Arrest Justin Trudeau and Liberal MPs for TREASON immediately.



It is obvious that violence and rape is rampant in Sweden

(Nelson, 2017-02-11)


the trudeau/soros policies have jeopardized the safety of all canadians

(trail, 2017-02-22)


Justin Trudeau is bringing in Fake refugees. Justin Trudeau is putting All
Canadians lives at Great Risk of danger.
Spending millions of our tax dollars on
Money then ANY Senior. Any Vet. Anyone on Disability or Social Services. Our Health Care is losing more all the
Time so he can use that money for the
Middle eastern countries he sends it to.
Justin Trudeau is A converted Muslim
Who only cares for them as he takes from every Canadian.
He is letting radical Muslims in to Canada.
He is letting known terrorists keep their dual citizenship. And much more !

(Collingwood , 2017-04-16)


out with all refugees. Cant true Canadians fore see the Canadian future. how many true Canadians will there be in 100 years from now?
Now walking down the street, in a store (certain parts of Canada and cities) there are next to none or very minimal true Canadians in that sore or walking. We must give Canada back to true Canadians and rid ourselves of this Trudeau NOW BEFORE IT'S TO LATE for Canadians

(dieppe, 2017-04-16)


i am signing because Justin Trudeau shall not be in the leadership position of Canada at all. This man is most stupid and evil

(St Laurent, 2017-05-07)


I want a strong, safe, and properous canada for my children

(Edmonton, 2017-09-10)


We the Canadian people are tired of being lied to by politicians in this country Canadians never sent him to build ied to kill Canadian soldiers and American allies why should we pay for a person with radical Islamic beliefs Trudeau lied to Canadians and should be held responsible for his treason and protecting these terrorists that shouldn't even be Canadian citizens

(Littlesmoky , 2017-10-19)


I vote for this draco, now I will undue my mistake! All lives Matter! Our Country matters, and NWO sucks big time!
I love Canada!!!

(Toronto, 2017-11-05)


I am very very sad, what type of politic he practice!

(Toronto, 2017-11-05)


Justin Trudeau is a traitor to Canada, Canadian values and Canadians already living here. Arrest him and put him on trial.

(Jarvis, 2017-11-24)


Trudeau is a Traitor to Canada & by accepting money from George Soros is Filling Canada with ISLAMIC INVADERS who Seek to DESTROY CANADA & IT'S PEOPLE! If WE DON'T ACT NOW Not a only will Trudeau have More Voters but will have an Army of Islamists on OUR COUNTRY TO TAKE US DOWN FROM THE INSIDE! SEND JUSTIN TRUDEAU & ALL HIS LIBERAL TRAITORS TO JAIL!

(Kawartha Lakes, 2017-12-04)


He is a traitor

(Medicine Hat , 2017-12-05)


Turdeau the traitor HAS TO GO!!

(Sicamous, 2017-12-05)


This government has shown that it does not feel that it has to answer to anyone for it's actions. I am under no illusion that this petition will have any influence on this governments actions. I wouldn't be surprised if this just hastens their anti speech laws that they seem to love. But this petition will send a message that there are people paying attention to what's going on in this country and some are willing to speak up.

(Calgary, 2017-12-05)


Trudeau is a childish PM, he doesn't know where he going, he says Canadians don't have ''core identity'', he does, Canadians do. He pro-muslim, doesn't care about Canadians, he's anti-christian, he's a Soro follower to destroy families, Values, Tradition, Culture.

(Verret, 2017-12-05)


I'm signing because I want Canada to continue to be free and maintain the moral values and traditions that have been the roots of this beautiful country, envied by all. I don't want my children to live in terror or suffer the savage attacks that have been happening in Sweden and in all the rest of Europe.

(Toronto, 2017-12-06)


This country is going to end up like cities in Europe, where these refugees have taken over and terrorize the people that try to lead their lives. Look up what is going on in Sweden, because MSM says NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!! THIS GOVERNMENT MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!

(Belle River, 2017-12-06)


Because I would like to save "Innocent Canadian, Democracy, Democratic Society, Next Generation and Canada".

(Toronto, 2017-12-06)


Trudeau is a Muslim

(Toronto, 2017-12-06)


Trudeau is a traitor and will destroy our country....

(Calgary, 2017-12-06)


We need this guy and his liberal scum cabinet gone

(Aylmer quebec, 2017-12-06)


What is happening to our great big beautiful country Canada by this liberal government is truly criminal.

(Edmonton, 2017-12-07)


I’m signing because this isn’t politics anymore, it’s legitimately about our safety as Canadians. Laws are being broken by the liberal government and they are getting a free pass. If we wait until 2019 there won’t be a country left to save!

(Barriere, 2017-12-07)


The Liberals are an embarrassment. They have done all they can to screw middle class Canadians. If they gave back money to Canadians instead of giving it to other countries and terrorists, Canadians would be taken care of. Screw the Liberals.

(Stonewall , 2017-12-07)


Our Prime Minister is at best a terrorist sympathizer and at worst a terrorist himself.

(Barrie, 2017-12-07)


I'm signing because I am fearful for the present and indeed the future of our country. Justin Trudeau is nothing more than a globalist puppet doing what he is told and what he is told is to ruin the socio-economics of our country, and the Very values we've carried with us for centuries. He must be stopped. He is a treasonous snake and by all accounts a traitor to Canada.

(Sudbury, 2017-12-09)


I believe libs are ruining our country.

(Calgary, 2017-12-09)


enough is enough,,,sellin our migrant policy to someone else?? Insane!!

(Nanaimo, 2017-12-10)


Trudeau is treasonous.

(Strathmore, 2017-12-16)


Justin Trudeau and all Liberal government MP's have conspired with terriorists to destroy Canada and tear apart the building blocks of Canada putting all Canadians at risk of death or major injury. Arrest them all now for their Treasonist acts against Canadian society and all citizens of Canada.

(Merritt BC, 2017-12-22)


I am a proud Canadian and do not agree with having our country handed over to people of islam

(Calgary Alberta, 2017-12-22)


Im signing this because alot of the liberals are backing each other for breaking laws .They are not above the law and should be treated as such .How can we the people trust who we vote in if they can do what they want and no consequences to their actions .At least fire them .Jody and the other guy dont rememder his name should be investigated along with Morneau and Trudeau by the ethics commisioner

(Coldwater, 2017-12-22)


I'm signing because the liberal government is destroying Canada!

(Brooks, 2017-12-22)


hes no different than anyone else he is doing criminal activity and is putting Canada and all Canadians last on his list of to do

(verdun, 2017-12-22)


Islam is a ideological death cult; it is NOT a race. And I have read two Qurans (one spelt Koran), both published by the same company called GoodWord
Justin Trudeau is a treasonous traitor to Canada's forefathers. He NEEDS to step down and resign IMMEDIATELY.

(St. Catharines, 2017-12-22)


TJ and liberals fully destroy democracy

(Toronto , 2017-12-23)


He is a threat to our safety by inviting all of the "refugees", and Isis into our Country. He is to PROTECT us not put us in harms way!

(Norwich, 2017-12-23)


Im so tired of this gov getting away with breaking laws and putting all of us in danger. We see what is happening in Europe and i dont want this happening in Canada. Why is it we are letting in all men and not women and children only???

(Alberta Beach, AB, 2017-12-23)


No more lawless Globalism! Enough!

(Calgary , 2017-12-24)


I believe that PM Justin Trudeau and the liberal party are guilty of treason, high treason, insider trading, and theft from the Canadian people. I also believe that Justin Trudeau is mentally unfit to run our country, Canada.

(Calgary, 2017-12-25)


I'm signing because I have grandchildren and great grandchildren - I do not want their lives to be oppressed by what Justin Trudeau is doing .. he is not mentally fit to run Canada.

(Calgary, 2017-12-25)


He is dangerous for Canada

(Courteney, 2017-12-25)


Trudeau is a traitor to our great country and will destroy us from within if he is not removed . Get him out !!!

(Maple Ridge , 2017-12-25)


He has to to go he is no longer relevant and does no want what Canadians want

(Ajax, 2017-12-25)


justin trudeau has proven that he should step down as prime minister. he has failed and broken the laws and rules and deceited canadians

(victoria, 2017-12-25)


Because I think Jehovah Justin Trudeau is a traitor

(Woodstock , 2017-12-26)


Fed up of all the terrorism towards Canadians .
The treason that has been committed against Canadians .
Canadian Tax Money being spent in other countries other than helping Canadians.
The debt that Trudeau and Morneau created and all the liberal party should be their debt , not the tax payers only then will a party be responsible

(ENDERBY, 2017-12-26)


Can’t be trusted to make the proper decisions for himself or the country.

(Hawk Junction , 2017-12-26)



(leamingtion, 2017-12-26)


to save Canada

(Horsefly, 2017-12-26)


He is destroying our country, and supporting terrorist groups on our dime. He is a laughing stock..a total embarrassment. We cannot afford to have this person wasting our money for generations to come, he will bankrupt the country all while turning it into a cesspool like most of Europe. He needs an iq test. He has no concept of how Canadians live, nor does he care. He has insulted all military personal with his outrageous political ideals and has made the rest of us second class citizens...we who have actually contributed to society by payong taxes all our lives. He should be banished to a middle eastern hellhole, but not before paying back Canada all the money he has wasted supporting terrorist countries.

(Carleton Place On. , 2017-12-26)


Trudeau is the WORST Prime Minister Canada has ever had. He’s paid millions and millions to foreign countries that have ties to ISIS, he paid a known terriorist 10.5 million dollar (against the wishes of most Canadians, he has raised taxes an incredible amount such carbon tax most of us even afford it, he has forgotten about the homeless, veterans and the seniors, he’s allowing FGM and honor killings in Canada, he supports his fellow crook Mornea, he has I could go on and on and on but lastly that I’m going to share is that he has left our safety out of the question by letting ISIS terrorists back into Canada totally against the wishes of Canadians. He does Doesn’t like Canadians plain and simple. That’s how I feel!!!!

(Medicine Hat , 2017-12-26)


We have a Muslim terrorist ruling our country, a pond scum piece of shit that should be in jail and with his corrupt traitors Liberal Party

(Celista, 2017-12-26)


Trudeau is a GLOBALIST that needs to be taken out!!!

(Brantford, 2017-12-26)


He needs 2 go

(Bow island, 2017-12-26)


This idiot has got to go

(Stony plain alberta, 2017-12-26)


because we have entitled and arrogant criminals running our country right now

(calgary, 2017-12-26)


Trudeau has destroyed Canada in only 2 years.

(WESTBANK, 2017-12-26)


Trudeau has put Canadians in danger. His plan to allow increased immigration from a culture that cannot coexist peacefully, puts our whole way of life in danger. The fact that he's knowingly, and with planned intent doing this, shows clearly that he's a traitor to Canada and Canada's people.

(Port Dover , 2017-12-26)


No one is above the law

(Toronto , 2017-12-26)


Because he is unfit for a leader , does NOT have CANADIANS a best interest, breaking ALL KINDS if the law , stealing and giving Our tax dollars to everyone else /countries instead of helping the CANADIANS first , inviting all kinds of ILLEGAL so called migrants and TERRORIST into Canada to be a huge threat for Canadians , he's a liar , the list never ends .

(Fort St John BC, 2017-12-26)



(Penticton , 2017-12-27)


Iam signing this because the present government is not in the interest of or well being of CANADA AND HER PEOPLE

(Harrow, 2017-12-27)


he broke the law and is destroying my country a country that my family pioneered

(medicine hat, alberta, 2017-12-27)


Can't stand the criminal and unthinkable things that the Liberal party has done and going to Canada and the people. By implementing a totalitarian structure/belief over all other structure in Canada. This is not Diversity this a dictatorship for control of the people and the country. Selling Canada off bit by bit when Canada should be growing in the world of it natural resources to be sustainable for it people and the economy. Not for Canada to be bankrupt and weakening the already drain work force with more taxes and and less real jobs.
We need to stop this criminal insanity and asinine destruction to a country and people that as always been open and sharing. Canada is for freedom for all not just one set of people.

(oshaw, 2017-12-27)


He broke the law !

(Duval, 2017-12-27)


I don't want these people in my country. Around my home. They are evil, violent people and they don't deserve to live free in Canada.

(williams lake, 2017-12-27)


It's time to get rid of the lying bastard

(Saint John , 2017-12-28)


I am sick of the Liberals ruining our country right in front of our eyes and no one else in power not having the common sense to do anything about it.

(Halifax, 2017-12-28)


The liberals are traitors to Canadians

(Winnipeg, 2017-12-28)


I love my country, and I didn't live here all my life to run for safety to another country and leave all my belongings behind. Trudeau will make Canada into a War Zone. I want to die here of old age. Not from beheading.

(I'lle Bizard, 2017-12-28)


Trudeau and the entire liberal party has put every man woman and childs life endanger and they need to pay for it

(Miramichi , 2017-12-28)


I am not going to take it anymore

(kipawa, 2017-12-28)


we must have accountability from our leaders and government

(Ottawa, 2017-12-29)


Trudeau has to go, he's a wolf in sheep's clothing

(Kitchener, 2017-12-30)


I don't want Canada destroyed

(Yarker, 2017-12-30)


If Canada and Canadians are to survive, Trudeau must be removed immediately! Before the next election.

(Gatineau , 2017-12-30)


This man endangered the whole nation with new unveted immigration rules. He rewards terrorists who killed our own young soldiers who fought for freedom and democracy! He doesn't punishes them for attempting to murder peaceful citizens and police officers! He threatened to jail Canadians who criticises Islam! He wants to invent a new law that would forbid one to speak freely! He lied about his promises during the election! He ignores Canadians and soldiers in need! He gives special privileges to Muslims and gives them too many free benefits for not working, while seniors hardly can make the ends meet!
He is a pathological lier and a cheater! He is a TRAITOR and must be made accountable for the national damage and jailed!!!

(Toronto , 2017-12-30)


He will go down as the worse PM in history.

(Rockland, 2017-12-30)


Because the Liberal government is putting every single Canadian at risk regarding their own safety.

(Sioux Lookout, 2017-12-30)


liberals are destroying canada / bill morneau is stealing with his tax reform and justin has 4 ethics charges / all trust is gone

(Blackfalds, 2018-01-02)


Justin Trudeau is the most globalist leader Canada has ever had.
His list of actions while in office......
He has openly talked about Canada having no national identity, and has said Canada should be a post-national state.
He has set up a dangerous “infrastructure bank” that gives massive foreign banks the chance to make big profits off Canadians, while sticking our taxpayers with all the losses and all the risk.He has given preferential access to foreign billionaires – letting himself be lobbied in secret.He vacationed on an island owned by a secretive and shady group of global banks – once used in global tax evasion schemes. He now faces an ethics investigation into the trip, and has repeatedly lied and hidden the truth about it.He has given away billions more in taxpayer money, while ignoring Canadians who need help.
He refused to speak English to a woman who asked him a question – “because he was in Quebec.” He faced an investigation into his actions.He said Bombardier getting hundreds of millions in taxpayer bailouts, and then giving their employees massive bonuses was a “free market decision.”He let a company closely linked to China’s Communist Party buy the biggest assisted-living provider in British Columbia.He bragged about his family using their connections to get out of charges for using pot, while punishing thousands of Canadians for the exact same thing.
He promised to “help the middle class,” while his policies instead have led to wage stagnation for Canadians – while the big banks make record profits.He called himself a “feminist,” then sold billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia – possibly the most anti-women regime on earth.He is considering sending Canadian troops on a “peacekeeping” mission in a brutal war-zone in Africa – after cutting military funding.He let a Chinese company buy a Canadian firm that has sensitive military technology – against the advice of Canadian National Defence and Security experts.And after promising three years of “small deficits,” he has racked up a massive amount of red ink, all while presiding over a weak economy
and much more.

Trudeau wide open border. Thousands of illegal immigrants are walking across the border . This is fact. They are uneducated, desperately poor and speak no English. They will never work in Canada. Trudeau assigns them lawyers with taxpayer money. We spend billions on legal fees and court appearances. They get myriad forms of handouts from taxpayers- food , housing allowances, aid to dependent children, free meals at school, free education, free healthcare…and don’t forget prison and police costs for their crimes. This is the bankruptcy of Canada . This is how you overwhelm the system.
Only a madman would gamble with our lives…our children’s lives…and the entire Canadian economy. Only a madman refuse to guard us against a possible WMD attack that could overwhelm the Canadian economy. Why would PM Justin Trudeau play “Russian Roulette” with the future of our country? Is he unstable? Or is this a purposeful plan? Our IDIOT PM is clearly reckless, irresponsible, incompetent, unstable, or evil. Regardless of the reason, for the sake of our families, and our physical and economic survival, it’s time to remove Trudeau from office.

(Vancouver, 2018-01-03)


Justin Trudeau is a TRAITOR and TERRORIST SUPPORTER and needs to be taken out of office immediately.

(Kentville, 2018-01-03)


Please take him out of office right away. He is NOT my Prime Minister, he is a Traitor. A disgrace to Canada.

(Kentville, 2018-01-03)


Trudeau and the liberals do not listen to the majority and continually manipulate laws; putting the general population in danger. He aids the enemy on a regular basis.

(legal, 2018-01-05)



(Buck Lake , 2018-01-05)


I love my country

(Edmonton, 2018-01-07)


I'm signing because I don't want to see any religions given precedence in Canada! Because under the Charter of Rights we have freedom of speech in Canada which is quickly being eroded in favor of Muslims! Because we don't need to allow returning ISIS fighters to come back to Canada! Because we need to look after our seniors, veterans, native Canadians first! Because we need to stop giving funds to the UN and third world countries! Any for many more reasons to numerous to mention here!

(Stettler, 2018-01-11)


we need accountability within our government

(North Bay, 2018-01-24)



(Lachine, 2018-01-28)


trudeau has committed treason against Canadians and needs to be arrested

(ajax, 2018-01-28)