Ban Fireworks-South Africa



I'm fed up!!!!!!

René Nel (Johannesburg, 2017-01-06)


We dont need fireworks kills our animals!!!!!

Elize Ritz (Gauteng, 2017-01-06)


Animals suffer enough. The animal cruelty are disgusted. What animals go through and the pain and suffering and cruel deaths are unacceptable for this pointless rubbish. Fireworks only cause harm and pain and must end. Stand against any use of fireworks and must be banned.

Desire Nel (Gauteng, 2017-01-06)


Too many animals die because of this idiocy.

Juanita Etsebeth (Johannesburg, 2017-01-06)


Please ban this, just look what it is doing to our animals. Or make it silent fireworks at least

Lorraine Schultz (Kempton Park, 2017-01-06)


No more fire works

Michelle Engelbrecht (Randfontein, 2017-01-06)


Fireworks is a total waist of money that can be used to feed the poor, it is dangerous to children and it scares animals- a total waste of time, money and energy.0

Pokkies ( J.A.) Brits (Klerksdorp, 2017-01-06)


I hate to see animals suffer.

Meisie van der Watt (Vanderbijlpark, 2017-01-06)


I am tired of seeing our animals gettng hurt

Lauren Hare (Cape town, 2017-01-06)


Fireworks cause extreme trauma to those who have no voice.

Carola Stevens (Pretoria, 2017-01-06)


Fireworks are harmful and scare animals

Emmaline Venter (Fourways, 2017-01-06)


I'm an animal lover and it breaks my heart seeing how fireworks effect animals.

Sarah Thurston (Germiston , 2017-01-06)


It is a shame to hurt innocent animals like that!

Thelma Schutte (Alberton, 2017-01-06)


Ban fireworks

Stephen nyland (Johannesburg , 2017-01-06)


Too many animals suffer because of the stupidity of humans. People can not compare fireworks going off with thunder and other loud noises. Animals are such clever beings when it comes to understanding nature. But we people are the ones who mess about and make life difficult for animals. We have the power to protect our animals, dogs, cats, wild life, birds, etc. Stop the useless fireworks displays.

Annette BrandersBraxton (Pretoria, 2017-01-06)


It's scary for animals for no reason

Lynn Holtshausen (Pietermaritzburg, 2017-01-06)


I hate fireworks and people selling it and using it

Chris Liebenbergh (germiston, 2017-01-06)


I dislike fireworks with a passion

Debbie Swift (Pinetown, 2017-01-07)


I love my animals

Rene Senekal (Vaalpark , 2017-01-07)


The stress it put on animals. As a pet owner we are unable to go out or even have guests over on Old Yearevent be cause of the fireworks. People are so unconsiderate...

Sharon Kallmann (Musina, 2017-01-07)


My dogs are petrified and it is difficult to keep three dogs calm at the same time. Please ban fireworks

Lesley Louw (Cape Town, 2017-01-07)


I have dogs and see what they are going through when they hear the fireworks not even the vets tranquillizers help them

Louise Venter (Gauteng, 2017-01-07)


Of my animals

Johan Troskie (White River, 2017-01-07)


My poor pets suffer every time and I hate seeing them this way

Robert Bell (Kempton park, 2017-01-07)


I believe it should be banned eventhough it's beautifull to look at there are innocent animals getting frightened by the sound. Animals get injured or some die. Even worse some people abuse the animals by tying fireworks to the animal. Unfortunately I love animals more than the beauty of fireworks

Anneke van Tonder (Vanderbijlpark, 2017-01-07)


I cannot bear to see the suffering,pain and trauma endured by my and other pets

Naidoo Cynthia (Durban, 2017-01-07)


I'm a doglover and has lost pets because of fireworks

Ina Fouche (Brakpan, 2017-01-07)


Every year animals get hurt or run away.

René Vest (Johannesburg, 2017-01-07)


Fireworks that scare animals must be banned !

Michelle Tandy (Edenvale, 2017-01-07)


Ban fireworks. No animal deserve this just because humans are selfish inhumane cretures

Lizette Lombard (Pretoria, 2017-01-07)


fire works are evil

Gayle Westbrook (Durban, 2017-01-07)


Feel strongly! Detrimental to animals, wildlife and birds..

Janice Rich (East london , 2017-01-07)


No consideration for other people or animals

Hannes Van Rensburg (Newcastle, 2017-01-07)


I hate what fireworks do to our animals, please ban fireworks!!!!

Irene Joubert (Mogale City, 2017-01-07)


It is traumatic, and people are reckless, even having some youngsters shooting fireworks into my property. I have a thatch home.

Mark vd Bergh (Johannesburg, 2017-01-07)


Im signing because I feel the sorry for the poor animals n pets and how cruel it is not just because ive lost a dog but because ive seen the the aftermath on fb to animals/pets

Natalie Van Heerden (Durban, 2017-01-07)


i dont like fire works as they hurt animals and make them very scare. i support banning it all together

Ursula Steyn (Johannesburg, 2017-01-07)


Cruelty to animals

Cameron Baldie (Vanderbijlpark , 2017-01-07)


I agree with you

Sharon Beaulla Shaw (Kei Mouth, 2017-01-07)


Unfair that animals should suffer

Maureen Webb (Cumbria, 2017-01-07)


Harm animals, huge waste of money, harm people.

Noldy Lennox (Port Elizabeth, 2017-01-07)


Seen some very sad injuries that have ended in dogs and cats been put down.

Rene Parker (Mondeor, 2017-01-07)


I hate fireworks, apart from the dogs and cats there is birds as we that nests in trees, the Du ks on duck ponds. They must be banned.

isabel visser (BOKSBURG, 2017-01-07)


My dog is still traumatized and won't go outside at night

Debra Ann Harrison (Margate, 2017-01-07)


Fireworks cause terror and harm to animals and birds both domestic and wild as well as to elderly and sick people and young children. It is barbaric, selfish and inconsiderate people who constantly let off fireworks.

Carol Hoatson (Pinetown, 2017-01-07)


I want to make a difference

Natalie Buitendag (Pretoria, 2017-01-08)


My animals.

Jascha Addison (Johannesburg, 2017-01-08)


Fireworks are causing animals to suffer.....

patricia De Luca (Johannesburg, 2017-01-08)


If people must let off fireworks they can be made silent, but much safer to ban altogether. Use the money for something constructive.

Gill Randle (Marquad, 2017-01-08)


I have a Jack Russel, that is affected by fireworks, even though I keep him indoors with events, where fireworks are used in the area, as well as other domestic animals that are been so badly harmed.

Dianne McCabe (436 Cork Avenue, Ferndale, Gauteng, 2017-01-08)


It can only benefit the animals

Lesley Stols (Johannesburg , 2017-01-08)


Animals can't speak for themselves - we need to stand up for them and protect them.

Gillian Ulyate (Pretoria, 2017-01-08)


I love animals way more than humans

Sandy Olivier (Durban, 2017-01-08)


I have 2 dogs and I see the horrible affect fireworks have on animals in general. It does not only affect the animals, it is traumatic to pet owners to see their animals suffer. Pet owners dread these events and have to start planning what to do to keep their animals safe

Leticia Loots (Roodepoort, 2017-01-08)


Cause I hate fireworks and love animals

Lissete Vanos (Johannesburg, 2017-01-08)


Im signing because i cant stand to see permanently terrified animals that don't know whats going on

Natasha Mayhew (Johannesburt, 2017-01-09)


Animals are harmed by fireworks

Jenny Chapman (Durban, 2017-01-09)


I'm signing this petition because I am sick and tired of nothing being done about stopping fireworks. They torture animals and people.
Enough already!

Bronwyn McIntyre (Pinetown, 2017-01-09)


Fireworks harm animals.

greg bower (durban, 2017-01-09)


Animal trauma and too dangerous

Kim Kappacher (Kempton park , 2017-01-09)


the poor animals get abused

ronelle jonker (kemptonpark, 2017-01-09)


Stressfull for ALL animals. In pretoria we also have zoos and nature reserves close to the city and these animals are also affected

Chris Wilkinson (Pretoria, 2017-01-09)


Fireworks cause untold pain and suffering for animals, and they also have a right to peace on this planet.

Beverley Caldwell (Springs, 2017-01-09)


Im signing because animals are suffering.

Lorraine Van staden (Zeerust, 2017-01-09)


I fully stand behind the protection and well being of animals who can not speak for themselves

Benice Burger (Port Shepstone , 2017-01-09)


Because I have pets and they are petrified of the bangs

Tammi Griffin (Randburg, 2017-01-09)


I am signing because it causes more harm than good. Animals cannot handle the big bangs and yet again, many pets have died or injured because of other people's pleasure.

vera sadler (kempton park, 2017-01-09)


Im signing because fireworks are the direct cause of hundreds of animals getting lost or killed because the get so frightened. Why cant people invent a soundless show of pretty lights. Oh wait we already did - it's lazer or strobe lights.

Talischa Towsen (Durban, 2017-01-09)


I cant take the dying of innocent animals anymore. This is horrible!

Xuan du Plessis (Pretoria, 2017-01-09)


I have signed so many petitions to support the ban against fireworks and will continue to do so until we have got it banned. So wish this would happen in my lifetime. Good luck with your mission.

Lynette Trollip (Swellendam , 2017-01-09)


It is a hazard to humans and animals

Nicole Hill (Johannesburg , 2017-01-09)


I'm begging for fireworks to be banned, please,please,please!!!!!

Elize van der Schyff (MEYERTON, 2017-01-09)


Why ask idiots

Josie Hon (Cape Town , 2017-01-09)


I'm signing because I am heartbroken by the suffering caused by fireworks to innocent and frantic animals. Fireworks needs to be banned in residential areas and only displayed at organised and designated events if it must be.

Debbie Marais (Durban, 2017-01-09)


I HATE fire works due to being a pet owner

Lizeth Kotze (Alberton , 2017-01-10)


Animals have rights to.

Vanessa Naidoo (Port Shepstone, 2017-01-10)


Animals really suffer

Joy Strydom (Cape Town, 2017-01-10)


Due to many animals been harmed and stressed during the New Year's Eve celebrations as well as Diwali we need to do more to ban fireworks. A heavy fine should be given if caught in possession or letting off fireworks

Angela Barton (DURBAN, 2017-01-10)


Fire crackers are not necessary and are dangerous for all animals and wildlife.

Eleanor Searle (Natal , 2017-01-11)


Fireworks adversely affect animals

Tracey Pelser (Johannesburg, 2017-01-11)


I love animals. We are their voices.

Wendy Fourie (Johannesburg, 2017-01-11)


My White Pedigree Labrador Tasha, hurt herself so badly, when the fireworx started she tried to jump the back door open. I then opened for her and let her in, but she hit her head badly against the door. And we got tranquilisers from the vet, which we gave to her, she was crying until 05:00am and she was lying on my bed, next to me. On new years day we could clearly see the knock to the head from her trying to jump the back door open was bad. She was just lying in her bed, she did not eat, she luckily drank some water from time to time. We had to let her sleep in the house for a week, and she has a huge kennel on our patio. Fireworks need to be banned immediately, we have been asking for years for it to be banned! It is killing our animals, and they deserve that the fireworks are banned, they are our children too. To see them suffer like that because of a whole lot of idiots who think it's cool, well it's not cool at all. They should be arrested for that, the stupid idiots!!!!

Adele Watson (Boksburg, 2017-01-12)


Not Pet should be terrified like this and get so afraid that they actually fear so much for their life's they run away.

Michelle De Bruin (Pretoria, 2017-01-14)


It's crap that animals get hurt because people only think about their own entertainment!

Anita Swarts (Germiston, 2017-01-14)


I want fireworks banned to safe our pets!

Hannelie Roux (Kempton Park, 2017-01-19)

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