Marion County Students being denied Technical Education!



Its bullshit that NM staff can stop an student from wanting to learn a trade. Help find a career. Really what is this school staff thinking

(Fairview, 2017-12-08)


If a student wants to learn a trade, you should let them. It’s a career option.

(Buckhannon, 2017-12-08)


The admin is taking away educational time for students & is not allowing any kid from homeroom to leave the class.

(Barrackville, 2017-12-08)


This is ridiculous we should be allowed technical education

(Mannington, 2017-12-08)


I am a Marion County FFA officer and we always hold our officer meeting during lunch. If we can't have our meetings during lunch, then we have to schedule them after school which is close to impossible considering several officers have jobs. We need to be able to get together during lunch so we can plan our chapter meetings and keep everything running smoothly.

(Mannington, 2017-12-08)


North Marion is a joke

(Mannington, 2017-12-08)


I think our administration are lazy and don’t know how to deal with stuff by themselves

(Rachel, 2017-12-08)


It is unfair for them to dictate the tech center and use it to control the students that go there.

(Fairmont, 2017-12-08)


I attend the tech center, we should be able to educate ourselves on free time.

(Fairmont , 2017-12-08)


I got yelled at for absolutely no reason because I had to put up tools.

(Mannington , 2017-12-08)


Because it’s stupid they can’t come over to the tech center.

(Fairmont , 2017-12-08)


I graduated from NMHS and while attending, it was very beneficial for students to skip their lunches in favor of working on their Tech Center projects. It kept tgem out of trouble many times.

(Farmington, 2017-12-08)



(Fairmont , 2017-12-08)


We are not hurting anything we are just furthing our education at the tech center we come in and eat our lunch and start our plan on what we are doing today

(Metz, 2017-12-08)


Because im starting to hate north marion the tech center is way better

(Farmington , 2017-12-08)


I don't believe the students have done anything wrong especially with permission from the teachers they are hanging out with during lunch and AA. I believe punishing the whole school for a couple of bad students is unfair for those who obay the rules.

(Fairmont, 2017-12-08)


The tech center is an amazing place with teachers and administrators who care and realy show an interest inthe students the ideals and events they have they help students decide what they want to do with there life with hands on work rather then just sitting in a desk the entire day reading books and doing work sheets thwy teach you a career and what it takes to succeed in the job they want. Restricting the time and assess spent in the tech center is not allowing those students to become what they need to become to succeed in life with a careers they love. Yeah sure math and english are also important but so are life skills restricting access to the tech center in long long run is reatricting the ability to learn and enjoy doing so.

(Mannington, 2017-12-08)


I was a student at North Marion and attneded classes in the Marion County Technical Center. I did not go to college but I got my career in the medical field due to the Technical Center.

(Mannington, 2017-12-08)


For students to be able to come to the technical center on their free time.

(Fairmont , 2017-12-08)


Because im a tech student and we should be able to go over there and work on projects to futher my education.

(Farmington, 2017-12-08)


Im signing because i often go to the tech

(Farmington, 2017-12-08)


It is crap that we can not get extra learning time for our futures

(Four States, 2017-12-08)


Because this is bull rap and a joke

(Monongah, 2017-12-08)


I have many responsibilities at the tech center and i lose class time getting excused so that i can fullfil those duties.

(Farminton, 2017-12-08)


This is ******* bull shit

(Rachel, 2017-12-08)


I sign this because it is a bunch of bullshit

(Mannington , 2017-12-08)


Cause im a tech student and we could be finishing are projects in our spear time

(Farmington, 2017-12-08)


I’m signing because north Marion is becoming harsh

(Mannington, 2017-12-08)


Students should be aloud to go to the technical center to further there education in their trade during lunch if teachers allow it.

(Fairmont , 2017-12-08)


students should be able to go over to the tech center to work on projects they have to complete on there free periods and free time whenever they have to and if they have permission from there teacher from the tech center. the teachers and principles should also be glad that students are trying to put in all the time and effort they can into there future.

(Farmington, 2017-12-08)



(Fairmont , 2017-12-08)


because i have class over here

(monongah, 2017-12-08)


I am signing because I am a former graduate of north Marion high school and the tech center classes gave such a wild variety of choices to people that not only couldn't afford the college path way, but also ones that want to earn a jump start while in high school. I personally did not choose to take tech center classes but after I graduated I truly wish I would have. Taking this away from students will only make them hate going to school even more. Being a former student I can personally say that I've heard many times that if it wasn't for having the tech center classes they would just drop out.

(Farmington, 2017-12-08)


I sign because North Marion High School has no power to prevent the students to continue their work on their freetime at the Technical Center.

(Mannington , 2017-12-08)


I’m a votec student

(Fairmont, 2017-12-08)


i like to partake in student petitions and i dont like mileto.

(mannington, 2017-12-08)


When I don’t have anyone at lunch to eat with I go over to my favorite teacher and eat over there. When I have a problem or need someone to talk to I go over there and talk to my favorite teacher because I trust them more then anyone else in the school.

(MANNINGTON , 2017-12-08)


This is ridiculous, it’s our free time and they try to control us! It’s so freaking stupid! Not like we’re hurting someone by being in the technical center!!!

(Farmington, 2017-12-08)


This is not fair to students, all students should have a right to chose the tech center. They prepare you for college and life than the high school ever will.

(Mannington , 2017-12-08)


The school has always mistreated Vo Tech students! If they are interested in anything other than their classes, you are overlooked!! It is their time so let them use it as they need to!!

(California, 2017-12-08)


This isn’t going to work anyways, Mileto is gay and won’t let it happen!

(Mannington, 2017-12-09)


I’m signing because I took classes at the technical center an it was the best i could have done and it’s helped me many times since I been out of school

(Farmington , 2017-12-09)