Fight to save lazy dog BBQ



I remember learning in school America is about freedom and choice. Denying this man a business license because he chooses to have a business on wheels so he can freely travel to the different locations he sells his delicious food is wrong. They say he has had an easy ride. What's easy about? He wakes up all through the night to check on his meat in his smoker. Breaks his back carrying wood and splitting wood to use for his smoker. Endless work days all so he can see the customers he loves so much. When the colons board said he was getting an easy ride maybe they should really look at what it takes to run his business every year.

Jamie Priest (Moline, 2017-04-13)


Im sick of the government trying to dictate every aspect of our lives. The man made great food. His style of service doesnt require a storefront. Smokeys left because the quality of food was terrible and the prices were expensive. Im outraged with this country.

Jake Jones (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Unfair to this business. I support Joe!

Teresa Holmes (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I'm from Colona or actually Green Rock. Lazy Dog BBQ actually draws traffic and other business to the city.

Dan Lofquist (290 Cragmor Dr. , 2017-04-13)


We have enjoyed their food and their courteous service for years and I think it is terrible that you should pull his license now after he has been doing this all of these years. If it is because Smokies went under well their food really went downhill the last few years they were in Colona so it should not have any bearing on this man being able to do what he has done for 6 months out of a year for years. Don't take his license.

Troudy Cullett (Moline, 2017-04-13)


I have been going to joe for the last 6 or 7 years. The best pulled pork sandwiches u can get in the qc. Leave this poor man alone and let him do what hes best at

Marcus Gross (East moline, 2017-04-13)


Colona needs more, not fewer, options for people to go for lunch. This business is an asset to the city as it draws not only Colona residents, but also others who enjoy the food and make a special trip to Colona. Other Colona businesses benefit when more people have an incentive to come to our town.

Jean Petsche (Colons, 2017-04-13)


Because I live close and the food is great!

Steven Mooney (Carbon cliff, 2017-04-13)


He is being unfairly treated. He is hurting no one and brings business to town. It's clear that he is getting the boot this year because of the new restaurant. None of the other restaurants in town complained in the last ten years. Keep Colona business open!

Kait Meeker (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Im signing because the route for which the city took to deny Joe Duncan a permit holds no merit. Forcing a food truck vendor to build a store/restaurant is not ethical and paints an image of greed and irresponsibility on the cities part. Please reconsider. Lazy Dog BBQ is a well know and known very well to be located in the community of Colona. Why change that? We have a hard enough time with growth and bringing revenue to this city.

Thank You,

Joshua Greer (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I'm signing because Lazy Dogs is not only amazing but there is no reason we should deny a vendor the chance to make a living and provide the community with awesome food.

Victoria Dowdal (Alpha, 2017-04-13)


The city of colona has made the wrong decision. Running a small business owner out of town. Seems like small town politics at its best. Let this guy continue serving good food at a fair price for the community. Earn and provide for his family. His money earned locally is spent locally.

Stan Redell (Geneseo, 2017-04-13)


City hall is wrong to deny him to sell in Colona. Save money and get rid of the person hired to bring revenue into the city

Elizabeth Henseler (Colona, 2017-04-13)


This man has worked from the ground up to make his business what it is!

Kaiti Hiesterman (Moline, 2017-04-13)


I love this place, they need their license

Frank Korfias (Davenport, 2017-04-13)


Joe is a great guy and a long standing business owner in Colona and serves great food

Craig Bruckmann (Orion, 2017-04-13)


I hate colona. And grease Monkey!

Tad Elder (East Moline , 2017-04-13)


I'm signing because the reasoning of the city government is asinine and not a reflection of the American Dream. The government's reasoning is flawed and seemingly vengeful.

Douglas Kuriger (Geneseo, 2017-04-13)


My favorite food when I am in town visiting family! Not to mention the fact that this is so unfair.

Lisa Blake (Brashear MO, 2017-04-13)


This place is amazing cant lose it!

Mike Jones (Port Byron, 2017-04-13)


Joe is a good guy n makes delicious food.

Tracey Ann (Moline, 2017-04-13)


His bbq is amazing

Sara Birdsall (Silvis, 2017-04-13)


Joe is a wonderful man to work with and his food is phenomenal and keeps his customers coming back. They love that they can grab a quick sandwich and head back to work. Not letting joe operate is going to hurt this community.

Christi Wilcox (700 1st avenue sherrard il 61281, 2017-04-13)


I'm signin because they actually live a few houses down from me and they're amazing people. They can make some damn good BBQ too!

Beca Ruff (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I'm signing because this is BS. leave the guy alone.

Tim Torrence (Rock Island, 2017-04-13)


It really isn't fair what colona is doing here. I lived in colona for quite a long time and always enjoyed lazy dog BBQ. Taking it away would be like closing a landmark in colona. Let him be and let him prosper.

Thomas Smith (Moline , 2017-04-13)


There is no legal reason to deny this permit that he has held for 12 years. If the new business across the street (or any other food business) is afraid of competition, they need to serve better food! Without it open there's no point to spending $ in Colona.

Anissa Beasinger (Camanche, 2017-04-13)


This is totally unfair. It is just a seasonal thing and he should be able to get a license.

Cathy Conger (Moline, 2017-04-13)


Joe should be able to continue to sell his delicious food in the same place he has for 12 years!!

Chris Dooley (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I support local business

Mike Latham (Eldridge, 2017-04-13)


I support local businesses.

Savanna VanDewalle (colona, 2017-04-13)


After 12 years he fact that you want to take away someone's livelihood is appalling! He has a loyal following of BBQ lovers people come from all over the QC to get his BBQ! Colona and it's board are corrupted by one guy who's BBQ sucks and prices are sky high and he moved his business out of town so f him and bring back Lazy Dogs!!!!!

Sarah Barber (Davenport, 2017-04-13)


I live right behind where Joe parks his truck...he has been a wonderful addition to our community, and added a delicious, and very popular, change of pallet to this area that has little food variety beyond pizza places. The delicious smell is as muck a part of our Summers here as sunshine. He should be allowed to stay! They don't realize how many people come here, just for that pulled pork sandwich.

Corie Posey-Castaneda (Colona, 2017-04-13)


It is "fair" that he can have his business and not pay property taxes because he deals with othe constraints that stationary businesses don't have. Why must politics and government greed take down another small business that is a staple in the community.

Tadd Bergan (Bettendorf , 2017-04-13)


I love Lazy Dog BBQ. I think it is very unfair that the city won't let him operate.

Mike Thompson (Geneseo, 2017-04-13)



lisa reed (Moline, 2017-04-13)


I believe the city is misguided with regard to how commerce works within a city and is unfair to not renew this license.

Christine Danay Mortensen (Colona , 2017-04-13)


Good food

Hector Ontiveros (Milan , 2017-04-13)


This is crap that we even have to do this

John Grunewald (Dewitt, 2017-04-13)


He has been doing this in the same spot for years its seasonal he loves doing what he does why now is it a problem his food is great

Jamey Shoppa jr (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I eat there

Tom Holzman (Moline, 2017-04-13)


To have the lazydog BBQ in Colona is good for everyone.

Phil Curless (Colona , 2017-04-13)


I'm signing because I grew up eating lazy dog bbq and it is not fair after 12 years he should get ran out

Jeffrey Hovey (Colona, 2017-04-13)


I love Lazy Dog food!!!

Dara Garcia (Colona, 2017-04-13)


Local business, great food, shop small. Power to you.

Taylor Bingham (Orion, 2017-04-13)


Always enjoy stopping there to eat

Randy Lee (Osco , 2017-04-13)


He runs a good business and is successful we very much enjoy his food

Carol Toprock (Orion, 2017-04-13)


This small businesses shouldn't be treated so unfairly

Lisa Summers (rockisland , 2017-04-14)


The city of Colona needs to do their job and their job is serving the citizens of Colona. I and many others enjoy Lazy Dogs and want this BUSINESS to stay in Colona! What they have done is WRONG! This man operates a business that is good for Colona! The city of Colona job is not to decide what I or anyone else wants!

Cynthia Longnecker (colona, 2017-04-14)


He should be allowed to have his food truck where he's always had it. The food is great and the price is reasonable.

Jennifer Jensen (Colona, 2017-04-14)


They are a great business! Food is Awesome. And they have been in Colona for a long time. Nice people.

Becky Smith-Boll (Colona, 2017-04-14)


I love Joe's brisket and make the short trip very often for it. GIVE JOE HIS PERMIT !!

Jack Heber (Moline, 2017-04-14)


Seriously? New restaurant across the street and after 12 years his license is denied? He's only open during lunch time and only a few months out of the year. What is the problem?!

Grace Ellis (Coal Valley, 2017-04-14)


He deserves to have his license

Linda Clark (Colona, 2017-04-14)


Hes been here for years &everyone enjoys his food ! Noone complained all this time !

lissa madaen (Colona , 2017-04-14)


I'm signing because this whole issue is ridiculous. He's bringing revenue to Colona, shouldn't that be most important?!

Tracey Van Winkle (Apache Junction , 2017-04-14)


They offer a great product.I lived more than half my life in Colons, and I thought it was so awesome that they were doing this. Good luck!!!

Judy Nordholm (Silvis, 2017-04-14)


Mike Carothers

Mike Carothers (Moline, 2017-04-14)


I support small businesses

Heather Pence (New Boston , 2017-04-14)


I stop at least 3 times a week during the season and this would be a shame to not have that awesome bbq!!

justin palmer (cambridge, 2017-04-14)


I'm signing this petition because I think he's an established business and has every right to sell in this town like all the other businesses.

Christopher Kraciun (Colona, 2017-04-14)


I support small businesses

Justin Pence (New Boston , 2017-04-14)


It's the right thing to do. I stand behind the entrepreneurs of our towns.

La Tres Walton Lambrecht (Moline, 2017-04-14)


In signing because Joe deserves to have a business just like everyone else. He's been there for the past 13 years and you're going to deny him a permit because another business is afraid people will like joes food more? No a legitimate reason. Give this man a permit!

Ashley Munn (Colona, 2017-04-14)


To save the lazy dog BBQ it should stay

Rhonda Wilson-Floyd (Colona, 2017-04-14)


Joe's food is fantastic!jo

Margo Schillinger (Geneseo, 2017-04-14)


He has a right to continue to sell his food!

Ken Bancroft (Colona, 2017-04-14)


Love the food

Melissa Shuff Brown (Port Byron , 2017-04-14)


I'm signing because lazy dog barbecue is a huge asset to Colona and I'd be lost without it. It's a Colona staple, that belongs there !

Olivia Jarvis (Colona, 2017-04-14)


Mr. Duncan serves quality food at reasonable prices; shame on those who denied this small business owner his license.

He brings extra business to Colona. People come to Colona to by some of Joe's BBQ, beans and sandwiches. Since they are in town they might as well stop and get gas at BJs, pick up some meat at Highland Pack or even run into Dollar General to grab a few necessities.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with COMPETITION, it helps keep prices affordable.

Jennifer Jones Block (Colona, 2017-04-14)


The food is great and the price is reasonable. I enjoy having him here in Colona.

Kenneth Jensen (Colona, 2017-04-14)


Lazy dog bbq is good eating and the owner is wonderful!

Ginger Chaney (East Moline , 2017-04-14)


It is not right to take someone's food TRUCK license away because of a restaurant opening up. He does great things for Colona. He shouldn't be required to operate as a restaurant when that is not what his business is.

Candice Aguilar (East Moline, 2017-04-14)


Lazy Dogs has amazing food. My husband and father in law are farmers and for a quick bite when they are in the fields lazy dogs has always made it possible. His food is delicious! Please save Lazy dogs in Colona.

Amanda Neumann (Geneseo, 2017-04-14)


Now a staple in Colona. So many easy lunch here

Stacy Nystrom (Orion, 2017-04-14)


He has been there for years great food very convenient for everyone. He is not doing any harm. Just because there are places there to eat doesn't mean he shouldn't be allowed to be there. He was there first before new places opened

Brittney Lemmon (East moline, 2017-04-14)


I like there food and don't think it's right what they are doing to him.

David Watson (Colona, 2017-04-14)


I live in Colona and love his cook out!! Please let them
Come back

Stacy Campbell (Colona, 2017-04-14)

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