Fight to save lazy dog BBQ



Lazy Dog BBQ is loved by a lot of people and has been a successful staple of Colona for so long now. People come to Colona specifically for his delicious food! Every time the truck is there, people are there. It makes NO sense to deny his permit/license.

Paige Underwood (Colona, 2017-04-13)


This is a family tradition

Hannah Moneymaker (East Moline , 2017-04-13)


I love the delicious food I get here!

Stacy Ashby (Osco, 2017-04-13)


I am signing because lazy dog is the best source of food in Colona. The owner and workers there are nice and friendly. Friends and family that live out of town specifically get lazy Dog's for a meal or two when they are visiting. How would colona like it if people who come into town stopped? They stop coming, because lazy dog isn't here. They money they spend at other places in colona would stop coming from them. How would colona like to die a slow death, because money would stop coming because people are gonna stop coming.

Christine Wamsley (East Moline, 2017-04-13)


I love lazy dog and believe it should be in Colona.

Shannon Brand (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I want to see this long established business stay in colona. Its convenient to to able to grab good / real food in a hurry

Renee Hines (Silvis, 2017-04-13)


I love his food and been getting his food for years now. My daughter is a picky eater and she loves his food .

Megan Banta (Colona, 2017-04-13)


He's a good person, that has a small business, he pays his taxes, and bring people to colona to eat good smoked food. You don't need a building to serve food, he's licensed and earned his spot in colona.

Dave Taylor (Moline, 2017-04-13)


His food is great and he deserves to stay open!

Mandi Still (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I'm signing this petition in support of the "little guy".

Pam Toland (Colona, 2017-04-13)


This was unjustly done and due to corrupt politics.

Haley Gallaugher (Colona, 2017-04-13)


His food rocks
And Colona sucks for being unfair

Tonya Hall (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Competition is good for business and the city!

Eric Carlson (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Best food n cheap too. I would eat there w my elderly client please keep this ❤️❤️

Jenny Cruz (Coal valley, 2017-04-13)


I support a fellow small businessman, You should come to East Moline, we would love to have you!

Donald Isenberger (EAST MOLINE, 2017-04-13)


The city motto is "The pathway to opportunity ". Obviously that's na out right lie. This business catered to a fast pace consumer. Any restaurant that has gone out of business did so because of there own practices not because of lazy dogs. The irony. .. a new building housing a restaurant sits where Smoky's was located.

James Peterson (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Im signing because Joe has good food. if his small business chased another out of town, maybe they should improve the quality of food they serve. Joe is only there a few hours a day for a few months, but yet he chased a full time business out of town, come on people.

Peggy long (altona, 2017-04-13)


He should not be forced to have a store front. The only reason they are trying to do this is because they want rent money. The reason he is popular is because it is different than a usual restaurant. People like the ideas of a food truck. His food is amazing and people come from outside of Colona to eat it. He always has a line whenever he is open. As far as "Smokey's" leaving Colona because of him- it is called competition.

Sheri Mcbride (colona, 2017-04-13)


I want to keep lazy dog bbq in business

Lesa Lancaster (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I know joe

Stuart Tennant (Silvis, 2017-04-13)


I love the food, great Coustomer service

Ann Torres (Eastmoline , 2017-04-13)


This is not a smart move on the City's part. The only way to grow a market in an area is to create competition. Competition begets innovation, and innovation directly leads to lower prices, higher quality, and a better customer experience.
Denying Lazy Dog BBQ it's license simply because it operates out of a truck is not fostering that sort of environment.
Lazy Dog BBQ has created a unique product, that is now a Colona staple, that brought something different that what has been typically offered in Colona for the last 30 years...high quality, great tasting food at a decent price...out of a truck. To find something similar, you have to travel to places such as Chicago or San Francisco...the food truck capitals of the world.
That said, the City's reasoning for denying the license is because it isn't fair to another business to have to compete with Lazy Dog BBQ.
Well, I'm afraid to say, but if Mr. Schmooke cannot compete with Lazy Dog's food truck with a brick-and-mortar store, then it is up to Mr. Schmooke to either innovate and come up with something to compete, or fail.
On the topic of Mr. Schmooke, why is he even mentioned in this argument? His business is located outside Colona city limits. Why does his word carry so much weight.
I need to make clear, this is not a personal attack on Mr. Schmooke. I went to Colona Grade School with his daughter, René, in the early 1990's, and I have nothing but respect for him.
But, shame on you, City of Colona, for taking away a man's ability to make a living...especially if the only reasoning is that it's "not fair".
Life isn't fair, especially in business.
It is my hope that Lazy Dog BBQ regains its business license so that it can still continue to serve the people of Colona with the product they've built their name on.
Matthew R. Schiess

Matthew Schiess (Colona, 2017-04-13)


They are great people and amazing food!!!! :)

Bree LaFerrara (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Im signing, because what is colona without lazy dogs. The answer is nothing. Why take a quick, amazing eat from people who do not have time to sit down and eat. Lazy dogs was an affordable quick place to get a bite to eat. Its the best place in colona. Smokies was garbage. They only used lazy dogs as an scapegoat to hide how bad they are. What is wrong with colona?

Nathan Peterson (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I drive to Colona often to have Joe's food. It is the best and I recommend it often. To deny his license is like saying they only want one restaurant in town. Ridiculous!

Barbara Steele (Bettendorf, 2017-04-13)


Well according to the Illinois health department he doesn't need the city's permission just the land owners and all of the certificate from health department so he can still go out and cook so go screw yourself Colona

Patrick Block (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I had spoken with Gary Smoke and his wife who moved Smoky's Restaurant out of Colona to East Moline. They said Colona government is anti business which is why they moved their business. This is getting out of hand in Colona. We need to stand against Colona city council and vote their asses out of office.

Jeff B. (Green Rock, 2017-04-13)


I think this is unfair

Debbie Harris (Moline, 2017-04-13)


He is an amazing cook, with very high quality product!

Jake Mallum (Geneseo, 2017-04-13)


The man is being outed by politics and it's a shame..

Sonya Hunt (Silvis, 2017-04-13)


He has been there for years. Always a smile and nice words. Takes the time with each and every customer( even the kids that ask 100 questions every time we go there). There is no reason for this.

Tracie Lenning (Orion, 2017-04-13)


It is unfair they denied him a license. He is only there 6mos out of the year and people come from all around bring consumers to the city.

Amber Anast Schneider (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I want Lazy Dog stay in Colona. Think he is getting the shaft from the city.

Robin Caulkins (Colona, 2017-04-13)


This businessman has been successfully providing a service to grateful​ customers for quite awhile and it's unacceptable that the City of Colona permit another business owner to bully him into moving. Bullying is what it is ! This is ridiculous.

Dawn Marner (Moline, 2017-04-13)


He makes bomb food! Best I ever ate!

Alyssa Raine (Gary, 2017-04-13)


I have been going there for years on my lunch break every now and's quick and very very good!! SAVE LAZY DOGS!!

Nick Mielke (Moline, 2017-04-13)


His business, brings business to Colona

Ryan Timmer (orion, 2017-04-13)


Foods good bro

Gene Ford (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Alderman Holman is an idiot!!!!

Rocklin Akins (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Me and my dad ate here before. He wanted to show me this place and it was amazing

Ariel Castro (East Moline, 2017-04-13)


He has the right to stay open. Great food

JIlian Kennedy (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Damn good food

Nate Lawson (Orion, 2017-04-13)


I Believe Joe has done a Great Job & Should Be Able To Continue.

Betty Greer Penn (Gilbert Arizona, 2017-04-13)


this man has made his living in Colona for years. It stinks like politics is involved and there is no room in this area for something for actions like this. His food is good and he seems to be like a really nice guy. He is an asset to your community not a liability.

Ilene Arth (EAST MOLINE, 2017-04-13)


Regular customer..

Will Miller (Port Byron , 2017-04-13)


Joe is the best

Stacie Lanzen (Colona , 2017-04-13)


I really love his food. He has been in colona for many years.

Sherry Rawson (Silvis, 2017-04-13)


the food is awesome and there is not alot to choose from in colona and hes been here for years whats the problem

Michelle Dreifurst (colona, 2017-04-13)


Fair business practices

Lois Gudenkauf (Moline, 2017-04-13)


Small business needs a fighting chance.

jacob gottwalt (East Moline, 2017-04-13)


If change really needed to happen, it should've happen 15-20 years ago instead of waiting until now. Trendy means well known. Just because change is trendy everywhere else doesn't mean it's appropriate for this town. What's best for this town needs to be put first, not trends. Listen to your community. They've been there longer than you have.

Kayla Davidson (Silvis, 2017-04-13)


This is ridiculous. I lived in Colona for 19 years and one of the highlights was going with my dad to this food truck on Saturdays(when the weather was nice). Both of us including a lot of people would hate to see it go.

Meghan Taulbee (Carbon Cliff, 2017-04-13)


I'm signing because this man is a hardworking man. He is always polite. He has excellent food that you can not just get anywhere. We need small businesses.

Tyler Walker (East moline , 2017-04-13)


Been living in Colona for 5 years, me and my family look forward to lazy dogs opening every year!!

Amanda Mays (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I believe he has the right to continue doing business as he has in the past.

Richard McWilliams (Colona, 2017-04-13)


What happened to free America??

Mark Ballard (Bardstown, 2017-04-13)


I believe this is wrong!

Brian Lake (Colona, 2017-04-13)



Charles Farmer (Annawan, 2017-04-13)


The Alderman in Colona shouldn't pick winners and losers. Lazy Dog is a different business model than the Grease Monkey, which decided to open here knowing that Joe's business was open right down the road. We need to be more business-friendly and pro-growth than protectionist. While I believe it was well-intentioned, you didn't protect the new business, you just took one choice away from the citizens of Colona and forced us out of town to get this type of food.

Jim Legare (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Mmmmm....Local BBQ !!! Duh !!

Lance Smith (Davenport , 2017-04-13)


Lazy Dogs is awesome! Let them sell in Colona!

Mark Randall (Erie, 2017-04-13)


Socialism can never be tolerated

Shawn Anderson (Geneseo, 2017-04-13)


He deserves to keep his permits.

Nick Ziegler (Moline, 2017-04-13)


Wanna keep this wonderful man in business...

Ashley Voorhis (Moline, 2017-04-13)


He deserves the same right to run his business just as anyone else here in Colona. Have him pay State & Federal taxes and worry about other more important issues.

MISTT Edwards (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I support Joe staying in Colona

Steven Raske (Colona, 2017-04-13)


It's the right thjng

Chad Miller (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Joe provides a great service for Colona,now we have a new sports bar,and Joe is getting chased out? Coincidence? I think not.

Tom Hurr (611 colona,il 61241, 2017-04-13)



robert edwards (colona, 2017-04-13)


He's provided a great service and now you won't let him. Is it because you got 2 new places trying to compete.

Tina Gerirano (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I love this business and I feel they are being treated unfairly.

Tammy Keegan (Geneseo, 2017-04-13)


We love eating there fresh food!

Samantha Williams (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I'm signing this because I love to stop here when I am in town and I support local businesses.

Kelly JO (Davenport , 2017-04-13)


Everybody loves his food and service

Cyndi Sullivan (Moline, 2017-04-13)


Denying him his license is like saying Walgreens can't build across the street from CVS. Business is business. If you are losing business, step up your game. I would imagine you lose customers by unfairly snuffing out your competitors. There's still Dickey's and others. You gonna shut them down too?

Tracy Purdy (East Moline, 2017-04-13)


I love there food

Susanna Meyers-Willis (Rock island, 2017-04-13)

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