I am a retired police officer. I know the guidelines need to be changed!

(Bedford, 2017-06-23)


I am signing this petition because this was my cousin and I think the guidelines should be changed

(Thorndale, 2017-06-23)


Change guidelines

(memphis, 2017-06-23)


Let's save lives. Kidnapped victims are killed within hours and not just days.stop the 24-48 hour hold.

(Denison , 2017-06-23)


The way this girls case was handled.. is just totally unacceptable. She deserved a damn amber alert.

(Bedford, 2017-06-23)


Any missing child should automatically start the amber alert it could have saved her life damn it

It's not rocket science people this world has lots of sick people in it and what if your child went missing wouldn't you want it issued for your child of course you would now let's get this done for all the children in the world

(Rockwall, 2017-06-23)


Maybe she could of been saved

(Round Rock Texas, 2017-06-23)


I am signing because this case could have been handled in a different manner, and this child could have been found alive if people had been notified to look out immediately.

(Austin, 2017-06-23)


This child and many others could have been saved if there would have been an alert put out

(Perry, 2017-06-23)


The most crucial time is within 24 hrs to find a child. To have to wait that long to then put in a child is missing is whats killing these kids. A parent will know if the chikd has runaway or if the chikd is abducted. Either way we have lost so many children bc oc waiting.

(Kulpmont, 2017-06-23)


An amber alert should have been sent out

(Leander, 2017-06-23)


I'm signing because I think an Amber Alert should be issued for any missing child regardless if it is an abduction or runaway.

(Watauga , 2017-06-23)


Every Child is important regardless of the reason they are missing!

(Crowley, 2017-06-23)


No child should have to go through what she did!

(Buda, 2017-06-23)


I'm signing this because if it was my child weather he ran away or was abducted I would still want everyone to know so that I can be contacted if there was a lead on his where about.

(Temple, 2017-06-23)


I am signing because I feel even if a child runs away danger is everywhere. And My young cousin did not run away as the police assumed. She was taken and murder just because the parents couldn't say for sure if she was in immediate danger she didn't qualify for an amber alert. All children missing should prompt an amber alert

(Ponca City, Oklahoma , 2017-06-23)


This needs to be delt with.

(Amarillo, 2017-06-23)


Because the current guidelines need amended to include all children that are missing.

(BEDFORD, 2017-06-23)


I'm signing because I'm a parent and I don't agree with the terms that require eligibility for releasing an amber alert.

(Thorndale , 2017-06-23)


So this might save a child

(Amarillo, 2017-06-23)


Every innocent child is worth the alert!

(Thorndale, 2017-06-23)


My friends daughter was listed as a runaway and so no amber alert was sent out. An amber alert should have been issued runaway or not.

(Thorndale, 2017-06-23)


There should be justice for Katelynn Cargill.

(Pflugerville , 2017-06-23)


A missing child is a missing child. Period. No matter the circumstances. Amber Alert is the fastest mode of notification.

(Thrall, 2017-06-23)


I am sign this because what if this was my 14 year old gril I would want the hole state to help find my baby gril. I am a mother of 4 I love my children they are my world..

(buckholts, 2017-06-23)



(morrilton, 2017-06-23)


Even one life saved makes it worth it!!

(Mt Vernon, 2017-06-23)


She should have been found alive. All children's lives matter. God help Trish and the family

(Thorndale , 2017-06-23)


One life saved is worth many false reports

(Cambridge, 2017-06-23)


I feel like that it shouldnt matter if a child is a runaway. There should always be some kind of alert out for that child.

(Thorndale, 2017-06-23)


I am signing this because I am a mother myself. I think this could have been prevented in many ways. The laws need to change . A Amber alert could of saved the child's life. My condolences go out to her family and God bless.

(Philadelphia , 2017-06-23)


All missing children deserve an Amber Alert

(CAYUGA, Texas, 2017-06-24)


The taking of any child is tragic !!

(Bedford , 2017-06-24)


I have a child! RIP Little Angel

(Thorndale, 2017-06-24)


I have a 9 yr old daughter!

(Bedford, 2017-06-24)


I think this law needs to be changed. If any child for any reason goes missing there should be an Amber Alert. I feel had there been an amber alert for this child here Katylynn Cargill they might have been able to find her but now we will never know.

(Lexington , 2017-06-24)


I believe an Amber alert should be mandatory when any child is reported missing irregardless of whether or not they may be a runaway. have different levels of alerts but just get the info out there to the public.

(Lexington, TX, 2017-06-24)


This young girl might have had a chance if there had been an Amber Alert.

(Vidor, 2017-06-24)


This breaks my heart. If amber alert was done they might of found Kaytlynn. She is a family member.

(Effort, 2017-06-24)


I'm signing this because I think the Amber Alert as it is now should be revised so more children can be saved by the Police using it because in some cases their hands are tied by the now restriction on the amber Alert

(Euless, 2017-06-24)


I want missing and exploited children to be found .

(Ranger, 2017-06-24)


It should be for all children regardless of age especially with all the online sites luring young people away

(Lexington , 2017-06-25)


I don't want any child not found or looked for because of something doesn't fit inside a guideline. If a minor is missing everything should be done to get that child home!!

(Euless , 2017-06-25)


I'm signing because if the Amber Alert had been issued for Caytlin, she might have been found alive.

(Irving, 2017-06-25)


If it only saves 1 life it's worth a change in policy.

(Lexington, 2017-06-25)


WHY....why would they hesitate when a child is missing. She was only 14, and very small... this should NEVER have happened. WHY ?????

(Thorndale, 2017-06-25)


I'm a friend of Kaytlynn's mom and then has just been one big tragedy.

(Bryan, 2017-06-25)


Because I am a dad of a beautiful 5 year old and I would rather 1000 Amber alerts that would be found unnecessary than 1 that was essential and was never issued...

(denton, 2017-06-25)


I want the guidelines changed, in effort to save lives of chidren. An Amber Alert is desperately needed, for many who did not qualify. Please don't let their lost lives, be in vain. We need change.

(Muenster, 2017-06-25)


I just moved from Bedford and have a young daughter myself. As society we MUST protect our children! There should be a system in place not only for the abducted, but for young runaways & all missing children under any circumstance.

(Dallas, 2017-06-25)


I think an amber alert should be sent out regaurdless if the child is consider a runaway or not.

(Borger, 2017-06-25)


I am signing this petition, because in most circumstances, the reason is not known early on as to why the child is missing and it has been proven time and time again that the first 48 hours are the most crucial time to find a child in order to save their life. I feel that any missing child should be searched for immediately.

(Bedford, 2017-06-26)


I have known Kaytlynn Cargill's grandmother for almost 30 years. This is tragic. Not just her death but all the other children and teens who might have been saved.

(Temple, Texas, 2017-06-27)


Kids do foolish things, but time is of the essence if someone has been abducted. better safe than sorry.

(Bedford, TX, 2017-06-27)


More needs to b done for these children. And as soon as it becomes an issue!1!

(Thorndale / Freeport tx, 2017-06-28)


I feel that something could have been done sooner.

(Weatherford, 2017-06-28)


Changes are needed to help locate these kids faster

(Amarillo, 2017-06-30)


This needs to be changed. Even one incorrect alert will be outweighed by all the ones that are necessary.

(Arlington, 2017-06-30)


I believe the protocol needs to be changed.

(Rockwall, 2017-06-30)


In memory of Liberty German, Abigail Williams and Kaytlyn Cargill.

(Fairless Hills , 2017-06-30)


I'm signing because this needs to happen for all the kids who go missing wheather it's 5 minutes or 2 days! Timing is their life!

(Alexandria , 2017-07-01)


Every missing child should be on alert no matter the circumstances. People can help.

(Bedford , 2017-07-01)


Every missing child deserves to have as much awareness brought to them as possible.

(Fort Worth, 2017-07-01)


This happened 1.5 miles from you home. I live next door to her school. It could have been any of our children.

(Euless, 2017-07-01)


While i completely understand the need for the strict criteria of the Amber Alert (AA from here on), I have long believed that there are too many cases that would benefit from an AA that dont qualify. When AA was established we lived in a much different time. The AA system could help so many children that previously didn't qualify, if the criteria was altered to better fit the world we live in today.

(Semmes, 2017-07-01)


People need to be aware of the missing person so the community can help spread the word and look out for the person, have leads early on etc. Let US help the police. Please? If it were my child or loved one id want EVERYONE helping to find him or her before its too late!
Thank you for your time.

(North Richland Hills, 2017-07-01)


Kaytlynn Cargill disappeared and an Amber alert should have been in place immediately!

(Hurst, 2017-07-01)


All missing children should have an Amber Alert!

(Downingtown, 2017-07-01)


I am originally from Texas, and my son and his family live in Bedford. They have been profoundly affected by this.

(Paris, 2017-07-01)


Any child missing should have a high alert

(Camby , 2017-07-01)