( For Christie) To sustain the incarceration of individual that murdered our daughter in 1988...



He needs to spend his life and rot in prison! The Montrella family is so special.

Andrea Bordonaro (Willoughby , )


I remember the day we found out at South High School.

Michael O'Brien (Fredericksburg, )


I remember this as I was in Willoughby South High at the time, this man needs to stay where he is for this terrible crime

William Simmons (Middlefield, )


It’s not right. He look someone’s life. He is young... what’s to say he won’t do that again?

Melissa Hafer (Willowick , )


I'm Signing This Petition To Protest The Parole Of This Feckin Animal Donato Lombardozzi and to speak on behalf of all those people like myself that have suffered through the brutal murder of a family member.

Dave Clemens (Euclid, )


I knew Christie and was fortunate enough to have her as my friend. The Montrellas are a wonderful family and deserve justice. As do the countless lives that were inexorably changed the day he took that beautiful, innocent, 16 year old child away from us all! He deserves to rot in that cell before he burns in Hell.

Dan Perno (Mentor , )


My coworker deserves peace.

Lisa Gonzalez (Cleveland, )


murderers should not be released.

Connie Montrella (guyancourt , )


He needs to serve life sentence

Lynne Belt (Lorain, )


I am a colleague of Christie's aunt

M Perillat (mercer island, )


Supporting friend's family

Tracy Bahn Elphick (Greer, )


I'm signing because life imprisonment should be that!!! Life!!!

Melanie Melhem (Fontenay Le Fleury, )


She was a light taken too soon by a monster.

Cyndi Schneithorst-Larned (Windsor , )


For Christie Her family loves her and Misses her. The person who has no regard for human life should not be free.

Arielle Love (York, )


A murderer should not be let out of jail. After 30 years in prison, this man is not equipped to deal with life in the real world. He will fall into a life of crime, and God forbid, maybe kill again.

Jennifer Simons (Seaford, )


I don’t want him out of prison

Kate Gavin (Lyndhurst, )


He does not deserve freedom!!!!

Diane Jeavons (Windsor, )


Murderers should not be released to prey on our citizens. Just look at the number of repeat offenders.

Betty Matteo (Eldon mo, )


I'm signing this because....I remember.

Shannon Harris (Willoughby, )


This guy killed my cousin and should remain in prison to continue to pay for his crime. My cousin doesn't get to come back into society and neither should he.

Daniel Montrella (York, )


He has never taken full responsibility for the murder. He has never given a true and accurate information about the crime. He murdered a young girl without any remorse.

David Clair (Eastlake, )


Andi Lufi

Andi Lufi (Willoghby , )


I love the Montrella family and this crime on their daughter basically tore their family apart.

Bill Hartlage (Denver, )


He should rot in prison for all of his days....he took a life, he should not have a chance to live a normal life and put the public at risk of him repeating his crime !!!

Joyce Lovey (Willowick, )


My heart aches for the Montrella Family and for Christie whose young life was brutally extinguished. Her killer has no right to freedom in my opinion. How much time served is enough? A lifetime is not enough.

Janet Rieger (Mentor, )


Unfortunately, Christie does not get a second chance. She does not get a chance for parole. Searching for her was one of my first memorable moments as a brand new fire fighter. I will never forget the moment her young, innocent, fragile body was found ... dumped on the side of a highway. I see her every time I drive past the site. She was a Junior in High School when this happened. She trusted her adult employer who ultimately would take her life. DONATO LOMBARDOZZI SHOULD REMAIN INCARCERATED.

George Ward (Kirtland, )


Please keep in Jail

Timothy Slocum (Willowick, )


Christie cannot petition the court for herself.

Dan Davis (Chardon, Ohio, )


We've become more concerned with the offenders: their well-being, civil rights, being politically and procedurally correct. Meanwhile the victim's family is still sweeping up the shattered bits & pieces of what remains of their lives after advatating loss.

Maureen Schill (Euclid , )


Keep him in prison where he belongs...not walking the street!

Denise Johnson (Willoughby, )


The crimes committed against this young girl were heinous and with intent. As a citizen of northeast Ohio and a father, I do not want this man back on our streets.

Gary Pridemore (Madison, )


Please keep him locked up, no amount of rehab help will cure a murderer

Larece Galer (Mentor on the Lake, )


No parent should have to go through this. He took the life of a beautiful young lady that had her whole life ahead of her. Life in prison is too good for him.

Nancy Sindelar (Eastlake, )


No murder should be set free

Melissa Gordyan (Hudson, )


A murderer of a child should not be set free. That day was my darkest day in high school.

Peggy Hance (South Milwaukee, )


He should rot in jail for what he has done to Christie and her family!!

Angela Balzer (Eastlake , )


I went to school with Christie. I played soccer with Christie and her death was horrific. That piece of shit should be put away for life. It was a brutal death and no family should ever have to go through something as tragic as that. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and hoping this sick individual is left in prison for the rest of his life!

Jennifer Lewis (Mentor, )


I didn't know Christy but as soon as I saw there was a petition for her, I didn't have to look up who Christy was. I knew who Christy was and her tragic death leaves me crying to this day.

Leigh Archibald (Wickliffe , )


This murderer should not be allowed to get out of prison...ever.

Mike Grady (North Canton , )


Agree with no parole

Connie Gordon (Perry, )


Lived near the Montrella family. My parents still do. The family is in my thoughts to this day. I will never forget the feelings their story brought to me at a young age. They shouldn’t have to go over this again and again.

Jamie Frank (Mentor, )


I know from hearing trained people in Physc talk--that these people cannot be rehabilitated--

Linda Glover (Wicklife, )