Eglon High Speed Internet (Fiber) LUD Request



I'm the organizer of this petition. Please contact me with questions or concerns. Thanks!

(Eglon, 2017-08-08)


We need a lower cost internet option!! Thanks Debbie for your work on this!

(Kingston, 2017-08-08)


We need faster broadband access and more options than just CenturyLink's DSL.

(Kingston, 2017-08-08)


This is absolutely urgent for our family! In our day-to-day lives our current internet is a handicap, but in our home business, it is a disaster.

(Kingston, 2017-08-08)


Our property in Eglon would benefit both from a higher speed internet and a choice of providers. The current service is woefully inadequate and the isp is difficult to work with and expensive for what is provided.

(Hansville, 2017-08-08)


I want high speed internet

(Kingston, 2017-08-08)


I would like high speed internet

(Kingston, 2017-08-08)


High Speed internet access is totally necessary for modern day living

(Eglon, 2017-08-08)


My power and cable originate from Eglon Road. Our current internet speed is quite below par and it is hard to do a lot of items efficiently and what should be quite quick. Finally, my husband and I are currently retired and, as such, have a fairly fixed income. Competitive services would help us in managing our budget without cutting things out.

(Kingston, 2017-08-08)


I think this would be a valuable asset

(Burien, WA, 2017-08-08)


I want and need high speed internet

(Kingston, 2017-08-09)



(Eglon, 2017-08-09)


Centurylink is our current provider and their service is slow at best. In addditional there have been many service interruptions because of their lack of infrastructure.

(Kingston, 2017-08-09)


Based on the FCC's current definition (25 Mbps down/3 Mbps up), we do NOT have access to broadband internet in the Eglon area today. I get better internet speeds through my mobile phone, and those data charges get very high very quickly. I would like to change this.

(Kingston, 2017-08-09)


I would like options

(Kingston, 2017-08-09)


The sooner the better. Thanks for organizing us, Debbie.

(Kingston, 2017-08-09)


I am paying Century Link too much money for very very slow internet connection

(Mercer Island, WA 98040, 2017-08-09)


We need this badly.

(KINGSTON, 2017-08-10)


I am signing because I support more affordable internet service. I am waiting to hear actual numbers when the plan is developed. Higher speed is not of much use to me, but more options and a better service than CenturyTel seems a good idea. Thank you.

(kingston, 2017-08-10)


We need this for our entire community.

(Kingston , 2017-08-10)


I would like faster internet.

(Kingston, 2017-08-10)


I work from home and would like the faster service.

(Kingston, 2017-08-15)


Need better/quicker/more cost effective service/options.

(Kingston, WA, 2017-08-23)


would love to have better internet service and cheaper rates

(Kingston, 2017-08-24)


I want high speed internet.

(Kingston, 2017-09-13)


I would like as many options as I can get so that potentially there will be competition and drive the price down.

(Kingston, WA, 2018-01-15)


Internet and phone services on Old Hansville Rd NE have become unreasonably expensive as compared to State and National Averages per Mbits/sec. Currently bit rate is artificially (No infrastructure upgrade plan) constrained to 10Mbit. With ATSC 3.0 and other technologies on the horizon this limit prohibits common place services. Telecommuting is unreasonably hampered do to extreme throttling of large file downloads.

(Kingston, 2018-01-15)


I'd like to compare.

(Kingston, 2018-01-16)


There are not internet options! Century Link has a monopoly on the area and don't provide anything over 10 Mbps for the area. The Casino is right there, and I highly doubt they are limited to 10 Mbps. This is 2018, and absolutely insane that there are no options!

(Kingston, 2018-01-16)


we need more options for faster internet service besides Century Link.

(Kingston, 2018-01-16)


I am signing because we have 3 people in the household who would benefit from high-speed internet. When all of us are streaming video, music or playing games, everyone lags. We use the internet for research and education as well as entertainment.

(Kingston, 2018-01-17)


Our internet is painstakingly slow. We have a home business and cannot operate efficiently or effectively with such slow interface.

(Kingston, 2018-01-17)


This is important to the community as well as to my ability to work from home when required.

(Kingston, 2018-01-17)


Catherine L Gudgel

(Kingston, 2018-01-18)


My internet speed is slow.

(Kingston, 2018-01-19)


We need high speed internet in Eglon

(Kingston , 2018-01-20)


Eglon needs high speed internet

(Renton, 2018-01-20)


I am wanting and needing high speed internet and will support it any way I can.

(WA, 2018-01-20)


We would like high speed internet.

(Kingston, 2018-01-20)


Not only is the lack of service a handicap to our business and teen children's education, but it's not helping property values. If you can't get service at all - you're not going to buy in that area, and CenturyLink has cut of new service to Eglon.

(Eglon, 2018-01-20)


My current service is slow, spotty and often unavailable.

(Kingston, 2018-01-20)


Century Link is my only option and they are the worst. I would love to have a different option.

(Kingston, 2018-01-20)


I need high speed internet for my business

(Kingston, 2018-01-20)


I want high speed fiber internet

(Kingston , 2018-01-20)


I'm signing because our only internet option on our street is Century Link and they only offer speeds up to 6 mbs, of which on any given day you can only actually get 4 mbs. With two kids in high school and myself working from home a few days a week this poor internet is a constant sources of frustration.

(Hansville, 2018-01-20)


I'm signing because I want faster and more reliable internet service for everyone in our area.

(Hansville, 2018-01-20)


I have a lot on old Hansville rd and am in the process of building a house. I would like more options than CenturyLUNK.

(Poulsbo, 2018-01-21)


Currently CenturyLink provides very slow connection to the internet.

(Kingston, 2018-01-22)


I’m signing because I’m tired of Century Link and there are no other options.

(Kingston , 2018-01-23)


I'm signing because Comcast sucks and is overpriced.

(Kingston, 2018-01-30)


Like to have alternatives

(Kingston, 2018-02-01)


I want high speed Internet

(Kingston, 2018-02-04)


I believe in creating more options for internet access in our community

(Kingston, 2018-02-05)


Our internet connection doesn't work much of the time.

(Kingston, 2018-03-11)


As a member of the technology community, quality internet access is very important to my job and family. Having already found out CenturyLink will not provide service to my parcel and looking at the options for satellite, residential fiber is my only choice.

(Altadena, 2018-04-03)


Century Link is slow and intermittent. I even upgraded and they promised me higher speeds to 15Mbps download, but after months of waiting we've never exceeded 9.8Mbps and rarely get more than 300-500kbps uplink speeds. Pathetic.

(Kingston, 2018-04-24)


It is imperative to have the LUD formed as soon as possible, so PUD can get the work started.

(Kingston, 2018-04-24)


I would like to have a super fast internet

(Kingston, 2018-06-18)


Affordable high speed internet should be available to everyone

(Kingston, 2018-07-12)


I am signing for my Mother , Margaret Sebelist, who owns the property. I have legal power of signature. Please send any correspondence to:
Karen Uitting
1940 Shattuck Ave S, Renton, WA 09-55

(Kingston, 2018-08-02)


We need dependable internet.

(Kingston, 2018-08-28)


I would like faster speed than DSL can provide

(Kingston, 2018-08-29)


High speed internet please.

(Kingston, 2018-09-11)


I’m new to this area and I really would like more of a higher speed Internet available

(Kingston, 2018-09-21)


We need dependable internet.

(Kingston, 2018-09-21)


I am buying in the area and work remotely & must have a reliable internet connection.

(Kingston, 2018-10-02)


i bought a house on Pilot Point Rd and am trying to establish internet service. I'm not happy with the current options.

(Bellevue, 2018-10-09)