Marana Disc Golf



Please use the expertise and knowledge of the club to find a new home, this was an amazing course in Arizona

(Glendale, 2017-01-02)


I'm signing because we are fighting our own battle with this exact thing in Utah. We don't have many courses where we live and taking one away over populates the ones we have. Disc golf has been an amazing way for me and my kids to get out and enjoy the places around us. I have made some amazing friends from this sport and losing a course can be hard on the people around it. I don't see why the course can't be used by both bird watchers and disc golfers as this is what we have been doing in Utah with the roots disc golf course. We are still fighting our own battle but i ask that you listen to the people. Thank you!

(Salt lake city, 2017-01-02)


This was my home course. Since the flood that started this project, the town of Marana has been promising to find us a new location to play our sport, but we have no new course, and no progress is being made.

(Marana, 2017-01-02)


You are taking away one of the best disc golf courses in all of Arizona. It was a destination course that people from all over the country would visit and play.

(Watts, 2017-01-02)


I believe disc golf is one of the best activities for people with low income (students, families, etc). If my local courses were taken away I wouldn't have met some awesome people, gotten so much outdoors time and saved so much crucial money toward furthering my education.

(Flagstaff, 2017-01-02)


I'm signing because a local disc golf course is great for the community. I brings in outside revenue to the area especially when tournaments are played. It is a win win situation for the community.

(Maricopa, 2017-01-02)


This was the place I visited when coming to town. Was a world class disc golf course. Please think about this decision more.

(Las Vegas, 2017-01-02)


Disc golf is a great family sport that attracts people to your parks when traveling.

(last vegas, 2017-01-02)


I play disc golf a lot here in southern Arizona, and understand the excellent health and economic benefits disc golf courses provide.

(Tucson , 2017-01-02)


Please keep disc golf in Marana.

(Tucson, 2017-01-02)


Disc golf future

(Peoria, 2017-01-02)


Disc golf

(Chandler, 2017-01-02)


I played my first ever tournament in 2011 at this course. I've met a lot of great individuals while playing at Marana Rock and have been an active club member ever since. While I understand the advancement of this site for the town of Marana, I cannot sit by and watch a beloved course quitely fade away. Please help us find a new location to share this wonderful sport with your community.

(Tucson, 2017-01-02)


I frequently visit this area and would love to reach a reasonable solution which benefits all parties involved

(Tucson , 2017-01-02)


The reason the birds and other animals have such a beautiful location is do to the Marana disc golf club. They have maintained and developed the area into the gorgeous site it is. It is very obvious that any location they should use will be taken care of and developed just like Marana roc was.

(Tucson, 2017-01-02)


We travel down to Tucson/Marana several times a year to play disc golf. Of all sports, the disc golfers I know pick up litter and work hard to keep the course areas clean and safe. I'm sure a partnership with locals could help evolve the area into a bird-friendly habitat that is clean and safe. I urge you to give it a chance!

(Phoenix, 2017-01-02)


We need to keep places like this not only to help keep the sport alive but to also keep something for the youth of today to learn a sport and be able to get out and have fun along with meeting new ppl from all around the world. Let's keep something going for not only the ppl who have been playing for years and as well for the youth and new players to come.

(Henderson, 2017-01-02)


"Disc Golf" Really Helps Keep Public Parks Occupied Which Can Help Keep The Neighborhoods Stay Alot More Safe Against Many Bad In tensions ;)

(Phoenix.Az , 2017-01-02)


I've played this course often. I like to travel and play course around the states. Losing course means less traveling

(Hurricane, 2017-01-02)


Disc golf courses have proven to be great assets in managing municipal land and provide a great mutual benefit to the community.

(Mesa, 2017-01-02)


We want a new coarse

(Tucson, 2017-01-02)


I'm signing because disc golf course is important to me

(Tucson, 2017-01-02)


The marana disc golf course was a gem in southern Arizona. It was becoming a vacation destination for disc golfers and held tournaments with 120 golfers competing at once. Please work with the club as they will do most of the work just need land to do it on.

(Marana, 2017-01-02)


I love the sport of disc golf and I also understand that it brings people to the area that would not have otherwise come to town to spend money in hotels and stores.

(Mesa, 2017-01-02)


This is one of my favorite courses to play when visiting family.

(Russellville, AR, 2017-01-02)


This was the best course in the state even without any sort of facilities. It is a travesty that marana doesn't have a plan to keep or even properly relocate this course!

(Tucson, 2017-01-02)


Love the sport of disc golf and really miss this coarse alot

(Tucson, 2017-01-02)


Marana Rock was one of my favorite disc golf courses in Arizona.

(Indianapolis, 2017-01-02)


We need the disc golf courses up and running. It's a growing sport.

(Yankton , 2017-01-02)


I believe there are valid concerns.

(Phoenix , 2017-01-02)


Disc golf is so popular

(Tempe, 2017-01-02)


I'm signing because I'm an active disc golfer in the community and believe if this course is no longer going to be an active course in its current location it should be moved and made an active course in a different location for the Marana disc golf community!

(Tucson, 2017-01-02)


Disc golf is an amazing sport that anyone can participate. Please consider adding another course to your beautiful town.

(Mesa, 2017-01-02)


I love disc golf.

(Tolleson, 2017-01-02)


I hate seeing cities lose such an asset to the community

(Boise, 2017-01-02)


Disc golf is a great activity to be present in a community not only does it give the youth something positive to do it brings people from all over together

(Oakland , 2017-01-02)


The loss of this course is immense for the disc golf community, but it can be offset by finding and developing a property with similar challenges (especially variability in elevation and vegetation) enough land) to make a championship quality course.

(Tucson, 2017-01-02)


Marana rock was an awesome and amazing place to enjoy the cenery and exercise, I played my first ever sanctioned tournament there so please if y'all could get some disc golf courses installed so you can have a place for people to unwind and get an excellent form of a full body work out.

(Tulsa, 2017-01-03)


I am a strong supporter and active competitor in disc golf

(Eloy, 2017-01-03)


I know this was the best in the state and I think everyone can appreciate the amount of work that the disc golf community has put into this area that was once nothing

(Tucson, 2017-01-03)


I have visited this course on multiple occasions when traveling through AZ. I've also made arrangements with friends who are traveling to meet there. We play the course and patronize the gas stations, eateries and grocery store in the area. A lot of times the potential that a disc golf course has to attract visitors to the area is overlooked. There is no reason that the course could not be modified if needed to accommodate bird watching. I'm sure you'll find that the disc golf course representatives would be very happy to work together on this project to ensure the success of both activities.

(Cibolo, 2017-01-03)


I've been an active member of the Marana disc golf club for over 4 years and hate to see what has happened to out wonderful course. I'm also a teacher at Marana High School and have had several students show interest in the sport only to have to tell them that our course is dying. Please install a new course in Marana.

(Tucson, 2017-01-03)


A great sport enjoyed year round, outdoor fun, exercise for people of all ages

(Tucson , 2017-01-03)


It is a great sport and anyone can play it and have a good time.

(Mesa, 2017-01-03)


I'm passionate for disc golfing

(mesa, 2017-01-03)


My son, Brian Kaylor, and his friends play there and enjoy it.

(Annville , 2017-01-03)


Disc golf is fun for all ages. Great for families! Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned pro it's great way to get out and enjoy Arizona.

(Chandler , 2017-01-03)


As a business owner, I travel to cities all over the US and as such, need the exercise disc golf offers. The Marana DG course has been one of my favorite courses to play.

(El Paso , 2017-01-03)


We love the course and often travel from phoenix just to play it

(Mesa, 2017-01-03)


disc golfers spent thousands of hours improving the course. Marana needs to dedicate a location for a new course.

(catalina, 2017-01-03)


Relatively new disc golfer. Just played what remains of the Marana course last week. Please find a new equally awesome location for your city. Disc golf draws people and $$ to your town.

(Tucson, 2017-01-03)


I visit North Tucson annually. Without a disc golf option in Marana I will not venture that far west. My family typically stops for shopping and a meal when out for disc golf.

(Pagosa Springs, CO, 2017-01-03)


I have played over 375 disc golf courses across the United States. Marana Rock was the best 18 hole course I played in Arizona. I traveled to Marana/Tucson three different times specifically to play THIS disc golf course. The local disc golf club invested thousands of volunteer hours developing this wonderfully challenging disc golf course. The dedication of all those volunteers should be rewarded by working with the club to re-design the course (so both groups can enjoy the land) or by working with the club to find a new location. There are many disc golfers like myself that actively seek out and visit the top rated disc golf courses across the US. If you remove this course and don't install another disc golf course of the same top caliber, I (and others like me) will have ZERO reason to visit Marana/Tucson again. If you want to attract
the tourism dollars disc golfers bring, you need to have a top notch disc golf facility like Marana Rock.

(Rancho Cucamonga, 2017-01-03)


I'm a disc golfer and I used to come to marana often to play spending money in your community on hotels, food, etc

(Phoenix, 2017-01-03)


Disc golf allowed my husband to find his passion and introduced me to the most wonderful community of people.

(Tucson, 2017-01-03)


Marana needs to keep that gem of a course.

(Kansas city , 2017-01-03)


Enjoy playing disc golf.

(Marana, 2017-01-03)


I'm signing because disc golf is good for the people!

(Rio Rancho, 2017-01-03)


"The Rock" as it was know locally, was a world-class disc golf course that drew players from around the country. My friends and I played there weekly and it was, by far, my favorite course in Arizona. If Pima County and/or the City of Marana promised to build a replacement course, they should hold true to their word.

(Tucson, 2017-01-03)


This course needs to stay.

(Peoria, 2017-01-03)


This is a great course and would hate to see it removed with a sport that is growing fast

(Anthem, 2017-01-03)


We need another disc golf park and Marana

(Tucson , 2017-01-04)


Disc golf is a great family activity. The marana course was one of the best in the state and it will be sorely missed.

(Tucson, 2017-01-04)


Our son plays.

(Oro Valley, 2017-01-05)


The Tucson Dis Golf Assn. has and always will support MDGC and urges the Town of Marana to work with the MDGC.

(Tucson, 2017-01-06)


I live next to the el rio park and I play Disc golf regularly. Please keep our course!

(Marana , 2017-01-09)


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(hanoi, 2017-01-09)


I'm signing because I play the Marana Rock disc golf course several times a week.

(Marana, 2017-01-09)


I'm sick of the Town of Marana sitting around with their thumbs up their asses. It's been years since the flood and nothing has been done for the disc golfers.

(Tucson, 2017-01-13)


Disc golf is the fastest growing sport in the world. I suggest you work with the Marana Disc golf club on finding a new location. Making a "world class" disc golf facility is relatively inexpensive and the right type of course or courses will bring day use and maybe even multiple day tourism dollars to your local,hotels, restaurants, etc.

(Phoenix, 2017-01-13)


Please dont remove

(Bakersfield, 2017-01-18)


We've had too many courses ripped out and replaced with other things. I can't stand to see our time and effort wasted.

(Scottsdale, 2017-01-19)


I play disc golf

(Smith river ca, 2017-03-04)