Fight to save lazy dog BBQ



This is a great place to eat and should be able to continue to stay local.

Heather Olive (Colona, 2017-04-12)


Lazydog BBQ is a staple of summer in Colona!!

Kristin Frazer (Colona, 2017-04-13)


This man built up a business that serves quality food to thousands of people for over 12 years. Why would you penalize him for giving the people what they want? I have seen people stand in very long lines to buy his food. If they wanted to sit in a building, they would have gone else where!

Tammy Edwards (Rock Island, 2017-04-13)


Joe has the best sandwiches. He bust his butt to build a successful business. Shame on Colona Politicians. Please support lazy dog bbq.

Nene B Kitchen (Milan, 2017-04-13)


He's not hurting anyone. Just trying to make a living doing what he loves.

Jennifer Vermast (Colona, 2017-04-13)


not many places to eat lunch and has great food

rick keegan (silvis, 2017-04-13)


Great place for lunch !!!!

Gale Vyncke (Silvis, 2017-04-13)


Lazy Dogs BBQ has been part of Colona for many years, It's what the people like and want. It's 6 months out of the year Let him open, It's good for Colona!!

Randi Wiley (Colona, 2017-04-13)


It's a great sandwich! Quick when on the go!

Glenda Vyncke (Andover, 2017-04-13)


For 12 years, this gentleman ran his business without any problems. I'm not understanding why this year is different? I would like to know the REAL reason behind this!

Sherry Brenner (East Moline, 2017-04-13)


Joe is a local resident and he brings business to the community.

Jennifer Duncan (Eldridge , 2017-04-13)


We love this place. Please show fairness to this small business for he is a part of this community and deserves to stay here.

Dana Vanwormer (Tualatin, 2017-04-13)


To allow Lazy Dogs to have a permit

Stacey Lorance (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I think this man being denied a license after 12 years is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. It's his livelihood. We have food trucks down here in Huntsville, AL and they're a big hit! Nobody complains about them.

Laura Schubring (Athens, 2017-04-13)


I think since lazy dog has been able to have a business license for the last 12 years with no issues then they should be able to continue to have the food truck. If the ordinance changes then they should be grandfathered in.

Brenda Strouth Kiel (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Mr. Duncan serves a great product. It is a shame that the city is going to shut down a local business man. hmmm wonder if they would do the same to Walmart?

Lisa Ann (davenport, 2017-04-13)


I think it's ridiculous that the moment we get a new bar & grill (one who bought nothing through our local companies mind you) is now forcing a long time business out of town! Colona needs to get its act straight!

Mindy McCullough (Colona, 2017-04-13)


It's garbage that the City of Colona Illinois shuts a legitimate mobile vendor down because it causes competition for other businesses.

That's capitalism your licenses are trash.

Jacob Waller (Geneseo, 2017-04-13)


Lazy Dogs BBQ brings traffic through to Colona which gives our other business more revenue. The claim that they have an "unfair advantage" is absurd considering they are only open 6 months of the year and have to base their income in how the weather cooperates during the season. Also, if you let a food truck that is only open 6 months of the year "drive out" your restaurant then maybe there's a problem with your restaurant and you should stop trying to find other things to blame on why it didn't work out in Colona.

Sydney Masengarb (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I support Joe and his business. I disagree with not giving him a permit because it's an unfair advantage and really any other reason. He brings in revenue and has for 12 years.

Amanda V (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Great food and awesome people

Nathan Dunsworth (Carboncliff , 2017-04-13)


Amazing food

Shawn Sproston (Geneseo, 2017-04-13)


Lazy dogs is the only good place to get food in Colona and there's no reason to deny a business license.

Catherine Aguilar (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Colona is out of line

Kyle Thorngren (Silvis, 2017-04-13)


I think Joe deserves to do what he's been doing for 12 yrs! Please rethink your decision Colona!

Melanie Blum (Colona, 2017-04-13)


This guy had his business running in the same spot for twelve years and deserves to stay there no matter if theres a food establishment going up across the the street or not... otherwise it monopolizing in my opinion

Nick Hetzel (Colona Illinois , 2017-04-13)


it's a very good place n people in this town love it n shouldn't be ran out we need choices here

mike welge (colona, 2017-04-13)


this is my son in laws business this is how he makes a living I think it is wrong for colona to deny him a permite after they have given him one for years

Anna Smith (east moline Il, 2017-04-13)


Smokin Joes food is awesome! It's so wrong after 12 years to force him out of town!!!

Kay Cook (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Because they have excellent barbecue.

Sandra Scheer-Clark (Silvis, 2017-04-13)


Joe is a good man and his food is excellent.

Brad Hilligoss (Coal Valley, 2017-04-13)


Why would a loved establishment be pushed out of the way that's open for lunch about 4 months out of the year? I know why because someone's benefitting more from a bar opening up than a small barbecue joint. Fuck you who ever you are!

Zachary Clark (Silvis, 2017-04-13)


The bbq is the best ive ever had !

Nick Maldonado (Orion, 2017-04-13)


The owner has every right to run his business as a mobile food vendor and to not renew his license is unjust .

Shon sanders (Geneseo, 2017-04-13)


Keep Lazy Dogs in Colona

Jeff ONeil (Colona, 2017-04-13)


In an attempt to support a local henry county business.

Erik Brown (Geneseo, 2017-04-13)


This is a great place to get a quick lunch with excellent food. Let him do what he has for the past 12 years.

Mitchel White (Osco, 2017-04-13)


Not giving Lazy dog a liscense is total bs

Chad Carlson (Orion, 2017-04-13)


I love lazy dogs! And the people behind it are amazing and bring so much to the community

Megan Zimmer (Bettendorf , 2017-04-13)


He is a good man and doing nothing wrong. Great food. He doesn't have many years left just give him the permit

Mitchell Ballegeer (Colona, 2017-04-13)


12 years Joe has gotten a permit with no complaints from the city or health department. Unless the codes have changed in the village about venders, no reason to deny him.

Kelly Meagher (Moline , 2017-04-13)


It's good ass food

Zachary Helling (Moline, 2017-04-13)


Joe is a good guy, and making amazing food. I always love stopping in to grab some food on the way, if he out of something no problem just try something new, never been disappointed. I'd hate to see him go. Stay strong Joe

Sara Nicely (Orion , 2017-04-13)


They have been in Colona for years, everyone ate there even the city workers and police. They deserve to be there! And their food is amazing!

Luke Hacker (colona, 2017-04-13)


Give them a license. They serve good food.

Dana Diamond (Hillsdale , 2017-04-13)


This is my favorite place to stop & grab food on lunch break. Just because he doesn't own a Building to run his business doesn't me he shouldn't be able to. He's smarter than a lot of people doing this.

Branton Nelson (Silvis, 2017-04-13)


I've always enjoyed the food from this truck!! I don't think he shouldn't be able to continue his business like he has since I was younger due to a crybaby!!!

Jason Oliva Decker (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I like to stop down in Colons at some of the shops, I don't have time to sit down in a restaurant. I like the convenience of Lazy Dogs BBQ because I can walk up, order and be on my way. Plus I can enjoy my food outside if I want.

DeAnna Bradley (Orion, 2017-04-13)


This is my best friends step dads business. Everyone who has eaten at lazy dogs bbq knows it's one of the best out there. Hes been in buisness for years, and just because he doesn't want to have a set location for his business shouldn't be anyone's concern. He has amazing food hes great at what he does and the community loves him that should be all that matters!

Bailey Redell (Silvis, 2017-04-13)


He has been here for years and now they are complaining about it after a New Restaurant opens. And they use an excuse like the old Smokey restaurant that has been gone for years . Come on we know this is wrong.

Steven Lawson (Colona, IL. 61241, 2017-04-13)


Joe has a very good business, and has been around for 12 yrs and this year should not be different.

Julia Benson (Colona, 2017-04-13)


It's ridiculous to deny this man a license. What is wrong with people these days!!!

Betty Harper (Geneseo, 2017-04-13)


I support small business owners.

James Cross (Atkinson, 2017-04-13)


He deserves to stay open in Colona the way he has the last 12 years.

Joy Pilcher (Colona, 2017-04-13)


This is the best bbq in the area! It's the first place I go as soon as I enter town, and the last place I go when I'm leaving. Lazy Dog is an iconic staple of Colona, and has become the "go to" place for both locals and visitors alike.

Mitch Howell (Urbana, 2017-04-13)


Because I believe what the city officials have done is wrong. It doesn't matter on the fact if he has a stationary business or not. He brings business to the area and that is the main goal of a community. This is outrageous to even think he was denied a vendor license on the sole reason it isn't fair to those who have a building. It is called a business and he chooses to run his the way he see fit for him with out breaking any rules or codes. Bad decision on the city of colona!

Jessica Guthrie (Hampton, 2017-04-13)


I believe lazy boy should be able to stay. I also think colona is going down hill. Smokey has been gone for awhile and just cause we have the new place you guys are making a deal this is unfair. He brings business. Stop being greedy people and let him stay.

Destiny Lawson (Colona , 2017-04-13)


I like Lazy dog. I want them to stay in Colona.

Patty Roberts (COLONA, 2017-04-13)


I love his business and his good food. He is a great man. Keep him. Look forward every year for it. So does everyone else.

Ashley Rockwell (Coal valley, 2017-04-13)


I'm signing because I believe Joe has a great business going and even better BBQ! He deserves the right to run and operate a business just like everyone else does. Colona is gonna lose a lot of revenue from me and my family. We made special trips to Colona just for his BBQ. We bought gas and went shopping or enjoyed an ice cream cone afterwards at the dq. Truly a great loss to a town that doesn't deserve his business.

Robert Blank (Sherrard, 2017-04-13)


signing in support of small business

Dona Cross (Atkinson, 2017-04-13)


A group of us would go to Colona just to eat the good food he had.

Maria Possin (Geneseo , 2017-04-13)


This is BS and I plan on voting out every single person who bought into this logic.

Eric Sanders (Colona, 2017-04-13)

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