Re-name foreriver bridge to Robert Harvey bridge



I think this 100% should happen

(Lakeville , 2017-08-18)


I would like to see this happen good idea

(Quincy, 2017-08-18)


Bobby was a friend in high school and a great guy

(Rockland, 2017-08-18)


I'm signing because Bobby Harvey was a friend of mine and his name should be immortalized by the new bridge. ❤️

(Weymouth , 2017-08-18)


Kevin Moore sister

(Hanson, 2017-08-18)


Great idea and wonderful tribute!

(Weymouth, 2017-08-18)


I think this is a wonderful idea

(Quincy, 2017-08-18)


I'm signing because Bobby Harvey touched so many lives before he was tragically taken from his family and friends. Never forget!

(Dedham, 2017-08-18)


I support this.
Rip Bobby Harvey.

(Weymouth, 2017-08-18)


Bobby Harvey was one of the best people to come out of Quincy.. He was considered a friend to everyone.. He was an awesome kid and his loss was tragic to his family, friends, and the City of Quincy.. I support this 100%

(Quincy, 2017-08-18)


Bobby was a great friend and person and deserves for his name to live on

(Weymouth , 2017-08-18)


I was a citizen who lived in quincy point for many years and knew robert harvey threw high school and saw him on union jobs.great friend and a wonderful person to know.putting the name robert harvey on the bridge will mean alot the community as well as his friends, family and his beloved brothers who were with him on that tragic death.thank you and god bless.

(Rockland ma, 2017-08-18)


They should honor him !!

(Abington , 2017-08-18)


Bobby was a wonderful young man, who was loved by many. A Quincy native and proud union member. He and his family deserve this memorial so that his sacrifice is never forgotten.

(Weymouth, 2017-08-18)


Bobby was a middle school and high school friend he is a good man and the bridge should be named after him in his honor he was a true point rat

(Quincy, 2017-08-18)


Because I knew Bobby and agree to this name change in his honor.

(Quincy, 2017-08-18)


He was a great person. I grew up with him and it was such a tragic loss to the community.

(Braintree , 2017-08-18)


I grew up a street away from Bobby. Good kid and died working for his family.

(Weymouth, 2017-08-18)


This man deserves to be remembered! He was a life long quincy resident who sacrificed his own life doing a job he loved. I think it's only fair that this bridge be named after him for his legacy as he dismantled a historic Quincy monument. Bobby was a wonderful man and this would mean so much to his famil and friends.

(Braintree , 2017-08-18)


Great person couldn't be named after a better kid

(Quincy , 2017-08-18)


Never forget Bobby Harvey, Local 7 strong

(Weymouth, 2017-08-18)


Bobby was a great man and we all loved and love him. R.I.P. 3️⃣

(Quincy, 2017-08-18)


I grew up in Quincy, lived there for 23 years. I remember when this happened. He should be remembered by naming the bridge after him. Honor him and his family, tragic accident.

(Saugus, 2017-08-18)


It would be nice for him to be honored iron workers put theyre life on the line every time they climb that steel to keep building America they dont get the recognition they deserve

(Weymouth, 2017-08-18)



(Boston, 2017-08-18)


This would be a great way to honor Bobby. I fully support this as a Weymouth resident.

(Weymouth , 2017-08-19)


Everyone would love to see this please

(Quincy , 2017-08-19)


Bobby was a true gentleman he was a good son,husband,brother,and friend and I think it be a great local gesture for a true local hero,And for something for his beautiful son Bobby to remember his hard working Dad for

(Braintree Ma, 2017-08-19)


This man gave his life working on this bridge this is something that may give his family some peace and for the people who cross this bridge will know about him and be aware of the sacrifice he made

(Weymouth , 2017-08-19)


Bobby gave the ultimate sacrifice on that project. It's a great idea that the bridge be named for him

(weymouth , 2017-08-19)


Patricia Finocchio

(Raynham , 2017-08-19)


Robert aka Bobby Harvey was a lifelong Quincy Point resident who tragically lost his life way before his time. What better way to keep his memory alive than naming the bridge that is a symbol of Quincy Point after him.

(Quincy, 2017-08-19)


Amazing idea! Let's get it done.

(Braintree, 2017-08-19)


For Bobby, Jenn and the Harvey Family

(Quincy , 2017-08-19)


Great idea to honor the life of a brother ironworker

(Weymouth , 2017-08-19)


Because his name desererves to be remembered.

(Dedham, 2017-08-19)


I grew up with him

(Quincy, 2017-08-19)


It's a great idea Bobby was a brother Ironworker and a great guy

(Hull, 2017-08-19)


It's the right thing to do

(Quincy, 2017-08-19)


It's the right move!

(Quincy, 2017-08-19)


He should be memorialized for his family he left behind!

(Pembroke , 2017-08-19)


Bobby was my son in law, married to my daughter Jennifer. He went to work one day doing a job he loved, and he never came home. He never knew my daughter was then pregnant with wis son Bobby Jr. we miss you, and we all still recall the great times we shared. This would be a great tribute to a locally born and raised man who passed while dismantling the most visible landmark the city of Quincy ever had.

(Holbrook , 2017-08-20)


Bobby's death was tragic.

(Quincy, 2017-08-20)


Bobby was one of the best people I knew, he was also my son in law.He is missed everyday and he deserves to be honored and remembered . It would also be something great for his son .

(Westport, 2017-08-20)


This bridge is built by Robert Harvey's brother Ironworkers in the community where Robert resided with his family and is someone who should always be remembered and it is a most appropriate way to do it

(Quincy, 2017-08-20)


Do the right thing. Bobby was an incredible man.

(Quincy , 2017-08-20)


I am a former resident of Quincy and think this is a great way to remember Bobby Harvey.

(Fallbrook , 2017-08-20)


I grew up in this city and i remember the day we lost Bobby. From what i hear from his friends bobby was the kindest person they knew.

(Quincy, 2017-08-20)


I'm a Local 7 Iron Worker. I worked on this bridge for close to 2 years. I also knew Bobby, I believe this would be a great way to remember him.

(West Roxbury, 2017-08-20)


In a world of not so good people Robert Harvey was a great person!!!! Make this happen!!!!!!

(Maspeth , 2017-08-21)


I believe in it. Rename the bridge, it is deserved.

(Quincy, 2017-08-21)


Bobby was truly one of a kind. A great friend, husband and worker. He would talk about working on the bridge for hours and took tons of pics to show reference. He even made a cage mask to avoid getting attacked by hawks. He was just so proud and happy while working there. It would be very fitting to name the bridge after Bobby especially considering most of us think of him whenever we think of the bridge. he will forever be in my memories and there would be no better way to honor Bobby then to name the bridge after him.

(Hanover, 2017-08-21)