Architects to DOE and EPA Senate Hearing Committees



I'm signing because any reversal of policy on addressing climate change is the most disastrous consequence that recent events may cause.

(Seattle, WA, 2017-01-31)


Climate impacts cannot be ignored, dismissed or marginalized.

(New York, 2017-01-31)


Please read this petition.

(Lihue, 2017-01-31)


I have a responsibility as a professional in the field of architecture to uphold the policies that are bound by the law of nature and the safety of the people in it. To defy such an order and to not work towards a more sustainable future would be against my job in the profession as I would be putting people at risk by endangering their quality of living if I do not take care of the Earth we inhabit. It is an insult of my profession to withdraw from any future acts towards sustainability and therefore we need to work towards changing our archaic beliefs that fossil fuels are useful as they are no longer necessary in our current day and age. Do not undermine the field of architecture. We are needed more than ever.

(New York, 2017-01-31)


It is of vital importance to our nation's efficient use of resources to maintain or improve the energy legislation we currently have in place and not move backwards from where we are.

(Indianapolis, 2017-01-31)


To Whom It May Concern -

I'm signing because as both an architectural professional and a degree-holder in the biological sciences, including a course in environmental law, it is both my personal and private opinions that the appointments of Mr. Perry and Mr. Pruitt would be a huge mistake for American energy and environmental security. Their reckless views on the environment have been made clear over the years and they do not represent the well-intentions of would-be stewards of our two of our country's most important departments.

Thank You -
Patrick DiGiovanni

(Arlington, 2017-01-31)


I am a mom, an architect and someone who has been concerned about climate change for many years. Our kids are depending on us to give them the opportunity to have a successful future. If we continue on our current path of environmental destruction, our children will inherit a world that cannot sustain them. I urge you to take immediate action to combat climate change by appointing candidates who understand the issues and will work to ensure a secure future for all of us. Thank you.

(Claremont, 2017-01-31)


I'm signing because the future survival of humankind depends on the actions we take now.

(Oxford, 2017-01-31)


I'm concerned with the current direction of the administration

(Marietta, 2017-01-31)


Setbacks in making more energy efficient buildings are counter productive to making a livable world.

(Washington, DC, 2017-01-31)


Ignoring climate change will have dire effects on humanity if we do not act responsibly now.

(Baton Rouge, 2017-01-31)


The damage of climate change should be a national imperative and source of job creation, not to be treated like an inconvenience for big business and the fossil fuel industry.

(Washington, 2017-01-31)


This is the single biggest impact for our nations long term sustaibility

(Glens falls , 2017-01-31)


it is imperative........

(Los Angeles, 2017-01-31)


Our country needs to address the effects of climate change on the built environment.

(Kensington, 2017-01-31)


I care

(St. Louis, MO, 2017-01-31)


I support governmental and private sector policy programs that promote the design, preservation, and construction of sustainable communities and high-performance buildings, they are consistent with our core values and professional and civic responsibilities.

(Centreville, 2017-01-31)


Climate change and its impacts are real and measurable and need to be carefully considered in building design and public policy in general.

(Indianapolis, 2017-01-31)


I am signing because I am concerned that the EPA will disregard green industries as a means of lowering the carbon footprint in the US, I believe the policy of this secretary who by the way has sued the EPA will only serve to deregulate and aid the fossil fuel industries.

(Takoma Park, 2017-01-31)


I agree with the concerns listed here and want to safe guard the environment for the future!

(Seattle, 2017-01-31)


It's important.

(Glens Falls, 2017-01-31)


I am signing this petition because I value future generations that will inherit the earth from us.

(Glens Falls, 2017-01-31)


Our Environment should not be destroyed for profit.

(GREENWICH, 2017-01-31)


Global warming is a threat to my children's future.

(Glen Falls, NY, 2017-01-31)


It is our responsibility to create sustainable solutions for our children's future.

(Schuylervile NY, 2017-01-31)


The planet needs protection.

(Philadelphia, 2017-01-31)


I have become informed of the impact that humans have had on our environment and therefore am in support of energy conservation, responsible management of natural resources, sustainable design and promoting research and practices that will result in a more positive future while providing employment for US citizens. These nominees are not qualified nor are they adequately informed to lead the agencies they have been nominated for despite their willingness to serve.

(Rockville, 2017-01-31)


I'm signing because these critical issues need to stop being spun as political viewpoints, and be guided by scientific principles.

(Jamaica Plain, 2017-01-31)


I believe the federal government has an important role in leading the sustainability and climate change initiative by example.

(New Boston, NH, 2017-01-31)



(ARLINGTON, 2017-01-31)


the earth and the environment are critical to the future of the U.S.

(Evanston, IL, 2017-01-31)


As the Chief Sustainability Officer for my company and as a practicing architect with nearly 30 years of experience, I hold the safeguarding of our environment both the built and natural environment as vital to the health and well being of our country, now and into the future.

(Downers Grove, 2017-01-31)


Protecting the environment is vital to health and prosperity.

(St. Louis, MO, 2017-01-31)


Global warming IS REAL!!! and we must acknowledge that as citizens of the world. We must as a country be leaders in making the changes necessary to help avoid the death of the planet!!!

(Phoenix, 2017-01-31)


I have signed this petition to emphasize how important innovation and progress is the future of energy supply and use is VITAL to getting Americans back to work and sustaining our independence as a nation! We can lead the development of the future or pass it off to foreign governments to control and dictate. Cannot let this happen.

(Dublin, 2017-01-31)


This is an incredibly important issue both for our country and globally!

(St. Louis, 2017-01-31)


It is our responsibility to society and to future generations to provide healthy and sustainable built environments for all people regardless of location, income, race, or any other designation. To do that, we need the support of federal policies to ensure that our progress is not retarded at this critical juncture in our planet and humankind's history.

(Fairbanks, 2017-02-01)


Sustainable energy will be the future of the energy industry if we want to survive on this planet. We need to be the pioneers of Green Energy and this is the prime time to do it. Not only will it create millions of long-term jobs for the US, but it will help us curb the effects of climate change for our children and grandchildren.

(Chicago, 2017-02-01)


I'm signing because it is our responsibility to future generations to leave them a viable planet.

(Clemson, 2017-02-01)


We need to plan and utilize all our resources responsibly.

(Washington, 2017-02-01)


This is the most serious set of issues we will pass on to future generations. Get real!

(Charlotte, 2017-02-01)


Clean air and water efforts and programs need to be a vital part of every community in AMERICA

(Lafayette, 2017-02-01)


I am signing because the future of environment determines the future of man and his fellow live forms.

(Hilliard, 2017-02-01)


Addressing climate change is not something that can wait: Small changes now can ensure a better future for our children and their children.

(Columbus, 2017-02-01)


Fully agree.

(Glen Ellyn, 2017-02-01)


As and architect and design professional, I have the responsibility as dictated by my state laws and my personal ethics to protect the health and welfare of the public. This includes, at bare minimum, protecting, if not improving, the environment in which we live, and preserving it for future generations.

(St. Louis, 2017-02-01)



(ST LOUIS, 2017-02-01)


Support the AIA's Sustainable Design Initiativesl

(Glens Falls, 2017-02-01)


I am really excited about the sustainability gains the building industry and architects have made over the past several years. Please help this continue, as we face an uncertain future based on climate change.

(St. Louis, 2017-02-01)


We only have one earth and it is our duty to build responsibly; to be good stewards of this God given gift.

(St. Louis, MO, 2017-02-01)


This issue is of paramount importance for our long-term national security, and our near-term strategic interests within transforming energy markets.

(Portland, 2017-02-01)


I believe strongly that we have a responsibility to design and construct buildings that are natural and energy resource efficient. It is a core value to the professional practice of Architecture. We have made great strides in our industry with Federal and State partners to make more efficient and healthy buildings. To compromise this progress due to policy changes and reversal is unacceptable.

(Portland, 2017-02-01)


The environment needs to be a priority.

(Indianapolis, 2017-02-01)


Because I believe climate science. I believe what I'm reading, researching, hearing, seeing and experiencing in terms of increasingly severe and frequent weather events. It is unethical and immoral for us to design and build in any way other than with the most stringent renewable energy policies possible.

(INDIANAPOLIS , 2017-02-01)


Because climate change, if unchecked will cost us multitudes more money, than any program or agency in place today that seeks to better track and solve the problems of climate change through research, grants, subsidies, and more.

(Washington DC, 2017-02-01)


I am particularly concerned with immediate health dangers associated with removing environmental protections. I believe that this should be the first priority of resistance.

(Seattle , 2017-02-01)


Energy efficiency and renewable energy are fundamental to our nation's future economic security.

(Pittsburgh, 2017-02-01)


As an architect I know that buildings are the major source of global demand for energy. How we design buildings to meet these demands has a direct impact on the environment. It is incumbent upon us as design professionals to find better ways to meet these needs. The programs and policies in question here that regulate how we utilize our resources help us do just that.

(San Francisco, 2017-02-01)


I am committed to care of the earth.

(Saint Louis, 2017-02-01)