Philosophers for Future



We have got to our act together, individually and collectively. Act more responsibly at all levels!

Max Kölbel (Vienna, 2019-05-31)


In order to teach the youth, we shall learn from them their legitimate demands and concerns first.

Ozan Altan ALTINOK (Münster, 2019-05-31)


I'm signing because there is no question about morals, law or working as a society that can be answered without at least some kind of philosophical basis.

The post-factual tendency that has taken over our political and societal environment can best be countered by teaching people the value of reasoning again.

Kordula Lösch (Vienna, 2019-05-31)


Philosophizing in relation with climate crisis should make a difference

Robert Nadeau (Montreal, 2019-05-31)


We face many huge challenges, but climate change has priority and needs to be tackled first. I wholeheartedly support the spirit of the pledge and am happy to make my contribution.

Bernd Buldt (Fort Wayne, 2019-05-31)


There seems to be hardly a cause more important in our times.

David Kretz (Chicago, 2019-05-31)


Theses on Feuerbach - change the world

James Hughes (Boston, 2019-05-31)


Flourishing of human life and the life of other animals depends on a flourishing ecosystem. We cannot continue to destroy the natural environment for short term economic interests.

David Wolfsdorf (Philadelphia, 2019-05-31)


I firmly believe in the power of united groups of people at the grassroots level and at all levels of society today to create and maintain a sustainable future for us all on

Suzi Hall (Parkside , 2019-05-31)


Environment as a whole contains an autonomous function and we the human has no right to dominant the environment. If we want to survive our existance, we must save our envioronment.

Tanvir Ahmed (Dhaka, 2019-05-31)


Our future should belong to the set of possible futures in an indeterminist world!

Michel Paquette (Montréal, 2019-05-31)


It is time to change the current status of policy on climate-related matters

Angelo Cei (Rome, 2019-05-31)


I am signing because we need to renew Stafford Cripps post-war vision: "Our main concern ought to be 'How are the future generation going to live?'"

Noel Boulting (Eastleigh, 2019-05-31)


We don't have much time left.

Adrian Piper (Berlin, 2019-05-31)


I agree philosophers have much to contribute. Philosophers for Future is a great tag—let's use it!

Carrie Giunta (London, 2019-05-31)


I am signing because I care about nature and have three small children.

Yiftach Fehige (Toronto, 2019-05-31)


We have seen this crisis coming for years and decades. It's a shame we haven't been able to take action when there was still some chance to curb the ongoing disaster in less disruptive ways. It's a shame we have allowed our elected government representatives to come home from all those climate summits without a viable solution.

Eberhard Ortland (Bielefeld, 2019-05-31)


I care and something needs to be done

Rhys Woodwards (London , 2019-05-31)


I believe in using our knowledge to diminish our ignorance.

Cassiano Terra Rodrigues (São Paulo , 2019-06-01)


I'm signing it because I agree with the purpose formulated in the petition, and I also a philosopher at the University of Szeged.

Sandor Dr.Kremer (Szeged, 2019-06-01)


Climate change is the problem of our time. It deserves much more thinking and especially action.

Louis Vervoort (Tyumen, 2019-06-01)


This is the most important issue facing every single living creature on the planet.

Heidi Maibom (Cincinnati, 2019-06-01)


I support this protest against emvironmental crisis.

Tasmim Rifat (Dhaka, 2019-06-01)


I feel very strongly about the protection of the natural environment and I wish to assist you in this project as much as I can.

Costas Athanasopoulos (Arrochar, 2019-06-01)


Climate acutely affects everything else, from healthcare, to migration and xenophobia, from inequality to international conflict, from food security to floods and mold in schools, from the rise of authoritarianism to poverty-stricken coal country to Native American rights, from domestic manufacturing jobs and livable wages to water shortages and wildfires.

I teach a course on Climate Ethics and my courses often concern the problem of the relationship between human civilization and self-conceptions and the natural world of which we are a part.

Mark Sentesy (State College, 2019-06-01)


Climate breakdown is the single biggest issue any of us will ever face. Philosophers should be at the forefront of thinking about how to tackle it.

Mark Jago (Nottingham, 2019-06-01)


This is the largest issue facing us globally, and the need for action only keeps increasing. As philosophers, we need to be an active part of finding the solution.

James Miller (Nottingham, 2019-06-01)


Endurable environment is crucial for future generations.

Tomoyuki Yamada (Ishikari, 2019-06-01)

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