Blue October at Red Rocks 2020



I would love to see them at Red Rocks!

Jaye Kaemmerlen (Wildwood, 2019-07-02)


I want to rock with blue october at red rock

BreAnn Cook (Hudson, 2019-07-02)


Because this would be awesome!

Jen Jones (West Jordan, 2019-07-02)


I’m signing because this band has a way of touching hearts and they NEED a bigger platform!! They deserve to play at one of the most amazing places!

Megan Ericksen (Northglenn, 2019-07-02)


I'm signing because blue october deserves to play at red rock :-)

Becky Fales (Coral Springs, 2019-07-02)


Blue October is the best!

Cicely Miller (West Jordan, UT, 2019-07-02)


I'm signing this because Blue October has helped me through some very difficult times in my illness and recovery.

Laura Ligon (Grand Prairie, 2019-07-02)


Its the best venue with the best band.

Lisa Havelka (Houston, 2019-07-02)


Have been wanting to see a show at Red Rocks. Could not think of a better band then Blue October to be my first!

Manny Rodriguez (Los Angeles, 2019-07-02)


I love Blue October and want to see them perform at Red Rocksz

Debby Rogers (Dallas , 2019-07-02)


This would be such an amazing show there and I feel they deserve the recognition this would mean

Nicole Smith (Lakewood, 2019-07-02)


I'm signing because I love this band and I want to experience Red Rocks. Never been, this would be my mission to go!

TOMAS ARREDONDO (San Antonio, 2019-07-02)


This is my dream! Would love to see Blue October play at Red Rocks!

Nicole Anderson (Longwood, 2019-07-02)


I love you all and would live to see this turn into a destination weekend like 2015 Vegas.

Shiloh Skyy (Springfield , 2019-07-02)


This would be epic!

Sigourney Geurts (Den Haag, 2019-07-02)


I'd love to go!

April Grieshaber (Bolingbrook , 2019-07-02)


Their music at red rocks would be pure magic!!!!!!!! Please make this dream a reality!

Allison Fowler-Ellis (Pueblo , 2019-07-02)


Blue October rocks and I would totally roadtrip for this show!!! Michigan must represent!

Angela Palmer (Kentwood, MI, 2019-07-02)


Because Blue October is amazing and it would be a dream to watch them in such a gorgeous setting.

Gloria Pape (New Braunfels, 2019-07-02)


The music of Blue October is transcending and has the power to lift you up out of darkness. This is a dream of theirs and we want to see them fulfill it! We will be there!

Meryn LeClair (Coral Springd, 2019-07-02)


My husband LOVES Blue October and we'd love to visit Red Rocks to see them!!

Dianne Marcotte (Marlborough, 2019-07-02)


Would love to see Blue October at Red Rocks

Kurt Luman (DeLand, 2019-07-02)


Can’t think of a better venue to see on of my favorite bands!

Dan Weller (Westninster, 2019-07-02)


This needs to happen!

Wendy Yeaman-Wright (Riverton, 2019-07-02)


There is no better venue to host this amazing family 💙💙💙

Robin Cox (Sugar Land, 2019-07-02)


I would love to see Blue October perform at Red Rocks!!!!

Marissa Owens (Lewisville , 2019-07-02)


Blue October is amazing live. Seen them ~a dozen times and would be ecstatic to make my way to red rocks to see them again!

Tony O'Rourke (Saint Louis, 2019-07-02)


I would love to attend. I have watched several memorable performances from red rocks and Justin's vocals would kill there.

Quincy Ashlock (Springfield, 2019-07-02)


Because they more than deserve it!!!

Andrea Gallegos (Northglenn, 2019-07-02)


Blue October!!!!! At red rocks would be the best show of all time!!!!

Sarah Bliss (Dallas, 2019-07-02)


I love Blue October; the men and their music. There’s no better live band or group of men out there. Seeing them play Red Rocks would be magical beyond belief. To date, I’ve traveled to see them 65 times, in six countries, in less than three years. I wouldn’t miss them at Red Rocks for anything! Please ~ let’s do this!!

Vickie Davis (Dallas, 2019-07-02)


These guys saved my life and they deserve to play a sold out show at red rocks I will be there with plenty of good friends around

Kris Starr (Vienna , 2019-07-02)


I love Blue October and always wanted to go to a show at red rocks.

Will be worth the trip

Chris Seward (Gray, 2019-07-02)


I LOVE Blue October, would like to see them reach their goal and make their dream come true, and besides they so deserve this and the recognition!! Let’s do this!!!💙

Betty Rekus (Wonder Lake, 2019-07-02)


We love colorado and blue october and would most definitely travel to see both again.

Karla Jay (Cleveland , 2019-07-02)


Before I stopped seeing my father dude go drug addiction he always felt connected and felt Justin’s pain he dedicated to me worry list and calling you I would die to meet blue October and Ik how hard it must have been to get where they are they deserve this pure talent is whys blue October is 😊

Alyssa Lopez (Miami, 2019-07-02)


Obviously because they deserve this amazing venue and it would be out of this world!! I only hope that I would be able to attend!

Jami Ayers (Dallas, 2019-07-02)


Amazing venues deserve amazing artists

Kevin Wiles (Gaston , 2019-07-03)


Because I love blue ❤️

Dulce Martinez (Las Vegas, 2019-07-03)


Blue October is amazing and would put on an incredible show at Red Rocks!

Alix Hunsaker (Lakewood, 2019-07-03)


Because I love Blue October and would love to attend my first concert at the red rocks!

Sabrina Six (GILBERT, 2019-07-03)


I love this band, have traveled to see them perform in 11 states and would absolutely love to see Blue October at Red Rocks!!!

Rich Casey (North Smithfield , RI, 2019-07-03)


I’m signing this because Blue October is my favorite band and I would travel to see them play at Red Rocks!

Michelle Doty (Richmond , 2019-07-03)


Blue October would rock this venue!

Lori Lokkesmoe (Columbus, 2019-07-03)


My wife and I would fly to Colorado to see Blue October play Red Rocks

Pete Friedman (Jacksonville, Florida, 2019-07-03)


Live closer to the area

Jonathan Begaye (Aneth, Utah, 2019-07-03)


I’m in!! Let’s make this happen!

Lindsay Ruland (Albany , 2019-07-03)


I love Blue October 💙

Tammy Hughes (Enoree, 2019-07-04)


Blue October is worthy of a Redd Rocks show and I would be there!

Tressie Weide (Commerce City, 2019-07-04)


I wanna see Blue October okay at Red Rocks!!!

Jodi Beus (Centennial, 2019-07-04)


Blue october is awesome! ♥️

Brenda Christensen Dorsey (Freeport , 2019-07-04)


I LOVE Blue October!!

Betsy Bert (Charleston, 2019-07-04)


They deserve this

Angel Early (Greeneville, 2019-07-04)


I love Blue October

Angie Walters Nelson (Waynesboro , 2019-07-05)


Blue October is one of the most inspirational, positive, under rated bands of the 21st. Century. I will travel to another Country to see them. In fact... I have.

Dawn Coffin (Hollywood, 2019-07-05)


I would love to see Blue October at Red Rocks!!!

Sheri Gallegos (Northglenn , 2019-07-05)


Blue October should inspire as many as possible. I would make a special trip to Red Rocks just for them

Christy Vogel (Bend , 2019-07-06)


I love this talented band.

Sangeeta Ryan (Burke, 2019-07-06)


We are hoping to have this amazing band play at red rock 💕

Rose Day (Nanaimo, 2019-07-06)


Just amazing💙

Summer Halpern (Cape coral, FL, 2019-07-06)


There are only a handful of bands I’d want to see here. Blue October is one of them. 💙

Val Vovakes (Harrisburg, 2019-07-06)


You need Blue October at this venue!! You will be in awe of them and you will be an instant fan!!
#Bluefamily #Blueoctober @blueoctoberband

Lisa Rivera (west haven, 2019-07-07)


I would love to see lue October play at Red Rocks.

Jennifer Adams (Lugoff , 2019-07-07)


Blue Oct Rocks!

Tina Bellamy (Collinsville , 2019-07-07)


Blue October is my favorite band. Would love to make this trip to see them there.

Jared Stottlemyer (Boonsboro, 2019-07-07)


I’d love to see them play there. They’re my all time favorite band and think it would be an amazing experience to attend.

Jennifer Houghton (Cibolo , 2019-07-07)


BLUE OCTOBER NEEDS to play Red Rocks!!

Jennifer Tank (Bullhead City, 2019-07-07)


It is my dream to go to Red Ricks and see a Blue show. I have been saving airline miles for this very thing!

Shelly Seward (Gray, 2019-07-07)


Blue October is the best, hardest working band in the World.

Monica Carpenter (Levittown , 2019-07-07)


This would be bad ass!!

Ellen Bull (Schertz, 2019-07-07)


Seeing Blue October at red rocks would be a dream come true.

Christy Hendrix (Bentonville , 2019-07-07)


Blue October is my favorite band and anyone who sees them live will tell you they put on an electrifying show. Please make this happen. The guys and the fans deserve it!

Rosina Marie (Spring, 2019-07-08)


I think it would be an amazing show!

Shannon Frank (Duncansville, 2019-07-08)


Love the band. Love the venue

David wolff (Chandler, 2019-07-08)


I love Red Rocks
I love Blue October...
The two should meet.

Melissa Phenix (Bristol, 2019-07-09)


Blue October is the best band ever

William Clement (Lone tree, 2019-07-09)


I would travel back to amazing Colorado to see my favorite band play my favorite venue in a heartbeat. I’ve seen them more than a dozen times, and traveled to places not as nice.

Lynnee Spiker (Saint Paul , 2019-07-09)


I’m signing because this venue deserves the best and Blue October IS the Best!

Kent Ray (Hillsboro , 2019-07-09)


I love Blue October, they have so many fans who’d love to see them play at Red Rocks & they more than deserve it!

Laurie Jensen-Ray (Hillsboro , 2019-07-10)


This is my dream venue for my favorite band!! Been desperately waiting for them to be at Red Rocks for years!! Dreams come true! 💙💙💙

Tracy Hays (Lincoln , 2019-07-10)


Blue October at Red Rocks would be a dream come true!!

Patricia Bachman (Morrow, 2019-07-11)


I would love to see a Blue show here become a destination location show for me.

Marty Skalla-Crompton (Mishawaka, 2019-07-11)


I would love to see Blue October at Res rocka

Kelly Caldwell (Edmond, 2019-07-11)


I will go and stay !’

Scott Mobley (Denton, 2019-07-12)


I would absolutely, 100%, without a doubt make a trip back to Colorado to see the guys perform at Red Rocks. Never had the chance to go there while living in Colorado. Would be an epic, cannot miss concert ♡♡♡

Kellie Doughtie (Biggs, 2019-07-13)


Blue October is one of the best bands ever and needs to play at Red Rocks. Plain and simple.

Annette Temple (Lafayette, 2019-07-14)


Blue October is such an amazing inspiration to me and so many! Changing lives for the better one song at a time!

Anthony J. Montoya (Bloomfield nm, 2019-07-14)


I think Red Rocks is as beautiful as Blue October.

Shari Larsen (Highland Park NJ, 2019-07-21)


They need to play there and I need to see them there. #BlueOctoberRedRock. It just goes together.

Terrie Makin (Orlando , 2019-07-27)



Denise Callahan (Metairie , 2019-07-31)


I simply love Blue October 💙 I support them and their music journey!

Stana Laughter (Colorado springs, 2019-08-06)


Best bands there is.

Stephanie Laseter (Colorado Springs, 2019-08-09)


I have a genuine deep love and passion for Blue October and I would love nothing more than to see them at Red Rocks, locally!!!!

Elisha Deeds (Parker, 2019-08-26)


I'm signing because I want to go!!

Margaret Ennis (San Marcos TX, 2019-09-28)


I would love to see Blue October at The Red Rocks. They are truly amazing and deserve to play in this venue

Victoria Lazaroff (Rogers, AR, 2019-10-07)


Blue October is an amazing band, not only musically, but the band members themselves. We need more artists like them that are truly honest and authentic, while still entertaining a crowd. They have sold out every show they've scheduled and at times, have added second and third shows (which have also sold out!)
PLEASE consider adding Blue October to the Red Rocks lineup in 2020! You will not be disappointed!!

Heather Jacobsen (Omaha , 2019-10-14)


I wanna see them there

Dan Ender (Duluth, 2019-11-12)


I want to attend a Blue October concert at Red Rocks

Jennifer Morrow (Loveland, Co, 2019-11-13)


I want to see Blue October at Red Rocks!!

Valerie Ourada (Nine Mile Falls, 2019-11-29)


This guys are amazing they do deserve a chance to play in one of the best vanues in the USA (RedRocks) no doubt they will fill it up.
Thank you

Jesse Toquinto (ENGLEWOOD, 2019-12-03)


We NEED blue october at Red Rocks!

Christina Powers (Tulsa, 2019-12-07)


I would go

William Hogue (Medford, 2020-01-14)


I would fly in from Indianapolis to see Blue October at Red Rocks. Red Rocks is on my bucket list, and this would be one of my dream concerts.

Christopher Denny (Indianapolis, 2020-01-19)


Hearing them at this beautiful venue would be amazing

Brittany Schneider (Oshkosh, 2020-01-19)


Blue October is AMAZING!

Rachel Newcomb (La Center, 2020-01-19)


What a great show to see at a great venue

Sean Dooley (St. Louis , 2020-06-21)


I want to see Blue October at Red Rock. It is their dream to play there.

Angel Welch (Linn Creek, 2020-06-21)


This band feels family to me. They've gotten me through more of life's battles than they will ever know.

Kelli Velasquez (Amherst, 2020-11-14)


I was asked.

Jamie Grant (Pleasant Grove, 2020-12-02)

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