Arrest Justin Trudeau and Liberal MPs for TREASON immediately.



I didn't live to die in a pointless war against my will and better judgement.***** that

(Calgary, 2018-12-15)


I am against the whole idea of this migration compact.

(Tara, 2018-12-15)


Trudo is a pos

(Fort Nelson BC, 2018-12-15)


Because he’s a moron and it’s not right for what he is doing

(Saskatoon , 2018-12-15)


My father & others fought for the freedom & democracy we have enjoyed up until now with the present government doing its utmost to destroy this great country, I will continue to do what is necessary to protect what my father & others gave the ultimate sacrifice for. Never did I think my country would be going down this road, we need to protect the strong north strong & free

(Dryden, 2018-12-15)


I'm afraid for my grandchildren's future.

(Mount Forest, 2018-12-15)


He betrayed the Canadian people.

(Athabasca , 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is destroying Canada. This must stop!!!

(Penticton, 2018-12-15)


Hes destroyed out country given our money away, allowed terrorists in, paid off the media, sold our sovereignty, has foreign people in government, allowing immigrants ro vote, turning a blind eye to the violence the people who sneak accross our borders, failing to protect our children our customs and our heritage, He is poison and needs to be arrested IMMEDIATELY

(Nanaimo, 2018-12-15)


It is treason! Put him on trial

(Edmonton , 2018-12-15)


Harper was right . Justin was never ready .

(Red deer , 2018-12-15)


This has to stop.

(Calgary, 2018-12-15)


The common people must speak up before the government puts a dirty sock in everyone's mouths

(Beaumont, 2018-12-15)


We need to take care of way of. Life and security in this country

(Edmonton , 2018-12-15)


I want The PM and others to be brought to justice for what they are doing to the people of Canada.

(Beaver county, 2018-12-15)


I absolutely want all this B.S stopped before it really is to late.

(Kelowna B.C, 2018-12-15)


we need a spare bullet he and his lib all need too go and take all your illeagals with you

(cambridge, 2018-12-15)


Charge the lot of them with treason

(Olds, 2018-12-15)


The latest actions of the prime minister and his liberal government is completely wrong and goes against the moral fabric of the nation. The fact these agreements were made with no public knowledge or consultation is in my opinion treasonous and prosecution need to be sought without haste.

(Edmonton , 2018-12-15)


Canadas rights have been revoked
My country is being defrauded
Carbon tax
And signing canada to u.n

(Rocky mountain house, 2018-12-15)


I can’t stand idle and watch my country fall to pieces under a tyrannical dictator who has 100% power with less then 38% of all the votes cast.

(Prince George Bc, 2018-12-15)


I'm sick and tired of this government

(Sc, 2018-12-15)


Justin Trudeau is a traitor! He is ******* Canada royally!!!

(Brandon , 2018-12-15)


I'm scared for my kids and grandkids

(Sturgeon county , 2018-12-15)


He is ruining our country and ignoring our rights.

(Red deer, 2018-12-15)


I am a proud Canadian patriot!

(Calgary , 2018-12-15)


I feel Canadians rights and values are being eroded everyday.

(Grand Bank, 2018-12-15)


I believe in treason

(Red Deer, 2018-12-15)


Trudo is destroying this country ,his immigration policies and support of the muslim run UN , most of the so called refugees are males of military age that should be fighting for freedom in their country of birth

(Harriston , 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is risking the health and safety of our family

(Cowichan bay , 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is a traitor and needs to pay for his treason i am a tax paying citizen who wants him brought to justice.

(Thorold, 2018-12-15)


Mr. Trudeau is a liar and has no respect for Canadians, He is giving away our children's inheritance, with no for thought. In addition, He has no ethics and he is giving money to known terrorists. Impeach him please.

(Wetaskiwin, 2018-12-15)


Our country is now in a huge deficit, immigrants are being given so many handouts while veterans are being pushed aside, allowing people who aren't even Canadian citizens to vote in the upcoming election is illegal, I live in Alberta and it is falling apart because of the decisions being made by this clown, he is literally letting known terrorists into our country. Why don't we just change the name to Canastan.
It's been proven already that these policies don't work, and what does Trudeau do?
He is destroying my home and I have had enough.

(Lloydminster, 2018-12-15)


So sick of this Lineral Government pushing policies that most of us do not want. Our government is supposed to protect us but instead Liberals dont care for citizens here. What they have done should be jailed for

(La Glace , 2018-12-15)


He needs to be kicked the***** out of our Native land. Our Canada, the TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE

(Nakusp, 2018-12-15)


He's a ******* idiot who makes very bad decisions for our country

(Esterhazy, 2018-12-15)


We are losing our sovereignty and pride

(Calgary , 2018-12-15)


He’s ruining Canada

(Calgary , 2018-12-15)


Justin is a traitor

(Kekabeka falls , 2018-12-15)


He is doing stuff for his own agenda not us.. treason lies purely corruption. Investigate this man's a dictator.

(Langley, 2018-12-15)


This is outright treason.

(Abbotsford , 2018-12-15)


Trudeau does not have the authority to hand over anything to the UN .

(Calgary , 2018-12-15)


The migrant pact is treasonous.

(Vernon , 2018-12-15)


Because he’s a terrorist, he deserves jail!

(Regina , 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is an traitor acting (as his former job would condone) against the will of Canada he must be impeached

(Kitchener, 2018-12-15)


Justin Trudeau has betrayed Canadians and committed TREASON

(Abbotsford , 2018-12-15)


What Trudeau is doing to Canada is criminal!

(Guelph, 2018-12-15)


He’s guilty

(Grande prairie, 2018-12-15)


PM Trudeau has no right or authority to sign a document on Global migration without Canadian citizens input. He is signing away our sovereignty.

(Saskatoon , 2018-12-15)


I'm signing because Tredeau needs to be punished for his treason against Canada. Along with all those who stood by him and watched as he is destroying our once Proud country. He should be put on trial infront of Canadians and let us determine his fate!!!!

(Grande Prairie, 2018-12-15)


Trudeaus Liberals have ignored the will of Canadians, and committed treason.

(North Bay, 2018-12-15)


This government needs to go before there is no more Canada left

(Campbell river bc, 2018-12-15)


I'm signing because that ******* of a PM needs to go to jail

(Saskatoon, 2018-12-15)


justin trudeau is a treator

(st-come lniere, 2018-12-15)


We are losing our freedom of choice.

(Bassano, 2018-12-15)


Jihadi justin is giving my country away to un ..he is also making Canada to hard to live due to over taxing us

(Sudbury, 2018-12-15)


Trudeau is the devil, the enemy of all Canadians

(Strathroy , 2018-12-15)


it,s obvious,there trying to blow the economy out of the water, and some of there choices may put Canada in a state of disrepair that recovery might be impossible

(churchbridge, 2018-12-15)


Those who commit a crime should be held responsible. You cant destroy a country and it's people without being held accountable.

(Winnipeg , 2018-12-15)


I'm signing becaise trudeau is destroying our country and need to be removed

(Stornoway sask, 2018-12-15)


I'm a true Canadian

(Calgary, 2018-12-15)


This man and his party are not looking out for the whole of the country, he is only dividing and destroying it

(Rocky Mountain House , 2018-12-15)


I’m signing because we the people had enough off the Liberal government that cares more about the Middle East people then the Canadian people, we have enough off this bullshit.

(Winterland , 2018-12-15)


He deserves it

(Tumbler ridge, 2018-12-15)


I’m signing this because Justin Trudeau has betrayed our country and every citizen in it he chose to give millions to other countries dispite turning out veterans and retired down when asking for help he has signed the open border policy even though The people of Canada don’t want this he is a traitor and should be arrested and charged just like everyone and spend life in prison

(Richmond, 2018-12-15)


Justin Trudeau got to go

(Swan hills, 2018-12-15)


Justin trudeau along with the liberal party have broken the law and justice needs to be served.

(Kindersley, 2018-12-15)


Liberal government lied to me many times over

(Kelowna , 2018-12-15)


This will destroy this country no sovereignty no canada

(Okotoks, 2018-12-15)


I want to secure a safe country for my child, grandchildren and great grandchildren when I die.

(Hamilton , 2018-12-15)


He is a terrorist

(Drayton Valley , 2018-12-15)


Tired of all the bullshit trudeau is putting Canadians through, from high taxes to immigration of islam. He should be held for high treason.

(Winnipeg, 2018-12-15)