Cruelty to animals

(East London, 2017-04-04)


Cruelty to animals. This is not the first time this store has been in the news with regard to neglect of the animals in their care.

(East London, 2017-04-04)


I agree with the statement above

(East London , 2017-04-04)


Cruelty to animals

(East London, 2017-04-04)


This is my voice for the furries who has no voice. Close that SHOP DOWN

(Knysna, 2017-04-04)


it's disgusting for a pet shop to exsist selling animals in a poor state and neglect

(East London, 2017-04-04)


Against animal abuse and pet shops selling pets

(East london, 2017-04-04)


100% agree

(East London , 2017-04-04)


I care about animals

(East London, 2017-04-04)


This pet shop is using and abusing animals purely for monetary gain. A dear friend of mine tried for years to close it down. He has since passed on and would be smiling in Heaven if this shops closure can be achieved.

(East London , 2017-04-04)


This establishment needs to be closed down, PERIOD - Animal cruelty at its best. Disgusting!

(East London, 2017-04-04)


I'm signing because... (optional) i am against any cruelty to any living animal bird or beast.

(east london, 2017-04-04)


For many years this pet store has sold sick animals. The owner is a breeder (greeder) of the worst kind.

(East London, 2017-04-04)


I agree

(East London, 2017-04-04)


Animals don't have a voice and this kind of abuse is not acceptable

(East London , 2017-04-04)


I personally know the business. They are cruel, support puppy farms and you can walk in there any day of your life and the animals are always thin, sick and or smell. Their practice is absolutely disgusting and a complete disgrace.

(East London, 2017-04-04)


Something has to be done

(East London , 2017-04-04)


Selling pets that are not healthy.. very cruel..

(East London, 2017-04-04)


Also had a bad experience with this store. Bought a puppy from them which died two days later from cat flu. Owner had lots of excuses!

(east london, 2017-04-04)


The cruelty to enrich selfish humans must end today!!!

(East london, 2017-04-04)


Want the breeding on their farm to stop and the selling of pets they breed in their petshop... Cruelty at its best...

(East London, 2017-04-04)


They MUST be closed down. Those poor little animals. So disgusted.

(vincent, 2017-04-04)


Its wrong to sell animals at a petshop. Thats the place whete you should buy food and accessories for animals.

(Eadt London, 2017-04-04)


im against any type of animal cruelty!!

(east london, 2017-04-04)


The state the puppies and kittens are kept in is shocking. The cages are never clean. All the puppies have Diahoerea amd full of flees.

(East london , 2017-04-04)


To be a voice for the voiceless animals

(East London, 2017-04-04)


Animals don't have a voice, I am that voice!

(East London, 2017-04-04)


I hate seeing animals being treated badly. Its not acceptable

(East London, 2017-04-04)


This is just gross animal abuse.....

(East London , 2017-04-04)


Because of the shocking co edition of the animals they Re trying to sell

(East London, 2017-04-04)


Shocking treatment and trade of animals is not acceptable.

(Johannesburg, 2017-04-04)


I've seen the store it's too small and crowded and I've seem the state of the cages. We have better pet shops in east london we can't have pet shops like that making the east london name bad.

(East london, 2017-04-04)


This is not acceptable in this town.

(East London, 2017-04-04)


Cruelty to animals

(Stutterheim, 2017-04-04)


We have bought a pet from this pet shop and there is endless problems with the poor boy, from day 1!!
I have also seen the circumstances of this pet shop and how these animals live, with both old and new owner and the animals are not being looked after.

(East London, 2017-04-04)


Animals need to be treated kindly and with love - not just as a way of making money

(Cintsa , 2017-04-04)


Animals are precious creatures who cannot speak for themselves. They should not be ill treated for the sake of money or greed. Please don't let this continue!!!!!

(East London, 2017-04-04)


No pets should be sold in pet stores. It promotes back yard breeding , making money off animals.

(East London, 2017-04-04)


I have had bad experiences with the people that work there. Their Siamese fighters are always in bad health and stocked incorrectly. We were shouted at by a rude woman that worked there and I happened to buy my dog from them (before all the bad experiences) and she was so ill I was told that she might noy make it. I have also been told by a lady that used to work at a pet shop that she knows of people who bought puppies from there and they were so sick they had to be put down-one of these people had paid about R2000 for a Rottweiler.

(East London, 2017-04-04)


It's the right thing to do

(East London , 2017-04-04)


It should be made Law that pets can only be purchased from a shelter and not from breeders.

(East London, 2017-04-04)


I am signing this because I am pro life. Every living being deserves a fair chance at life. I also want the owners to know that of there is nothing that are doing wrong, they can address the group of activists and provide proof thereof.

(East London, 2017-04-04)


I hate animal abuse and cruelty.

(East london , 2017-04-04)


I'm sick and tired of seeing poor, helpless animals being neglected at this place! The people there are cruel and do not give any attention to the animals resulting in them being underfed, dying of heat or left to live in their own fiesies, because it never gets cleaned. This place MUST be shut down. Animals need us, more than ever!

(East London , 2017-04-04)


The condition of the animals is a disgrace and the people are rude and unhelpful

(East London , 2017-04-04)


I care about the treatment of animals.

(Johannesburg, 2017-04-04)


I don't believe in indiscriminate breeding of animals for profit.

(East London , 2017-04-04)


This is not the first time this pet shop has been reported for the mistreatment of the animals in their care. They sell dogs with Parvo and now these kittens that are malnurished. This has to stop. Shut them down.

(East London , 2017-04-04)


Save our pets. There is already so Many animals that is homeless and get put down daily..... we don't need more people that abuse animals.... please put a stop on this sin that this people are living and save our babies(pets).... my heart aches to see what our human spiesies are doing to poor inosant life's and it make me a shame to call myself a human been... I love my animals or any animal like they are a part of my own children and family..... so please please put a end tp this.... so so So sad

(Africa, 2017-04-04)


Bought a sick kitten there 2 years ago. Our poor angel did not survive. He had feline aids and suffered terribly. Our vet in king williams town could not even save him.

(King Williams Town, 2017-04-04)


To speak for those without voices and safe lives

(East London, 2017-04-04)


I have also heard many stories about their breeding of animals in 'puppy farm' type conditions.

(King Williams Town, 2017-04-04)


It's a disgrace to treat animals this way

(East London, 2017-04-04)


I'm passionate about animals and this is totally unacceptable

(East London, 2017-04-04)


The puppies and kittens are not treated the way they should be

(East london, 2017-04-04)


Disgusted in the state of the black kitten bought for R100 by theona emmerson

(East London, 2017-04-04)


I have heard many stories none good

(East London , 2017-04-04)


I am agai st all forms of animal cruelty -petshops shouldnt be allowed to sell animals

(East London, 2017-04-04)


I have seen how these animals stay in the shop for weeks on end. I, myself bought a pup that had been there for numerous weeks. They way the pup was handled upset me tremendously. Handled with no emotion and care.

(East London , 2017-04-04)


I'm an animal lover..this is cruel...doing it for money not for love of animals

(East london, 2017-04-04)


The kitten I bought from them had to go straight to vet as was so malnourished.

(East london, 2017-04-04)


Say no to cruelty

(East london , 2017-04-04)


This place must be closed down. The animals are not looked after that they are selling.

(east london, 2017-04-04)


I'm signing to speak for those that can't.

(East London, 2017-04-04)


Am totally against this cruelty

(East London, 2017-04-04)


The cruelty is unacceptable. Bloody vile.

(East London, 2017-04-04)


I'm against cruelty to animals.

(East London, 2017-04-04)


I am against cruelty of animals and it has come to my attention that they are cruel to the animals that they wish to sell as well as "farm" animals

(East London, 2017-04-04)


This is unacceptable and promotes further animal abuse and neglect. Totally unlawful.

(East london, 2017-04-04)


Every animal deserves the best...Old or young.Feathers,furs ext all types of animals deserve to be loved and cared for..

(East-Londen, Eastern Cape, 2017-04-04)


I love animals and dont animal cruetly

(East London, 2017-04-04)


I hate animal abuse

(East London , 2017-04-04)


Animal welfare should be a priority. In fact in many countries selling live animals in a petshop is not allowed. This is as it should be.

(Kidderminster, 2017-04-04)


Even though I now live in the States I am from Chintsa and know this pet shop well - I am so glad people are finally trying to help those poor babies!

(Devon, 2017-04-04)


It's cruel and heartless and I really don't enjoy pets stores at the best of times

(East London, 2017-04-04)


I'm against animal cruelty

(East London , 2017-04-05)


This pet shop has been reported so many times . How much more suffering should these voiceless furbabies be expected to tolerate!!!???

(East London, 2017-04-05)


In my opinion no pet store should sell puppies or promotes puppy mills. Too many animals desperately needing homes at SPCA and Pet Pals

(East London, 2017-04-05)


Disgusting human beings who want money with no regard for the welfare of these poor babies

(Port Elizabeth, 2017-04-05)


No animals should suffer at the hands of humans.

(Herrenberg , 2017-04-05)


They DON'T CARE ABOUT ANIMALS AT ALL. They can still stay in business, but selling animals should NEVER BE ALLOWED!!!!!

(East London, 2017-04-05)



(EAST LONDON, 2017-04-05)


Pets in terrible state

(East london, 2017-04-05)


Too many dogs die because of breeders and pet stores. They are selfish, using them for their own profit. CLOSE THEM DOWN!!

(Johannesburg, 2017-04-05)