2.60€ student lunch option in Otaniemi on Sundays



Otaniemi is really missing the lunch option on Sundays!

Andreas Hitz (Espoo, 2019-03-13)


Because of the reasons the ESB mentions

Oliver Landertshamer (Helsinki, 2019-03-13)


Every student deserves a lunch on Sunday

Mariia Palagina (Helsinki, 2019-03-13)


I would like to support our student's community.

Sugam Shukla (Helsinki, 2019-03-13)


I live at the campus and the cafeteria is cheap and really tasty, so it's worth to go there instead of cooking ;)

Lukas Schürmann (Espoo, 2019-03-13)


I’m signing because I don’t know what I should eat on every Sunday

Alexander Müller (Espoo, 2019-03-13)


Many students are too busy to cook their own lunch nowadays. Their may not afford to buy healthy and nutritious food. So, I hope one day, the situation would change.

Jiajun Yu (Espoo, 2019-03-13)


This change is really necessary!

Sriram Varun Vobilisetty (Espoo, 2019-03-13)


I‘m signing because we need 7 days dipoli!!!!

Mona Bieberich (Espoo, 2019-03-14)


I would like to have a student lunch option especially on Sundays

Ananth Mahadevan (Espoo, 2019-03-14)


Cooking for only one day in a week doesn't make sense. That's why having Sunday student lunch would be beneficial!

Andrzej Pisarek (Espoo, 2019-03-14)


I’m also hungry on Sundays

Dmitry Sergeev (Espoo, 2019-03-14)


prepared lunch on Sundays is very important :)

parham kazemi (espoo, 2019-03-16)


That 2,60€ lunch might be the only meal of a day and that should not be taken away from anyone, even if it’s Sunday.

Sara Selonen (Helsinki, 2019-03-18)


I'm signing because I can

Konsta Venn (Espoo, 2019-03-20)


Olis kiva syödä muutakin ku pelkkää makaroonia.

Elias Hirvonen (Espoo, 2019-03-25)


I want to be able to eat on sunday

Sebastian Berner (ESPOO, 2019-03-26)


School offers me necessary equipment for my study and work therefore I constantly spend time at the campus and am in desperate need of student-friendly prices!

Verna Tähtinen (Helsinki, 2019-03-26)


I want that to happen!

Maxim Afteniy (ESPOO, 2019-03-29)

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