Stardust #Truth Postcard Campaign.



For justice for all the victims families and those that continue to suffer since that night

Carol Hughes (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


I lived very close to the startdust lost some friends in the horrific fire so now it's time for justice

Noeleen Guiden (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


Justice for the 48 and their families

Carol Breslin (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


For my cousin michael tragically taken

Moira Dean (Manchester, 2018-09-11)


Families need justice once and for all

Jayne Powell (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


It is obvious that the first enquiry was flawed

Fred O'Farrell (Swords , 2018-09-11)


Growing up beside the Stardust site, i still think its so disrespectful for all the businesses to continue as if nothing ever happened. I strongly believe that entire site should have become a memorial to the 48 young people went out for the night, & sadly never came home, they were young happy go lucky with all bright futures ahead of them, their families deserve answers to the massive losses they all experienced.
I also feel that answers need to be provided for those survived that terrible night so as it may help a small way in moving on.

Karen Fitzgerald (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


Truth should come out for all affected by this tradgedy

Beverley Townend (Port erin, 2018-09-11)


It is time for the Truth to come out

Derek Mullally (Dublin , 2018-09-11)


I was at the stardust on the night of the fire and lost many friends. We need to know the truth we’ve waited long enough.

Geraldine Hellier (was Lynch) (Lancaster , 2018-09-11)


I went to school with Louise McDermott and remember how lost and upset she was after losing members of her family. This tragedy should never have happened and the government need to take steps to right the wrong that has been done to so many - they should be ashamed that the families have suffered so much and still are

Jo O'connor (Greater Manchester , 2018-09-11)


I think it's disgraceful the families still have no real answers after 37yrs.

Christine Flynn (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


It’s a disgrace that the government will not even have the decency to listen to the new evidence

Jimmy Fitzpatrick (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


My Sister died that night and i dont believe a word of truth has being told since then.

John Lewis (Kilbeggan, 2018-09-11)


The truth should finally be uncovered. All the families involved in this awful tragedy deserve to know what happened and who is to blame. An apology and some closure is only just and right

Sharon Walshe (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


They deserve the truth to be told

Joseph Power (Waterford, 2018-09-11)


My brother Eugene Hogan was killed in the stardust. I want to know the truth

Maria Hogan (San franciaco, 2018-09-11)


The verdict of 'probable arson' was removed, but there was no verdict to replace it. The Stardust tragedy was the single biggest loss of life since the foundation of the state, and the case remains open.

Emma Brennan (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


I feel there are so many unanswered questions and the families of the deceased deserve answers

Lorraine O’Connell (Dublin , 2018-09-11)


I'm signing because it's absolutely horrific what happened to all those young people,shameful that successive governments have ignored the victims and their families,absolutely shameful !!!!!!!

Priscilla Mooney (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


I’m signing because these people deserve to know the truth about what happened that night. They lost loved ones, they deserve to have an answer on why they died

Lesley Farrell (Louth, 2018-09-11)


I believe in justice for the 48

Donna Byrne (Dublin, 2018-09-11)



Kayleen GRIFFIN (DUBLIN, 2018-09-11)


Justice for stardust 48

Gloria Cashel (Louth, 2018-09-11)


Im signing because i was there on the night and feel the people who were there have never had help or justice. Allow the truth be told .

loretta halpin (dublin, 2018-09-11)


This tragedy deserves a modicum of closure for the victims families.

Rosemarie Mullin (Galway , 2018-09-11)


Their has been no justice For the people that died and all that were injured and scared for life,it needs to be looked at with fresh eyes.

Thomad O callaghan (Ratoath, 2018-09-11)


theses familys need clousure

Phyllis Toole (dublin, 2018-09-11)


The families deserve justice, it’s a bloody disgrace that successive governments have ignored this.

Paul Madden (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


I am signing for true justice.

Marian Heary (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


After nearly 40 years it's about time the truth should come out

Paul Malone (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


justice needs to be served after sych a long time

Marc O'Cinnell (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


Justice needs to be done, all of our loved friends and neighbours deserve justice, not just small talk from two faced politicians.

Martin Coleman (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


Justice for the victims and their families. The truth needs to be told.

Noeleen Brack (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


It's the right thing to do..

Labhraín Donnelly (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


The failings of the Irish government to give these poor families the inquest they deserve is beyond embarrassing. How they were treated and continued to be treated makes me ashamed to call myself Irish.

John Mulholland (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


The victims and their families deserve truth and justice . The Irish government needs to support and stand by its citizens and not with corrupt businessmen

Peter Byrne (London, 2018-09-11)


I want justice for the stardust victims and their families.

Patricia Fitzpatrick (Galway, 2018-09-11)


Our family is directly affected by the tragedy.

Timara Lawless (Wicklow , 2018-09-11)


The families need closure. It's beyond time that someone was held accountable.

Miriam Anderson (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


I believe those that perished, and their families, deserve justice.

Michelle O’Dwyer (Dayton , 2018-09-11)


The truth needs to be known

Jean Powney (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


I’m signing on behalf of my sister Thelma who’s life ended abruptly on Valentines night at the age of 20. She and her boyfriend Michael Farrell had their whole lives ahead of them...

Both my parents died prematurely before I was 18, I know it was as a result of losing my sister.

My father and brothers searched for up to 2 days afterwards for my sister, only to be shown her melted watch and jewelry.

Verdict ARSON..! My sister along with all those there guilty... we need to have answers, before another parent goes to the grave with no answers...

Enough cover ups..! We want the TRUTH... NOW..!

Barbara Frazer Collins (Dublin , 2018-09-11)


The families deserve the truth and this has dragged on too long.

Michelle Kennedy (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


The truth needs to be heard!

Paul Byrne (Dublin , 2018-09-11)


It is time for truth and closure for all those u suffered and are still suffering today

Dolores Warf (Dublin , 2018-09-11)


The cover up has endured for so.long. The famues need to know why? Those with political connectionsare not beyond the law

Maura Rua (Wicklow, 2018-09-11)


I spent every summer of my childhood in dublin. I remember this tragedy. These families deserve the truth, and the peace that comes with the truth.

Madeleine Anderton (Manchester, 2018-09-11)


I want to !!

Karen Martin (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


It was an absolute tragedy. People need to know what happened.

June White (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


Because the people of Ireland and more importantly the relatives of the 48 deserve to know the truth and for those responsible to be held accountable. Give them the closure they desperately need as the campaign for the truth will NEVER END until the whole truth is out.

Deborah Quinn (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


I know someone who was in the Stardust fire and want to support him and all the families affected and am surprised that this matter is still ongoing and no proper enquiry or redress has occurred.

Natasha McKenna (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


I call on you, as the Attorney General, to exercise your right under section 24 of the Coroners Act 1962 to grant a fresh inquest as soon as possible.
The time has come for the truth/

Janet Mcgibney (dublin, 2018-09-11)


Justice needs to be served once & for all, these poor families have waited long enough & been through so much misery its shocking.. imagine it being a judges or politicians child that died in that fire you can be assured a proper enquiry would be done..

Veronica Maguire (Cork, 2018-09-11)


It is time for the truth ....longlong overdue

paula weymes (kinnegad, 2018-09-11)


The truth needs to be told and someone needs to be held accountable.

Paul Morgan (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


Justice for families

Carol Warren (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


There has been a massive cover-up by the state and the people who died deserve justice

Anna Kavanagh (Longford, 2018-09-11)


I believe in JUSTICE for Family and friends who never came Home that night,,,,

bernie doran~herbert (dublin, 2018-09-11)


Justice needs to be done

Sue Woodfull (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


People need to know the truth and have waited long enough

Maria Tynan (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


Very sad time a lot of people lost there lives this should be sloved.!!

Erica Barker (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


I want justice

Shauna Wosser (Dublin , 2018-09-11)


My uncle Micheal Griffiths was killed by this fire

Amanda Russell (Dublin , 2018-09-11)


The truth needs to be told

Sharon Corbally (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


I believe the families deserve some answers

Anne O'REILLY (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


The victims and their families deserve justice and have been left waiting far too long for it. For my aunt-in-law Thelma whom I never got to meet, this is for you. For my husband and all the Frazers, this is for you. Justice for the 48 who never came home.

Debbie Sheridan (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


Justice is need for the families and the victims, For too long these people have been forgotten about and they need justice now.JFT48.

Mick Duffy (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


I knew people who were in this fire and their families need answers. It needs to be clear what happened so it can NEVER happen again.

Assumpta Sheridan (Castlerea Co.Roscommon , 2018-09-11)


These kids and their families deserve justice

David Dooley (Kilkenny , 2018-09-11)


After a very long and hard road people still need answers and justice....

Linda Gannon (Dublin , 2018-09-11)


These families deserve justice and answers.

Paula Anderson (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


We need the truth

Oonagh Langan (Dublin , 2018-09-11)


Justice for the 48

Gavin Cromwell (Dublin , 2018-09-11)


dear attorney general of Ireland,
i am seeking a new inquest into the stardust fire tragedy of 14th February 1981.
the original into the tragedy was held in march 1982,just a year after the fire,when little detail was known about the events of that night.there is now much more detail which has exacerbated the rumour and suspicion surrounding the stardust fire, it is time for the truth for the stardust victims.
i call on you, as the attorney general,to exercise your right under section 24 of the coroners act 1962 to grant a fresh inquest as soon as possible.

yours faithfully
Stephen mcdowall

stephen mcdowall (GLASGOW, 2018-09-11)


37 years and the familys of the 48 loved ones who perished that night in the stardust fire are still fighting for justice and closure for their loved ones it is long over due the familys deserve the and let the 48 ANGELS rest in peace Justice for the 48 x

Geraldine Bradley (Dublin, 2018-09-11)


I lived around the corner from the stardust and people have been tormented by this all their lives. Stop the pain tell the truth. Give justice its well overdue

Carmel Hoy (Wexford, 2018-09-11)


My mother had friends who died in this fire

Helena Kennedy (Ireland , 2018-09-11)


Julie McDonnell

Pamela McDonnell (Dublin , 2018-09-11)


For my beautiful friend carol bisett who never came home and all the other 47 young people xx

Anita May (Dublin, 2018-09-12)


My brother in law died in the Stardust fire and I don’t feel justice was served. We need a new inquiry into the cause of the fire and what happened in the previous review that prevented the truth from being heard.

Sandra Kavanagh (Kelowna, 2018-09-12)


We needs new inquiry into the Stardust fire. The previous inquiry was not accurate and needs to be reviewed and revised.

Patrick Kavanagh (Kelowna, 2018-09-12)


This.needs to be resolved finally.

Michael Martin (Dublin, 2018-09-12)


2 girls out of my class in national school were killed that night. And I want to kknow why.

Deirdre Turner (Wexford, 2018-09-12)


Justice has not been served.

Tara Stubbings (Dublin, 2018-09-12)


People deserve the truth we have waited long enough

Marie Ryan (Dublin, 2018-09-12)


I support the need for a new inquest.

Leslie Fitzsimons (dublin 14, 2018-09-12)


The Victims and Families need Justice ! This has gone on long enough. The people responsible need to grow a spine, and do the right thing !

Marc Redmond (Dublin, 2018-09-12)


im signing because these familys of there loved ones wants justice and closure after all these yrs .they lost so many loved ones god knows what they went through .its so shocking,pls help them .RIP VICTIMS OF THE STRDUST

Catherine Gaffney (dublin, 2018-09-12)


I was there on the night and witnessed the tragedy. There are too many unanswered questions

Mark Swaine (Navan, 2018-09-12)


The survivors & families of the 48 innocent people who lost their lives at what should have been an event of fun & possibly a romance which ended in them losing their lives are still fighting for justice 37 years later... they deserve to know what happened.. They deserve closure! #JFT48

Barbara McMahon (Dublin, 2018-09-12)


Truth for the stardust.

Alan Brennan (Dublin, 2018-09-12)

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