I am signing because I live in Ridgway and like to ride Atv's. Will be nice to be able to ride from street to street to get to trails.

(Ridgway, 2017-03-21)


I think as long as the laws are followed UTV's should be allowed.

(Ridgway, 2017-03-21)


I pay for a dcnr registration and insurance I should be allowed to ride it anywhere I want to

(Ridgway, 2017-03-21)


I think it's time.

(Butler, 2017-03-21)


I would enjoy visiting your beautiful town with my atv

(Conneaut lake , 2017-03-21)


It makes sense....

(Ridgway, 2017-03-21)


I am an avid outdoorsman

(Ridgway, 2017-03-22)


Its the right thing to do.!

(Saint marys, 2017-03-22)


It's reasonable

(Ridgway, 2017-03-22)


We need to attract more tourism! !!

(Ridgway , 2017-03-22)


I think it's a great idea.

(Weedville, 2017-03-22)


I'm signing because in my opinion it will bring more revenue into your town and your area. We would be willing to trailer our machines up and unload in Ridgway and ride on our friends property. And ride back into town and get something to eat and refuel.

(Big Run , 2017-03-22)


In a small town like this it should already be legal with a license.. you shouldn't even need a license. This is 'merica

(Saint marys, 2017-03-22)


Imagine how great it would be for most people to have more places to legally enjoy riding their UTV's. Most ATV owners have monthly payments, pay registration fees and insurance costs and in turn have very little opportunity to ride lawfully. As long as participants obeyed the laws set forth, the potential revenue to be generated would be a foolish loss for ANY community...more boroughs and municipalities and townships should consider doing this as well.

(Ridgway, 2017-03-22)


ATV''s are no different than Motorcycles.

(Saint Marys, 2017-03-22)


I personally own a few atvs and it would be a lot easier and safer to get access to trails if you can legally go down the road

(Ridgway, 2017-03-22)


This law has potential to help a lot of local businesses by allowing ATVs to ride to them. Obviously it would add convenience for the operators as well to be able to ride into town for food and gas.

(Smethport , 2017-03-22)


Because Atv's do not have alot of options to ride in the area especialy in the woods since the woods are all owened by Game commission and your not allowedon property, which i find rediculous , if yu can't use our nationa allengany forest, that the good Lord gave us just as long as you respect the land and do not tear it up i see no harm in being allowed to enjoy the land.

(RIDGWAY, 2017-03-22)


It's a good idea

(Wilcox, 2017-03-22)


I think it would increase business in the are an a lot of people currently ride up that direction.

(DuBois , 2017-03-22)


It should help Elk County

(Ridgway , 2017-03-22)


As a business owner and recreation ATV rider I feel this would help our local economy . Use our resources not let them go to waste , were missing the boat around here, just take a look at West Virginia with the Hatfield McCoy trail system and the revenue it creates

(Ridgway, 2017-03-22)


It would do this town a lot of good,kersey has open roads they can travel on and never heard of any wrong doings..try a time trial 30-60 days and see what happens..i ride almost everyday and I have to travel on main roads to get where I need to go half the time..

(Ridgway , 2017-03-23)


I think it is a great thing for the community many other towns have already done it

(Wilcox , 2017-03-23)


I am signing because I want to see our businesses in our little towns flourish with the extra income that atv enthusiasts are will to spend.

(BROOKVILLE, 2017-03-23)


We need better access to the area around our valley.

(Ridgway, 2017-03-23)


I think it'd be a great idea

(Johnsonburg , 2017-03-23)


Bc I think it would be good for the community and bring more business into the town

(ridgway, 2017-03-23)


I want this to happen

(Ridgway, 2017-03-23)


I would love to see borough and township open up for ATV travel

(Ridgway, 2017-03-24)


lester johnson

(ridgway, 2017-03-25)


Allowing ATVs would bring increased economics to local businesses.

(Jeannette, 2017-03-26)


I'm signing because I think this would be a great idea if you can make a dirtbike d treetops legal you should be able to make a atv road legal

(Rockwood, 2017-03-26)


In a small town, we like our ATVs. I think it's a great idea for us to ride and have a good time it's easier for us to get to certain places with our four wheelers then driving our cars or trucks. Also, it's no different then a motorcycle and there is just as much as an equal chance to get hurt on both. Helmets should be required.

(Rockwood, 2017-03-26)


I feel that if bicycles and motorcycles are allowed, whats the difference with an atv or sxs? We carry full coverage insurance and pay taxes to help improve streets. Do bicycles carry insurance? No.I feel this is a great way to also bring revenue to the community because people would be more likely to travel there.

(Barnhart, 2017-03-26)


You can ride in Reynoldsville, and other surrounding areas. Plus it's the way of the progression of riding . As long as everyone follows the rules of the road and stays safe

(Lower Burrell pa , 2017-03-27)


This would be a great thing for the whole area, business ect.

(Ridgway, 2017-03-29)


I agree with the petition and do not find it a bad thing at all. This is an area where ATV's are typically enjoyed, so why place a hindrance on them when they can be both enjoyed by the riders and for town income as well? As long as everyone plays by the rules, there should be no issues at all with this petition.

(Ridgway, 2017-04-01)


I ride most every weekend. It would be nice to visit places that allow atvs on the roads legally. Most atvers are out to just kick back and enjoy the day. Making it legal to ride on public roads would allow alot of freedom for ppl that are out riding and need to fill up there tank and stop at the local diner! I would love to see more towns doing this and more roads shared with atvs legally!

(springboro, 2017-04-03)


I would like to see my family and others enjoy their past time more and o think it would be a lot better for the smaller Communities on bring money into them. PA is a Historical state so let's see it in a different veiw

(Lewisburg, 2017-04-23)


My husband amd i have a camp in lake city and have always wanted to go on a ride from our would be great to have this option

(st marys, 2018-02-21)