Ban Fireworks-South Africa



While living in South Africa my animals suffered terribly when fireworks were being lit

Shannon Martin (Lewes, 2017-01-25)


Fireworks are harmful to animals, it is not worth the distress caused.

Natasha Gericke (Kempton Park , 2017-01-28)


My animals can not talk for themselves

Casper Vorster (Kempton Park, 2017-01-29)


Ban fireworks

Hayley Carlsen (Kempton Park, 2017-01-30)


Crulty to animals

Johan Du preez (Johannesburg, 2017-02-02)


Fireworks cause too much harm to animals and they should not be allowed.

Sivan Portal (Johannesburg, 2017-02-02)


No to fire works. There is no benefit not for animals nor humans.

Amelia Van Zyl (Cape Town, 2017-02-02)


My dog fell down the stairs on New Year's Eve from running away and trying to find a cupboard to hide in from being petrified of the fire works. He has had to have surgery to repair his Crutia legiments and he is old. Please help to ban these people from doing the awful harm they are doing with fireworks? Please help!!!! Please!!!!

Leigh Creswick (Johannesburg , 2017-02-02)


Stop cruelty to animals

Jodi Plit-Shapiro (Tel Aviv, 2017-02-02)


Its terrifying my pets and me

Vashnee Anthony (KwaZulu Natal, 2017-02-03)


Ban fireworks. They are dangerousto our animals and dangerous to kids

Chaude Weyers (Benoni, 2017-02-03)


Dogs deserve to be protected respected and looked after

Ruth Sacks (Johannesburg, 2017-02-05)


Fireworks cause unnecessary stress and harm to animals as well as humans. We do not want to see our beloved pets get hurt or lost because of some ignorant people who never cared for a pet.

Chanel Maman (Johannesburg , 2017-02-06)


my animals go crazy

lionel shaer (alberton, 2017-02-08)


It is horrific what our pets go through when fireworks are fired

Claire Luise (Gauteng, 2017-02-27)


I care about animals

Carol Price (Kempton park, 2017-02-27)


Fire works are harmful And cruel to animals.
Please Ban them

Candice Stephen (Kempton park, 2017-02-27)


Due to many animals and even children have been harmed and stressed during the New Years' Eve celectrations as well as Diwali, we need to do more to ban fireworks. A heavy fine should be given if caught in possession or letting off fireworks and a heavier fine or even jail sentence if animals are seriously injured or fatally injured

Flavia Van Straten (Vanderbijlpark, 2017-02-27)


harm on animals due to fireworks

Tichafa Danha (kemton Park, 2017-02-27)


Fireworks need to be banned from south africa for the sake of all animals

Stephen Swanepoel (Johannesburg, 2017-02-28)


I cannot emphasis how much I detest fireworks!! They need to be banned throughout the world!! What a waste of money, and not to mention the trauma, distress and injury it causes our poor animals.

Beverley Lundie (Boksburg, 2017-03-03)


of all the reasons I have posted on Facebook page 'unite against fireworks'

Shelagh Hahn (Randburg, 2017-03-08)


Go see for yourself at

Ronel Tonkin (Cape Town, 2017-03-08)


Too many animals are scared and harmed by fireworks. Unnecessary

Sharon Milne (Cape town, 2017-03-08)


Fireworks, especially the big bangs which are meant to be banned, are being used irresponsibly and selfishly by people who have no concern as to the terrible effect they have on animals and humans alike. I myself find the detonations frightening, so how much more frightening they must be to animals with much more sensitive hearing than humans have! Why should the minority of our population which wants fireworks, make life unbearable for those of us who do NOT like fireworks? BAN fireworks in South Africa.

Norma Ittmann (Howick, 2017-03-08)


Fireworks are harmful to animals and children.

Sheila Lawson (Cape town, 2017-03-09)


I have 18 dogs that are all terrified of the fireworks on old years eve

Peter Mc Killop (Kempton Park, 2017-03-10)


Our pets are traumatised evert single new year for hours on end.

Wendy Clausen (Kempton Park , 2017-03-11)


The dogs howl all night in my suburb and climb over their yard walls so get lost or cause accidents. Its cruel!

Sylvia Hodnett (Boksburg, 2017-03-11)


Too many animals are adversely effected by fireworks. Not just dogs and cats but farm animals too. It's long past time they were abolished completely.

Daphne Ferreir (Delmas, 2017-03-11)


Dogs don't deserve it

Garth Hodnett (Benoni, 2017-03-11)


As a veterinarian, I see first hand the injuries, and psychological trauma caused to pets as a result of fireworks and noise phobias

Sarah Richards (Johannesburg, 2017-03-11)


Fireworks are a dangerous thing and should not be used at all

Nichola Bingham (Johannesburg, 2017-03-11)


Because its harmful to animals and i love animals ..

Maryke Maartens (Johannesburg, 2017-03-14)


Because animals deserve a word too i stand behind my animals

Kerry-Anne Oosthuizen (Kempton park, 2017-03-16)


I lost a pet because of New Year's Fireworks

Kathy de la Guerre (Gauteng, 2017-03-27)


Fireworks harm animals and authorities don't do enough to prevent unlawful use

Eddie Pake (Kempton Park, 2017-04-01)


Just trying to help

Amanda Allen (Burkesville, 2017-04-01)


I hate fireworks. It is unnecessary and scares the shit out of animals and children alike.

bernyce hollingworth (edenvale, 2017-05-10)


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Julio Borbor (Parme, 2017-07-28)


Because i want fireworks banned in SA

Glenda Ross (Durban, 2017-12-16)


Guy Fawkes is irrelevant to the SA context... Besides it a pain and have of late encapsuled a criminal elements that is destructive to all vulnerable groups....let banned the use of fireworks in our country....

Marita Petersen (Capt Town, 2017-12-16)


Pets cant fend for themselves humans must protect them, poor dogs get flustered and hurts themselves.

almarie van rooyen (witbank, 2017-12-16)


Its is dangerous en people harm animals through crackers and fire works.

Estelle Prinsloo (Germiston, 2017-12-16)



Ferdi Liebenberg (Roodepoor, 2017-12-16)


I have 11 animal's. And hate the way fireworks makes them feel

Carol Putter (Brakpan , 2017-12-16)


Because of the harm brings upon animals and babies .. I look how my daughter screams and shakes because of the loud bangs and my animals try and escape because they are petrified ... it's terrible and emotionally damaging for everyone

Bronwyn Marsberg (Johannesburg, 2017-12-16)


Totally against fireworks. My dog had to medicated twice, because they went on till we pm on New year's day in our area. Find them unnecessary. The suffering they cause the elderly, mentally ill, babies and animals, it's totally not worth it. Not to talk about the waste of money.

Kim Gale (Edenvale, 2017-12-16)


My dog is still missing. Animal crualty!!!!

Esmerelda Loots (Germiston, 2017-12-16)


I HATE fireworks and have pets

Phoebe Malan (Pretoria, 2017-12-16)


My dogs get petrified

claire everton (durban, 2017-12-16)


I feel that crackers are the chaos our animals die or run away ! So many animals have died because of these These things by impayling them selves on fences or elevtricuting themselves by trying to take cover from Be horrible devilish things

Camilla Perez (Kempton Park, 2017-12-16)


Hate it poor animals

Jeanne-Marie Strydom (Durban, 2017-12-16)


Please ban fire works to help our animals.

Alicia Frier (Grahamstown, 2017-12-16)


I hate fireworks and what selfish people do with fireworks and it hurts and kill innocent animals.

Farhana Wahab (Durban, 2017-12-16)


I love my furry babies... and hate fireworks

Annuscha Raath (PRETORIA, 2017-12-16)


Enough is enough. ..

Victoria holtshausen (Kempston park , 2017-12-16)


My animals

Grant Williams (Johannesburg, 2017-12-16)


It's barbaric that's going on in SA with regards to the fire works. Animals get lost/run over/die as result of that. It soo unnecessary and according what I know it was banned 2 years ago but since then nothing happened!

Christel Van Coller (Pretoria North, 2017-12-16)


All the animals get lost and hurt...

Ane van Rhyn (pretoria, 2017-12-16)


I hate fireworks! Nothing good about it!!!!

Lynette Van niekerk (Johannesburg, 2017-12-16)


Too many people use it for wrong reasons i.e. to harm / abuse animals.

hilda brecher (vryheid, 2017-12-16)


Too many animals suffer because of fireworks

Sandra thackeray (henley on klip, 2017-12-16)


I agree with the cause! The animals need our help to stop the fireworks. We need to be their voice.

Ana-Alicia Marais (Durban, 2017-12-16)


Cruelty to animals

Sandra Ferreira (Northwich, 2017-12-16)


For all the animals they dont have a voice but i do

Carmel Lötz (Kemptonpark, 2017-12-16)


So many innocent animals are injured or killed during this time. Apart from that it has nothing to do with our country! It happened the UK so keep it in the UK if they want to burn up their money. But it should be banned world wide.

Phil Smart (Durban, 2017-12-16)


People's actions should never intentionally injure and kill others indiscriminately so they should be banned if u want lights take out the bang effects

Liesel Robson (Johannesburg , 2017-12-16)


My dogs are terrified of the noises and my Husky almost got stuck between M development fork of the 32 December 2016 due to fireworks less than 1km away hosTed by the Casino.

Zelda Lombard (Bloemfontein , 2017-12-16)


Its hurting our animals... they die because those humans are in true fact idiots... no feelings for any animal our there. BAN FOREWORKS!!!! punish those who dont listen!

Sulette Van der berg (Johannesburg, 2017-12-16)


Because of my animals Some people don't care I do!!!!!

Golden Antoinette (Jhb Albertsville, 2017-12-16)


Fireworks are dangerous to annimals!

Francois Pretorius (Midrand, 2017-12-16)


Fireworks has nothing to do with any SA culture - it only cause great trauma to animals children & the elderly & should be totally banned

Mikki Hardy (Pretoria , 2017-12-16)


I hate cruelty to animals & fireworks are used by cruel idiots!

Avryll claassens ( cape town, 2017-12-16)


Because i also have animals and saw alot of pic how animals get seriously hurt because of the fireworks.

nadia ovrenovits (port elizabeth, 2017-12-16)


So many pets and animals are frightened beyond words. Others are tortured by peopke for fun.

Jennifer Zonjee (Cape Town, 2017-12-16)


Totally against fireworks

Cheryl Ferrier (Durban, 2017-12-16)


Fireworks are dangerous, cruel, and cause many injuries and death. Please ban this!

Isabel Rheinhard (Germiston, 2017-12-16)


Surely by now we have evolved full knowing that fire works and cruel people make animals suffer so get your heads out your arses and BAN GREED!!!

Zelda De gouveia (Cape Town , 2017-12-16)


Who, with half a brain can get any joy out of traumatizing animals with a big bang ?

Barry Du Toit (Alberton, 2017-12-16)


Scares dogs

Tristan Rowat (Johannesburg, 2017-12-16)


I love animals

Johlene Olivieri (East London , 2017-12-16)



carina nelson (capetown , 2017-12-16)


It has got out of hand with the BIG bangs and I love animals

Gail Lundin (Pietermaritzburg, 2017-12-16)


My dog was almost dead!!!

Fanie Nel (Polokwane, 2017-12-16)


Animals being hurt by fireworks.

Helena cloete (port alfred, 2017-12-16)


Because of the physical and emotional abuse to animals

Roelof Bosch (Johannesburg, 2017-12-16)


We can't keep hurting our animal friends.

Shelvine Erasmus (Cape Town, 2017-12-16)

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