Stop Alexander Hamilton from preventing students from graduating



Honor roll students shouldn't faced with not being able to walk the stage.

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!! we were forced to sign it

(Culver City, 2017-05-04)


Next year I'm a senior and it's unfair

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


They never said anything about this and that is bullshit they should mention something about this in rither the Contract or while they were explaining it to us

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


This isn't fair to us seniors who DO have good grades and DO come to school to graduate. Its not our fault is we get sick or if there is a family emergency.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


I'm a senior and I believe that we should have more flexibility with cleared absences and other things we can't help but to miss school

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


I want to walk the stage in front of my family to feel accomplished and i also want to go to prom.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


Although I am not on the list, I still feel this is unfair. Not only were we forced to sign the contract, the information on absences was not delivered till May, less than a month away from graduation. If this school felt so strongly about attendance, they should have told the senior class at beginning of the year, not the end.

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)



(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


A friend told me about this

(Los angeles, 2017-05-04)


I'm a senior

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


Because many have medical issues that prevent them from attending school, u can't force someone's body to be well 24/7

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


Hamiltons contract is bullshit

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


Because I can

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


They should take this rule out

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


What they're doing to myself and my fellow classmates aren't fair and it needs to be stopped

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


This is not fair! People try to do everything possible to graduate from high school and go to college.... we want me Garcia back!!!!

(Los angeles, 2017-05-04)


Students who were out sick or personal reason and worked hard all year shouldn't have to pick up garbage. Leave that for the students who ditch, are doing poorly etc.

(LOS ANGELES, 2017-05-04)


I'm signing because I think everyone should be able to graduate

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


Diana soto

(El Paso , 2017-05-04)


Everyone should be able to walk the stage as long as they are passing all their classes

(Los angeles, 2017-05-04)


i need to graduate

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)



(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


I'm signing this petition because this rule that they've imposed on seniors is utterly ridiculous. 7 absenses or less in an entire school year is something extremely difficult to achieve. And yes, we all signed a "contract" agreeing to these terms, but there are two main reasons why that shouldn't be held against us. Reason one: we were all practically forced to sign. Had we not done so, we would've automatically been unable to participate in any senior activities. So of course we signed. Reason two: being required to sign a contract promising to only miss a max of 7 days from school is well...dumb. It's not like any of us can see into the future, you know? There's no telling what could've come up at any given time in the school year which could've prevented us to go to school. So honeslty, it was pretty unfair for the principal, administration, or whoever--to put the students of the senior class in this position.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


Because the attendance policy is ridiculous, so many great students won't walk the stage because of attendance

(Inglewood , 2017-05-04)


I attend the school and I'm in the situation

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


Because I think these hard working students should be able to graduate! They have worked so hard to get this far!

(Los Ángeles , 2017-05-04)


Lacie Ridgway

(Upland, 2017-05-04)


We have to have the right to be notified a month before and his petition has every right to talk about how we feel.

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


I am a senior who has multiple absences due to medical or personal family issues that should not be allowed to hold me back from senior activities and graduation.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


Y'all crazy!! There are other ways. NOT manual labor. What if the child is ill? They have to clean trash because of their health? A death in the family? Pick up trash too?? Especially if they are EXCUSED Absenses ? No. Find another way

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


This is not cool.

(Los angeles, 2017-05-04)


I'm signing because I am a senior at Hamilton high school and I have come too far to not participate in an activity that I've earned.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


This is bullshit

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


I don't want this to happen

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


I think it's ridiculous you tell the students one month before graduation when they have so much going on. And it's not fair to the students who didn't choose to be absent just because.

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


Wonderful argument. If we're stopped from graduating becuase of absences, the graduation ceremony will be less than 2 hours due to the lack of students.

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


It is unfair for seniors

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


I'm signing because I am a senior with at least 7 absences and thought that all of them were cleared by notes from both parents and doctors only to just now find out that it was not the case. I have absences that should have been cleared as it was during a transitional period between switching classes and was out of my control.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


I want to walk the stage.

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


Hamilton HS is unfair, always has been, sadly always will be.

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


This is unjust

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


This aint fair

(los angeles, 2017-05-04)


I'm signing because I agree.

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


We were forced to sign the contract in 2 days or miss out on all senior events. Absences, if cleared by parent or doctor should not be held against a students tally. Every one of the seniors has worked hard torwards walking the stage and to deny that from happening because of 7 days of absence is ridiculous and unjust. In theory, under this policy, a student with straight A's but 8 absences, whether for a legitimate reason or not, would be uneligable to graduate. This system is so poorly constructed and goes against common logic. Another issue with this system is that seniors were informed on such late notice of how they could clear their absences. Let alone the way to clear the absences is ridiculous in itself. 4 hours of manual labor for ONE day to be cleared. It is mathmatically impossible for anyone with 14 or more absenses to clear them May 26.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


Bc yesenia told me

(Culver City , 2017-05-04)


This is not fair.

(Anaheim, 2017-05-04)


This rule is completely unfair and inconsiderate to students who have earned the right to experience activities that they've waited 12 years for but also have life circumstances beyond their control.

(Lake Worth, 2017-05-04)


This is not ok , everyone is human and has problems

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


I dont want all these requirements for my class of 2018 once its time for me to graduate

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


Pensamiento a joke, we deserve to graduate because we earned it, if we have passing grades and enough credits, we should walk the stage

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


I have absences from college visits, sports, and a few sick days. Prevent a student with good grades from graduating due to attendance should not be acceptable.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


This policy is ridiculous!

(Lawndale , 2017-05-04)


I'm signing because I am a senior at Hamilton and I too feel that these rules are unfair and it's unexceptable for them to just now be telling us this.

(los angeles , 2017-05-04)


Kiss my ass ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


I honestly believe this is wrong in every way. I am a student at Hamilton experiencing this situation & I do not find it fair in anyway. To force us to sign a contract which should give you the right to refuse to sign and negotiate, but also because I am someone who experiences a very weak immune system and has has to have surgery and I do not believe that things I can not control should be be counted against me nor any other student, especially not so far in the in the year. Not all students were informed and many people have families coming from all around to come and celebrate with them that amazing day to walk the stage and to deny them of that opportunity is just cruel in every way. I believe the principle needs to try and put herself in others shoes and realize if it was her or her own children she wouldn't find it very fair either. If she would like to punish or give student a way a to clear it at least do an hour for every absence, there is not enough in the year to even live up to the expectations being demanded, please take the time to see we are humans not robots.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


Their expectations are ******* stupid.

(Tarzana, 2017-05-04)


Im signing because i want my sibling to be able to go to prom, GRADUATE!!! and participate in señior festivities.

(Los angeles, 2017-05-04)


As a former student who has switched schools for flexibility, I believe it is completely unfair for the students at Hamilton to be prevented from attending what they worked hard for years, due to simply absences. Being absent doesn't dictate whether you deserve to graduate or not. I do online public charter school, but does that mean I don't deserve to have a graduation ceremony? No. It's a very illogical thing to do, and if a student has high enough grades, then that is all that should matter. What matter is that the student is learning.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


I'm signing it because I want my sibling to be able to participated in school activities

(Los angeles, 2017-05-04)


This seems very unfair. Graduating is one of the biggest steps in a young adults life. Going to school for 12 plus years and growing as person is a wonderful but hard experience. So some absences should let a kid from crossing stage.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


im current struggling to catch up so that i may graduate on time with class of 2018

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


I'm signing because that is one of the most ignorant and inconsiderate rule. Worst principle ever

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


People get sick, people have things going on, seniors are visiting colleges. Why should we write notes and excuse absences if that doesn't even matter to the principal. No one should have to do manual labor to clear an absence.

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


I'm signing this petition because it's unfair to others

(Culver City , 2017-05-04)


I'm signing this petition because I am an alumni. I believe this is ridiculous and appalling to have young adults do manual labor as if they are common criminals! Furthermore children shouldn't be forced to sign anything without the presence of their parent/guardian or an attorney!

(WINDSOR HILLS, 2017-05-04)


I am a senior and know this is unfair

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


Students have already paid for their prom tickets and are looking forward to graduation they deserve and have the right to attend graduation and prom, this is a late notice with prom and graduation around the corner.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


I'm signing this because I was a new student, last minute as well, to Hamilton high school, and I had to turn it in the next day not even giving time to really think about what I'm signing and so on. Also, thinking about it, if someone has good grades but their attendance is not so well, they should still be able to walk and not lose any senior activities.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


Hamilton High School is a complete joke! Why should seniors who have been keeping up with their grades and have cleared all their absences not be able to graduate or participate in any senior activities? 75% of the senior class have more than 7 absences. This system is ridiculous and I can't wait to leave this hell hole I call school

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


Let the kids graduate!

(Inglewood , 2017-05-04)


hamilton is insane for this.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


I'm signing because I am a senior of Hamilton high school and these unfair rules are keeping my fellow peers and myself from being able to graduate

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


I am a student

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


Even though my attendance is fine, this is ridiculous​!! If you have a student who isn't even affected by this realizing the blasphemy of this"rule" says a lot. Who ever is behind this is asking for a revolt

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


I petition because I don't think this new rule that students didn't even know till the month of may should affect their graduations if they've worked hard to reach this goal.

(Inglewood , 2017-05-04)


I'm signing because this doesn't even make sense

(Carson , 2017-05-04)


I'm signing because I attend this school as a senior and this is the first I've heard of any of this. I've already spent money on my prom, purchasing tickets from the school. If I'm prevented from entering my senior prom, I expect a refund.

Also, I disagree with the labor punishment. I currently write this, during AP testing week, having been pulled out of school for the second time this week due to an inexplicable illness. I'm at the doctor's office waiting to be called in. If I'm penalized for putting my health before my TA period then I'm very confused.

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


Because they got us*****ed up

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


Hamilton is being extra , let the kids graduate and go to prom. damn.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


This is absurd, I currently live in Chicago, Illinois and to prevent students from graduating based on absences? Ridiculous, people have legitimate and personal reasons to not come to school. Graduation should be solely based upon number of credits and grades! Please don't ruin the future of these students who've worked so hard to even get here in the first place.

(Chicago, 2017-05-04)


She just gotta stop cmon

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)


I'm a hamilton senior and also think that this is bullshit

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


This exploitation of Hamilton students is disgusting. I can't believe our administration is okay with sidelining some of the most talented (academically and musically) students from their prom and graduation ceremony.

(Los Angeles, 2017-05-04)


People tryna graduate!!!

(Vail, 2017-05-04)


This is a VERY WELL NEED for our community of wonderful high school students and all their futures successes!

(Culver city, 2017-05-04)


I believe this is unfair to every student who is a senior at Hamilton high school and there shouldn't be a consequence for absences they have cleared with proof of why they were absent.

(Los angeles, 2017-05-04)


This is not right. Brenda gotta go

(Los Angeles , 2017-05-04)