Ask Fortnite to add an African Server!



Our ping is to high make a local server

Timothy Openshaw (East london, 2018-01-10)


I agree

Rayan Khazaal (Johannesburg , 2018-01-10)


I'm signing because having servers in South Africa would not only be good for speed situations but also help those who cannot afford amazingly fast lines.

Wesley Bissolati (Cape Town, 2018-01-10)


I really want an African Server for Fortnite.

Trent Ireton (Johannesburg, 2018-01-10)


South africans are passionate about this game and a RSA server will make things better for us

Dewan van Niekerk (Pretoria, 2018-01-10)


I want local servers!

Wade Dannhauser (Durban, 2018-01-10)


Need to reduce ping for better gameplay. This would be helpful

Nicholas Sloley (Livingstone, 2018-01-10)


Because we Africans and can't play people across the world as we lag to much. Love the game

Ashley Keys (East London , 2018-01-10)


It's only fair

Harris Browne (Melbourne, 2018-01-10)


Absolute fan of this game and really want it to progress more in South Africa

Cameron Kelly (Port Elizabeth , 2018-01-10)


Love the game, hate the lagg...

Cassie le Roux (Tzaneen, 2018-01-12)


It's really difficult to play with 200+ ping.. Would be awesome to get some South African servers up

Cameron Demmer (Durban , 2018-01-12)


I love fortnite but it's extremely difficult to play with the high ping

Sahil deepnarain (Durban, 2018-01-14)


I want fortnite servers in South Africa so my ping can finally get under 200.

Thegan Govender (Durban, 2018-01-14)


I love this vane, but it's now hard to play in Ghana due to the ping.

Stefan Froelich (Accra, 2018-01-14)


I would love to be able to play this game on equal footing. I love how this game is designed, I love the art. It is just brilliant. I am signing this so myself and everyone in SA could enjoy this game even more

Adam Claassens (Benoni, 2018-01-17)


I would like a local server in South africa

Storm Patrick Sawyer (Cape town , 2018-01-17)


I love this game but the lag is literally killing me .

Jason Williams (Cape Town, 2018-01-19)


The ping on the European servers are really high and it's almost impossible to keep up with European players on our skill level.

Michael Thomas (Cape Town, 2018-01-22)


I think it’s unfair that no African server has been made. We deserve to play at a fair ping!

Maahir Omar (Cape Town, 2018-01-22)


The game is only enjoyable 10% of the time.. the other 90% of the time it is completely unplayable.
I will not spend money on a game that is 90% unplayable.
The other issue as well, Epic games completely ignore the users. I have read 50+ epic forums and I have not once seen any representative from Epic respond to a single complaint or request. After seeing the amount of paying users being ignored, I've decided not to invest any money in this game.

Christo van Schalkwyk (Johannesburg, 2018-01-23)


Because fortnite lags like crazy in south Africa

Huzeifa Chothia (Johannesburg, 2018-01-24)


I would like to experience the game with out lag

Yusuf Jooma (Pietermaritzburg , 2018-01-25)


Fortnite must please add a few south African servers

Shivaan Mohanlal (Pietermaritzburg , 2018-01-25)


We need an African server. Me and my friends spend a lot of money on the game

Mohamed Rahimtola (Durban , 2018-01-26)


We need an African server

Hamza Akoob (Durban, 2018-01-26)


The games lag too much and am unableto join friends.

Daud Cassim (Durban, 2018-01-27)


i need a fortnite server that is based on Africa cuz' the lag is toooo much

Sulieman Seblini (nigeria,abuja, 2018-01-31)


Lag is intense for EU

Angelo De Faria (Burgersfort, 2018-02-02)


We need an SA server

Ruan Papenfus (Pretoria, 2018-02-02)


I would like there to be an African server as the 200+ ping is bad and it must make it fair and better for us South African to have less ping

Djordje Laganin (Johannesburg, 2018-02-03)


I need it

Cameron Nel (George, 2018-02-08)


I am signing because I want South African servers for fortnite.

Njabulo Zimu (Johannesburg, 2018-02-10)


I think we need a African server because the community is big enough and we really are loving and enjoying this game. Despite the delay and latency.Getting our own server would mean a lot.

Mane Samson (Port Elizabeth, 2018-02-17)





So i can be more competitive in fortnite

Angelo Christmas (Durban, 2018-02-17)


South Africans need a African server.

Bandile Lugayeni (Durban , 2018-02-17)


I would like to have no lag when playing this amazing game

Tegan Frieslaar (Johannesburg, 2018-02-17)


We need SA servers fam !

Kurt Petersen (Cape Town, 2018-02-18)


I need an African sever for fortnite

Tariq Vanwyk (Durban, 2018-02-18)


It sucks playing with delay trust us SA people if we actually get servers I'll defenitly buy the next battle pass

Dean botes (gauteng, 2018-02-18)


I want to play with boere

Jaco Bezuidenhout (Richards bay, 2018-02-18)


I'm signing tgis because i play a lot of fortnite and i believe that we are ready for an African server

Ismail Dockrat (Pretoria, 2018-02-18)


its really hard to win when ur pings through the roof and i dont want to see this game end up like R6

Dann Nel Theron (bloemfontein, 2018-02-18)


To get a Fortnite server in south africa

Malcolm Wentzel (Johannesburg, 2018-02-18)


I'm signing because I want Fortnite battle Royale to add a African server in general because I feel like we sometimes have an unfair advantage when we fell like we aren't lagging but we are on the other's players point of view

Rendani Masibigiri (Pretoria , 2018-02-18)


We are laging all the time

Tiaan Bakkes (Wesselsbron , 2018-02-18)


The lag for frotnite players in south africa is too bad. So would like a Sa server.

Douw Stegling (Pretoria, 2018-02-18)


Would like an SA server couse we lag too much pleas make servers for us.

Cyranda Barrett (Pretoria, 2018-02-18)


It would be nice not to lag so much and play against youre own people for a change

Joe Lombard (Pretoriq, 2018-02-18)


I just moved here and Lusaka is selling PS4s and xboxs but if there are no good servers to play fortnite on why play the game please make servers seriously it's annoying

Carter Choitz (Chongwe, 2018-02-19)


The fortnite servers for south africans are too bad we have too much lag and would like an SA server.

Bradley Willemse (Pretoria, 2018-02-21)


It be better if we had better signal.

Mitchel Weyers (Walkerville, 2018-02-22)


petition sign

Keith Dyer (Port Elizabeth, 2018-02-22)


I love this game and feel it would be so much better with low latency. I have over 20 wins. I have lost atleast 200 games due to lag. Thus making the experience bias towards the northern hemisphere

Jonathan Van der westhuizen (Kloof, 2018-02-22)


Connection to European servers is bad and there are more than enough African players to support a server

Daniel Barrett (Durban, 2018-02-22)


I want to sign this petition because this idea is revolutionary for us at South Africa, we have been enjoying this game as a whole but do not feel entirely included because of the small and easily fixable issue of there being no South African servers. With the aid of these servers gameplay will trend and increase the amount of people playing this well made game.

Tim Dunkley (Durban, 2018-02-22)


The servers are really laggie

Chad Louw (Cape town, 2018-02-22)


Im signing beacuase i play fortnite

Kian Bester (Cape town, 2018-02-22)


This would be great!

Joel Robb (Durban, 2018-02-22)


I'm signing because I really enjoy Fortnite, but it gets really frustrating to lag all the time, especially if we pay money in the game but can't enjoy it to the fullest.
The lagging gives other player a better competitive advantage jusat because they live in the right area.

Timothy Olivier (Blomfontein, 2018-02-26)


I hate playing with Lag its not fun for me or the people I'm playing against so just let us get our own servers

Phillip Segoapa (Johannesburg, 2018-02-27)


Latency is too much.. :(

Tristan Kruger (Cape Town, 2018-02-27)


I really want to play lag-free on fortnite! Please.

Michael Engelbrecht (Cape Town, 2018-03-03)


I would really like to see fortnite servers in South Africa.

Oarabile Ramogale (Durban , 2018-03-11)


I'd like to stop lagging when playing international

Caps Apple (Uitenhage, 2018-03-11)


Because n am lagging and my ping up to 300 !!! Please make sa server

Franco Rossouw (Port elezabeth, 2018-03-16)


I really would like south afrocan severs it would make the game even better

Tre Dressing (Durbam, 2018-03-16)


Im signing because i live in ghana and love fortnite but due to my latency me and my friends always lag sometimes it even kicks us out of the game

Kwaku Osae-Addo (Accra, 2018-03-17)


We need south african servers....on the new update just made it worst....456ms+...i cant even play the game anymore.....if yourll cant add it...please refund all the skins i bought on fortnite

Milan Nagar (Pretoria, 2018-03-30)


Latency in europe server

Nicholas Sinon (Victoria, 2018-04-01)


Really need Rsa servers, a bg community of people want it, and even more people will start playing once it has been implemented.

Jacques de Jager (Pretoria , 2018-04-02)


I love fortnite but it is unplayable with my current 200+ ping

Talha Moosa (Johannesburg , 2018-04-03)


Im signing this petition because I love fortnite, I think it's my favorite game of the year so far, and I want to get really good at it but with 200+ ping, it's kinda hard. Please help with implementing a server for us here in Africa. Thanks.

Josh Goodwin (Durban, 2018-04-07)



Gerhard Volschenk (Welkom, 2018-04-11)


Ping over 200

Julian Botha (Vereeniging, 2018-04-11)


Really challenging to play with a 200+ ping

Craig Barske (Sandton, 2018-04-12)


i need a local server. cause , i always and constantly lag.

Kabelo Mothofo (potchefstroom, 2018-04-12)


Too much lag

Brian Lui (Nairobi, 2018-04-14)


We lag double tine in South Africa. With the 50v50 mode coming back. We arent excited because our online experience is rather poor for such an amazing game. We fear it may lose popularity and become dormant by the time a South African server is implemented

Reginald Munyai (Johannesburg, 2018-04-26)


Latency disadvantage makes this great game unenjoyable

Kellen Pretorius (Cape Town, 2018-04-26)


250 latency sucks! and it's making me mad

Marcel Viljoen (Uitenhage, 2018-04-29)



Tawfeeq Tofar (CAPE TOWN, 2018-04-29)


need the sever like yesterday

Jephren Naicker (Durban, 2018-05-03)


Like everyone else in SA we want local servers as the best we can connect to is Eu and thats 300ping on good days. we love the game just as much as everyone else and have a huge player base here.

Teaghan Green (Johannesburg, 2018-05-04)


I lag seriously we need West African servers

Jason Tieku (Accra, 2018-05-06)


I get 300 ping thats just terrible

Yusuf Bobzone (Johannesburg, 2018-05-07)


Want server

Kobus Van schalkwyk ( Bloemfontein , 2018-05-07)


200 ping is too high

Charl Meyer (Bloemfontein , 2018-05-07)


I have been playing Fortnite for some time now and i have really enjoyed my experience with Fortnite. But the issue still at large is that there is no African Server and 200+ ping is not enjoyable. I not only speak for myself but for all who suffer from lag in African when i say we need a SA SERVERS OR ANYWHERE IN AFRICA thx

Gregory Jefferson (Johannesburg, 2018-05-09)


We have a player base large enough and we feel that everyone in south africa and the rest of africa will benifit from this and make the game better and more enjoyable for us, playing on 200+ping to eu servers can really be a struggle when facing off against players on low ping, we would love to have an even playing field

Ethan Pike (Pretoria, 2018-05-10)


I hate lag and have a disadvantage playing with 200+ ping

josh saunders` (durban, 2018-05-12)


I badly need a SA server for fortnite

It is very frustrating to play with 200+ ping.

Please, I beg you!

Ancel Jooste (Johannesburg, 2018-05-13)


The game is unplayable on EU server because of the 150 ping

Osaid Mian (Dubai, 2018-05-13)


I'd like to see South African Fortnite servers, simply because of the ping. We cannot play the game properly playing on EU servers. I'd also like to see Custom Matchmaking brought into South Africa for the local tournaments that my team enters.

Matthew Nicolle (Cape Town, 2018-05-14)


We need this

Reece Thomson (Johnasberg, 2018-05-15)


please epic do us a solid we need Africa servers we battle to complete our challenges for the battle pass
it sucks doing it on a 300ms ping

Rig Jazz (Johannesburg, 2018-05-16)


PING is too high to enjoy a fast-paced game.

Justin Diener (gauteng, 2018-05-20)


pls make africa server we can't play with other server

habib bibani (tunisia, 2018-05-20)


Servers are too laggy

Mohammed Hassan (Hargeisa, 2018-05-21)


Ww have a minimum 200 ping.i would like to play fortnite more competitively and want to stream it

Connor Pretorius (Pretoria, 2018-05-22)


Would love to play with a 20 ping not 220

Martin Smit (Port Edward, 2018-05-22)


We need this asap

Benru Meintjes (Welkom, 2018-05-23)


Je suis parceque j aimerais avoir une expérience meilleur

Noah Dijoux (Le Guillaume, 2018-05-26)


I'm signing because me and my friends cannot compete with other players on lower ping when were all sitting on 200+ where our bullets don't register or we can't open a chest nor are we able to pick up our weapons,we cannot compete with other players because right now we are weak.

Tauriq Achmat (Polokwane, 2018-05-31)


Because I believe AF server will be better then EU and Asia even for Indian players

Sunny Choudhary (Mumbai, 2018-05-31)


I want a SA server I cant play with 200ping anymore

Ferdie Coetzee (Virginia, 2018-06-05)


I'm signing it because i would like Fortnite to add an African server so we have better gaming experience with fortnite.And not have 200+ ping.

Keagan Geyser (Johannesburg, 2018-06-07)


Need african fortnite server

Willie Botha (Alberton, 2018-06-09)


I want a South African server. As it is impossible to play competitive with 200+ latency

Emile Erasmus (Pretoria, 2018-06-10)


I'm signing this because there are so many players in fortnite that invest loads of money into the game but receive no support from EPIC. We need South African Servers because 200+ ping is not good enough.

Elmar Kangaroo (Cape Town, 2018-06-10)


The consistent 200 ping ! We need african servers

Logan Cherry (Neslpruit, 2018-06-11)


I hate the lag in this game...Africa has more gamers than you think. Please avail a server that can cover us too.

Elvis Ratemo (Nairobi, 2018-06-13)


Playing on 200+ ping aux.

Christian Strydom (Boksburg, 2018-06-13)


I cant stand playing on 200 ping. Please add south african servers

Laurence Pereira (Newcastle, 2018-06-15)


Hi please make South africa/african servers for us we have a big fan base in south africa that is playing Fortnite Ping is just to high 200+

Nossie Deyzel (Potchefstroom, 2018-06-16)


I have a massive passion for the game and would like to see south african servers added because i can not keep playing at 250+ ping

David Neto (Rustenburg, 2018-06-25)


I really like Fortnite and my ping is in the high 400's and it would be awesome to have it lower

Justin Roberts (Rustemburg , 2018-06-25)


I'm from South Africa and the nearest sever is in the UK...I have terrible ping between 400 and 700 whenever I play fortnight on by PS4 with a 10meg WiFi lane

Benrico Pienaar (Rustenburg, 2018-06-25)


The pin is very bad at times

Dylan de Aguiar (Rustenburg, 2018-06-25)


I'm tired of getting hit-markers without damage, taking 2 seconds longer than everyone else to place a wall, and shooting first but dying because of the ping/lag, I believe that in the entire continent of Africa there should be enough players to justify a server. Please consider.

Justin Somers (Durbanville, 2018-06-28)


The increase in lag kills the fun in the game.

Ruan Esterhuizen (Cape Town, 2018-06-29)


Ping too high in Mauritius

Ebrahim Saïb Zubeir (Vacoas, 2018-07-09)


It's really gonna help a lot of things. I play in Nigeria and the closest servers around are the European servers. I get around 150 ping and it'll be very good if an African sever is available.

Babs Ayodele (Lagos, 2018-07-09)


170+ ping ??!! please help with a better server for the African content thanks epic :)

Vasco Smit (cape town, 2018-07-10)


The high ping can be a huge disadvantage some times. Please!

Matt van den Bergh (Strand, 2018-07-12)


200 ping? Wudduyumean brother

Kiano Fernandes (JHB, 2018-07-14)


I would like servers in south africa

Declan Bowring (Johannesburg, 2018-07-15)


Fortnite is unplayable in the EU servers which is the best option they have. An African server is long overdue.

Denis Njeru (Nairobi, 2018-07-17)


i really want fornite south african servers all the other country's across the world have their own servers and we dont have the lowest server ping we can get is around 200ms on EU thats the closest state to us(closest server) and we have AWS in JHB can you guys just give us a SA server

jacques van niekerk (pretoria, 2018-07-20)


200ms ping is so annoying and can mean the difference between a second place or victory

Xavier Prospero (Gauteng , 2018-07-20)


I'm signing because I want to play fortnight properly

Adrian Mc Queen (Hazyview , 2018-07-22)


I am signing because we sometime see 1000 ms response on ping even though we have 20MB fiber link. Azure will be in SA soon, so what is the problem?

Hendrik Fourie (Johannesburg, 2018-07-27)


Absolutely agree with this

Bob Sanders (Gauteng, 2018-07-31)


We need african server because we dont have competitive advantage over other players who have less than 30 ping and we south african players faces 250+ ping.

Huzi Smart (Thohoyandou limpopo, 2018-08-05)


Bad ping in game

Berno Havinga ( Cape town , 2018-08-06)


I'm signing thus because i get 129-149 ping but i want South african servers because of people shooting me behind my walls

Marnus Havinga (Capetown, 2018-08-06)


I hate the lag. Everybody does and it would be nice to put some SA servers in please

Connavah van Wyngaardt (Cape Town, 2018-08-06)


I have over 80wins with terrible ping , let us free fortnite , let me see that number grow!!!!!!

Give us a server

Martin Smit (Port Elizabeth, 2018-08-07)


African Server please

Scorpion King (Johannesburg , 2018-08-08)


I want better ping.

Bernard Kannemeyer (Cape Town , 2018-08-08)


I really love this game, and it's getting hella popular over here, but i can't stand the fact that we have to play with 200+ping since there's no servers located in south africa or in africa in general. WE get instant delays on every situation we are in, so it makes the game unplayable. The only moments i get to play this game correctly nice and smoothly is when i'm on vacay. That's really sad. I hope epic, you will be able to take this petition in mind. Thank you!

Harry Solliez (Johannesburg, 2018-08-08)


Want n server I can play on that those not have a ping of 160 or higher

Christiaan Beukes (Cape Town, 2018-08-09)


We need fortnite servers in south Africa, this will benefit people in Singapore etc

Abdullah Essack (Johannesburg , 2018-08-09)

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