Ban Fireworks-South Africa



I have dog that don't enjoy the load banging noise from fireworks. Numerous dogs in my area been found running around.

Shayleigh Smith (East London , 2017-01-04)


The poor dogs that have to be sedated to keep them from running away & hurting themselves

Brita Van der Merwe (Pretoria, 2017-01-04)


I'm signing because I hate fireworks

Andrew coch (kempton, 2017-01-04)


I hate what fireworks are doing to animals. My dogs is petrified and has run away before due to this.
Also the evils where people abuse animals by lighting a cracker and pushing into an animal's mouth or anus!!
Enough is enough!

Lee-Ann Wanckel (East London, 2017-01-04)


I'm signing this for all the animals that don't have voice!!! Stop these idiots shooting off the extremely noisy fireworks!

Lee Ferns (Gauteng, Alberton, 2017-01-04)


Because it us bad för both animals and nature.

Emmy Woberg (Halmstad, 2017-01-04)


Because it is a horrible abuse of animals

Laura Wojtulewicz (durban, 2017-01-04)


I'm signing this petition because our pets don't need the stress that comes with fireworks

Louis Meier (East London , 2017-01-04)


Enough animals suffer because of human selfishness

adele els (Middelburg, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks are pointless waste of money, just absolute nonsense.

Claudia Hooper (Cape Town, 2017-01-04)


People use crackers to hurt animals

Audrey Breedt (Pretoria, 2017-01-04)


people tend to burn crackers at any time, sometimes we unaware if its gunshots or crackers. further more our animals become at stressed some animals and including children are harmed by these stupid crackers.

karen munsamy (durban, 2017-01-04)


People are idiots when it comes to fireworks. They respect nothing

Lee Brande (East London, 2017-01-04)


I believe fireworks are dangerous and expensive and the results after the fireworks are even more expensive rather donate the money to a worthwhile charity

Lynettr McGinn (Pretoria, 2017-01-04)


I care about animals and the environment.

Gaynor Johnson (East London , 2017-01-04)


I hate the way the animals are tortured with the fireworks, just for a moment's brief enjoyment from some selfish people!

Angela Steyn (Kempton Park, 2017-01-04)


I'm signing this because of the harm to our precious pets and animals.

Georgie Lawns (Umhlanga Rocks, Durban, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks cause untold grief to animals and in our third world country. ..our government will do nothing to protect the rights of animals...

Jeannette Capper (Hamburg , 2017-01-04)


It causes a lot of stress on the animals.

Alma Fleischer (Centurion , 2017-01-04)


Fireworks should be banned not only because of the waste of money and the pollution it causes, but especially because of the harm it causes to our precious pets and wildlife as well as to children playing with it.

Erika Roberts (Gonubie, 2017-01-04)


Hate dogs being scared by fiteworks

Beverley Marshall (East london, 2017-01-04)


I am signing this as I believe that fireworks should be banned due the anxiety and terror it causes to animals.

Susan Tarry (Benoni, 2017-01-04)


Fighting to safe and keep animals unharmed

Michelle de beer (Ballito, 2017-01-04)


I have 5 dogs and they hate the noise and I have seen when fireworks go wrong and hurt people and animals.

Michelle Kotze (Kempton Park, 2017-01-04)


Because of the harm it causes on all animals

kelly burton (east London, 2017-01-04)


So many animals end up stray or are harmed with these fireworks.

Lynsey Russell (Springs, 2017-01-04)


I hate what it does to animals.

Bev Bonnett (Johannesburg , 2017-01-04)


My dogs ate traumatized every damn time!

Lisa Fittkau (Salt Rock, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks cause death..ban it in plz

Charl Van straaten (Vanderbijlpark, 2017-01-04)


Every year animals run away and are hurt. It has to stop.

Bradley Steel (Durban, 2017-01-04)


All dogs need to be with their family' dogs should be scared and run away...I stand for animals....Ban Fireworks in S.A..we don't need it!!

Juanri Van Der Walt Van Der Walt (Johannesburg, 2017-01-04)


I think fireworks are rediculously dangerous!!!!! And just petrifies pets!

Linda Thomas (Maidenhead , 2017-01-04)


I am an animal lover.

Sharyn Dabbs (CAPE TOWN, 2017-01-04)


I'm signing this petition because I can't bare to see so many harmless animals suffer for a few minutes of human entertainment.

Mel Ryan (Johannesburg , 2017-01-04)


Im signing because of the danger of fireworks and the harm it does to all animals

Danny Geers (Bedfirdview, 2017-01-04)


I feel for these desperately anxious animals when we the fireworks are in progress - we have to help them by banning fireworks!!!

Wilma Janssen Krogh (Melbourne, 2017-01-04)


They are terrible for Dogs, my Dog is always trying to get out, petrified.

Diane Bowen (East London, 2017-01-04)


Save our animals.

Bridget Wren (Durbanville , 2017-01-04)


It is cruelty to animals and dangerous to uninformed people

Carolyn Allan (Mogale, 2017-01-04)


People dont respect no- sound fireworks. It upsets and harms animals

Linda Durow (Johannesburg, 2017-01-04)


animals need us to speak for them!

Lisa Tarr (Grahamstown, 2017-01-04)


I feel that fireworks are cruel to animals and some humans who are sensitive to loud noise aswell as being physically dangerous

Nici Esterhuizen (Welkom, 2017-01-04)


I have animals and no matter how i protect them they still get scared

Natasha Young (Springs, 2017-01-04)


Since the fireworks on Saturday night my baby refusea to sleep in her cot without someone in the room with her. All my rescue animals were scared beyond belief. Time to do away with these nasty waste of money. If you have money to waste, give it to those that need it.

Tracy Swart (Durban, 2017-01-04)


to save our innocent animals!

Jenny Hanika (Ladysmith, 2017-01-04)


I have dogs who are terrified by the noise of fireworks

Pat Hill (East London, 2017-01-04)


I dont agree with what it does to animals

Lee-Ann Lottering (East London, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks are not fun for animals

Karen Kouari (Grahamstown , 2017-01-04)


fireworks is the same as abuse to animals,

Christien van Zyl (Margate, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks that are set off in suburbs are unnecessary, cause harm to animals and is a serious disturbance of peace. Organised firework shows can be acceptable only if duly authorised and in a designated public venue.

Michiel van den Berg (Pretoria, 2017-01-04)


I find it utterly disturbing to see the suffering that animals go through with all the fireworks every time it is that time of year. We are humans and we are supposed to look after and save all animals that God has put on this earth, not try and see how much we can hurt them

Bebsie Cronjé (Newcastle , 2017-01-04)


Fireworks are dangerous and they frighten our animals. They are a waste of money and I thought they had been banned in this country some time ago.

Ursula Defferary (Port Elizabeth, 2017-01-04)


I hate fireworks people and animals get hurt and nobody cares

Wilhelmina Rautenbach (Kempton Park, 2017-01-04)


Animal lover, no need for fireworks

Tiekie Meyer (Newcastle , 2017-01-04)


I have a house full of animals that get so scared when people set offor the fireworks !! Ban it please !!!

Sasha-lee De Bruin (Ramsgate, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks kill animals.

Liane Craigie (East London, 2017-01-04)


My dogs are petrified when neighbours let off huge big bang fireworks

Helen Jacobs (Durban , 2017-01-04)


I'm signing because animals can't talk for themselves and need our help!!!

Tracey Maggott (Sheffield Beach, 2017-01-04)


Im a dog owner

Gerrit Coetsee (Johannesburg, 2017-01-04)


I hate fireworks. It can be used to harm animals and IS used to harm animals.

Arno Coetzee (Krugersdorp, 2017-01-04)


I hate fireworks

Amanda Oldewage (Klerksdorp, 2017-01-04)


I have had enough of fireworks destroying and hurting animals!!!

Valerie Sham (Alberton, 2017-01-04)


It's cruel

Val Britnow (East London , 2017-01-04)


Because its cruel to the animals and its dangerous

joshua tynan (johannesburg, 2017-01-04)


I'm signing because using fireworks is selfish and cruel. I myself am in distress getting frightened at every bomb that explodes in my neighborhood. My cat hides in the tiniest spaces trying to get away from the terrifying noise and my dog barks incessantly. Fireworks are unnecessary, used by those wanting self satisfaction without consideration for any other living creature. It is a money making racket. Ban fireworks, ban fireworks!

Diana Martin (Pietermaritzburg, 2017-01-04)


Tried of having my animals suffer because people taking it to far

Lee Masters (kempton park, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks cause lots of pain and suffering to animals

Marietjie Botha (Newcastle, 2017-01-04)


Both my cat and my dog are petrified of fireworks that people burst days before and after diwali /new year. I am a Hindu and I celebrate diwali but not with fireworks.

Nirvarsha Rajkumar (Durban, 2017-01-04)


I want it banned die to all the injuries and deaths caused by fireworks for animals and humans. Its cruel to make another living creature suffer for your pleasure. I SAY NO TO FIREWORKS

Sorita Walker (Kempton park , 2017-01-04)


This tradition has absolutely nothing to do with us, and our poor animals are extremely traumatized even after taking medication from the vet.

Jennifer Hechter (Port Elizabeth, 2017-01-04)


Dog owner

Bradley Marnewick (Benoni, 2017-01-04)


Animals don't deserve this agony and torture of fireworks !!!!

olga vorster (bloemfontein, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks are terrifying to any animal. As a vegan, I abhor any animal cruelty and despise all fireworks for the anguish they cause to sentient beings. They must be banned!!

Linda Beukes (Richards Bay, 2017-01-04)


It is cruel and harmful to the environment wildlife and pets. The amount of deaths in dogs during new years eve speaks volumes.

Cheley Claassens (Cape town, 2017-01-04)


I'm signing because every dog is regarded as a guard dog by its owner, irrespective of the breed. Every guard dog lost, raises the risk of crime, which is enemy no 1 in South Africa.

Benjamin Czanik (Centurion, 2017-01-04)


I don't like fireworks

Greyling Pieterse (Polokwane, 2017-01-04)


Ever since saturday I cant go on FB anymore. Feeds are flouded with post from missing pets due to fire works. This needs to stop. Who benefits from fireworks...the animals dont!!

Anelda Taljaard (Vanderbijlpark, 2017-01-04)


The trauma and suffering to animals and to many young children is UNACCEPTABLE!!! This madness has to be STOPPED PERMANENTLY

Valerie Kennedy (Johannesburg, 2017-01-04)


Animals deserve to have a peaceful live without fireworks that cause so much damage.

Nanette Matthews (Centurion, 2017-01-04)


Dogs/animals are scared of crackers. They go ponkers. Sometimes hurt themselves and so many try excape their homes to try and run from noise. They get lost, stolen and some die. They should ban fireworks. And police in our area do not do anything about people that use crackers in residential areas. Fed up

Bianca Drake (Free state, 2017-01-04)


I own a dog,and fireworks are very dangerous

Anna Vanaswegen (Durban, 2017-01-04)


I'm signing because fireworks are dangerous & people are cruel!!!

Glynnis Boyens (Kloof, 2017-01-04)


I have animals and my puppy gets frightened by fireworks and i dont like to see him scared or hurt. Plus I've seen the pictures of the animals that have died due to fireworks

Chelsey Roux (Kempton park, 2017-01-04)


Its cruel and unneccessay

Kasey Karr (Cape Town, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks not good for animals

Alfrieda De Beer (Ballito, 2017-01-04)


We've lost a precious family pet due to fireworks!

Gina Ball (East London, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks are nothing more than murder weapons to kill animals

Johan Van der Westhuizen (Pretoria , 2017-01-04)

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