Petition to have the VC and the DUPA head step down from office.



We cannot have a law school being established yet for the communication students do not have a studio set due to "lack of space" and yet there was space to create moot courts for a school of law that isn't operational. It is sad that there is even space to have flats at the heart of the institution in the main building yet for students needs there seems to always be a shortage of space and funds irrespective of school fees increments we have without prior notice. Shame!

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


It is time we saw things happening differently.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I want change that I deserve

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


There's need for change

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


#Daystarrotmust end

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I am fed with the Greedy, power-hungry and neglectful Vice Chancellor and the poor Education and Communication systems in Daystar.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I think it is high time the VC is held accountable for his actions.
As your major stake holders, students require better services for the exorbitant fees charged.
Disgusted at how the school has treated the whole boycott issue and even more disgusted at the extreme response of GSU, teargas and Police used to react to students not attending classes.

May God truly prevail on this issue and expose the rot and decay within the school.
Shame! Shame! Shame!

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I want VC Wachira to go

(Nairobi , 2017-11-28)


We're a burdened long used to being trumped on by this rogue administration!!
Wachira should GO!!

(Machakos, 2017-11-28)


i'm signing in because am not happy on how we us daystarians are treated be it services like classes and financial details and transport all this are just out of order in the hands of the so called Prof Timothy wachira..and my stand is he must step down

(Mombasa, 2017-11-28)


I want the vc to go home!!!!!!

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


Wachira has to go.

(Nairobi , 2017-11-28)


It's time for the VC to leave. It's clear now coz it's evident what kind of person he is. For I have been raised to know that the true test of our character is what we do when no one is watching. Now it's out... He is now held accountable for the injustices he's been doing. Him and his followers must be brought down.

(Nairobi , 2017-11-28)


For credibility and value for my money,my career is at stake because of the incompetence of my administrators

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I need change starting from the top, away with the VC.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


Vc must go.....because he's a hypocrite who is hungry for money

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


Am a graduating student and i have a brother in the same school i want him not to go through the struggles i went through

(Nairobi , 2017-11-28)


To have the VC and Dupa head step down

(Nairobi , 2017-11-28)


VC garra go

(Nairobi , 2017-11-28)


I want to see change and a studio in Daystar.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I want change right from the top

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


There is hope and light for a better Daystar! I am no longer "tomorrow's leader" but a leader already. I care about the future of so many people who will come after me in Daystar! The future is bright for so many people and I'll not allow a few personalities to dim this light for so many people who are willing and will make this nation a better one as well as our school!
I'm signing because I refuse fear to be part of me and because God has not given me a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self discipline.
I look forward to a beautiful school and nation. I know the rot that is about to end will not only end in Daystar but also our nation! We're not only leaders or members of this school but also of this nation.
We're a chosen generation. One of the Lord!

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I want change

(Nairobi , 2017-11-28)


He's incompetence in his work

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


A despot who crushes on dissent cannot lead an institution that has a "Star" within its name. He has ears but ingored the moral responsibility of listening.

(Nairobi , 2017-11-28)


No wrong, should pass and the living are alive.

(Nairobi , 2017-11-28)


Im signing this petition coz im tired of having a corrupt n disrespectful v.c not forgetting his tribal dupa chair

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I want the exemption issue sorted out. Why havent daystar communicated to us up to now, that they will not be issueing exemptions.why repeat the same unit you did with them on the diploma program.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


She's tribal

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I choose to stand up and be counted

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I agree with the petition

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I'm signing because change must come to Daystar.

(Nyahururu, 2017-11-28)


#IStandWith DUSA

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I agree

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I have seen the rot for 4 years now, and as I finish daystar things need to change.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I'm signing because I want reforms and the value of my school fees be reflected from the services provided by the school hence asking for the Resignation of the VC due to his poor management of school facilities and Corruption (Daystar University)

(Machakos, 2017-11-28)


I am signing this petition because it is high time we see change within our campuses. I don't want to see mediocre administration and management in our university.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I desire change as well as good governance that ties in with the value of our school fees. That change will start with the removal of Timothy wachira and ng'ethe.

(Nairobi , 2017-11-28)


I am signing this petition because I want the VC gone.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I'm tired of all the hypocrisy and mismanagement in Daystar

(Nairobi , 2017-11-28)


I'm signing because I am saddened and disappointed by the way the V.C and DUPA chair have acted as stated in the above petition especially the deployment of ANTI_RIOT police officers on campus premises who responded violently against Non-violent students.

(Nairobi , 2017-11-28)


We need accountability from the administration. We need to clear out the rot at Daystar; get rid of the corrupt system and the corrupt heads, stop this annoying habit of fee increment without notice, adding general units which are too expensive and not necessary while we already have too many general units to cover and more so get damn value for our damn money!!!!!

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I am signing this to support the petition to have VC Timothy Washira and DUPA chair step down from. office.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


He needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


I want the VC to go.

(Mombasa, 2017-11-28)


I am angry at the situation in this institution because my school fees has been increasing to a point whereby i xan no longer afford to finish my degree.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-28)


Democracy should be prevalent in schools too. The school is for the students and if they cannot air their grievances and if those appointed to to tend to the needs of the school (which is the students) do not hold their end they should step down and allow for better governing of the school

(Sköndal, 2017-11-28)


The institution that is Daystar University was founded with the idea of having it as the epitome of good quality Christian based higher learning, however, Mr. Wachira's nonchalance towards the needs of the student body is keeping the school from living up to it's expectations. From insufficient equipment for the population to broken seats in classes there are issues that have been reported but no solid action has been taken to meet the needs of the general student body.
Reformations need to be made for the institution to flourish and the first is to replace Mr. Wachira.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


The rot in Daystar is too much and heads have to roll

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I am signing because our grievances are not being taken seriously as it should and the DUPA chair abuses the powers of that office.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I am extremely hired of the current situation at Daystar and I need serious reforms.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I would like the problems facing the institution solved amicably following right channels in order to maintain the good image of the institution.

(NAIROBI, 2017-11-29)


* I'm signing because...Enough is enough. Wachira has made a lot for himself with my money and even has the same guts to use APS to attack peaceful students. And he has to go.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


Dissatisfaction with administrative heads response to issues that clearly need to be addressed and unprofessional showmanship in the case of the Daystar University Parents Association (DUPA) head.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


As a student of this institution i need transparency and accountability from all that are in office

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I'm signing because I'm tired of getting poor services and my health has been put at risk. No more oppression.

(Nairobi , 2017-11-29)


We need change.
We need a better Daystar

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I wamt want the vc gone and the so called dupa chair to step down

(Mbagathi way, 2017-11-29)



(Athiriver, 2017-11-29)


Timothy must go!

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


All reasons stated previously. Inability to manage Daystar students and faculty effectively and ethically.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I'm signing this because I want a better school community and value for what i pay.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I'm signing this petition because I believe that the lives and rights of students should be protected and respected in learning institutions and they should not be divided ethnically or racially under any circumstances.

(Nairobi , 2017-11-29)


This Man Garraa Leave!!

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


* I'm signing because...with Wachira the Vc I dont see the value of my 150,000paid to daystar every semester,,,

(Machakos, 2017-11-29)


The problems of the university seems to not have a clear ending and so I believe the vice chancellor is highly to blame for it. Plus one cannot really account for the money paid by students for better services required

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


* I'm signing because...i want the vc to stepdown from office

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


Daystar should be worth our money(misappropriation of funds)

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I'm tired of this shit lol
VC must go.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I'm signing as an aggrieved party as I can't stand the filth, corruption and mismanagement in Daystar university

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


It's high time we see change in our institution. That change will start with us

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I want the vice Chancellor and dupa chair to step out of office

(Nakuru, 2017-11-29)


The school admin is incompetent.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I am signing this petition because the VC has proven his inability to run aDaystar University with compitence but rather ignorance of the Students and for the use of force and Power to order around Students like they are animals by using police and mismanagement of funds and fee increament with no valid reasons as to why and with petty developments which are not required by the students,Furthermore,for the failire to listen and act upon the Greviances given, which in other words is ignorance, and just wasting students money with which I as my own sponsor do not see the value of my money in the University and yet he asks for more,
I want to rule out this current VC for a new, better competent person who knows how to pay attention to Student problems and act upon them accordingly to give a condusive learning Environment

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I am unsatisfied with the services provided at the institution.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I want better services and accountability for the money I pay.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


It is unjust when our parents or sponsors hard earned money is misused instead of it providing the required services to the students . While some schools such as usiu are paying less but you cannot compare their commodities . Enough is enough. ..endangerment of students lives and the ethnic divide that is the one ruining our country coming from the so called Christian university with a difference.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I want a change!

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


Mediocrity servant leadership

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I've been through hell in athi and I don't want other students to pass the same road.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


Iam signing this because I support DUSA 100% because what they are pointing out is very true especially the part of dividing students on ethnic lines and even intimidating and some students believed to come from some ethnic groups

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


Because I am a responsible student. And need a responsible V.C

(Ruiru, 2017-11-29)


Because I want both of them to step down

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I'm a Daystar student and I want to see change

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I need justice served!

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I'm signing because the DUPA chair holds a tribalism perception and never holds back her opinion on certain topics and situations where ethnicity is not a problem but a strength.

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


He has to go

(Nairobi , 2017-11-29)


He has to go

(Machakos , 2017-11-29)


I believe in DUSA, and I believe in doing the right thing!

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


Leadership by example is the only kind of real leadership. Everything else is dictatorship

(Nairobi, 2017-11-29)


I stand with DUSA

(Nairobi , 2017-11-30)


He is too dodgy and shady

(nairobi, 2017-11-30)


I want the Vice Chancellor out of days tar University.
He should resign.
He is a corrupt man and not good for the institution

(Nairobi , 2017-11-30)


I want the VC to Clinix too

(Ruiru, 2017-11-30)


VC, seriously...!? at least pretend you care. nkt!!!

(Nairobi, 2017-12-01)


I want change in the institiution, transparency and proper allocation,distribution and use of funds.

(Nairobi, 2017-12-01)


We want him and his rot out of Daystar

(Nairobi, 2017-12-01)


Wachira must go! Accompanied by his partner in crime, the tribal Dorothy Ngethe. We expect better, we deserve better, and we will only accept better.

(Nairobi , 2017-12-02)


They are not leaders on integrity and have no remorse for what they did to cause the rot in the is institution.

(Nairobi , 2017-12-02)


Naamini katika uhaki na uwazi kitu ambacho wawili hawa hawana

(nairobi, 2017-12-03)


It’s worth being signed in. Secondly, change is needed where leadership has been abused.
Roy Lee

(Nairobi , 2017-12-03)


I believe we are the change we wish to achieve.

(Nairobi , 2017-12-03)


There has been too many issues among the students and they never get solved.

(Nairobi , 2017-12-04)


Because we need to bring back sanity in the institution

(Nairobi, 2017-12-05)


We want change in Daystar University

(Nairobi , 2017-12-05)


...of the questionable conduct of the VC

(Nairobi, 2017-12-05)


I choose to be part of the solution! Daystar has really handles this situation all wrong and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! We shall not be oppressed!!

(Nairobi , 2017-12-06)


Things have to change

(Nairobi, 2017-12-10)


The VC must go!

(Nairobi, 2018-01-11)