Appuntamenti per ottenere il visto



I'm signing because I cannot make an appointment for my parents.

(Torino, 2017-04-13)


I totally agree with this petition because I have an experience in this case

(torino, 2017-04-13)


Sono daccordo , e firmo

(Bologna, 2017-04-13)


poichè i miei ogni volta che vogliono venire a vedermi hanno troppi problemi per la apuntamento del visto.

(torino, 2017-04-13)


Appuntamenti per ottenere il visto

(Genova , 2017-04-13)


I'm signing because my parents could have not get a visa appointment to come to visit me in Milan in my first year of studying here.

(Milan, 2017-04-13)


Non pagare le spese straordinarie per chiedere un appuntamento ed avere gli appuntamento con le date vicine e accettabili.

(Roma, 2017-04-14)



(Verona, 2017-04-14)


some inconvenient occasion occur to my family during the Visa process by consulate employees.

(Torino, 2017-04-14)


My family members always have to face difficulties for family visiting according to current visa procedures

(Milan, 2017-04-14)


I'm a researcher here in italy. Before coming here I faced this problem and I saw it with my own eyes that people from agencies were even at the embassy! And it is not good for a country like Italy. Even now I would like to see my family here since I'm busy to go to my country, but they have big problem with the reservation in the website of the embassy. It is always booked and there is no empty place.
Thanks for attention.

(Milan, 2017-04-14)


It is our right .

(Bologna, 2017-04-14)


I am going to continue my education in Polimi in October 2017.

(Arak, 2017-04-14)