To the President and Council of Darul Arqam Singapore





Maria Pilar Flores (Singapore, 2018-09-03)


Unfair treatment to the staff let's justice prevail...!!!

Famida Sati Gumangan (Singapore, 2018-09-03)


I'm signing because of the injustice being bestowed on DA staff by a few in the ExCo.

Ilyas Yeow (Singapore, 2018-09-03)


Justice will prevail ! as
Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said,
“on the resurrection day, the rights will be paid to those to whom they are due so much so that a homeless sheep will be retaliated for by punishing the horned sheep which broke his horned.“

michael cayao (yishun, 2018-09-03)


The staff have not been treated with due respect and not given the opportunity and/or avenue to state their case.

ABDUL JALIL Tahir (Singapore, 2018-09-03)


Unfair treatment. Tarnish image and reputation of good standing of Darul Arqam. It has never happened before in history. The staffs were committed and over the years had contributed a lot to Darul Arqam.

Nur Aadila Teo (Singapore, 2018-09-03)



Mohd sheriff Abu bakar (Tampines, 2018-09-03)


Unhuman terminating by the president

Aakifah Gonzaga (Singapore, 2018-09-03)


O You who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah, and be just witnesses, and let not enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice, show integrity for the sake of Allah. Be just. That is closer to taqwa. Fear [and respect] Allah. Allah is well acquainted with what you do. (Surah al-Maida, 8)

Abdul Razak Isa (Singapore, 2018-09-03)


There need to be a healthy mode of leadership driven by the will of good intent and not mere ego. I urge that if the situation in MCAS has deteriorated due to leadership failure moved by egocentric motives, an EOGM should be called to remove unhealthy elements of current leadership.

Nazryn Azhar Samat (Singapore, 2018-09-03)


Seeking justice for the oppressed

Rabiah Amir (Singapore, 2018-09-03)


Im am signing because I am against injustice

Karen Mae Bistayan (Singapore, 2018-09-03)


It is not Islamic for an Islamic Organisation to treat staff matters in such a bullish way. We are afterall a non profit organisation. I am concern with the current situation as it will affect future participation and involvement of staff and volunteers in the organisation's activities to a large extent. What does the management get out of this? Perhaps the management should relook and reflect on their intention in volunteering their time for management positions. Are they doing this for Allah S.W.T or to flaunt for recognition and power? May Allah S.W.T forgive us.

It is embarassing what is currently happening in ExCo. It has become a circus. Vote them into power and they are now playing musical chairs? Time to stop and put their act together.

Nadya Salyriana (Singapore, 2018-09-03)


I’m signing for I stand tonwhat is right

Jessica Abo (Blk 206 Toa Payoh north 07-1213 , 2018-09-04)


I’m signing this petition because I couldn’t believe that the employee is dedicated and a hard working was suddenly sacked and we are very upset about this matter and I couldn’t imagined how she felt. She is my mentor since I’m converted to Islam taught me everything she could’ve not only myself but some of our brothers and sisters. Hope our petition will give her hope and justice. Thank you.

Nurgina Diuyan Bernsles (Ang Mo Kio, 2018-09-04)


As a human, how do you feel if you were in their situation?

muhammad hafiz (singapore, 2018-09-04)


Signed for petition

Ainun Leslie Selarta (Kovan Singapore, 2018-09-04)


Because I want to bring back DR. Siti Maryam to teach in Darul Arqam, they told her to leave her position without any valid reason, I been teach of Dr. Siti Maryam when I started Learning about Islam so I'm upset that she is not allowed to teach again there and we ask her what is the reason also her she didn't know.

Isabel Kashifah Imran Conjusta (Singapore, 2018-09-04)



Alyanah Cachola (Singapore, 2018-09-04)


I want them back as it is,and as far as I know they did a great job for the sake of our ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY and to serve our brothers and sisters in Islam.
Thank you for your kind consideration and I'm looking forward for your action.



I am supporting this petition so that a fair and justly manner be given for the ordeal which the staff was treated badly. Please investigate and assist on this matter immediately. Thank you.

Saiful Ahmad (Singapore, 2018-09-04)


Working and supporting in a religious organization takes lots more effort and commitment without getting worldly rewards. Hence, the more they should be treated fairly and transparently. All cases should be carefully and seriously evaluated by the right parties before decision are made.

Haroon Koh (Serangoon Ave 2, 2018-09-04)


For give better solution to all

Atik Wulandari (Singapore, 2018-09-04)


doctora Sitti Maryam is my teacher in Islam since 2014 until now because of her i learned so many things about the law of islam... i'm very sad cos they terminate her for no reason... Its ok Allah is great... he's the only one knows which one is better for her...Allah be with us all

Jannah Valerio (Singapore , 2018-09-04)


MCAS Staff has always been the strong pillars in providing support to the members. Once the pillars are weakened, the whole structure will be waiting for time to collapse.

Nor Ainah M A (Singapore, 2018-09-04)


I am a volunteer for Darul Arqam and I can't see the zolim which is happening now.

Fatimah Zahra (Sg, 2018-09-04)


Let the staff know where and what had happened and give them a fair chance to explain why.

Mariam Beevi Myint Myat Thu (S'pore , 2018-09-04)


I’m signing in to support the injustice amongst the persons affected in this dismissal.

Selena Amtullah Baldoza (Toa payoh lorong 4, 2018-09-04)


I’m concern that for any organisation to function it needs a team of dedicated and motivated staff.

Ab Razak Chanbasha (Singapore, 2018-09-04)


unjustified terminating due to politicalize..

Lezier Nyj Ieryz (Kurume, 2018-09-04)


All of them members won because they
Spare papers indicate the names of whom should only be vote. (DIRTY VOTING)

To you Chairwoman of MABUHAY GROUP back off you dont deserve any position in DA because of your personal interest and manipulating members of mabuhay group.
To those (BALIK ISLAM) who let to use by her personal interest. (DIGNIDAD PAIRALIN) DIGNITY as a filipino.

May Allah (pbuh) give you kindness to others

aiza abubakar (singapore, 2018-09-04)


I think transparency is important for good corporate governance and gives credibility to all.

Sallim Abdul Kadir (Singapore , 2018-09-04)


Nida M. Valdez

Nida Valdez (Pasir panjang, 2018-09-04)


she has dedicated all her life on those who embraced Islam to provide knowledge and help. suddenly she terminated without any valid reason because of political and personal interest by the president and the board members. MUST JUSTICE PREVAIL!

We the Filipinos convert dont want Dr. siti maryam to stop preaching and spreading words of ALLAH

Afiyah Abubakar (singaore, 2018-09-04)


Let justice prevail.

Zuhra Wati Johari (Singapore, 2018-09-05)


Muslims should not oppressed fellow muslims!

Divina Flojo (Singapore, 2018-09-05)


I am signing because I am most disappointed with the manner the whole affair was conducted.

Syed Ismail Alsagoff (Singapore, 2018-09-05)


I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Siti Maryam.. im against of her removing the darul... we want justice for her.. Thank you

Siti maryam Co (Bukit timah, 2018-09-05)


I am signing this petition because I strongly believe the staffs deserve the upmost respect and consideration for their work and dedication to the Association. It sadden me greatly to hear what a mess the place have become. Dedicated staffs are the reason why volunteers keep coming back to support Darul Arqam. Such heartless management tactics will affect the quality of service that the Association promise to serve its client. It will also be a great turn off for new volunteers to stay and old volunteers to come back to support Darul Arqam.

Nazrana BOULEMIA (Asnieres sur Siene, 2018-09-05)


It is disconcerting to hear that MCAS has possibly not put in practice fair work practices and treatment on staff who has served the association. I signed this so that MCAS could set the record right or undo the wrongs that would help to uphold the image of a Muslim organisation blessed with doas from Muslims who have been helped over the years.

Zylyna Kamarudin (Singapore, 2018-09-06)


Wrongful termination of staff

Aniza Anuar (Singapore , 2018-09-06)


I would like to know transparency as i work one of the retrenched staff as a volunteer years ago.

Md Farid Then Bin Adam Md Then (Marsiling, 2018-09-07)


I'm singing for one important reason....

Khatijah..... Mendoza (Ochart , 2018-09-07)