Architects to DOE and EPA Senate Hearing Committees



We must move forward, not backwards and leave a planet to our future generations that they can live as would want to live.

(Portland, 2017-01-17)


We strongly support maintaining all current programs of the DOE and EPA because diminishing them would harm thousands of valuable clean jobs, reduce energy and water efficiency, and increase air pollution-- negatively impacting both the economy AND public health, while increasing risks to future resiliency. We urge the Committees to take these into serious consideration in the hearings. Thank you.

(Piedmont, 2017-01-17)


This is vital to our industry

(Portland, OR, 2017-01-17)


Our actions as a species are a danger to biodiversity and our own survival as a species. It is the responsibility of the world's builders to own the repercussions of their actions and do their utmost to mitigate the negative affects. CBECS, AIA 2030, Energy Star etc. are the conduits for this effort and should not be impeded in any way. The fate of our planet and our species is at stake.

(Portland, 2017-01-17)


I'm an architect that believes in responsible design for the wellness and health of occupants and the environment

(Washington, 2017-01-17)


I'm signing because I believe that global warming is the biggest challenge our nation faces.

(Chapel hill, 2017-01-17)


I believe we need to promote sustainable design to maintain livable environments for future generations. I believe in global warming. But even if YOU don't - why not do all we can do to take care of mother earth and the environment for our children and their children.

(San Francisco, 2017-01-17)


Our children, grandchildren and unborn generations should benefit from our existence on planet Earth, not suffer. We can do better now so that Americans can live better in the future. Thanks!

(Boise, 2017-01-17)


Because I have great respect for the great efforts many, many concerned professionals and citizens have made to address concerns related to the environment and I would be upset to see their good work disrupted by politically motivated actions in the short term. Sooner or later, major changes are required.

(Newton, 2017-01-17)


Climate change is happening, whether you think its caused by humanity or not, it's foolish to do nothing to mitigate the problem.

(Portland, 2017-01-17)


I'm signing because I am a concerned citizen and architect. Concerned about repairing past environmental missteps and preventing future ones.

(San Francisco, 2017-01-17)


we need to go forward and improve, not backward. health and wellness is a right of all Americans.

(San Francisco, 2017-01-17)


I recognize the impact the built environment has on the natural environment, and I believe it is my duty as an architect to support any and all productive measures to help slow climate change.

(Portland, 2017-01-17)


This is the change we need in our buildings.

(Portland, 2017-01-17)


Not obtaining the 2030 goals means that US Businesses waste unnecessary energy dollars and won't make investments in our future.

(San Francisco, 2017-01-17)


(Los angeles, 2017-01-17)


I believe this is the greatest challenge the world is facing and we are at a point where meaningful change is is starting and we can not afford to ignore this responsibility.

(Los Angeles, 2017-01-17)


I want my daughters to have a healthy world to grow up in.

(Maplewood, 2017-01-17)


It's our responsibility to ensure the liveability of our planet for our own future and those of future generations.

(Seattle, 2017-01-17)


Our national future depends on strategic and wise use of limited resources. Perry and Pruitt are destroyers and deniers, not forward-thinking leaders and cannot be trusted.

(Charlottesville, 2017-01-17)



(Cambridge, MA, 2017-01-17)


The excellent work our National Labs have done to move building science and renewables along in the marketplace is critical to creating more jobs, housing that is healthier to live in and with lower operating costs, and the environment. Please make sure that the nominees understand the value of the DOE and EPA as they are currently constructed.

(Melrose, 2017-01-17)


Buildings are a major source for the global demand of energy and materials that produce greenhouse gases.

(Milwaukie, 2017-01-17)


I would not like to see all the hard work undone.

(San Francisco, CA, 2017-01-17)


I'm an architect, and I care about buildings that protect the environment.

(San Francisco, 2017-01-17)


The Southeast needs to catch up with the rest of the country - not the other way around with regressing.

(Atlanta, 2017-01-17)


I feel strongly in regards to support of taking measures to curtail global climate change and also supportive of alternative energy generation sources which are not reliant on fossil fuel based sources.

(Fairfax VA, 2017-01-17)


To recognize the importance of these programs and to keep them intact

(San Francisco, 2017-01-17)


I am an architect, and living being that would like to keep this earth clean and a healthy place for the future creators of the world.

(San Francisco, 2017-01-17)


I feel it is important for the persons in charge of this great country to provide a secure framework for opportunity. The opportunities possible in protecting our resources is incredibly huge. Please help ensure these chances are not overlooked for short term gain.

(San Francisco, 2017-01-17)


I do not believe that these nominees are committed to representing this county's role in a sustainable future

(Seattle, 2017-01-17)


I am an architect and these issues are critical to planning and designing our collective future. If we want a future based on abundance rather than scarcity, we need all of the best tools and expertise of ecological design at hand.

(Portland, 2017-01-17)


Climate Change or Harmful Changes is a reality we cannot ignore and must act to remediate.

(Berkeley, 2017-01-17)


We need to protect our environment for future generations.

(Boise, 2017-01-17)


Human caused climate change is real and scientifically proved. We need better policies than we have now, not a roll-back or loosening of regulation.

(Denver, 2017-01-17)


CBECS, the Clean Power Plan, and the EPA in support of reducing GHG emissions are critical to the health of our businesses and to society at large.

(San Francisco, 2017-01-17)


We've made tremendous progress protecting the environment in the last decade. It's critical to protect our important tools and programs.

(Berkeley, 2017-01-17)


we need clean power

(Los Angeles, 2017-01-17)


Climate change and sustainability are realities for our future. Participation is more necessary now than ever.

(New York, 2017-01-17)


I'm signing because relience on fossil fuels is a move backward toward 20th century ideals. To remain a global leader, the US must step forward away from fossil fuels to ensure energy autonomy, continued prosperity, and healthy lifestyle for all citizens. We must move away from a fossil fuel based economy!

(Atlanta, 2017-01-17)


CBECS and other forms of energy benchmarking databases are used regularly during my work as an energy consultant. Accurate benchmarking data helps engineers and consultants deliver more accurate, energy conserving and sustainable solutions.

(Los Angeles, 2017-01-17)


I work in the Architecture industry, and if the people who work in an industry are pushing for more regulation of that field, it's for a good reason.

(Portland, 2017-01-17)


Green building practices are important, Global Warming is real and because I am committed to creating healthy, safe and beautiful environments for future generations.

(Portland, 2017-01-17)


These 3 points are critical and I what I believe to be the correct direction to evolve to a more sustainable energy resource and future.

(Wakefield, MA, 2017-01-17)


A clean environment is essential to the perpetuation of life.

(Los Angeles, 2017-01-17)


I've been a licensed architect in multiple state for 20 years now and don't want to see backslide on the environmental impact that buildings have.

(Portland, 2017-01-17)


We need to continue our progress towards sustainability in all areas of industry for the benefit of all people, species and generations to come.

(Portland, OR, 2017-01-17)


I am a california licensed architect and believe our environment and future generations are at risk due to the potential changes to our Federal Administration in regards to environmental issues. The environment is our most important resource, and we must protect it.

(San Francisco, 2017-01-17)


We need to uphold our environmental progress, we only have one home so if we destroy it, that's it, game over.

(Bothell, 2017-01-17)


As architectural and interior design professionals, we help protect the quality of life of occupants in code-impacted environments, in addition to designing high-performance buildings and sustainable communities. The CBECS, Energy Star Portfolio, and the AIA 2030 Commitment are among many important programs that are vital to the success of our work. Please continue to support these vital programs. Please help us continue to teach good stewardship to current and future generations for the heath of American people and our planet.

(Portland, 2017-01-17)


I am a commercial interior designer.

(Portland, 2017-01-17)


It is my professional opinion and experience that environmental protections benefit all people. Weakening them will lead to long term economic problems as well as environmental. Cabinet members must be open to the cold hard realities facing us due to climate change. Please make sure any nominee is willing to maintain an open mind. Thank you.

(San Francisco, 2017-01-17)


I care about buildings and their impact.

(Cambridge, 2017-01-17)


I have great concern about the incoming administration’s position on climate change, energy policy and environmental protection.

(Portland, 2017-01-17)


As a design professional I'm aware of the impact the industry has on the environment and think we need to do better

(Portland , 2017-01-17)


I am an architect concerned about the future.

(Berkeley , 2017-01-17)


It makes ECONOMIC sense to prepare for the future.

(Cambridge, 2017-01-17)