Stop Hothead Games' predatory marketing practices in KSB!!!



I am tired of having to spend so much of my money to keep up with the times.

Nick Bond (Canal Winchester, 2017-07-18)


This madness needs to stop

Odd Hammer (Bergen, 2017-07-18)


Tired of this crazy amount of real cash needed for a game

Daniele Nasato (Fanzolo, 2017-07-18)



Allan Mayne (Sittingbourne, 2017-07-18)


HH is a greedy machine!

Patrick Best (Cincinnati, 2017-07-18)


They keep taking and taking gold (USD) on a daily basis with their hyperinflated prices, then they take my exploding bullets, now... half the consumables rewarded on a plat bounty!!!
Too many guns, way too's time to slow this greed train down to a crawl for a little while and let us enjoy the game for once!!!

ES Bodie (Texas, 2017-07-18)


I really enjoy the game, the wonderful friends I have made and th awesome people I meet everyday. The cost of remaining competitive has gotten to a level that is unrealistically acceptable.

Deadly Dude
CO. for BCE

David Lambert (Dacoma, 2017-07-18)


I've been fleeced regularly playing this game, the legend weapons cost me 11000 gold, how much I've spent in cash I dare not think about.
Promised new weapons, or gear on reaching 20 crates, then just been given a weapon upgrade..
Just fraud

Justin Harrison (Yarm, 2017-07-18)


I'm signing this because of the afore mentioned issues. I fully comprehend the prerogative that each individual is free to chose to make in app purchases. That being said HH is now obscenely devaluing all purchases. From small changes such as obtaining less consumables through gameplay, to restricting/ limiting a player based on weapons to participate in newer game content. Additionally it makes those newer to the KSB community to feel ostracized for inferior loadouts. The final overwhelming issue is the lack of transparency HH displays, from not keeping the consumer informed, to multiple instances of insufficient support team response. It is understood a player council was assembled to address some of these concerns some time ago however, by all accounts our consumer voices are going unheard.

Sgt Dingus (Providence, 2017-07-18)


Prices are outrageous and the release of new weapons are coming out to close together

Joshua Voels (Arlington , 2017-07-18)


I agree that it is starting to effect the gameplay. Although I buy gold, I am very aware that it has become exponentially more expensive to progress in the game. Matter of fact I had to purchase a weapon just to advance to the next region knowing full well that I would only use it for that and would use a a different weapon for all other events; and it came down to money without a doubt.

Sarkis Tellalyan (Los Angeles, 2017-07-18)


I agree with everything stated.

Dave Pierce (Allentown, 2017-07-18)


It is unnormall to pay so much for this game.

Tomas Gajarsky (Katlovce, 2017-07-18)


I agree with the petition

Tj Fitzwater (Pagosa springs, 2017-07-18)


I have spent lots of real money, just seems like I'm going no where, I get my new weapons upgraded and a new batch comes out. Upgrades are crazy and weapon prices are out this world. With what I spent on this game could have bought a new car.

Steven Harrington (Radcliff, 2017-07-18)


I'm about to quit the game due to HH behavior. It's like I have to be very careful and still wind up getting swindled by this misleading company practices. Is no win situation.

Chris Sherrod (Birmingham , 2017-07-18)


Game is getting to expensive to compete

Adam Hill (Crane , 2017-07-18)


I agree with everything that's on the post.. I personally haven't spent real money on the game but I see what is happening on a regular basis and think it's wrong what hh do to all that do spend which I know is loads as I'm in a top alliance

JoJo Harvey (Dumbarton , 2017-07-18)


This is not how you treat your customers.

Ian PAYNE (Round hill, 2017-07-18)


Because I agree. Dropping the amount on consumables on a platinum is ridiculous given the poor prizes at the end of the event.
I stop on global at 160k, prizes past that are not worth it. Recycled prizes on bounties means I only shoot for the consumables you pick up.
Higher war ratings will definitely increase what you burn through and awards ?
If VIP level you showed are correct, oh man because I started playing in 2015 and there was no VIP level.
Guns are outdated way to quick you can't even use them and they are replaced.

R C (Memphis , 2017-07-18)


This is getting ridiculous on spending money even on the damn free offers and with taking slow mos and armor piercing bullets down to 3 instead of 6. Everything is just for you guys to make money. You guys don't give a shit about your costumers. If you did you would have made a lmm helmet for all those who hit at lmm for remembering musk daughter and you guys couldn't do that shit. That's some fuckin bullshit.

Anthony Ortega (Gardnerville , 2017-07-18)


I believe what I read was true and I'm one that spends a lot of time trying to make it big in this game.

Keith Vickers (Gainesboro, 2017-07-18)


Because... they're right!!!

Daniel Vidican (Chicago, 2017-07-18)


Of the high cost in this fantastic game

Jonas Carlsson (Västerås , 2017-07-18)


Game is getting harder and harder to keep up with atleast 8 new sets of guns in 8 months. Guns are more expensive and upgrading is ridiculous. If guns are not current it's impossible to kill anything without tons of ups. Losing more and more friends on a daily basis because they feel they can't compete anymore. Now plats are just as hard to kill but less ups. Playing hard is fun but end rewards are always same. So each week you have to spend or try and build back up. Most of the original players I've played with for a year deleted game and are gone. It's sad to see a game that was special get so greedy no one wants to play anymore.

Jade Johnson (Arlington , 2017-07-18)


Im sick of spending all that money just so i can keep playing this game.

Marijn Plovie (Beerst, 2017-07-18)


I'm signing this because everything mention above it completely true. Its to the point where it is more sicken than fun. Please change this.

Israel Reisman (Des moines , 2017-07-18)


Ksb has became too ridiculously high to play st a fun level

Rocky Miller (Bristow ok, 2017-07-18)


I agree with all that's been written!

Andreas Pettersson (Målilla, 2017-07-18)


HH trop gourmand,beaucoup trop !

Bass 7cie Bass 7cie (montauban, 2017-07-18)


I'm signing, because it must be change and balance that

Jimmy Demain (Hamburg , 2017-07-18)


Many in the KSB community are outraged at the recent behavior from Hothead Games. This movement was created to put an end to these predatory marketing practices.

Intel CO (NYC, 2017-07-18)


Its crap that they keep taking stuff away from us and keep watering down the event ctates.

Justin Stanton (Joshua , 2017-07-18)


I prezzi troppo alti per i Gold e delle armi e le casse non esce mai nulla se non potenziamenti

Salvatore Carenti (Ittiri, 2017-07-18)



Louis Godard (Bobigny , 2017-07-18)


Need lots of cash for upgrade latest weapons, power ups reduce in bounties, lots of crate open n given only 1 weapon,

Lone Survivor (BILASPUR , 2017-07-18)


Exactly what was so poignantly and precisely layed out by ES Bodie, the author of this petition. It would cost $9,090 USD to upgrade one gun if you bought the $110,000 game cash packs. It's not very hard to see what's wrong with that. Cutting the platinum bounty consumable rewards in half. Putting out R25 holiday guns when many of us bought and upgraded the R24 4th of July holiday guns and didn't have one event to use them in before R25 guns were released. This isn't the first time this has happened either. I bought the R24 mg amd upgraded it about 24 hours before the R25 guns were released. I had already bought and upgraded the other 3 R24 holiday guns. I went ahead and bought the R24 mg because a Raid bounty and AW was approaching where I could finally use the R24 holiday guns. Then the R25 were released which I can't afford now. There really should be some sort of notice given as to when new guns will be released. In this case, the R25 guns are so much stronger than the R24 that the R24 are pretty much automatically outdated. There used to be a small increase in a guns damage and war rating from region to region. Now the differences are huge so that you're forced to buy the new guns to be competitive. I know HHG's response will be that we can still use the R24 guns and we can also use them in other missions. That may be true but to be competitive and to have any chance at a top 10 finish, you would have to buy and upgrade the new R25 holiday guns. Especially in Alliance Wars. The Legendary Guns are also outdated as they are weaker than the new region guns. Much weaker in regards to the Legend shotgun. Yet the Legendary crate is still there, with the same guns and still priced at 150 gold per spin. These guns should have a way to be upgraded so that they truly are legendary still. These are just a few examples already stated by ES Bodie. A few examples with my personal experience. HHG also treats players unequally. I have a friend who bought and upgraded a gun that HHG made a mistake on when assigning damage. They fixed it and the damage ended up being much lower. My friend asked for and was given a refund. I asked for a refund, as I was in the same exact situation and they refused my request. My friend is VIP level 10 and I'm VIP level 6, that is the only difference. That's just one example of unequal and/or wrong treatment by HHG to one of its many long time and loyal customers/gamers. There are many other examples I could give as to why I'm signing this petition. These are just a few. ♤T♤

Jesse R ♤T♤ (Clovis, 2017-07-18)


Armes r24 déjà dépassées

Brice Naud (Sedan , 2017-07-18)


Frustrated at the amount of real money you need to spend for a game that has to come hardly think of the players who are funding them. They are forgotten that it's a game and stop trying to make a quick buck at every given chance for virtual rewards.. Abt time this is considered.

GEN.JV AW (Bangalore, 2017-07-18)


I'm totally agree with the solid statement of this petition.

alx Mro (Willemstat, 2017-07-18)


Hothead Games needs to take a close look at its policies in regards to pricing and its accountability to its customers. This is not a premium console game, its an app.

Brooke Wiley (Phoenix, 2017-07-18)


Because this game is become a joke it went from a great game to people being extort for money really. HH wants people to quit us as players are in lose lose situation something needs to been done about this. It's great to see this enishative and I hope every player gets behind it and put HH to the sword

Alex Bartuccio (Sydney , 2017-07-18)


I spent a lot of gold and time upgrading R24 weapons and now again for R25 I spent 6000 gold for 4 weapons that's too much.

Lozneanu Laurentiu (Karlsfeld, 2017-07-18)


The cost to stay competitive is getting ridiculous. Hot Head is getting way too greedy and gouging long time players.

TAURUS5019 Sk (Valrico, 2017-07-18)


I agree 100% with all comments already made.

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (Topeka, 2017-07-18)


Disgusted with practices and on the verge of quitting game!!

Tom Cattell (Bushnell , 2017-07-18)


Sick and tired of HH constantly abusing the community

David Howe Ksb (London , 2017-07-18)


When the frustration exceeds the enjoyment of that which is supposed to be fun's time to move on.

Christopher Thomas (Indian Trail, 2017-07-18)


Hh is all about money. They could care less about there players all they want to do is change things to make you spend you hard earned cash in order to be competitive

Mike Watson (Krum, 2017-07-18)


I'm singing because I know that the prices of the guns in kill shot bravo are way to high, the upgrades prices are too high, the alliance upgrades are also extremely high Hothead it making millions while average players struggle to be able to play also Platinum bountys started giving less and less power ups WTF! New guns every region and sometimew I don't ever get to use them because there is no wars or bountys! Waist of money!!! I've even considered selling my account and buying a Xbox or Playstation because of the prices of everything in ksb

Tierney Marshall (north Branch, 2017-07-18)


I am on strike cause too expensive weapons and greenbacks too

Mohcine Migo (Nantes, 2017-07-18)


This game is too expensive and discriminating

J.B. Mamba (Bari, 2017-07-18)


Guns are a rip off games crashing and posting money

Steven Vine (Tamworth, 2017-07-18)


Unreal pricing policy. And purchasing new guns goes absolete to fast. And check legendarys... useless.

Erli Altermann (Lahti, 2017-07-18)


Things need to change if they want players to stay

Ben Styles (Plymouth , 2017-07-18)


All of this are really true

Mostafa Khodaei (Tehran, 2017-07-18)


For all the reasons mentioned in this petition

Major Griffy (Yucca Valley, 2017-07-18)


It's impossible to play as a free player.
When i started playing this game i got as much as 250 free gold a day now I'm getting 25 on a good day

Etay S (Ramat gan, 2017-07-18)


Améliorations and guns are really expensive. We havé no Time to do necessary before events.
Solution is : buy gold
I'm desagree !!

Emmanuelle Galea (Marseille, 2017-07-18)


This game is very addicting and fun to play. You get to know people in here and really obtain some friends from it. Problem is everything is getti g ridiculous to buy and upgrade. You guys need to adjust crates down to a reasonable level not a 100 gold each wack, and make it where you can buy guns and gear with cash. Gold is way to high to buy as well as cash. Even make the daily bonus more exciting or the daily PvP gauntlet. If you have guys playing everyday over and over again reward them with some decent gear or weapons. I've put a lot of money into this game over the last 3 months, and it's getting to the point I can't afford to buy new weapons because it is so expensive. Please lower costs, and give away more guns, gear, gold, cash in daily missions or pvp...

Kenny Raymond (Ozark, 2017-07-18)


Very very espansive!!

Alessandro Alongi (Galliate, 2017-07-18)


You guys arent being fare with recent changes to consumables and gun upgrade cost.

Kimosobee Kimosobee (Batesville, 2017-07-18)


High spende of money,
PVP mode,now is impossible to play...after 3 mounth of email they say that id a problem of my Wi-Fi!!!ahahahahaah
I play from 2 years and now...i have a problem???

Paolo Sciammarella (Milano, 2017-07-18)


They are getting ridiculous with the weapons. I started 6 months ago and have 52 weapons which cost me around $2,000 total

Kenneth Kalkbrenner (Sicklerville, 2017-07-18)


Loss of free gold, major lagging playing the game, overpriced weapons going on sale after the fact and the amount needed to upgrade said weapons.

Sjayne Herron (Reno, 2017-07-18)


I'm jus tired of HH's ways to many new gun releases an the cost of upgrades are ridiculous..rewards are ridiculous also along with a host of other things it's just to expensive to try to be competitive!!

Chris Albertson (Somerset, 2017-07-18)


This game has become too expensive to be competitive and HHG is only making it worse

Joe Garcia (Fort Worth, 2017-07-18)


I suppose you would consider me an annuity income by now, but an annuity doesn't last very long if you constantly increase the drawdown. The balance between making money and keeping loyal players entertained just isn't right at the moment.

Stuart Gaming (London, 2017-07-18)


I've been a player since two weeks after the release. It's beyond ridiculous that HHG has continued to try and squeeze every ounce of money from loyal players at every turn. It's a great product and people were already spending money! But HHG got greedy and made a great product into a cash cow thinking the players wouldn't notice.

Shame on them for treating us this way and I surely hope ALL KSB players see this petition, sign it, and then quit the game.

Crash Test Dummy (Dover, 2017-07-18)


I'm signing because I can no longer support the deceptive business practices of Hot Head Games.

Cop Ksb (Chicago, 2017-07-18)


The release of new wepons at the pace is not fair. We dont even have time to use them and there is a new set to buy, making our guns obsolete. Then the removal of power ups from bounties. Some of us actually use alot of power ups each weekend to stay at the top of the leader board.

Chris Taylor (Austin, 2017-07-18)


Becoming highway robbery once a purchase is made that the next event it's outdated and you've spent time and money upgrading to have it all replaced before upgrades of prior even finish!

Steve Williams (Erie, 2017-07-18)


This game is fun, but far to exoensive. HH mentality sale 1 for $10 my mentality sale 10 for $1.

Lp Swainston (Layton, 2017-07-18)


I'm signing because is outrageous!! Such an amount of money every 2 or 3 weeks!!

Andrei Cotos (Suceava, 2017-07-18)


Perché HH vuole troppi soldi

Donato Granato (Vittoria, 2017-07-18)


I've spent money on this game in support of the developers, yet the game makers seem to enjoy making it impossible for players to stay competitive without spending whole paychecks on this game. Basically takes the urge away to spend anything at all.

Rick Lesh (Richmond, 2017-07-18)


This ridiculous I spend to much money and time on this game to be getting ripped off!!!!!!!

Cashhoarder TB (Detroit, 2017-07-18)


BC this is Bullshit its impossible to keep playing this game unless its treated like a full time job except this game eats your money and gives nothing back .. just bought all r24 crate weapons not 5 days later they are outdated and weak spent 50million game cash and lots of real cash for nothing

Samuel Brett (Huntsville, 2017-07-18)


Cost is ridiculous. Especially since the guns purchased were outdated 8 days later

Col TOBY (Houston, 2017-07-18)


I'm signing because in the last Bounties event , I've been disappointed of the awards Platinum .
The purchase gold were too very expensive .
Hothead , I'ts time to change !

Collectex Haunter (Clermont-Ferrand, 2017-07-18)


I'm signing this because they have been raising costs at an exponential rate with everything from gold and cash costs to crates and weapons upgrades and damage. It is outrageous how they barely lived up to their worthless promises from last year's boycott. They need to grow up and think of us the players (customers) and be fair on how they do that.

Carl Miller (Wyoming, 2017-07-18)


It is becoming harder to play regular missions with the price increase on weapon. It is also becoming harder to competitively keep up due to the quick release of newer weapons. I'm beginning to feel like playing this game is more like a job than anything. It's not fun to play anymore.

Nicholas Thrash (Columbus, 2017-07-18)


They are taking the fun out of game its more like a job now to upgrade new weapons. Weapons coming out to often 4th weapons where not even fully upgraded before new weapons came out didnt even have a chance to use them.

Shane Crandall (Endicott, 2017-07-18)


Because I'm sick to death of been ripped off and when you complain you keep getting the same old lame excuses.

Craig Cheary (Durban, 2017-07-18)


Too expensive.

Mjr Mjr (Sacramento, 2017-07-18)


It's a blind rob.

Mark Frampton (Dallas, 2017-07-18)


It's getting way to expensive to keep up! Im just about done after spending hundreds on this game !

Sean Byrne (Manchester , 2017-07-18)


I think this is very true. I have spent money to get a weapon that I wanted to be given a weapon that I will never use. It is ridiculous how this company treats us. All they are concerned with is filling their pockets to where they can't fit anymore money in them. I love this game but I am disgusted with their principles or should I say lack of. These people are totally taking advantage of the working man. There are countless things I am not happy with about this game and how they are taking advantage of us.

Justin Stocco (Old town, 2017-07-18)


I've spent too much money on this game to be jerked around by some money hungry game developers. I just want a fair deal.

Eric Hartzog (Washington , 2017-07-18)


I agree with what has been written, likewise I have been considering opting out of the game

Clifford Hillier (Melbourne, 2017-07-18)


Im unhappy with the way HH has taken this game everytime more expensive stuff and same lagging problems and miserable rewards!!!

Javier velazquez (Texas, 2017-07-18)


This game is extremely exspensive to be competitive.

Karl Twidell (Conroe , 2017-07-18)


Its beyond a joke now!

James Mcmanus (London, 2017-07-18)


Because its a disgrace is why Im signing
Not just the above mentioned reasons either.
Many pvp matches & win streaks lost to illogical disconnections.
Illogical in that the only obvious winner is HH and its gold sales.Who would disconnect after winning
Disgusting behaviour I'm heartily sick and tired of

John D Revelator (Opunake, 2017-07-18)


The cost us more than doubled in the last 6 months for keeping top 25.

Martin Taylor-Smith (Broadstairs , 2017-07-18)


Im ready to quit. I jav2e put over $1500 into this game since Feb 2016 and IM not putting at ALL unless things change. And when my guns arw no longer any good i will leave.....Not 1 cent will be spent for any reason.unless things change

Ken Anderson (Vallejo, 2017-07-18)


I have spent a LOT of money on this game and really had no idea it was that much. I believe the buying of bucks is a total rip-off. For $100 you get a lot of gold but for the same $100 only a pittance of game bucks. Upgrading weapons takes bookuu game bucks.

Heidi WagnerThomas (San Clemente, 2017-07-18)


HH has taken advantage of us with the unethical practices and I have had enough.

Patrick Fadigan (Pottstown, 2017-07-18)


Vote with your pocketbooks people, stop giving them money, stop doing tap joy offers and stop watching videos for gold. It is the only way to send HH the message. Play the game but stop supporting their business practices. As soon as their profits start to dwindle they will change.

Kilo Whiskey (Morehead, 2017-07-18)


The only way to proceed and be competitive in this app is to spend money. You buy gold to get a set of weapons and work for hours to raise enough cash to upgrade the weapons but within the next week they are rendered useless again. Especially when you go on to the next region in the game and this goes on and on repeatedly.

Jamie Paterson (London, 2017-07-18)


I play for fun and it's a job to just to be able to compete with my teammates

Jesse Bragg (Winston salem, 2017-07-18)


The amount of money ksb is costing to stay competitive is completely ludicrous, and is going to force me to join a less competitive alliance and WILL NOT purchase more gold from hh. They can lick a nut!!!

Cody Saathoff (Overbrook, 2017-07-18)


Not fair play getting greed

Steven Groux (Belchertown , 2017-07-18)

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