The right to mock exams between the written and oral BAC



oral exams are nerve-wracking and the first for many students at this point in their education. Everyone should have the right to, at least once, sit down with teachers and run through a simulation.

Joshua Oudendijk (Maastricht, 2018-01-11)


As students we deserve to practice before we go to the actual baccalaureate orals.

Zoé Baxevanidis (Luxembourg , 2018-01-11)


In a school where oral examinations of any sort are not covered throughout year 1 to 6 of the secondary, it is unimaginable to ban our only useful preparation of oral exposition without any valid justifications...

Valerio Urzi (Bertrange, 2018-01-11)


Because the students of the European Schools has the right to practice for the orals ! They have never had any experience in orals, due to the tests trough out the years are only written ! Banning practices makes it sound like the people deciding this wants the students to fail ?

Emil Andersen (Mamer, 2018-01-11)


I’m signing due to the unfair nature of the ban on the current students. The majority of students haven’t had the opportunity to perform an oral exam before, the lack of preparation can result in students not quite understand what to expect of them in the exam, resulting in a lower exam result. The universities that we are applying to will not be aware of this and if we don’t do as well on our orals and get a lower grade than students from previous years, we might not be able to make it into our desired universities because they aren’t informed on the situation at hand.

Sebastian Mosselmans (Bettembourg, 2018-01-11)


This decision of canceling the mock oral exams should be removed emediatly

Despina Nestora (Luxembourg , 2018-01-11)


I find it outrageous that we are not given the same opportunity to practise for the oral BAC as students in previous years have been.

Karl Ohlsson (Bertrange, 2018-01-11)


Petro Panarari

Petro Panarari (Reggio emilia, 2018-01-11)


As a former student of the European School I can say mock exams were really useful for me, especially considering the fact that the school does not get students used to oral examinations previous to the Bac.

Enrico Fedele (Milano, 2018-01-11)


Up to 7th year, the European school only focuses on written exams and it's hugely unfair to expect students to do oral exams which affect their bac mark and their future without any practice.

Ciara Stern (Luxembourg, 2018-01-11)


I believe it is important to practice oral examinations since it can be a stressful experience and knowing what the experience will be like can help a lot.

Lorenzo Bichisao (Luxembourg, 2018-01-11)


I want to practice my oral skill

Christos Lazarou (Merl, 2018-01-11)


I'm signing because students should have the right to practice such an important examination. In fact, before passing my orals, mock exams helped me handle the stress during the exam and improve my communication skills.

Filippo Maceratesi (Bath, 2018-01-11)


It is wrong not to allow the students practice oral exams. It is standard practice to prepare for orals in other schools and countries.

Aline Harbeck (Glasgow, 2018-01-11)


This is a stupid new rule. In other countries they have oral exams 3 years which allows them to be prepared for the final exams.

Lona Harbeck-Voss (Mamer, 2018-01-11)


Its my right!!

David Belmonte (Alicante, 2018-01-11)


I’m a student affected by this.

Pyrame Beghain (Bertrange, 2018-01-11)


We should be able to practice for an exam we have never prepared for

Pili Woollard (Alicante, 2018-01-11)


I'm signing this because students should have the right to practice oral bacs as long as they help them.

Jonathan Hardy-Kim (Bertrange, 2018-01-11)


It is difficult to understand the rationale behind restrictions to practice for exams. Isn't it an essential part of the teaching and learning process?

Ines sal (Alicante, 2018-01-11)


I believe practise exams between the written and the oral bacs helps us students give better performances

Fiona Tefiku (Bertrange, 2018-01-11)


I find it unfair, that it is expected from us to do a baccalaureate exam for which we will not be prepared. It could risk our university applications and our future academic carrier

alexandra kouklaki ntourou (bertrange, 2018-01-11)


This is the first time I have ever be told to stop doing my job as a teacher

David Roe (Alicante, 2018-01-11)


Mock tests have played a vital role in the outcomes of my bac oral examinations. The European School provides a great educational preparation in regards to written exams, but draws poor attention to oral ones. For this reason mock tests are essential for students to build confidence and learn how to speak out loud about a topic studied, in front of a teacher. Banning them is outrageous.

Elena Mercusa (Guildford, 2018-01-11)


mock orals helped me prepare for the real ones. it is unfair on current students to withdraw such a crucial preparatory activity, especially at such short notice

Caitlin Welch (Strasbourg, 2018-01-11)


I am signing this petition because I think the mock exams are crucial when it comes to preparing for the orals. They help students tremendously and make them gain confidence and gives them an idea of how the oral might be. I believe that these mocks helped students which needed help a lot in order to pass their exams and it is not fair that now after so many years they decide to take it away completely.

Emma Torija Mosquera (Luxembourg , 2018-01-11)


Mock exams give the possibility to allow students to familiarise and adapt to a never experienced test. It is unprofessional for this to be communicated in the middle of a school year.

Margarita Mudde (Bertrange , 2018-01-11)


Students need the right to prepare with a mock exam rather than be put under a lot of pressure in an unfamiliar situation.

Julie Sejeroe-Olsen (Mol, 2018-01-11)


It is my right as student to practice and learn in order to improve and have better marks in my oral bacs. This only complicates things to the students...

Javier Sutil (Luxembourg, 2018-01-11)


It’s a ridiculous new rule

Adrián Méndez (Luxembourg, 2018-01-11)


I'm signing because I need to pass lol

Martha Bevan (Antwerp, 2018-01-11)


This is simply unjust and unfair, this should have been told much further in advance! If they wish to stop doing this, which would be very dumb, then they must announce that at the very begging of the school year and not later with warning!

Oscar Frankefort (Mol, 2018-01-11)


It is the only fair opportunity for the students that had never before oral exams

Maria Dourou (Bertrange , 2018-01-11)



daniel escobar (Camello city, 2018-01-11)


This is bullshit

Kaitlin Snow (2400, 2018-01-11)


I am a student of the europeans schools and i want to recieve the same opportunities afforded to the student of the previous years

Izar Schärf (Mol, 2018-01-11)


I want to have the best shot for my BACC

Alexandra Dobney (Geel, 2018-01-11)


this is preparation for our BAC, this doesn't affect anyone negatively , this can only be beneficial towards a better grade

Lars Seldam (München, 2018-01-11)


It helped me a lot, when I took mock oral exams last year to prepare myself for the real oral exams!

Carlo Giu (Brussels, 2018-01-12)


I had them last year and saved my overall average.

Eliot Genton (Manchester, 2018-01-12)


Just y bruh

Alessio Piccolin (Strassen, 2018-01-12)


I’m signing because every student should have the right to feel more confident and relaxed in an already extremely stressful time.

Nicole Ancker (Copenhagen, 2018-01-12)


I was a student and was denied practice orals for multiple subjects however other sections where given them anyways this is completely unfair and as we are a European school and we are supposed to be as equal as the communist USSR I think that any student be it now or in the distant future should be equal. as lenin said :" complete equality of rights for all nations: the right of nations to self-determination -- such is the national programme that Marxism, the experience of Russia, teach the workers. although this quote is about the equality of workers right I believe it applies to us students future and past.

Pieter Meijer (Reading, 2018-01-12)


Because the students derserve a simulation of the oral exam since there are no oppertunities like these in the previous years

Aoibhín Spillane (Munich, 2018-01-12)

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