(For Chandra) To sustain the incarceration of individual that murdered our daughter in 1993.



Ronald Dancy is a murdered. He does not deserve the right to freedom.

Tiffany Pannell (Clarksville, 2018-06-03)


I am a Wilberforce University graduate. I started a year after Chandra was killed. However, we had a lot of mutual friends. The sting of her vicious murder was still fresh when I arrived on campus in June of 1994.

Christopher Riley (Fort Wayne, 2018-06-03)


I'm signing because I am supporting the family of Chandra, the friends of Chandra, and college students all over this country, specifically at Wilberforce, who are impacted by violence on campus

Chandra Maclin (Jackson, 2018-06-03)


I signing because I can!

Yolanda Wallace (Olive Branch, 2018-06-03)


He knew what he was doing, it was premeditated, he should not be released. I’m signing For Chandra...

Karen Watkins (Atlanta, 2018-06-03)


I lived next door to Chandra in the dorm, and her death shook our campus.

Marcia Hordge (Detroit , 2018-06-03)


I remember this when it happened. So cold and calculated....

Tamiko Armstead (St Louis , 2018-06-03)


I was there an watch this beautiful young lady take her last breath. This will forever be embedded in my mind and heart. He should never be released. Justice for Chandra!!

Dominique Thompson (Cincinnati , 2018-06-03)


I was there.

LaKisha Morris (Ohio, 2018-06-03)


I’m singing because I was on campus when Chandra was murdered. This didn’t just affect her family, it affected the entire Wilberforce community. Chandra and I went in as Freshman together. She was a beautiful young lady that didn’t deserve this.

Chandra will never have another chance at life because he took it away from her and everyone that loved her. Why should he receive a second chance at lift if she can’t???? We were only 18 years old when we saw her body laying there lifeless. It’s an image that I will never get out of my head, he rocked our Wilberforce community to the core.

Please keep him in jail so he can’t terrorize another family or community.

Teresa McKelvy (Berkeley, 2018-06-04)


I attended CSU and I remember when this happened. My heart goes out to the family.

Janet Shmackson (Des Moines , 2018-06-04)


I knew her. She was a beautiful soul. He had no right to do what he did. He should pay for it for the rest of his days. He meant to do it.

Bryan Massie (Detroit, 2018-06-05)


It was tragic losing such a sweet classmate. Domestic violence must end.

Heather Booker (Fairborn, 2018-06-05)


I was there when he took her life! We was just about to start living our dreams! He took that from her!

Randi Williams (River Rouge, 2018-06-05)


No one deserves to lose a loved one under these circumstances. No one deserves to RELIVE this tragedy by giving the person responsible a second chance.

Nakia Hixon-Sample (Laurel, 2018-06-07)


I'm signing because I remember that day like it was yesterday. I will never forget the light that Chandra emitted and am thankful for the time I got to know her.

Katrina Patton (Austell, 2018-06-07)


Chandra was a friend of my sister Misty Slaughter who attended Wilberforce in 1993.

Lashawn Slaughter (Chicago, 2018-06-07)


Justice for Chandra

Keisha Samuels (Lithonia, 2018-06-08)


She deserves to feel safe

Rebekah Aziz (New Castle, 2018-06-09)


The Johnson family still lives with the pain from the tragic death of their daughter. Allowing this man to be free will only cause more pain and suffering for this family.

Mary Ann (southfield, 2018-06-14)


I knew her since before she was born. She didn't deserve to die like that. She was just starting her life as a productive teen, trying to get an education.

Winona Lewis (Placentia, 2018-06-18)


This murder stays in jail for the rest of his natural life. For taking Chandra's life.

Ryan Bey-El, Sr. (826 Summit Road, 2018-07-20)

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