( For Christie) To sustain the incarceration of individual that murdered our daughter in 1988...



He should be in jail forever. If not worse. How can he even be considered to be released?!?

(Largo, 2018-01-12)


For the safety of our community, in memory of Christie, for the Peace of Mind for the Montrella family. God bless you Dennis and Jan. No family should have to go through this again and again.

(Willoughby, Ohio, 2018-01-12)


This should never happen to another.

(Grove City, OH, 2018-01-12)


To take a life and in such a vile way is not a forgivable act and such a person should not be allowed to roam once again in our society.

(Painesville, 2018-01-12)


A beautiful young woman’s life was taken. The murderer put the family through additional pain by hiding the body. He took her life and deserves to remain in prison for the remainder of his life.

(North Canton, OH, 2018-01-12)


I'm signing because I went through high school with Christie! I was friends with Christie and forever changed me and my friends.

(Austinburg , 2018-01-12)


It is a good cause

(Plainfeld , 2018-01-12)


No family should have to worry their daughter's killer will go free.

(Cornelius , 2018-01-12)


I am signing because he doesn’t deserve to live his life because he took Christie’s away from her and her family.

(Mentor , 2018-01-12)


I am a resident of Willoughby. I do want this man out on the streets to kill someone else's child. For the love of God, please do not release him!

(Willoughby , 2018-01-12)


He took a life, therefore does not deserve a chance to rebuild his own. She didn’t have a chance to so why should he.

(Mentor, 2018-01-12)


Justice needs to be served

(Mentor, 2018-01-12)


I knew Christie because I went to school with her big sister Karin. The actions of this man took the life of a young , innocent girl, FOR NO REASON! If he is released...who knows who is next victim might be

(Malvern , 2018-01-12)


I went to high school with Christie and attended her funeral. The expression of pure utter pain that I witnessed that day by her family and friends will be forever etched in my mind. For this family’s sake, this man should never be released. I’m in total disbelief that this is even a consideration.

(Chandler, 2018-01-12)


I remember this like it happened yesterday. It devistated our community. This person should never get out of jail. Stay strong Montrella family.. Christie is not forgotten...

(Willowick , 2018-01-12)


I am signing because this girls life was cut short and I don't believe he should be able to get out and live his. HE should just stay in prison.

(Geneva, 2018-01-12)


I remember this horrific murder,and believe that he needs to stay in prison forever.

(Willoughby hills, 2018-01-12)


This predator kidnapped, beat, and stabbed a 16 year old girl. He then dumped her body aling a highway. He has only served half his life in jail after robbing her of a lifetime of possibility. He does not deserve to enjoy freedom, regardless of 'good behavior' while incarcerated.

(Dayton, 2018-01-12)


Christiie lost her life at 16 years old in brutal, horrific way. She won't ever get a second chance. This monster shouldn't either!!

(Highland Heights, 2018-01-12)


He should not be paroled!

(Willoughby, 2018-01-12)


That man deserves to remain in jail.

(Willoughby, 2018-01-12)


For Christie and the Montrella family.

(North Ridgeville, 2018-01-12)


When you take a life in that manner you must pay with your own life. She is gone forever and the criminal should be gone forever.

(Stow, 2018-01-12)


I'm signing because I grew up with Christie. No one deserves to be taken like this, much less such a happy, kind girl as her. She would have done amazing things for this community had her life not been cut short.

(Mentor, 2018-01-12)


For Christie

(Mentor, 2018-01-12)


Christie won’t get a second chance at life and the man who took that opportunity shouldn’t either.

(Mentor, 2018-01-12)


this was a horrific event for this family and our community. Life in prison is the right sentence for this individual.

(Willoughby, 2018-01-12)


Murderers need to STAY in prison!

(Highland Heights, Ohio, 2018-01-12)


Donato Lombardozzi is an evil human being. 30 years isn't nearly long enough to make up for the life he took from Christie Montrella.

(Painesville , 2018-01-12)


My family has also experienced the horrorific death of a loved one, my sister. I understand the need to keep him in prison.

(Willoughby, 2018-01-12)


Ill never forget this and neither should he. This was a horrible crime on a young lady.

(Willoughby , 2018-01-12)


He deserves to serve his full sentence

(Wickliffe, 2018-01-12)


For Christie and the Montrella family.

(Willoughby , 2018-01-12)


He took an innocent girls life. He should stay in prison for the rest of his life. With no parole!

(Eastlake , 2018-01-12)


This was a willful, selfish and brutal attack on a young lady. Someone with this little regard for life should never be free. Our safety is too important.

(Mentor, 2018-01-12)


For Christie.

(Concord Twp , 2018-01-12)


That man took away a precious beautiful young girl. He deserves to rot in jail

(Willoughby , 2018-01-12)


The Montrellas are FAMILY to me!

(Willoughby, 2018-01-12)


I'm signing in support of the family of the victim.

(Seattle, 2018-01-12)


He should stay in prison for taking this young girls life!!!

(Mayfield Hts, 2018-01-12)


I believe a person who murders someone should be jailed their whole life. Our judicial and corrections system does not rehabilitate anyone. That has been proven in many studies. If someone takes a life, they give their own life-in jail or in death.

(Conneaut, 2018-01-12)


Because he took a life and deserves to stay in prison, for the rest of his life!

(Wickliffe, 2018-01-12)


Christie was a beautiful person who was robbed of her life and she doesn't get a second chance. How dare he think he deserves one!

(Willoughby, 2018-01-12)


The Montrella Family continues to handle this nightmare with grace. They should never have to fight to keep him in prison.

(Rocky River, 2018-01-12)


I'm signing because this person does not deserve Freedom. He already has his life. She doesn't.

(Ashtabula, 2018-01-12)


Wishing peace for your family

(Denver , 2018-01-12)


For the Love of a Daughter.God Rest Her Soul.

(East Haven.Ct, 2018-01-12)


I'm signing this because Christie was my friend! I can't believe that anyone would even think of paroling this monster! Christie was supposed to graduate with us in 1990! That didnt happen. Christie was supposed to live a beautiful life! Why? Because SHE DESERVED IT! That wasn't able to happen. Christie was suposed to be experiencing what all of her classmates/friends are experiencing now. THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!! She was a good hearted friend that cared and would do anything for ANYONE! Donato, doesn't deserve to walk free! WHY? BECAUSE CHRISTIE CAN'T EITHER!!!

(Rock Hill, 2018-01-12)


He needs to remain in prison. He should not be let out.

(Willoughby, 2018-01-12)


My friend is family and I think it’s important to her

(York, 2018-01-12)