Arrest Justin Trudeau and Liberal MPs for TREASON immediately.



I'm disgusted with the extremist socialist idiot Justin Trudeau. He is an incompetent ******* who should be hanged for treason. He is not a leader. He is a clown.

(Pakenham, 2018-11-06)


Trudeau is a Traitor to Canada and is making our country into what they did to the US with Obama!
He is not here to help Canada but to destroy this once beautiful country! Trudeau Has To GO NOW!

(Timmins, 2018-11-06)


I agree

(Cambridge, 2018-11-10)


Trudeau is systematically and deliberately destroying Canada as a sovereign nation and endangering the very lives of Canadians by his reckless, irresponsible and totally delusional antics, in spite of what Canadians want! The most grave issue is that he has endangered Canada and Canadians, confirmed by the documentation published in the main stream media that CSIS reportedly can no longer guarantee the safety of Canadians! Several acts of terrorism have occurred under his watch but he refuses to accept responsibility and accuses Canadians of being racist, for expressing their concerns! Trudeau has openly invited ISIS fighters into Canada and he is funding Muslim organizations, which in turn finance terrorists, using tax-payer money, that we, the people, did NOT authorize!

(hamilton ontario, 2018-11-12)


It is time we were rid of this traitor!

(Creston, 2018-11-13)


He's ruining our country.

(schumacher, 2018-11-14)


I’m signing because my great grandfather and my grandfather didn’t fight in both world wars just so that it could all be handed away to the UN, as a Canadian I did not vote for my country to lose its sovereignty and I did not vote for the priminister to destroy Canada in a single term let alone multiple terms, arrest him at once Canada is in danger along with the people who live here.

(Saskatoon , 2018-12-09)


Trudeau is Destroying Canada. Evil man.

(Dorintosh, 2018-12-09)


Justin Trudeau is trying to destroy Canada something his father started because of Quebec!!!

(Kakabeka Falls , 2018-12-11)


Trudeau has decimated all Canadians with his flamboyant free spending,our faith values and security are being removed,perhaps against the law in the near future.

(Campbellford, 2018-12-12)


Justin Trudeau must be held accountable for his treasonous actions against the Sovereignty of Canada. For putting Canadians in harm's way through allowing illegal imagination.

(Medicine Hat, 2018-12-13)


Canada is strong and free and should remain that way.
I don't not wanna see my fellow canadians raped or worse protect the freedom of the charter of rights.

(Calgary, 2018-12-14)


Trudeau is a trailer globalist

(Donnelly, 2018-12-14)


I don't believe in the global migration pact.

(Sarnia, 2018-12-14)


Yes arrest Mr.Trideau n his liberals..Big threat to Canada

(Edmonton AB, 2018-12-14)


He gave away liberties of citizens, without a single consultation. His agenda is not what's best for Canada, but what's best for the NWO

(Edmonton, 2018-12-14)


he needs to pay for his crimes against canada

(surrey, 2018-12-14)


Justin Trudeau has signed our borders to the UN without a canadians approval or vote. Trudeau serves canadians not the other way around. Including outrageous spending of canadians money.

(Winnpeg, 2018-12-14)


I hate what this idiot is doing anything he thinks he wants to without informing or notifying the Canadian people.

(Hague, 2018-12-14)


I'm signing because justin Trudeau , the entire federal liberal party and the federal ndp party violated our charter of rights and freedoms. Each and every one of them have voted in favor of breaking the charter against the citizens of Canada will

(Daysland , 2018-12-14)


turdo is a traitor

(Bridgewater, 2018-12-14)


As the Prime Minister of Canada it is Justins responsibility to manage the country in a way that will keep us safe. He has made decisions that have been proven, in europe, that are not in the best interest and safety of the canadian people. This is treason against our beloved country. Therefore Justin should be areested.

(Raymond , 2018-12-14)


Trudeau and his liberal team are traitors to our country!! They all need need to be removed now and charged with treason!!! Now!!!

(Saskatoon , 2018-12-14)


Charge them.

(Ponoka , 2018-12-14)


I agree !

(Sundre, 2018-12-14)


PM Fuknutz is an idiot

(North Vancouver, 2018-12-14)


Trudeau has committed TREASON

(Marshall , 2018-12-14)


I’m signing because The Prime Minister of Canada has an obligation to serve his country and to protect its citizens. As Leader of the Liberal party, Justin has failed in that endeavour and has sold out our county’s most vulnerable while reducing our resources and sources of income to vertically nothing causing an economic crisis in what was once a great nation.

(Wetaskiwin, 2018-12-14)


I am a proud Canadian! I believe we need to get are country back in a stable situation!..this guy and his party should all b held responsible for destroying us

(Grande pointe ont, 2018-12-14)


I believe Trudeau has committed treason against the Canadian citizens and against the sovereignty of the Canadian people

(DRAYTON VALLEY, 2018-12-14)


I believe Trudeau has committed treason against the Canadian citizens and against the sovereignty of the Canadian people

(DRAYTON VALLEY, 2018-12-14)


Justin Trudeau is committing what I believe to be Treasonous acts against Canada and it's people.

(Whitehorse , 2018-12-14)


I want to remain free and unafraid to walk outside day or night

(Ancaster, 2018-12-14)


Cause i want my and all Canadians freedoms and dint want the un pact or globaism

(Vernin, 2018-12-15)


Justin Trudeau does NOT have the best interest of Canadians at heart. He is selling us out for a spot on the global UN stage. He is a traitor to Canada.

(Milton , 2018-12-15)


Because everything Trudeau does is against Canada and Canadians. I firmly believe he is mentally incompetant to be PM and should be removed from office immediately

(Hanover, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau and his party are destroying the very fabric of Canada and undermining our economy and casting Canada into massive debt with governing with absolutely no reguard for our laws. Traitor to this country.

(Fort McMurray, 2018-12-15)


The PM should be held criminally accountable for his actions.

(Wetaskiwin , 2018-12-15)


We deserve our freedom and choice.

(Calgary, 2018-12-15)


I'm signing this because JT has went against all Canadian values and he should be in jail as he is a danger to us all doing what he is doing.

(Fort St. John, 2018-12-15)


They need to pay for being criminals

(Croton, 2018-12-15)


Because Justin Trudeau is a trader and does not speak for me

(kelowna, 2018-12-15)


Liberals aren’t doing there job

(Saskatoon, 2018-12-15)


I am signing this because im absolutely discusted with the current prime minister of this country. He has done nothing but let us all down as a nataion and embarass us to the world. Everything he does is and will cost us in our futures and it is not right. We need someone who will stand up for the rights, freedoms and values we as canadians so covet.

(Whitby, 2018-12-15)


This dum shit is destroying canada

(Peace river, 2018-12-15)


I want our Canada back

(Lloydminster, AB, 2018-12-15)


Something must be done!

(Corbeil, 2018-12-15)


Because Trudeau needs to be held accountable for his actions.

(Welland, 2018-12-15)


For the reasons listed in the petition.

(Morden, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau, The Defence Minister and the Immigration Minister are Terrorist Traitors!

(Vernon, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is an idiot

(Madoc, 2018-12-15)


We need to get rid of Trudeau sand the liberals

(prince george, 2018-12-15)


This is Canadian contry not Trudeau contry !!!! He have no right to sign anything without talking and asking Canadian !

(Edmonton , 2018-12-15)


Trudeau needs to be removed from office immediately. He is committing treason in our Country. He is destroying Canada!!

(Saskatoon, 2018-12-15)


I'm signing this because Justin Trudue batraed the our country and its people. Being a priminister your number 1 concern is your country and the people and he sold us out.

(Woking , 2018-12-15)


Justin Trudeau has violated the human rights of every Canadian

(Blackfalds , 2018-12-15)


I feel that he is committing treason against his country. He does not speak for this Canadian.

(Tomahawk, 2018-12-15)


Our country is being violated and our rights are getting stepped on i support the old my job depends on it

(Spruce grove , 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is ruining out country and it needs to be saved.

(Ottawa, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau does not speak for me. He is selling out Canada

(Fort Mcmurray , 2018-12-15)


He needs to be held accountable.

(Red Deer, Alberta, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is killing this country

(Fort Mcmurray , 2018-12-15)


Justin Trudeau has violated our freedoms.

(Saskatoon, 2018-12-15)


I love Canada

(Edson , 2018-12-15)


I’m signing because , every member of this liberal government has done something to weaken this country. There is no pride in being a Canadian when it has been cheapened and just given away

(Red Deer , 2018-12-15)


I want Canada to stay Canada and to become great again.

(Clair, 2018-12-15)


It am signing because I disagree with the UN pact on migration and I think he has sabotage the Alberta natural resources to ruin this country.

(Drayton Valley, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau has committed high treason against Canada and Canadian citizens. He must be removed, charged accordingly and punished with the highest of punishments for his crimes against Canada!!!

(Stoney Creek, 2018-12-15)


This lunatic needs to be stopped

(Corner Brook, 2018-12-15)


I fear for my rights, and children

(Skookumchuck, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is ruining our country

(vauxhall, 2018-12-15)


I think this PM doesn’t know how to run a country he is going to destroy it before he is done

(Mission BC, 2018-12-15)


im signing this due toTREASON! is the law of canada! and being PM of canada doesnt give you the right to do such a crime also if i did of any sort crime i would in jail so fast so why does the liberals are allowed to do this? also as a PM he works for the canada for the tax payers we dont work for them! so send him to jail

(edmonton, 2018-12-15)


The corruption of Trudeau has brought me to my breaking point. Paying off terrorists, associating with terrorists. Bringing ISIS terrorist back into Canada?!?!?! Signing the UN Migration without as much as asking (Referendum) the country he says he is always working so hard for. We need out of the UN ... Trudeau has signed over our sovereignty and has now made illegal immigrants, regular immigrants and now the are simply calling this migration. THIS IS NOT MIGRATION, THIS IS AN INVASION! This man should be charged of high treason and punished with the utmost severity of the law. How can one man bring a 151 year old country to its knees in a little over 3 years. Despicable, arrogant, disgusting fake feministic man child.

(Medicine Hat , 2018-12-15)


I vehemently oppose Justin Trudeau and his policies!!

(Brooks, 2018-12-15)


I'm fed up with the bullshit this government has been feeding me! He's giving away all of my tax money!

(Hamilton , 2018-12-15)


We have rights in this country that are being totally violated!!

(Battleford, 2018-12-15)


He needs to be stopped, ruining the Canadian way.

(Rimbey, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is ruining this country by signing the U.N. Immigration pact ,letting people come through our border illegally and almost shutting down our oil industry .

(Cobble Hill, 2018-12-15)


They are destroying our great country!

(Balgonie, 2018-12-15)


Justin Trudeau is a horrible PM. He is bribing our media with 595 Million Tax dollars , giving away millions of tax payers funds to other countries when we should be helping our own people first. Total dictator who keeps kissing ass to the corrupt UN. We need Justin Trudeau out of Parliament before our country is completely destroyed.

(Toronto, 2018-12-15)


I'm signing because I believe the government of Canada is following an agenda contrary to the well being of Canada as a sovereign nation with total disregard to Canadian citizens.

(Spruce Gro e, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau sold Canada to the United Nations !!

(Merritt, 2018-12-15)


I as well as thousands of other Canadians did not agree to sign on to the UN immigration pact!!!!

(Heisler , 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is a traitor

(Clair , 2018-12-15)


Enough is enough.

(Cayley , 2018-12-15)


Trudeau has overstepped to far and needs to go! Also being held accountable for his actions

(Fort St. John, 2018-12-15)


I think he thinks he is above the law and is needs to be knocked down a few pegs
Jail would be good for him it just might erase that smug look off his face

(Williams lake , 2018-12-15)


Oil supports my family

(Hinton , 2018-12-15)