution of all kinds. Their origin has nothing to do with any culture. They are a danger and a pestilence.

Melissa Enslin (Johannesburg, 2017-01-03)


I hate fireworks my poor animals thought my one dog was gone.

Patricia Jansen van vuuren (Brakpan , 2017-01-03)


My dog are petrified and neighbours don't respond to friendly requests. Police doesn't assist.

Jolene Stoltz (Pretoria , 2017-01-03)


Please stop fireworks! They are hurting our beloved pets!

Ronel Viljoen (Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


Due to many animals been harmed and stressed during the New Year's Eve celebrations as well as Diwali we need to do more to ban fireworks. A heavy fine and community service of no less than 30 days at a local animal shelter should be given if caught in possession or letting off fireworks. The sale of fireworks should also be completely banned.

Heidi Lamberton (Tshwane, 2017-01-03)


Just not worth all the trauma caused to animals and injuries to children by the use of fireworks.

Patricia Maggs (Umtentweni , 2017-01-03)


Fireworks has no benefit for anyone

Jacques Crous (Cape Town , 2017-01-03)


This years display of fireworks was disgusting. Ban the damn things. Please. Save our animals...

Nicola Pringle (Springs, 2017-01-03)


I'm signing because my animals suffer and it's not nice to medicate them. My elderly parents are sensitive to noise

Paula Viktor (Durban, 2017-01-03)


Animals come before the dangerous practice of fireworks celebrations

Patsy Hayter (cape town , 2017-01-03)


I HATE seeing animals get hurt!!!

Hettie Vorster (Centurion, 2017-01-03)


For my animals, all the other animals. The elderly the frightened children. We don't need bombs in this world to celebrate anything

Yolande Van der Westhuizen (Johannesburg , 2017-01-03)


My animals were so stressed

Val Woods (Durban, 2017-01-03)


I love animals......

Heimeri Botes (Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


Ban Fireworks!!!

Ilze Botha (Albuquerque, New Mexico , 2017-01-03)


I fully agree with this petition.

Kylie Paul (Cape Town , 2017-01-03)


I love animals and their well being more then humans shooting crackers and scaring animals

Rochelle Crause (Vanderbijlpark, 2017-01-03)


Im sick of people that do t care about the animals

Renette Venter (Pretoria , 2017-01-03)


I have pets as well and the fireworks petrified them

Amanda Lamprecht (Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


Every year animals and humans are hurt by these fire works. The poor in our area spend money on these fire works and then dont have money for food and necessities.

Alta van Rooyen (Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


Fireworks are hurting our animal's and have no place in our society !

John Lourens (Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


I hate fireworks for my dog because ge can 't sign here

Hans Steyn (Krugersdorp, 2017-01-03)


I have pets. That was so scared

ROSEMARIE Botha (Sasolburg, 2017-01-03)


My animals are terrified by the bangs of fireworks and crackers

Jacqueline Lavin (Kempton Park, 2017-01-03)


Noisy fireworks are not a religious requirement for the celebration of Diwali. Guy Fawkes is not a South African tradition. Fireworks at new year are a waste of public money that also cause harm, stress and injury, There is no need for fireworks that also are an unnecessary import that affects the balance of payments.

Raymond Lautenbach (Ekurhuleni, 2017-01-03)


I care about the animals around the country.

Sadye Dodgen (Edenvale , 2017-01-03)


I believe any life is more important than fireworks!

Claudia Rautenbach (Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


I cannot bear to see any animal in distress as a result of fireworks

Stephanie Townsend (Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


I have 2 dogs that are terrified of fireworks. My 11 year old dog hyperventilated so much that het tongue was blue. I gave her something to calm her. She was ill for 2 days due to stress

Elmarie Vd Merwe (Ermelo, 2017-01-03)


Animal cruelty is never okay!

Courtney Leary (Howick , 2017-01-03)


I sm signing becsuse of the poor animals....!!!!!!!!!!

George Wolhuter (Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


The effect the noise has on our senior community members, babies and animals is too much, and it's a costly exercise when animals are injured. People caught with and or shooting fireworks should be jailed, not fined as police could focus on other duties if fireworks are banned.

Terence Sinclair (Boksburg , 2017-01-03)


consider the animals, who can speak up for them??

Linda Murray (KZN, 2017-01-03)


I'm signing because of the terrible effect fireworks have on our pets - the fear they incur and even death - they are an unecessary curse and a waste of money

Marilyn Bristow (Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


I see first hand the trauma that my 6 animals experience when subjected to delingquint idiots that let off in built up areas.

Vee Ashlin (Cape town, 2017-01-03)


Sick to death of all the animal cruelty

Jenny Gilroy (Sandton, 2017-01-03)


Animals deserve better treatment and fireworks are not acceptable.

Carin van der Veen (Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


I hate fire works

NICOLE Froli (Springs , 2017-01-03)


My animals gets so traumatized every year not funny anymore

Dirk Mulder (Capetown, 2017-01-03)


I find it horrific to see how they affect animals as a whole.

Maree Dorning (Durban, 2017-01-03)


Enough is enough! Stop the cruelty to our animals!

Pam Butler (Pietermaritzburg, 2017-01-03)


Because the animals are suffering and it has to end!!!

Samantha Van Tonder (Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


Safety of animals and humans. Mainly for animals that get harmed, lost or killed by going frantic to escape the noise etc.

Jenny Sewell (Cape Town, 2017-01-03)


Emotional and physical trauma to all animals.. NO FIREWORK IS WORTH A LIFE..

Nicola Brown (Johannesburg, 2017-01-03)


Urban fireworks cause extreme stress to pets

Rene Goslin (Benoni, 2017-01-03)


I hate firework, and what it does to animals. Fireworks should not even be sold to everyone. Problem is that its been sold everywhere to anyone.

Tania Botha (Belfast, 2017-01-03)


Cause we have to speak for those who can't !!! Ban Fireworks from the source (incl. importing), not just the use!!!

Methos Perez (PTA, 2017-01-03)


The fireworks is dangerous and a curse, both for animals and humans.humans

Ann Pazzi (Jhb, 2017-01-03)


Fireworks kill innocent animals and hurt people. Disturbing the peace and teach children to play with dangerous things gs.

Fanie Cloete (Benoni , 2017-01-03)


The poor animals who suffer through the noise of those fireworks

Siobhan Baker (Howick , 2017-01-03)


My poor cats get so terrified from fireworks it's heartbreaking.

Melissa Gouws (Durban , 2017-01-03)


The fires that are caused and the untold damage to our poor animals is unacceptable

Geraldine Leibbrandt (Cape Town , 2017-01-03)


I have animals and I have seen the fear fireworks instill in them. It is heartbreaking to see so many animals get hurt or die due to fireworks. Fireworks really need to be banned for life .

Malinda Henrico (Pretoria Gardens, 2017-01-04)

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