Arrest Justin Trudeau and Liberal MPs for TREASON immediately.



I want the disgusting pig out of office & in a prison cell, or a body bag would do too.

(Red Deer, 2018-12-16)


Because he’s a emaresment to this country

(Timmins, 2018-12-16)


I am signing because I believe that Trudeau is an ignorant, despicable human being who only cares about himself and being a people pleaser, when his priority and desire should be leading this country with the utmost standards and discipline, leading us instead of dividing us. Instead of throwing 150 years of teamwork and respect out the window so he can rig elections and stay in power all the while sugar costing and lying to the country that elected him.

(Winnipeg, 2018-12-16)


His decisions are not fair to the people.

(Red deer, 2018-12-16)


It has become apparent that Mr.Trudeau and company have become painfully Globalist in their intentions. This should have been said when he was running for office, not as a hidden agenda. Fool me once, like that and it's time to prevent that from ever happening again.

(Ottawa, 2018-12-16)


I agree that Justin should be charged and imprisoned for endangering the lives of every Canadian citizen

(Creston, 2018-12-16)


I am Canadian, I want my borders protected and rights as a citizen upheld!
Trudeau must be removed!

(O’Leary , 2018-12-16)


I do not want the UN to rule the world .

(Saskatoon , 2018-12-16)


Trudeau has divided this country! He has the gall to accuse the former government of being divisive, trudeau is much bettet at it!
He gives away taxpayer money to terrorists & terrorist countries. He's bringing in unvetted migrants, and people " claiming " asylum from a country where rhey clearly were NOT being persecuted in any way!
He has lied many times! He promised to run a SMALL deficit, in trurh it is massively higher than promised! He is a deceiver! He LACKS : HONESTY, HUMILITY, TRUTH & COMMON SENSE! He is NOT to be trusted! Too bad we cannot throw him out on a NON CONFIDENCE vote!

(Windsor, 2018-12-16)


This is our country ones corrupt mind should not destroy this great nation

(Winnipeg, 2018-12-16)


trudeau and the liberals are taking this country into a phase o leadership that will not be the best of Canada - by signing the migration pact with the u.n. - which will give control over to the u.n. as to who comes into our country - up to this point the greatest majority of illegal immigrants coming into this country are people who are not vetted properly - letting back into this country isis fighters is a treasonous act and for that one reason alone trudeau and the liberals should be held accountable

(redcliff, 2018-12-16)


Trudeau hates Canada, and it shows. He should not get away with what he has done. We need to show the world that Canadians are not stupid!

(Seven Persons, 2018-12-16)


I am signing this petition because I never voted for Canada to be governed by the unelected UN. As Canadians, we do not want the Global Compact for Migration. This is one more act of Treason by The PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party.

(St Catharines, 2018-12-16)


The liberals are destroying Canada, giving away our sovereignty, they have been on numerous occasions breaking code of ethics, dividing the country, giving away billions to other countries and not helping Canadians, financially he is bankrupting Canadians and the country, they do not listen to the people, they do as they please, they think they are above the law, breaking Canadian laws, the list of their incompetence is to long to write here

(Creston , 2018-12-16)


trudope , the LIEberal caucus, and the NDP are TRAITORS to Canada, and the United States by allowing unvetted immigrants into this country endangering both our nations. They should be considered enemies of both countries, and arrested for crimes of sedition and treason directly supporting terrorism.

(Calgary, 2018-12-16)


My government has purposely put Canadians’ rights, freedoms and safety at risk. They have committed the worst act of treason in plain sight and police do nothing.

(Edmonton , 2018-12-16)


Canada is being ruined by the current government

(Parkland county , 2018-12-16)


He doesn’t have the best interest for ALL Canadians. Broke every law and is out for himself. He is an embarrassment and needs to be punished

(Medicine Hat, AB , 2018-12-16)


I hate Trudeau and he is killing the country.

(Brantford, 2018-12-16)


Justin signed the UN migration pact.

(WALDHOF, 2018-12-16)


Iam discussed with the way Trudeau is trying to destroy Canada. He and his government needs to been arrested for treasonous acts against the people of Canada

(Grande Prairie Alberta, 2018-12-16)



(Edmonton , 2018-12-16)


I believe Trudeau is Canada's number one enemy.

(Nanaimo, 2018-12-16)


This country premier is abusing his power to carry his own agenda to the detriment of the canadian voters and tax payers

(Edmonton, 2018-12-16)


I want the traitor, our crime minister to be held responsible for his actions !

(Corunna, 2018-12-16)


Justin Trudeau and his liberal party are and have committed acts of treason against the Canadian government and citizens and should be justly punished for their actions against canada

(Calgary, 2018-12-16)


Trudeau is a traitor

(Merritt, 2018-12-16)


We need a leader for Canadians not a traitor

(Calgary ab, 2018-12-16)


Trudeau is deliberately destroying Canada and it's people. The border crisis, our vetrans ignored, our children corrupted, the ridiculous taxes aimed at destroying the middle class, his poorly appointed cabinet, his relationship with terrorists etc.

(McBride , 2018-12-16)


I'm signing because he does not have any intention to help any Canadian, a POS ISIS TERRORIST, not a problem, he's taxing us to death and he is stuck up selfish POS that doesn't care about the west or the people that pay his ******* salary

(Tomslake BC, 2018-12-16)


I don’t like the way this country is being given away. We need to go back to our beliefs instead of the beliefs of country’s in which the people coming here are fleeing.

(Kenne, 2018-12-16)


As a born Canadian citizen and proud of being loyal to Canada. I followed news and more on Trudeau's, Soros and liberals behavior. A corruption that is totally unacceptable and they have betrayed us. I sign this petition for faith in safety and justice and peace may reign upon us. May God save our country.

(Edmonton, 2018-12-16)


I'm signing because the Liberals have declared war on Canada with their policies on open borders, signing our sovereignty over to the UN, trying to destroy our culture, trying to destroy Alberta and our energy industry.

(Parkland County , 2018-12-16)


For our country

(Edmonton , 2018-12-16)


Trudeau needs too hang for TREASON.

(Spruce Grove , 2018-12-16)


i agree

(canora, 2018-12-16)


Trudeau has run this country into the ground and over populated us with people we cant afford to support. CANADIANS MUST COME FIRST.

(Millet, 2018-12-16)


I fear for my country and family.

(lumby, 2018-12-16)


Justin Trudeau and Company have to go. They are tearing Canada apart an we will soon be a third world Country .

(Regina, 2018-12-16)


It's my duty

(Camrose, 2018-12-16)


Its time ALL Canadians stood up for Canada.

(Copper cliff, 2018-12-16)


i want this moron taken out of office now

(brantford, 2018-12-16)


I have too many reasons to list.
I oppose one world government, excessive immigration, carbon tax, outlandish spending, socialism and communism. I want Canada back to being a democracy. The assault on Christians and Jews in Canada to stop. So much more.....

(Winterland, 2018-12-16)


Trudeau cares nothing for law or Canadians!! Get rid of the turd.

(High Level, 2018-12-16)


I have not witnessed as much hate, and racism as I have with the current liberals and PM. And also to oppress Canadians with unjustified high taxes will result in a civil war.

(Fort Nelson, 2018-12-16)


Trudeau is systematically destroying Canada.

(Fort erie, 2018-12-16)


Liberals need go they are ruining our Canada,, to many immigrants coming in to our country, decisions like this needs to be have all our votes, not the stupid liberal government,.. The GOVERNMENT Works for us , the People , not the other way around!!

(Fairview, Alberta , 2018-12-16)


Cause I hate Trudeau's guts ,he's a terrorist enabler and should be put down like a rabid mutt

(Edmonton, 2018-12-16)


Turdo is bankrupting Canada and over running Canada with Muslim terrorists, not looking after retired/injurded Arm force retirees This list can go on forever !

(Marmora, 2018-12-16)


I want Trudeau out!

(Haliburton, 2018-12-16)



(Winnipeg, 2018-12-16)


Hes a absolute traitor.

(Sylvan lake, 2018-12-17)


This has to stop. Canada's in trouble, people are out of work. People are loosing everything they worked hard for. Bankruptcies are at the highest. For what , for someone who doesn't CARE ABOUT US BORN CANADIANS

(Rocky Mountain House , 2018-12-17)


Its wrong and justin Trudeau deserves to be held accountable for his actions!!

(Whitefox, 2018-12-17)


I don't want my country to be destroy by Trudeau or any one else for endangering the lives of all Canadien citizens!!!

(St-Pacôme, 2018-12-17)


I’m signing because the Liberal party & Justin Trudeau have RUINED Canada as a country.

(Strathmore, 2018-12-17)


We do not accept the UN agreement, the war against small business owners, the alianation of the west, disturbing sexual propaganda forced upon our schools, lax immigration laws, lax criminal laws, his need to make Canada a place that is unrecognizable.

(Regina, 2018-12-17)


In this petition I agree with everything

(Oshawa, 2018-12-17)


Trudope has to go!!!

(Parksville, BC, 2018-12-17)


I'm sick and tired of the government knows best mentality they do as they please and we suffer the consequences enough is enough

(Windsor , 2018-12-17)


No to un

(Naramata, 2018-12-17)


We didn't elect the UN to control our borders. Something this big should be a national vote, not at the control of one man. Trudeau is a traitor and easily the biggest mistake in canadian history!

(Niverville , 2018-12-17)


Trudeau put Canada in serious trouble...

(Baie-Comeau, 2018-12-17)


i am tired of justin and his cohorts

(Barrhead, 2018-12-17)


I can't believe how terrible Canada has become
too much bureaucracy, taxes beyond comprehension

(Canmore, 2018-12-17)


Justin Trudeau is a traitor.

(Morinville, 2018-12-17)


To show solidarity!!!

(Calgary, 2018-12-17)


Traitor should be executed but as that is not legal in Canada we will settle for an arrest, and immediate removal of power!

(Lloydminster , 2018-12-17)


Anyone who gives known terrorists money and knowingly brings into our country is treason!!
And every dealing that they have done is fraudulent and goes against the wellbeing of Canada and its citizens!!

(Regina, 2018-12-17)


this needs to be done

(sudbury, 2018-12-17)


No government should make a deal with out the people’s consent

(Grande prairie, 2018-12-17)


Trudeau is a Terrorist

(Vernon, 2018-12-17)


Trudeau is a criminal

(Gunn, 2018-12-17)


Because he violated the charter of rights and our freedom of speach. He supported terrorism and wasted our tax dollars. The boy must go and he needs to be accountable for all the murder, rape and terrorism he’s allowed in our country.

(Dawson Creek , 2018-12-17)


He’s is destroying our country

(Edmonton , 2018-12-17)


This has nothing to do with race or racism. It is about an immigration policy mirrored in europe which is now openly admitted to be a dangerous failure and still... Trudeau has brought it home to you.

(thetford mines, 2018-12-17)


He is a traitor to canada

(Wildwood, 2018-12-17)


I want Trudope arrested, in jail, on trial for treason, grand theft, espionage.

(Ste Anne , 2018-12-17)


He and his cabinet are traitors to our country..He was not elected to betray our country..He was not elected to be a dictator...Trudeau must go!!!!

(North Bay, 2018-12-17)


I do not agree to the decisions the PM is making and do not condone the money management, or lack there of.

(Cranbrook , 2018-12-17)


I support the petition

(Airdrie, AB, 2018-12-17)


We need a referendum.

(Saskatoon , 2018-12-17)


I’m tired of his lies, HEs ruining our country, He’s a traitor and must be stopped. Enough is enough

(Belleville, 2018-12-17)


I’m signing because this is the Canadian “Citizens” country, not the Prime Ministers.

(Kelvington, 2018-12-17)


I am against open borders and all that Trudeau has done to destroy Canada (giving away our money, supporting terrorists and terrorist organizations, migrants not vetted, etc.).

(Creston, 2018-12-17)


As stated in this petition, their actions are treason. They are stripping us of our Constitutional Rights instead of abiding by and upholding them. They are denying us freedom of speech.

(Regina, 2018-12-17)


Trudeau and his cabinet have publicly confessed to no less than 28 counts of treason, as such, they should be arrested and held accountable

(Vita, 2018-12-17)


Trudeau is the most corrupt, illegitimate, sociopathic PM to ever be in charge of Canada...

(Lake Country, 2018-12-17)


I want Justin Trudeau to step down asap. He is not for Canada

(Calgary, 2018-12-17)


Trudeau is a treasonous dictator and wants to eradicate true canadians and there values.. he even said this...

(Slave Lake, 2018-12-17)


I believe that this statement is true and the liberal communist party has willfully put all Canadiens lives in danger.

In Jesus's name may this treasonous liberal communist government be charged with treason against the people of Canada!

Thank you,

God bless Canada and the Canadian people!

(Burlington , 2018-12-17)


He is not serving Canada's interests whatsoever. He is propagating Sharia law in Canada by bringing in people that have no interest in our way of life, nor our culture/s. He actions are anti-Canada that the RCMP should be considered as aiding a terrorist. Not arresting him for treason shows us where they stand...

(Edmonton, 2018-12-17)