( For Christie) To sustain the incarceration of individual that murdered our daughter in 1988...



Christie's family has been denied the right to see a beautiful person grow up, to see her married and to witness what she would have been like as a wife and mother. She was only a child herself when she was so tragically taken from her family and yet he is still alive to enjoy waking up each morning to see the sun, the rain, the snow and everything wonderful that happens daily. The family will probably never fully recover over the loss of their precious daughter and sister because she was a special light in the darkness.

(Cobourg, 2018-01-13)


He should stay where he is until the day they get their healthy, happy, full of life daughter back the Way she was before he took her away. Then on that day release him, not one day sooner.

(Trenary, 2018-01-13)


I'm signing this because I remember this like it was yesterday. This monster needs to serve his FULL TERM.

(Painesville, 2018-01-13)


The Montrella family has been a second family to my father for his entire life. I remember when I was a kid, just 12 years old, and my dad got the news that his best friend’s daughter was murdered. It was the first time I saw my Daddy cry. As a child, I could not even begin to understand why tragedies like this happen. Now, as an adult, I’ve dedicated my life to fighting for crime victims. As the managing attorney of a statewide crime victims legal program, I would be remiss not to speak up for this family who has lost the life of their precious daughter. Men like Donato belong behind bars and families like the Montrellas deserve the peace that his incarceration brings. Please hear our words and deny his parole. Thank you for your time. Erin

(Austin, 2018-01-13)


Because he took a life of a young lady that did not deserve to die and in my a pinon he should of got the death penalty which he did not get so he dose not deserved to walk the face of this earth free !!!!..

(Mentor, 2018-01-13)


This monster does not deserve to be released! Make him serve out his full sentence! This young lady will never be released back to earth!!!!

(Willowick, 2018-01-13)


He should stay in prison for life!

(Mentor, 2018-01-13)


I was a class mate of Christie; class of 1990.

(Leroy Township, 2018-01-13)


I don't know anyone involved in this case yet i still remember this crime. It was horrible and so very sad. He doesnt deserve to ever get out of jail.

(Westerville, 2018-01-13)


This was an awful crime and I don't think this society would be safe with him in it, We are all better off with him behind bars waiting out the inevitable....Everyone gets the death sentece sooner or later - let him sit and wait. If he has any redeeming qualities to offer the world he can do it from behind bars. Support, love and light to the Montrella family. I will pass it on!

(EUCLID, 2018-01-13)


I remember this so very well..So sad....taken away so young..i think he deserves a lifetime to repent

(mentor, 2018-01-13)


The man needs to rot in prison, I don't know the young murder victim but I don't think anyone that takes a life should be released from prison, He made a choice & for that choice he should never see outside the gates of prison.

(Cleveland, 2018-01-13)


He can continue his life but she can’t. He needs to pay.

(Lorain, 2018-01-13)


I am a retired police officer and believe all murderers should stay locked up.

(Willowick, Ohio, 2018-01-13)


I think that when murder is involved the death penalty should be exercised!!! Never let this murderer murder again. Keep him incarcerated and let the crime see the punishment!!!

(Eastlake, 2018-01-13)


For Christie

(Lake wylie, 2018-01-13)


I remember this well. Absolutely no parole now or ever.

(Cleveland Hts., 2018-01-13)


He does not need released.

(Eastlake, 2018-01-13)


Justice should continue to be served.

(Salem, 2018-01-13)


it's the right thing to do

(cleveland , 2018-01-13)


A young woman's life was taken ruthlessly by a vicious selfish individual man with no regard for human rights. Lombardozzi needs to complete his sentence.

(Orland Park IL 60462, 2018-01-13)


I'm signing because this man does not deserve to be released. The harmful and detrimental act has caused family and friends to experience an incredible amount of pain. He should not have the opportunity to be released so no one has to ever feel afraid for what he may do.

(Columbus, 2018-01-13)


I support the Montrella Family and believe that people need to be held responsible for their actions.

(Holland, PA, 2018-01-13)


Murderers should not be given parole.

(Lorain, 2018-01-13)


The family deserves justice. So does society as this man stole the life of a beautiful young woman. Please.... no parol for this child murderer.

(Mentor, OH, 2018-01-13)


I am signing because I care. I cannot imagine the pain this man caused this family. Christie doesn't get to enjoy life, he shouldn't either.

(Willoughby, 2018-01-13)


I’m signing this to support the Montrella family. Christie’s murderer does not deserve to go free.

(Hampstead , 2018-01-13)


I am a good friend of the family and graduated with Christie's mother Jan. Don't want them to have to deal with his release and every worry about bumping into him after committing such a horrific crime.

(Mentor, 2018-01-13)


Justice for the deceased and her family members.

(Gettysburg, 2018-01-13)


Each time that Christie's murder is revisited, the Montrella family relives the horror of the event. The anxiety of the next parole hearing, the possibility of encountering this man on the street, the fear for the safety of other family members all hold the promise of terror. The lack of contrition calls for sustaining this individual's incarceration.

(Johnson City, TX, 2018-01-13)


I’m signing as this man ruthlessly killed a young woman ruthlessly. She was a student of my sister, a high school English teacher.

(Modesto, 2018-01-13)


The man hasn't paid a price, yet, commensurate with his crime.

(Malvern, Pa, 2018-01-13)


This man should never be let free.

(Willowick, Ohio, 2018-01-13)


I remember when this happened. I am a mom and can’t imagine if this happened to one of my girls. He should be in prison forever if you ask me.

(Mentor, 2018-01-13)


This young lady deserved to live a long life but instead her life was taken way too soon from this monster.

(johnstown, 2018-01-13)


I see first hand how much pain this man caused this family. The unimaginable loss of Christie continues to affect them each day. He took a beautiful innocent life and robbed her of her future. He does not deserve freedom.

(Columbus, 2018-01-13)


No one should get out of prison for committing a murder.

(Salem, 2018-01-13)


I care.

(Oakland Park , 2018-01-13)


he should stay their for what he done to their daughter

(madison, 2018-01-13)


Went to school with her sister...I remember when this tragedy happened.

(Broadview Hts, 2018-01-13)


I had a daughter murdered also and never want him to get out either.

(AShtabula, 2018-01-13)


Kathleen Garcia

(Wolcott, CT, 2018-01-14)


Life in prison is more than fair for him.

(Hudson, 2018-01-14)