National Kid Rock Day



Because I believe he truly deserves to have a day dedicated to him !!!!!! Love you Bobby

Debra Mcnichols (Londonderry, 2017-04-17)


I live some Kud Rock

Teresa Castle (King, 2017-04-17)


Kid Rocks a bad motherf*cker

Jodi Havens (Fair Oaks, 2017-04-17)


I'm signing this because I think Kid Rock deserves a day named for him . This man is such a giving and comosssionate person , very real and humble .
I have been a fan for quite awhile , and all you hear is how he try's to help everyone afford his shows, keep things cheap enough so everyone can experience his shows .

Bridget Gaffin (Stout , 2017-04-18)


I love Kid Rock.

Dorothy Marin (Stephenson, 2017-04-18)


This man is the best singer he puts his heart and soul into it and he's putting people back to work by making jods for them he's all about his country and his fans and the homeless this man deserves to have a day of his own holiday that is his personal day for his fan he love to go over sea to soldier he always gives back to his country he is the best of the best there is no other one like our kid rock

Linda Heise (Indianapolis, 2017-04-18)


He is AWESOME!!!!!

Susie Head (Gray Court. SC, 2017-04-18)


I believe he has done alot for people his city and his country.

Karen Miller (Chicago, 2017-04-18)


He is an AWESOME person



Kid Rock has grown to be a very caring man with awesome values.

Sara Usrey (Merom , 2017-04-18)


This man does so much for others, he deserves the recognition

Margaret O'Kane (Flat Rock, 2017-04-18)


Not only is he a awesome songwriter,performer,loves his country and helps others in his country. He is a down to earth personae us real.

Debbie Marcum (Walton, 2017-04-18)


I want a National Kid Rock day. Even tho im Australian I'd still celebrate this man's generosity , devotion, support, kindness to show to all.

Dianne O'Connor (Mildura , 2017-04-18)


I have the utmost respect for Kid Rock in his music career and how he personally helps others in so many ways.

Paula Wallace (Greenville, 2017-04-18)


Hes best support our troops dose 20 dollors tickets .he's not out to make buck like everyone else's thats singer . I support 100%

Lisa Patrick (Peru , 2017-04-18)


I'm signing because Kid Rock is my idol. His music has helped me get through life in general; all the ups and downs

Michele Meighan (Monroe, 2017-04-18)


He is fantastic

Celeste Sigley (Easton, 2017-04-18)


I love Kid Rock and all he does to help people. I think he deserves some recognition, and he would never ask for it or expect it.

Abby Biram (Palm Harbor , 2017-04-18)


I believe Kid Rock is doing alot for his fans through his music and being a solid human being. He has given a lot and this would be special for us to do for him. Much love

Brenda Fisher (Chuckey, 2017-04-18)


I love entertainers who give back to their communities and who are down to earth. Kid Rock one of the best out there.

Linda Sullivan (Burton, 2017-04-18)


I love kid rock

Amy Walters (Londonderry, 2017-04-18)


People should know what a great man he is not just rocker from Detroit who only cares about himself

Sherry Bowman (Ironton , 2017-04-18)


I'm signing because he does so much good for Detroit and never asks for recognizion.

Gayle Betancourt (South lyon, 2017-04-18)


I love Kid Rock's music, his drive, his enthusiasm and his ability to keep it real.

Lori Patrick (Greencastle indiana, 2017-04-19)


I'm a huge fan of kid rock and his music. He's a true inspiration and totally deserves his own day!

Laura Hayes (Mendenhall , 2017-04-19)


I believe Kid deserves the recognition

Tami Evertsen (Spencer , 2017-04-19)


I love kid rock and his music and he is for his country and our troops and he deserves a day to call his own. He is a down to earth person with a heart of gold. He is for his fans and treats ppl with respect as he wants to be treated the same way

Kim Birge (Oakley, 2017-04-19)


I LOVE Kid Rock & totally agree!

Jodi Bloomquist (Holland , 2017-04-19)


I love kid rock, and his music and talent

Brittany Mullins (Madison, 2017-04-19)


I love kid rock

Denise Hoskins (Logansport, 2017-04-19)


I love me sum kid Rock and his fans deserve a day to celebrate him and his music

Laura Camden (Centerville , 2017-04-19)


I am a kid rock fan and love everything about him

April Ison (South point , 2017-04-19)


I love Kid Rock. Millions do make this official!!

Ernett Wity (Danville, 2017-04-19)


Kid Rock has a heart of gold,backs our military,helps out & does surprise visits on unsuspecting fans who are in need and is a Badass and one helluva American citizen

Phyllis Felice Boyd (Georgetown , 2017-04-19)


Because of the reasons listed above....he believes in America and is a strong supporter of those serving abroad so we can enjoy the freedom we often take for granted. He gives back and pays it forward, and expresses true appreciation for his fans. He is incredibly talented yet very real and down-to-earth and I love the fact that he is always unapologetically himself!

Angela Turner (Brandon, 2017-04-19)


He deserves it.

Tina Eck (Vincennes In, 2017-04-20)


I can

Melissa Englebrown (West Alexandria, 2017-04-20)


Its all true. He has a big Heart! ❤

Cindy Goodrich (Cape Coral, 2017-04-20)


He should be honored. honored

Marci Martin (New castle , 2017-04-20)


Kid Rock's music has gotten me through alot of hard times.....He is amazing,

Margaret Garcia (Grove City, 2017-04-20)


I ❤️ Kid Rock!

Karen Morgan (Painesville, 2017-04-20)


I love that sexy ass man

Nancy Dickson (salineville, 2017-04-20)


I think "THE KID" Does Deserve an Honor for Everything,&Everybody he has helped.He's not just The Best Singer/Songwriter (although he always will be to me!),he Truly has a Good Heart,& Cares so much about people,and our Wonderful Country we Live in.

Teresa Rogers (Honea Path,SC 29654, 2017-04-20)


Im signing because all the above is true

Leslie Paramo (Lake orion, 2017-04-20)


Because he's somebody who fucking cares

Kimberly Roy (Southgate, 2017-04-20)


I'm signing because Bob Ritchie is an all around awesome person who does so much for so many! He is deserving of this honor!!!

Tami Read (Highland, 2017-04-20)


Kid Rock is a supporter of our Military and other Charity's of his choice . Great performer . He makes his shows to were his fans can afford them not out to break the working person . I would like to see Robert James Richie Honored because his dues are paid !

penny burkhart (lexington, 2017-04-20)


Kid's views,beliefs,& actions give many people something to believe in.He relates to people in a very "real' way.

Lori Freer (Dansville, 2017-04-20)


KID ROCK is truly an American and loves his country and cares about our veterans. Plus he's one hell of a performer.

Patricia Mitchell (Frankfort, 2017-04-20)


Kid Rock is amazing, not only as a great performer singer/songwriter but does so many wonderful this for the people. He lowers his ticket prices so everyone has a chance to come see him. Rock on Kid Rock. We love you!!! You deserve it.

Jacque Sherrill (Waynesville, 2017-04-20)


I know how his music alone has help me though parts in my lifr2

Deena Rothermel (Homer Illinois , 2017-04-20)


He deserves more than this!!

Jeannie Louks (Milford, 2017-04-20)


He's a down home, respectable, proud American. Luvs his country & his fans. Never forgot his roots

Barb Manley (Trempealeau , 2017-04-20)


I'm from Detroit and we live Kid Rock!!

Bobbie Browning (Harbor Beach, 2017-04-20)


I agree

Cindy Yarbrough-Kidwell (Hammond in, 2017-04-20)


Kid Rock helps so many people and is an inspiration to all !!!

Cyndi Collingwood (New Castle Pa, 2017-04-21)


This guy....patriot, philanthropist, honest till it hurts. Cares about people, loves his country...makes you want to be a better person. Personally, he has helped me through the worst period of my life with his music.

Phyllis Turnbo (Valles Mines, 2017-04-21)



Sherry BurackerWiltshire (Harpers Ferry, 2017-04-21)


Because hebisna Michigan boy

Karen Burnell Krajecki (Sale creek, 2017-04-21)


Kid Rock is simply amazing

JillAnn Bishop (North Vernon , 2017-04-21)


His my favorite singer

Samantha Merwede (Bushkill , 2017-04-22)


He has done more than anyone I know for our country and keeps the pride here!!

Johnny Nichols (Whittaker, 2017-04-22)


I love Kid Rock!

Mary Ann Harris (Flat Rock, 2017-04-22)


I love him and what he stands for

Pam Smith (Brookville, 2017-04-22)


Because I love Kid Rock, and I have always said January 17th should be a national holiday

Denise Hudson (Flint , 2017-04-22)


I agree with these statements completely.

Deb Himes (Westmoreland, 2017-04-22)


Best performer ever

Robin Maclennan (Oldsmar, 2017-04-23)


Who don't sing to Kid Mother fucken ROCK

Sherry Hart (Troy, 2017-04-23)


He rocks

Cindy Floyd (Newban, 2017-04-24)


I believe this should happen..With the goodness he spreads around.

Sheila Dunklau (Nashville, 2017-04-25)


I love Bobby and everything he is...Homegrown love here!!!

Brianna Griffin (Pontiac, 2017-04-27)


I love kid rock he deserves a day.

Lisa Pierce (Williamsport, 2017-05-02)


I am a HUGE SUPPORTER OF Robert Ritchie and because of everything GOOD he has done throughout his career......he deserves a national day! He's done more than any other entertainer / musician that I am aware of!

Yvonne Wesley-Payne (BOYNTON BEACH, 2017-06-07)


A national day should be a Kid Rock Day!!

Sandra DeSerrano (Cottam, 2017-07-13)


Kid Rock is an american hero

Adrian Frasca (Austin, 2020-07-23)

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