( For Christie) To sustain the incarceration of individual that murdered our daughter in 1988...



He belongs in jail so he can never,ever harm or kill another person.

(Eastlake, 2018-01-14)


I'm signing because I care about Christy and her parents and family who experienced the unfathonable and life changing loss. They deserve to have the peace that Donato will not be released!

(Painesville, 2018-01-14)


Animal needs to stay behind bars

(Manahawkin , 2018-01-14)


For Christie

(Stow, 2018-01-14)


He robbed a young woman of her life so brutally! He needs to live out his days in jail!

(Highland Heights, OH, 2018-01-14)


Leslie flowers

(Beachwood, 2018-01-14)


Because I have the right.

(Cuyahoga Falls, Ohii, 2018-01-14)


Murderers should NEVER be released to murder again!

(Oakham, 2018-01-14)


Killers can not be truly rehabilitated. They are mentally ill with no self control.

(Chardon, 2018-01-14)


I am signing because I also had a family member, my uncle, murdered in 1985 and I believe these individuals should not be permitted to be in a situation where they could perform such an act again.

(Highland Heights , 2018-01-14)


I can still remember as if it was only yesterday the morning I received a call from Christie's father asking if I had seen her. Anger, frustration and a deep sadness shattered of our world. Feelings that no 16 yr old should ever have to deal with still haunts my memory of that time she went missing. Ultimately she was found ...disgarded in the woods like a piece of inconvenient trash. This girl was my friend, a good fun loving friend that the world missed out on growing up to be a great person in life. Christine's murderer needs to permanently stay in jail for the rest of his life if it were up to me. I respectfully request his parole/release be revoked. She doesn't get a second chance in life nor should her murderer.

(Waterford, 2018-01-14)


Murders don't deserve to live their life

(North Royalton, 2018-01-14)


He is a murderer, nothing else need be said

(Mentor, 2018-01-14)


brutal, horrifying, should never be released

(Citrus Springs, 2018-01-14)


You don't take another persons life and walk into freedom.

(Aurora , 2018-01-14)


Murderers should not get paroled.

(Beavercreek, 2018-01-14)


to keep Donato Lombardozzi In prison for the murder of Christie.

(Lyndhurst, 2018-01-14)


I'm signing because it is the right thing to do!!!

(Sagamore Hills, 2018-01-14)


He is a danger to society

(Cork, 2018-01-14)


This man has to stay in prison . He is dangerous

(Guyancourt, 2018-01-14)


This family suffered a horrible, irreparable loss...tthey will never see their daughter again nor celebrate life's milestone's with her. To let this criminal out is to send a message to them that Christy's life never mattered. They have been through tremendous pain and grief that continues today--they are being punished by who was taken from them; do not allow them to suffer further by the insult of releasing this maniac.

(Eastlake, 2018-01-14)


He took a life, he should not be permitted to return to society. It’s that simple.

(Johnstown , 2018-01-15)


I'm signing because i'm not agree

(GUYANCOURT, 2018-01-15)


I‘m signing this petition so that the murder of Christie can have the sentence he deserves!
RIP Christie

(Munich, 2018-01-15)


Please keep this monster in prison. He needs to serve his whole MAX sentence that was issued by the court system.

(Willoughby, 2018-01-15)


Monsters who kill children tend to not be reformable. We don't want that kind of person on the streets with nothing to lose.

(Indianapolis, 2018-01-15)


I'm signing because anyone convicted of murder should not be parolled.

(Painesville, 2018-01-15)


This man does not deserve parole. He committed an unspeakable violent act causing desolation to many, especially her family. Christie can't be paroled neither should he. No rewards for murderers.

(Villa Rica, 2018-01-15)


Its the right thing to do

(Grimsby, 2018-01-15)


I believe it is right

(Pembroke Pines, 2018-01-15)



(Willoughby hills, 2018-01-15)


Because what the murderer did must be punished for a long looong time

(Guyancourt , 2018-01-15)


Christie was an amazing person. I do not believe Donato Lombardozzi should be released from prison.

(Cleveland, 2018-01-15)