Arrest Justin Trudeau and Liberal MPs for TREASON immediately.



I agree that Trudeau’s associations with George Soros and his continue support and association with radical Islamic groups and individuals poses a great risk to Canadian Security and the rest of the world.

(Cornwall, 2018-01-28)


I am a Christian.

(Windsor, 2018-01-28)


Justin Trudeau and the LIBERAL Party a conducting acts of Treason. They are also Collaborating with Known Terrorist Groups "The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD'.

(Orleans, Ontario, 2018-01-28)


We've got to do something in order to save our country!

(Edmonton , 2018-01-28)


So much lies and corruption and appeasing of certain small % of the population. And liberal having Soros guide his evil and corrupt plans for Canada. To turn this country into a totalitarian state of oppression. There will be no freedom and equality with this ideology and demonic ownership to slavery for one world order of elitist sickening mindset.

(oshawa, 2018-01-28)


Justin Trudeau is a traitor to all that is Canadian as well he is a Criminal. He has committed cries that would have every other Canadian in jail has invited terrorists into our nation as well as financed their ability to attack Canada on more than one occasion.

(Merritt, 2018-01-28)


I’m sick of turdo lying and being a dictator. He is single handedly trying to destroy Canada . He is pandering to everyone , but Canadians !! Can he explain this ????

(Grand forks, 2018-01-28)


Trudeau is trying to turn Canada into a third world country. He must be stopped.

(Sussex, 2018-01-28)


Trudeau is destroying our Canada

(Lanark, 2018-01-28)


Converted Muslim should not be running our country and should hang from his neck for treason hopefully we can bring the law back will be a very busy day at the gallows for this Muslim infested government

(Woodstock , 2018-01-28)


Treason, a traitor and corrupt a LIAR and should be in prison or hung for TREASON

(SASKATOON, 2018-01-28)


i don't like the way he is turning Canada into a third world country by islamization and supporting illegal immigration , i am an immigrant myself and i ran away from islamic terror , i don't want it following me to Canada

(montreal, 2018-01-28)


trying to save our country

(Port Robinson, 2018-01-28)


Anyone letting in the Islamic invasions continue are all treasonous to Canada. Canadians don’t support radical Islam.

(Sech, 2018-01-28)


Tired of this scum and the whole liberal party ruining this country.

(Corner Brook Nfld, 2018-01-28)


Justin Trudeau is systematically destroying this country with his economic policies, his policies in regards to immigrants both legal and illegal, and his systematic destruction and erosion of our Canadian rights, values and freedoms in general. We must remove him now before Canada is destroyed beyond repair.

(Edmonton, 2018-01-28)


wake up Canada before it's too late!

(Thunder Bay, 2018-01-28)


I'm signing because nothing good has or will come out of this trudeau government

(Camrose, 2018-01-29)


Jusin Trudeau has deceived the ppl of Canada . He does not speak for Canadians cuz we all want him gone

(Sicamous, 2018-01-29)


justin has Canada way to far down the road of destruction in way to short a period of time. We are losing our identity as Canadians a respected country all around the world

(Williams Lake, 2018-01-29)


Justin Trudeau is destroying our country and is now a dictator. We have a right to
our own opinion and beliefs but he is forcing his agenda which is pure evil.

(Victoria , 2018-01-29)


I am Canadian

(Chatham, Ontario, 2018-01-29)


The Liberal Government and Trudeau our Prime Minister do not have the needs of Canadians in mind when they spend out tax dollars.

(Tappen,BC, 2018-01-29)


TRudeau is guilty of Treason according to Canada's Charter of Rights.

(brampton, 2018-01-30)


Justin Trudeau is a traitor and unfit to be a prime minister of Canada.

(Toronto, 2018-02-01)


This has got to stop. He is putting Canadians at risk!

(Buck Lake , 2018-02-01)


I care about our veterans and this country

(Sanford, 2018-02-14)



(marathon,ontario, 2018-03-04)


He’s a trader to Canada.

(Kitchener , 2018-03-09)


Justine needs to be removed from office before he brings an army to our front door

(Merritt, 2018-04-06)


Because its true. Time to impeach , time for justice.

(Burlington, 2018-04-26)


He’s a traitor and waste of skin.

(Stoney Plain , 2018-04-27)


I’m signing because I love my country and I won’t sit idle while the globalist traitors of the Liberal party and Justin Trudeau destroy our once great nation.

(St-Prosper, 2018-05-02)


5 treason things i can name..arrest him now

(whitby, 2018-05-05)


I just don't feel safe in my own country with our Prime Minister pandering to islamists! Next thing you know, Jihadis will be parading in our streets in their white Toyotas with their AK - 47's.

(Medicine Hat, 2018-05-11)


its treaaon..duh like 5 or more times now..this is gross in its highest

(whitby, 2018-05-16)


Justin Trudeau is a criminal guilty of exposing my family and friends and fellow Canadians to dangers that we, as a nation, did not have to deal with at a great level. At a time when most countries (if not all) are tightening and securing their borders, Prime Moron Trudeau is opening our gates and WELCOMING disaster! What kind of drugs is this IDIOT on??????????

(PRINCE GEORGE, BC, 2018-05-26)


To remove this TREASONOUS government, who got into power illegally.

(Redcliff, 2018-06-05)


For all the reasons given and for the reasons yet to come. Funding/paying off terrorists, allowing illegals to stream into this country, funneling our money to all 3rd world countries - while ignoring our seniors, vets, homeless, etc. - and the too many more reasons to list.

(Standard, 2018-06-06)


The actions of our Prime Minister have gravely affected my family and all commumites. I openly support this petition and will publicly stand against these acts of treason as my patriotic duty

(Red Deer, 2018-06-20)


Premier Justin Trudeau has no bilateral agreement or anything in place with the US for three weeks now and He's taking days off? He is a one man disaster at loose in power.

(Victoria , 2018-07-01)


It would I'm sure be a benefit to all Canadians to see this man removed from the house as well as his office. I don't like his priorities or his lack of ability to answer questions in the house. He has proven himself a danger to the country by not signing a bilateral agreement with the US. I am appauled by this man.

(Victoria , 2018-07-04)


What this imbecile is doing to our country is absolutely Criminal and has to be stopped immediately.

(Sylvan Lake, 2018-07-18)


Justin Trudeau should and will be accountable for his crimes against the state, queen and the great country of Canada.
He is guilty and must be charged with treason, for supporting an enemy of the state and enemy of nato.
His public display of hate for his own people and military shows contempt as an enemy of the state himself.and must be
arrested and brought to trial and hung.

(Regina, Sk., 2018-07-21)


Justrin Trudeau and his entire political party are guilty of treason for a number of crimes they havew committed since taking office October 16, 2015.

(London, 2018-07-22)


Can’t take it anymore. Enough is enough

(Airdrie , 2018-07-26)


I believe Trudeau and the liberals are responsible for Canadians safety. Close our Boarder, us taxpayers do NOT want to pay for it!!!

(Calgary , 2018-07-26)


No comment!

(Edmonton , 2018-07-26)


I believe Justin trudeau and his phoney government are shameless pigs

(Smiths falls, 2018-07-28)


It's important that my family and future families still have a Canada left for generations to come. Islamization of the west is not the answer. the PM is blindly guided by Islam and sides with them unjustly.

(Portage-du-Fort, 2018-07-28)


I AM Canadian. Justin Trudeau is a traitor and needs to be deposed.

(Chiloquin, 2018-07-30)


He's breaking laws including bringing Isis fighters into Canada when it's against the law ,they should be getting a minimum 10 years in jail.I also have a severe problem that he has the FBI paedophile symbol on his foundation.

(Calgary , 2018-08-06)


Trudeau has put every Canadian at risk of death with his Islamic policies and refugee stance .. he has covered up terrorist acts in Canada and continues to ignore the rights of Canadians freedom of speech and thoughts.

I think that the Canadian people should do a class action against Trudeau for terrorizing the country and sexual interference in the classroom. Sounds weird but hey, why not?

(Toronto, 2018-08-07)


Victory to the light!

(Chicago, 2018-08-07)


I agree with you all



I absolutely agree 100%

(Wakaw, 2018-08-07)


Much crap has happened since the first person signed , sad!!!

(middle sackville, 2018-08-07)


Justin Trudeau is a traitor to Canada.

(Chatham, 2018-08-08)


im signing because those liberals are nit proctecting Canada

(bowden, 2018-08-08)


hes a ******* idiot hang the **********...

(sydney, 2018-08-08)


The Liberal party of Canada has committed Treason against a canadians

(VICTORIA, 2018-08-08)


He is killing Canada

(Halifax, 2018-08-08)


Because I'm sick of seing my country devastaded bybthoese Trudeau, the surfer with a backpack. This clown has no background to be Prime Minister at all. He never has one to be a teacher, only an assistant teacher. Soros put him there. And in the meantime, we want the country refused to allow Soros in Canada for whatever reason. This is a country destructor and trouble maker wherever he has been. And he's counselling Trudeau, can we imagine that? It inconcevable!

(Montreal, 2018-08-09)


He,s provin over n over again that he,s a terrorist in disguise who has put Canadians in danger and selling us out to other Muslim terrorist,s. He is mentally unstable and is definitely unfit to run a great country like Canada !

(Edmonton, 2018-08-09)


I want to see corrupt governments abolished and righteous caring people in their place.

(Carrying Place, 2018-08-09)


I want him out

(Wpg, 2018-08-09)


Lock up Trudeau

(Cranbrook, 2018-08-12)


Charge them now stop talking about it.get it done now before it's too late.

(Lansdowne Ontario, 2018-08-13)


I love my country and it is being systematically turned into a third world country and I am now a second class citizen . If sharia law was allowed in canada I fear there would be a lot of dead politicians in Ottawa . Law,abiding citizens will take only so much .

(amherstview , on, 2018-08-14)


i'am afraid ISIS will take control

(ridgeville, 2018-08-14)


Because Justin Trudeau is a traitor.

(Sparwood , 2018-08-20)


I love and believe in our democracy and freedoms in our great country of CANADA and to protect all of Canadians and our Charter of Rights and freedoms...JUSTIN Trudeau and his Liberal Party of Canada are committing high treason and treason by opening up our borders and not only allowing but encouraging illegal immigration into Canada...

And by erecting a permanent structure at Roxham illegal Border crossing site the Liberal government has illegally broken the law and instructed the RCMP to assist all illegal immigrants into Canada thereby contravening the Third Country clause

(Ottawa, 2018-08-23)


trulies is a piece of shit.

(Mississauga, 2018-08-24)


I defend my country.

(Nanaimo, 2018-08-24)


No man with rational mind would do what Trudeau is doing. liberals are destroying Canada as quickly as they can in case they loose the hold of our country.

(Surrey, 2018-09-04)


Trudeau is a traitor

(Calgary, 2018-09-22)


I reject Trudeau's immigration policy. These people are here to take over. He had no mandate to do it. He did not mention it in his campaign. He has done too many illegal things & no one has made him responsible. He gave $30 M dollars to known terrorists when he didn't have too. He sends great amounts of our money to our enemies. He is a traitor using his position to destroy Canada. Where is the RCMP?

(Waterloo, 2018-09-27)


Trudeau has committed treason against the Canadian people and so have every liberal mp.......time to start laying charges before the next election

(Calgary, 2018-10-04)


Canada is not a free democracy. We are enslaved by these false kings!

(Saskatoon, 2018-10-09)


This PM has been getting away with murder literally by allowing unvetted illegal aliens into Canada by the thousands. There
are 3 cases of murder recently of terrorists killing and injuring innocent people that Trudeau let into Canada. He has remained unaccountable to all these incidents.

(Mississauga, 2018-10-11)


I think he is selling out canadians, allowing immigrants to commit crimes, and ignore violent acts of terrorism on Canadian soil.
He made it easy to come to our country, gives them everything, but denies persons of Canadian heritage everything!

(Drayton Valley , 2018-10-18)


Treason to canada allowing isis canada tax money to promote terroism

(Calgary, 2018-10-20)