Sallikkattu: Appeal to UNESCO



Support Sallikkattu. This our Heritage and we need to preserve our tradition. Sallikkatu an ancient 'sport', believed to have been practised some 2500 years ago got to go on otherwise our younger generation will never get to know our Heritage and tradition.

(Singapore, 2017-01-20)


I support jallikattu

(Shah alam, 2017-01-20)


I want to preserve my culture

(Singapore, 2017-01-20)


Because I'm a tamilachi

(Chennai, 2017-01-20)


our tamil culture should not die

(Idaho, 2017-01-20)


We want to save our farmers, tradition & never give back to corporate to rule our nation.

(Singapore , 2017-01-20)


I am proud to a tamizhan......

(Aruppukottai , 2017-01-20)


I respect Tamil Culture.

(Singapore , 2017-01-20)


Jallikattu is our traditional sport, and it is one of the ancient sport too.i support jallikattu.

(Vellore , 2017-01-20)


I am signing because this date pongal festival can eventually become a public holiday and thus be celebrated by all the tamilians accross the glob.

(Singapore, 2017-01-20)


I supported jalikattu I proved to tamillachi.

(karur, 2017-01-20)


This is inhumane and should be out to a stop.

(Singapore, 2017-01-20)


I am a Ta.ilian

(Bangalore , 2017-01-20)


Justice for jallikattu

(Thanjavur, 2017-01-20)


I am Tamil and want to protect any threat to our culture

(SINGAPORE , 2017-01-20)


Peta dnt have rights to stop our 5000years old Thamizh culture and tradition. We are not hurting our bulls, we are treating our bulls as our family members.
In spain they are killing those bulls by weapons in bull fight.
But we people are worshipping our bulls and playing with them in Manjuvirattu called jallikattu.
So who is peta to rule us?
They making our indian products to suppress. And bringing harmful diseases to india by introducing many banned products.
Ban Peta.

(Madurai, 2017-01-20)


It's my culture as I am a Tamil

(Victoria , 2017-01-20)


PeTA is an controversial organisation claims to protect animals but behave otherwise. They have no knowledge on Jallikattu, Tamil traditions or culture.

(Singapore , 2017-01-20)


It's our Tradition, Ethic and Value of my Tamil Heritage, Can't just give up, like that.

(Perth, 2017-01-20)


I want Sallikattu. Ban Peta in India

(Madurai , 2017-01-20)


Jallikatu is a ancient tamil sport and not slaughter. Its absurd to ban it.

(Adelaide, 2017-01-20)


i want to save my country breeds snd have a healthy future generation

(chennai, 2017-01-20)


I need jallikattu,you should band PETA and amend PCA act immediatly

(madurai, 2017-01-20)


I want tamil tradition to be saved and cherished. I strictly condemn the use of foreign breeds of cows in our system or
tradition. Kindly do consider my petition.

(Chennai, 2017-01-20)


It is my culture I want to safeguard and give it to my next generation

(Madurai, 2017-01-20)


Indian won't let our resources to be sold...won't allow thief inside.. Am a tamizh Indian .. Want our resources to be saved n increased.. Power of indian

(Chennai, 2017-01-20)


I'm Tamilan

(Kuala Selangor , 2017-01-20)


Its my tradition and stop corporate bussiness

(Chennai, 2017-01-20)


Sallikattu is tradtion.

(Tirupur, 2017-01-20)


I love Jallikattu & Tamil traditions.......

(TRICHY, 2017-01-20)


Jallikattu is our tradition & culture!!! It should be preserved!!!

(CHENNAI, 2017-01-20)


I want to save our farmers, tradition & never give back to corporate to rule our nation.

(Coimbatore, 2017-01-20)


Cos to ensure the survival of the breed, farmers n culture

(Singapore , 2017-01-20)



(Chennai, 2017-01-20)



(Chennai, 2017-01-20)


It is my right as a TAMILAN.

(Salem, 2017-01-20)


Because I'm tamilian studying in Russia. I'm proud to be tamilian than indian

(Kursk, 2017-01-20)


We must maintain out tradition

(Singapore , 2017-01-20)


Its our culture.

(chennai, 2017-01-20)


To save our ancient tradition as well as future of our nation

(Aberdeen, 2017-01-20)


This is our culture.. Tamilanda

(Salem, 2017-01-20)



(chennau, 2017-01-20)


I am signing this petition because its our culture game and the central government is planning to squise all the rights of tamil people .please take some steps to save our tradition.

(Chennai, Tamilnadu, 2017-01-20)


We are need jallikattu

(Klang selangor , 2017-01-20)


We need our culture and won't give up for any NGO's well fare. Kindly bring back our jallikattu

(Chennai, 2017-01-20)


I'm signing because I want to save my culture and I don't want my children to see bulls in their textbooks.

(chennai, 2017-01-20)


Tamilan...we need JALLIKATTU...we do JALLIKATTU...

(Namakkal, 2017-01-20)


I support jallikattu, I need my baby to drink quality milk in future

(Chennai, 2017-01-20)


I'm signing because we want our traditional game

(Nagpur , 2017-01-20)


I support Jallikattu. Its our culture, our language and our sport.

(Singapore, 2017-01-20)


Jallikattu is our right... we do jallikattu... Dont impose foreign breeds on us my stopping jallikattu and all our traditions... we will not keep quiet anymore... we hate corporate business in all aspects...

(Coimbatore, 2017-01-20)


I want jallikattu, I support jallikattu

(Singapore , 2017-01-20)


Peta sucks

(chennai, 2017-01-20)


Wewantjallikattu #BANPETA

(Chennai , 2017-01-20)


As a tamilan....i want do something to my culture...jallikattu is a right thing that is the reason i am supporting but other peoples except tamilnadu doesn't know about jallikattu .....

(Mumbai, 2017-01-20)



(Palani, 2017-01-20)


I am signing because I am a tamilan

(Nagapattinam, 2017-01-21)



(ERODE, 2017-01-21)


blocking jallikattu nobody provides valid reason

(chennai, 2017-01-21)


I support sallikattu... and Agricultural is backbone of India.

(Chennai, 2017-01-21)


Im signing un because i want to save our culture n sport tht was followed from the days kings were ruling.. also this is important to save our country breeds which reflects in turn for various purposes..

(Dubai, 2017-01-21)


I need jallikatu for future tamilians to live of their own

(Bukit batok, 2017-01-21)


Jallikattu is our traditional game played after the festival of pongal. It's been banned without a valid reason. Any flaws in rules of this game could be rectified and monitored. But complete ban could not be accepted which will affect our culture, tradition and native breeds. So pls do needful and extend support to lift the ban on this game.

(Coimbatore, 2017-01-21)


I want jallikattu

(pudukkottai, 2017-01-21)


We need Jallikattu

(Singapore , 2017-01-21)


Jallikattu is tamil culture so we need it.

(Singapore, 2017-01-21)


Sallikattu is 5000 years old traditional sport.. Must be protected by UNESCO..

(Chennai, 2017-01-21)


I support jallikattu

(vellore, 2017-01-21)


I am a brave to be a TAMILAN. I would not allow anyone forcing to stop our tradition rights.

(QUEENSTOWN, 2017-01-21)


I'm signing in because I know well about jallikattu and the ban of jallikattu must be removed so as to keep up Tamil culture.

(Pondicherry, 2017-01-21)


I'm signing because whoever kill komatha consider their entire birth karma collection.

(kuala lumpur, 2017-01-21)


I support Yeru Thazhuvuthal aka Sallikattu is our legacy.

(Wuxi, 2017-01-21)


I want the tradition and culture to be continued which also preserves the indigenous breeds of the soil.

(Erode , 2017-01-21)


We need jallikattu

(trichy, 2017-01-21)


I'm signing because Tamil Nadu, the state of India is facing a big protest against PETA for banning JALLIKATTU. As it is an traditional culture of Tamil Nadu,noone has the rights to stop anykind of cultural fest. so as an tamilan, we want jallikattu. we don't want an animal killing organisation PETA for our nation.

(chennai, 2017-01-21)


Jallikattu is our tamil's cultural heritage

(Manaparai Trichy, 2017-01-21)


to save our native breed and to get farmers a direct benefit and proud being its owners rather than selling those bulls to slaughter house for his daily bread and butter..

(Cuddalore, 2017-01-21)


I support our traditional jallikattu...

(Mangaf, 2017-01-21)


I support jallikattu . It's our culture. We won't let it down.

(Madurai, 2017-01-21)


It is our Tradition and we won't lose it

(Trichy, 2017-01-21)


I'm signing because sallikattu is our traditional sport....our culture....and we won't allow our culture to get vanished at any cause....

(Karur, 2017-01-21)


I am signing this because I am a TAMILAN...

(Trichy, 2017-01-21)


Its our culture and tradition.. We can't just leave our rights.

(Namakkal... P. Velur, 2017-01-21)


Its our tradition. Who is the shit#PETA to stop us.We dont give it up. Support #JALLIKATTU
* Proud to be a #TAMILAN*

(Dharapuram, 2017-01-21)


I need jallikattu

(Trichy, 2017-01-21)


To save our state and our tradition

(Coimbatore, 2017-01-21)


I'm a tamilan

(Ariyalur , 2017-01-22)


It's my culture

(Erode , 2017-01-22)


We want our traditional back and we wish to live out nature life as it is. We want *Sallikatti*
#JALLIKATTU in Tamilnadu

(Singapore, 2017-01-22)


To save my culture

(Erode, 2017-01-22)


It is anti national activity against the right to freedom at the behest foreighn NGOs with ulterior motive who kills animals everywhere. Here in India in the name of protection to animals Jallikattu banned.

(CHENNAI, 2017-01-22)


We need jallikatttu

(Coimbatore, 2017-01-22)


i am affected directly because the PCA act is directly affecting my cultural heritage. Please kindly listen to the voice and influence and save our culture.

(CHENNAI, 2017-01-22)



(Erode, 2017-01-22)


I'm signing this petition because we wanted preserve tamil tradition, which practice over 2500 years ago, named as "Sallikattu" or "Jallikattu" - this is an ancient way of breeding science to protect the native bulls and cows thus sustain the A2 milk production & farmers livelihood depends upon them. We request to amend PCA act in india's supreme court and remove ban for jallikattu traditional event.
PeTA India- is an activists group (not welfare) going around and ban targetted events where animals were involved, then ask for donations (millions$$$ worldwide) for the cause of animal cruelty. PeTA india, spends large amout of money to ban Jallikattu, to advertise themshelfs as animal activists, with producing one sided information to the indian court. Jallikattu is an bull taming event (no intended torture nor killing of animal involved), part of Thai Pongal festival in tamilnadu, india.
#SaveJallikattu #SaveTamilTradition #SaveTraditionalBreedingScience #AmendPCA

(Singapore , 2017-01-23)



(kovilpatti, 2017-01-24)


I am a tamizhan. I cannot and will not lose my proud identity. We fight for our right. We want to keep safe our glorious past and carry it through for a more glorious future tamizh culture

(Al ain, 2017-01-24)


I'm singing because I need my cows Which gives us healthy milk without any side effects and we do not harm anys cows.

(Tamil Nadu , 2017-01-28)


It is not only our pride but to save our native breeds which are on an extinct

(Chennai, 2017-01-28)


It's my culture

(Thanjavur, 2017-02-26)