Chester Bennington Wax Figure



Chester's music has always been so inspirational and helpful my entire life.

(karachi, )


I'm signing because I want the next generation know that he is one of a kind rockstar who has so much energy when performing live shows. And he saved many lives through his songs.

(Ampang, )


I'm signing because Chester deserves it!

(Skopje, )


I love chester n he totally deserves a wax! His legacy should continue and as a way for us FANS to have a memory with him

(Nilai, )


Chester Bennington has and always will be an inspiration to me and millions of lost souls such as myself. His voice has pulled me from the darkness and soothed my broken soul more times than I can remember. For this reason and countless others I feel he should be honored.

(Montreal, )


Chester's voice is my whole life. I relied on him. He helped me a lot in the hardest of times and I owe Chester a lot. Let's just show him a lot of love and appreciation

(Poznań, )


Chester deserves this
He saved us with his song his voice
It's worth to create his own wax figure

(Bangkok, )


Chester has helped me in my worst times. His voice was and is indescribably magical. I can't describe in words how I miss him - how we miss him.
"Who cares if one more light goes out?" Well, WE do!

(Münster, )


I'm signing because Chester Bennington is my Elvis

(Rochester, )


Because Chester deserves it and more. An inspiration who passed away too soon. We certainly need to immortalise him in every way we can. He will always be loved, by so many, and so much, and is missed sorely every day. We badly want this honour for him.

(Kolkata , )


Because he helped so many people and touched their hearts and souls without Chester's music and strength a lot of wonderful people would be dead. He's the greatest singer of his time his voice is so different than anyone.

(Medway, )


Because i grew up with chester..

(Terni, )


Chester is one of the most precious person ever. He helped alot of people through their bad times using his songs. He deserves having his own wax figure so that our future generation will know that he was a hero and always will be.

(Kuala Lumpur, )


Chester Charles Bennington was very very important to me. He became a rock legend due to his music. His music saved my life.

(Salisbury, )


I strongly feel Chester deserves this recognition for all that he achieved while he was alive.

(Durban, )


I support the cause and think it's a great idea. It's a great way to honor him and he has done so much and had helped so many people, he deserves something in his honor.

(Auburn, )


He deserves a wax figure so that people in the next generation will know that he helps and inspires people all around the world through his music. He will always stay alive in people's hearts ❤

(Perai, )


Chester was someone I always admired growing up. Linkin Park changed so many people's lives, including my own.

(Omaha, )


Because he is/was an amazing person Who had a positive effect on so many people and actually saved lives and still does! A true, honest, kind and amazing person!

(Deventer , )


Because chester is a legend

(Brussels , )


I love Chester, I miss him. I want honour him.

(Dijon , )


Chester is a hero of our generation!

(Stavropol, )


He is a Great icon to soo many People

(Nossebro , )


I want a wax statue of my most favorite singer who saved me from darkness.

(Dhaka, )


Because he is an inspiring,caring person who deserves this.

(Escondido , )


Chester Bennington influenced millions of lives and he really deserves to be tributet by all the arts, including sculpture.

(Kiev, )


I'm signing because I am a fan of Linkin Park's music, and since Chester has passed away, I believe that his legacy deserves to go on.
A wax figure at Madame Tussauds might be a wonderful way to remember the amazing singer, father and husband Chester was.

(Frankfurt, )


His voice represents the voice of several generations. He lived music. He was kind, good, smart, funny and sad. This is an irreplaceable loss. Chester - Legend. Legends never die. We will remeber you forever. I will. I promise. Thank you for everything you've done.

(London, )


Im siging because ive listen to chesters music for 17 years and i think he deserves a wax figure in madam tussanda more than many of the people that already have a wax figure already since he has done more meaningful thing then they ever will

(Mission Viejo, )


Bc chester bennington is my hero

(Austell , )


Er hat es verdient

(Niederzier, )


I'm signing because Chester was and forever will be a huge influence on my life. I've been listening to Linkin Park for ages and they helped me through a dark time.

(Marlboro, )


Chester Bennington is an amazing person with a deep soul, kind hurt and incredible talent

(Kirovograd, )


Chester Bennington saved my life, I love him.

(Melbourne , )


Because he deserves it.

(Munich, )


He saved my life too many times to admit!

(Tucson, )


Chester and Linkin Park have gotten me through some bad as well as good times. I don't want Chester to be forgotten.

(Shelby Township, )


I love Chester

(Porto, )


I'm singing because it would mean the world, not only to me but to every Linkin park fan and the rest of the band, to have something so memorable of our idol. This would be a really nice touch to add to all the other loving things people are doing for Chester and Linkin Park. Thanks for everything!!!

(West chester, )


Because Chester Bennington deserves to have his own statue he was an amazing man who him and his band helped millions of people.

(USA , )


Because he was an amazing artist and helped millions of people.

(USA, )


I'm Linkin Park fan for 8 years, this group, especially Chester's voice has done a lot to me. So i think he is definitely worth it.

(Zaporozhye, )


Chester Bennington deserves it. He only had good intentions...

(El Paso TX, )


Chester needs to be remembered

(Jeddah, )


I'm signing because Chester was one of the most incredible and influential people I've never known and deserves a wax figure at Madame Tussaudes. Rest in peace, Chaz.

(Melbourne, )


Because I need, not want, this to happen.

(Singapore, )


Chester Bennington is my idol and I think this would be a beautiful tribute to him!

(St. Barbara im Mürztal , )


Chester deserves it.

(New Delhi, )


Chester Bennington will stay immortal in all of our hearts. Music defined him and he defines music.
It's a huge mark of respect to have a wax figure and he deserves it. It's very little compared to the amount of love you spread to the world. In the end you matter.

(Navi Mumbai, )


I'm signing the petition because I want to make him alive forever;that everybody will remember him and his 'voice from God'

(Pavlodar , )


I love him

(Bronx NY, )


Chester deserves it. He was and is the best artist whom I have ever known! "Who cares if one more light goes out?" Well, WE do!

(Münster, )


He was a beautiful soul, vocal beast, the voice of us who couldn't speak up their broken minds and hearts. How he interpreted his experiences and world realities into his music was beautiful. He may had taken his own life, but had saved the lives of many, made us aware of mental illness. Great way to honour him.

(Kuala Lumpur, )


Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do, I really do. He helped so much including me through their darkest days, I wish we could have done the same for him. He should know that he is loved forever. I miss him and his voice so much. Hope he is happy now up there.
It would be a great tribute for this hero❤

(St. Wendel, )


Chester (Linkin Park) inspired so many teens & people all around the world... Vocal beast, so beautiful soul... i can't find the words to describe him how incredible Legend he was for us... Azerbaijan loves you Chester & Linkin Park... WE ARE LP SOLDIERS!... ( me - since 2004) #RIPCHESTER #RIPlegend

(Baku, )


Chester was a much better artist than most of those who have wax figures, he has saved lives with his music, his lyrics and the feelings he poured into his amazing performances. His legacy deserves to go on and he must be kept in the memory of generations to come

(kornet el hamra, )


He was my idol, we miss him so much.

(Castellón , )


I want Chester Bennington's wax figure to be made because he deserves one

(Lucknow, )


I'm signing because Chester deserves his own wax figure and I love him.

(Sacramento , )


This great men is a hero, an inspiration and a savior for so many people all over the world. A great friend who was, and still is, always there when you need him.

(Katwijk, )


Chester is one of the greatest singers in the world today! A million people around the world mourn this irreparable loss still everyday.

(Moscow, )


Because it's a way to preserve is legacy

(Lisbon, )


I would love to see that.

(Siliguri, )


Last weekend I was at Madame Tussauds in Berlin and I missed Chester. Just as I miss him every damn day! Unfortunately I never had the chance to meet him. So he must get a wax figure. I will always love you Chester!

(Bremerhaven, )


I can't think of a better way to honour him, and he deserves it. Period.

(Kolkata , )


I'm signing because I want to cherish this great person after his passing

(Pavlodar, )


Its my hobby

(Taunggyi, )


Chester was my idol & would love to see him again even if it is only wax. Would be the only reason I went there

(Hull, )


Im a big fan of Chester Bennington and Linkin Park he helped me so much with my problems I think there should be one for him. He was a legend and one that wont be forgotten

(Gouldsboro, )


Chester had such an amazing voice and was such an inspiration to others through his music and voice. I can't think of a better way to honor his memory than with a wax statue.

(Kingman, )


Chester deserves a wax statue

(Mumbai, )


Chester and the band meant 50% of my heart

(Ramnicu Valcea, )


I'm signing because Chester was a childhood hero to me who shaped the kind of music I listen to and the personality I have in part. He was very influential and he was a hell of a singer and a good person. Of course his life wasn't perfect but that's what made him special. Being able to openly discuss his problems is very courageous and inspiring to others.

(Brooklyn, )


Chester is the best vocalist ever....he was amazing guy in every way...he was a strong man...who had faith...that's why he was doing what he was doing in the best way....he suffered alot in his life...but he used his pain and tragic experiences to pursue his a rock star...he actually had a huge presence...and his passing left us in silence....his passing dug a very deep hole in our hearts....made us lose our paths...he entertained us and also taught us lessons through his music...looking for happiness that he never different. ..he was a legend...unic...made the world a much better place by being in he deserve every good thing that it's happening in his honour. ..wax face. .what a good a idea...very creative....I'm in... for my angel chester...

(tripoli, )


He is one of the greats, a legendary artist. Ive been listening to them sence the beginning.

(Seymour, )


Chester was an amazing talent and a beautiful person. He saved so many people with his music and deserves to be honored in such a way.

(Roanoke, )