Ban Fireworks-South Africa



I am against fire works

Bridgette Wolmarans (East london, 2017-12-16)


It frightens my fur babies

Desiree Lee (Johannesburg , 2017-12-16)


Total waste of money apart from what it does to our dear four legged families. Imagine how better the money could be spent?

Gaye Squire (Cape Town, 2017-12-16)


It is a nigh are for animals and children

Tanya Ellington (Randpark, 2017-12-16)


a bruwer.

alvera bruwer (cape town , 2017-12-16)


Fireworks are beautiful but has gotten out of hand - if absolutely anyone actually thinks it's okay to harm an innocent animal in such a brutal way they should be exposed and publicly condemned for it. Animals, dogs especially are loving, kind, grateful creatures and what's been happening to them due to fireworks distributed locally is appalling.

Anja Stemmet (Johannesburg , 2017-12-16)


Im signing because i lost my dog to fireworks as one exploded in my property after a failed take off from my neighbours yard.

Danielle van Rensburg (Durban, 2017-12-16)


I hate seeing the devastation fireworks cause to animals.

Thys De Bruin (Witbank, 2017-12-16)


I am an animal lover and find the cruelty too much to handle

Christa Kloppers (Kempton Park, 2017-12-16)


Fireworks are horrific to furkids.

Barbara Dercksen (Durban, 2017-12-16)


Animals get terribly afraid and disoriented when there are such loud noises. We should instead have amazing light shows, which are just as effective, without harming anyone or anything.

Carmen Benito (East London , 2017-12-16)


My pets are traumatised eventime fireworks are let off and I have seen how other are traumatised as well.

Mandy Beyer (East London , 2017-12-16)


So many animals domestic and wild suffer when fireworks are going off. So many die for a couple of minutes of pleasure.

Mandy McKeon (Durban, 2017-12-16)


Animal Cruelty

Margot Nolte (Cape Town, 2017-12-16)


I have 7 dogs and a cat and for the first time this new year that were totally and utterly traumatised. I was very grateful that I chose to stay home because I'm sure that would have come to great harm otherwise through utter fear!!!

Michelle Howard (Durban, 2017-12-16)


Ban all fireworks

Melinda Smith (St Lucia, 2017-12-16)


I have first hand witnessed the unnecessary trauma to animals we need to be their voice

Gail Smith (Edenvale, 2017-12-16)


I think fireworks are horrific and animals suffer

Lauren Herbst (Durban, 2017-12-16)


Countless animals killed

Marianne Dunckley (Johannesburg, 2017-12-16)


I think Fire works is cruel on animals

Kasey Muller (Cape town, 2017-12-16)


Animals are suffering because of the big bangs and fireworks

Lourens Muller (Durban, 2017-12-16)



joelene nel (east london, 2017-12-16)


It's the right thing to do!

Alethea Johnson (Pretoria , 2017-12-16)


Of my animals who suffer during the fireworks

amanda koekemoer (eastrand, 2017-12-16)


This is a cause I believe in and fireworks should only be set off in a controlled environment.

Bernadette Squires (Johannesburg, 2017-12-16)


Ii is bad to animals

Bulelwa Vimbani (Gillits Durban, 2017-12-16)


I strongly believe fireworks destroy the lives of so many animals both domestic and wildlife.
This year the fireworks sounded like bombs going off in my property therefore impacting on my pet's.
This year they were bigger and louder.

There should be some happy medium.

Karen Janisch (durban, 2017-12-16)


Fireworks needs to be banned!!!

Wanda Binedell (Durban, 2017-12-16)


Fireworks are very cruel for all the animals and are responsible for many deaths of terrified animals every year

mandi bellardi (durban, 2017-12-16)


The poor animals suffer so much and many are killed.

Coraleen Kershaw (Secunda, 2017-12-16)


Hate fire works and is a huge animal lover

Valenta Spamers (Meyerton, 2017-12-16)


The joy brought to the few, is totally overridden by the terror experienced by thousands of animals. People need to grow up!

Diane Anderson (Cape Town, 2017-12-16)


Fireworks are a danger to animals

Ella Khan (Durban, 2017-12-16)


Ban fireworks completely

Lynda Arrow (Gauteng, 2017-12-16)


They frighten the hell out of dogs - causing them to run away - FB is full of lost animals

Kathryn Walker (Bloemfontein, 2017-12-16)


It is cruelty against animals

Jenny Du Preez (Vanderbijlpark , 2017-12-16)


The suffering of all animals is out of control. Frightens the life out of the elderly. Absolute waste of good hard earned money.

Elizabeth Chapman (Benoni, 2017-12-16)


i'm signing this petition because lots of pets are losing their lives due to fireworks.

Adele thompson (randfontein, 2017-12-16)


We need a total ban of fireworks for the sake of all animals

Sabine Anderson (Johannesburg , 2017-12-16)


It does so much harm to all animals and its just unnecessary, no benefit to any human either

Luella Esterhuizen (Cape Town, 2017-12-16)


My dog was completely stressed out New year's eve. Took me an hour to calm him down.

Trudie Johnston (Cape Town, 2017-12-16)


For all the animals

Wynell Colville-Reeves (Port Alfred, 2017-12-16)


I'm signing because i hate seeing my cats and birds scared and trying to hide due to the load noice. Its unnecessary and these people shooting crackers must be punished for scaring animals.

Marne Wevers (Kempton Park, 2017-12-16)


Too many hurt , lost and injured animals

Nadene Espag (Roodepoort, 2017-12-16)


It is.such a.selfish pleasure. Consider all those it frightening

Claire Luise (Boksburg, 2017-12-16)


I hate fireworks

uthmaan surtee (lenasia, 2017-12-16)


The fear fireworks create in animals are just devastating

Amanda Botes (Boksburg, 2017-12-16)


Fireworks is sit

manny eve (Boksburg , 2017-12-16)


Animal safety

Claudine Campher (Boksburg, 2017-12-16)


In a civilized society we dont need fireworks.

Henriette Hannabus (boksburh, 2017-12-16)


Obecause of the cruelty our animals are expose to. Please stop all fireworks now!

Zetone Lopes (Kemptonpark, 2017-12-16)


Ban fireworks from south africa

Rina Swart (Centurion, 2017-12-16)


fireworks are the cause of children injuries during the festive season

Edith Manana (Germiston, 2017-12-16)


I hate firworks.

Connie Dames (Johannesburg, 2017-12-16)


I hate fireworks poir animas

Lawrence Gerber (Gauteng, 2017-12-16)


Its unfair to animals and dangerous

Yolanda Walker (Benoni, 2017-12-16)


I hate the effect of fireworks on animals.

Tracey Murrell (port elizabeth, 2017-12-16)


BAN FIRE WORKS, our furkids are important to us

Mischelle Koekemoer (Middelburg , 2017-12-16)


It is common sense!! Imagine if you were an animal and the terrifying moments you would feel! BAN FIREWORKS!!

Brenda Abbott (Herault, 2017-12-16)


I hate fireworks!!!!!!!!

Hannatjie Mouton (Boksburg, 2017-12-16)


There are 2 many animals getting hurt.

Sonja Naude (Gauteng, 2017-12-16)


I hate the harm that come to animals!

Brenda Eybers (Johannesburg , 2017-12-16)


pets is my hole live abd my dogs were in a stade becose off it

judith calirz (boksburg , 2017-12-16)


It scares children and animals. Most of it is not safe. It can hurt children and animals and can cause a lot of damage to the users if used wrong.

sharlaine pearce (brakpan, 2017-12-16)


pets is my hole live abd my dogs were in a stade becose off it

judith calitz (boksburg , 2017-12-16)


To stop distressing animals

Denise Thomson (Umtentweni, 2017-12-16)


Too nuchal harm is done to animals domestic and wild allowing selfish idiots to play with fireworks

Debbie Moss (durban, 2017-12-16)


Because fireworks have to be banned,

carol de wet (benoni, 2017-12-16)



sandra Toweel (Pretoria, 2017-12-16)


Fireworks cause major problems for all animals etc & for the elderly & I don't believe those big bangs are necessary at all

June Rundle (Port Sheptone , 2017-12-16)


Fireworks suck and people don't know how to use them.

Karin Marais (Brakpan, 2017-12-16)


Animals deserve the right to be protected and those who use fire cracker are cruel and selfish people.

Debroah Reis (Beoni, 2017-12-16)


Fireworks are explosives and are extremely dangerous in untrained hands, as well as the fact that people are not prepared to obey the laws that exist with regards to fireworks, and feel that they should be banned completely.

Aubrey Offer (Durban, 2017-12-16)


I am tired of animals being hurt

Margaret Sekul (Elsburg, 2017-12-16)


Of the animals

anne nell (durban, 2017-12-16)


I hate what fireworks are doing to our animals ban it burn the shops down that sell the fireworks

Leon Ferreira (Alberton, 2017-12-16)


There are to many pets harmed.

Marlon Willoughby (Durban, 2017-12-16)



Wayne King (pietermaritzburg, 2017-12-16)


Im sick and tired .my dogs where so scared on new year one of my dogs a skotie got hurt wile trieng to hide from the loud noce.

Schantelle Joubert (Pta, 2017-12-16)


It is cruel

Vasti Fourie (Pretoria , 2017-12-16)


Fireworks cause unnecessary stress and harm for our animals

Vanessa Van (Vuuren , 2017-12-16)


my dogs are petrified of fireworks and thunder. Thunder we can't do anything about, but fireworks we can!

Sue Shaw (aberdeen, 2017-12-16)


my dogs are petrified of fireworks and thunder. Thunder we can't do anything about, but fireworks we can!

Sue Shaw (aberdeen, 2017-12-16)


I believe fireworks cause unecessary pain and suffering

Sharon Kell (Durban, 2017-12-16)


I believe fireworks cause unecessary pain and suffering

Sharon Kell (Durban, 2017-12-16)

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