Free ASAP Rocky from Jail



Because I follow him since I was younger and I’m still hoping that he’s not how he showed us. That was a toxic behavior but everyone can do wrong sometimes. A lot of people are doing this and they are not famous as Asap and they still free

Isabela Bărbătei (Bucharest, 2019-07-09)


He's not guilty

Mohaa Touray (London , 2019-07-09)


Flavko is the goat

Dominick Dirico (Boston, 2019-07-09)


He’s Innocent

Asap Slim (Newark, 2019-07-09)



Z M (London , 2019-07-09)


Free rocky!!!!!!!!!

远智 易 (Guangzhou, 2019-07-09)


He Is Innocent #FreeFlacko

Asap Mob (Everywhere, 2019-07-09)


My bae deserves to be Free #FREEROCKY

Shanysse Breezy (Mississauga , 2019-07-09)


He is my idol and I always think he is a nice guy!Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye!Free Rocky!

ZG RelaX (changsha, 2019-07-09)


I’m signing because I fight for justice. Self defense should in no way result in punishment. Rakim Meyers deserves to be released. If anyone should be punished it should be the men that hit the women. Everything is clear through the videos. The right, fair, and justice way is by freeing Rakim Meyers.

Chalyn Walker (Playa del Rey, 2019-07-09)


i’m signing because A$AP Rocky is my best rapper that’s it

Anne-Robertine Jahim (Bry-sur-marne , 2019-07-09)



Chris Pardalis (Millwood, 2019-07-09)


I don't agree with the acusations and i am an a$ap rocky fan

Gordo Cabesaurio (Avellaneda, 2019-07-09)


He had every right to defend himself, those two men were harassing him just because they were fan of his. After being told to leave repeatedly, they put themselves in that situation.

Chardené Jones (Houston , 2019-07-09)



Aaron Ortega (Cathedral City, 2019-07-09)


He was right

Xuechun Feng (Hunan, 2019-07-09)


He should not go to jail for protect women!!!!

zhang zzanglion (Seoul, 2019-07-09)



Asap Fahmi (Singapore, 2019-07-09)


i’m singning cause a$aps a sick cunt

sierra johnston (noosa, 2019-07-09)


Free rocky

Phương Uyên Tsai (Taipei, 2019-07-09)


He’s innocent

Summer Hale (Noosa , 2019-07-09)



rakim mayers (İstanbul, 2019-07-09)


Asap Rocky is innocent

Hailey Smith (Canmore, 2019-07-09)


I love his music and his personality, and i think that he was really pissed and that’s why he beat his ass.

Cristiana Ciinaru (Bucharest, 2019-07-09)


FreeRocky pls, I need Cozy tapes 3

Pietro Stopazzola (Vicenza, 2019-07-09)


He is my soulmate

Eden Coventon (Gold Coast , 2019-07-09)


Rakim was given an unfair sentencing and we won't let him suffer. Thank you for your time.

Adilene Betancourt (Portland , 2019-07-09)



Marni Alam (Sydney, 2019-07-09)


im signing because asap dosent deserve this he got into a fight about some weirdo following him, this has been taken out of hand and needs to stop! AND I LOVE ASAP

chloe pitts (noosa, 2019-07-09)


Asap rocky doesn’t deserve to be in prison, he doesn’t deserve shit that’s been given to him,***** sweden.

Ava Taula (Auckland, 2019-07-09)


I want him out of there

Andreea Mursa (Orsova, 2019-07-09)


Rocky is innocent

Tom Jones (London, 2019-07-09)


This is so unfair what happens to A$AP Rocky

Diana Pähler (Telgte, 2019-07-09)



Joel Oguboro (Berlin, 2019-07-09)


i love this man bro🥺

jesdly ocampo (lynwood , 2019-07-09)


Because he is innocent and the judgement presented is biased and unfair

Urte Kazakeviciute (Kaunas , 2019-07-09)


I signing the petition because Rocky is not guilty, he just defended himself, everything is perfectly visible on the videos!!!

Misha Sviridov (Moscow, 2019-07-09)


asap is innocent!! he was protecting himself from being harassed by these two, this is called self defense and these two are the ones who deserve to go to prison

fatima ali (marseille , 2019-07-09)



ashley fox (new york, 2019-07-09)


asap rocky was protecting himself and the women on the streets from being groped and sexually harassed by these two drug addicts, they stalked him everywhere and asap rocky has the right to defend himself from them #freerocky

erica wilson (portland, 2019-07-09)


Rocky is innocent

Ichim Rares (Bacau, 2019-07-09)



Cajes CAJES (tel aviv, 2019-07-09)


I love asap 🤩

Anna Charles (Boston , 2019-07-09)


The environment in which Rocky was detained was extremely harsh. It was unfair that Rocky did it out of his conscience and justice.

Zhang Ruibao (WuHan, 2019-07-09)


ASAP rocky is an amazing guy .He treats women as equal as he treats men ,he respects each one who respects him .

Juggy Wang (Kunming, 2019-07-09)


Rocky is innocent

Jeff Camille (Montreal, 2019-07-09)


He is innocent

Zemfira Gadzhieva (Kaspiysk, 2019-07-09)


He didn’t do anything wrong.

Vanessa Zalar (Vienna, 2019-07-09)


rocky is innicent

adelheid sommerfeldt (gjøvik, 2019-07-09)


free rocky till it’s backwards

erin mcbride (gaylord, 2019-07-09)


Free rocky !!!

Jiayi Liu (China, 2019-07-09)


I want to support ASAP Rocky

Никита Ульянович (Киев , 2019-07-09)



Alyssa Ponteneesi (Los Angeles , 2019-07-09)


Free Flacko!

Veronicca Victoria (Toruń, 2019-07-09)


I think A$AP Rocky is innocent, all he did was self-defense , the two young mens kept bothering him and his team. Rocky and his team have warned them to leave them alone and that they didn't want no problems , but the two young mens didn't listen and started to hit rocky's team. It got to a point Rocky defended himself and his team.

Yamilee Eulogio (New York, 2019-07-09)


He's a good man and it’s my personal experience

Haoran Nie (Harbin, 2019-07-09)


Because he got insulted....they need to put in jail other guys (“attackers”) who slapped asses and insult other people


Adam Gegeny (Szeged, 2019-07-09)


He deserves to be free

Arpine Jaghlasian (Bonn, 2019-07-09)


Asap rocky is innocent

Melisa Bilge (The Hague, 2019-07-09)


Asap Rocky should be free, he doesnt deserve this

Clintavious Lamar (Robertsdale , 2019-07-09)


Because when a woman is insult by a man it’s the right move to protect them and if you Warning Someone not to follow u and he keeps following he might do something stupid to u

Arnold dodo (Nairobi, 2019-07-09)


Free the dude
Also***** Sweden

Tim Blochum (Vaihingen, 2019-07-09)


Im signing because i think that ASAP Rocky is innocent.

Oliver Drozdowski (Wrocław , 2019-07-09)


I think that Rocky did not deserve such a severe punishment, besides that there is video evidence that the conflict was not his idea at all, and these guys was on drugs or drunk. I, like many other people, believe that he should be released from imprisonment.

Марк Плугин (Kiev, 2019-07-09)


I stand qith Rocky and those men who were following him are sexual harrasers who had just finished trying to grb womens behinds before they approached Rocky

Selene Jimenez (Los Angeles, 2019-07-09)


A$ap Rocky was being harassed and he was put behind bars

Caleb Parra (San Bernardino, 2019-07-09)


Free Da Goat AWGE ⚡️

Chris Graves (Brooklyn New York, 2019-07-09)



Yuze Liu (Boston, 2019-07-09)


He’s innocent.

Dominique Williams (Dorado, 2019-07-09)


Because rakim doesn't deserve this bullshit

Iona Macridis (Nicosia , 2019-07-09)


I'm signing because Flacko needs to get out of jail ASAP!

Its a huge joke honestly...

This is robbery of freedom!

Sebastian Pammer (55294 Bodenheim, 2019-07-09)


I LOVE A$APS MUSIC and he doesn't deserve to be in jail. Let him go, you cunts.²

Nikki G (Arnhem, 2019-07-09)


Free Rocky! He dont deserve it...

Frantisek Prochazka (Prague, 2019-07-09)


If Swedish police cannot defend woman from being touched involuntarily, and all they see is an African American attacking people,they are part of the problem.

Londy Jimenez (Perris, 2019-07-09)


He's a good man who respects women

GONG SHENGYU (osaka, 2019-07-09)


I'm signing because Rocky is innocent !!!

Milos Atanasijevic (Bor, 2019-07-09)


I love asap he too fine to be in jail, he was supporting women against harassment

Mahika Rangiwhetu (Brisbane , 2019-07-09)


he is true

Vivi Wang (Jilin, 2019-07-10)


He doesn’t deserve this. That two men were drunk and tried to abuse girls

颖群 朱 (Phoenix, 2019-07-10)


A$AP Rocky isn't guilty and his rights were violated , it isn't democratical and if it will continue , we all will see that even in Europe your rights can be brazenly violated , even such a basic right as right of self defense

Stepan Shmalko (Moscow, 2019-07-10)


because it’s obvious that he is innocent, the video is proof. This is all really stupid.

Rebeka Horváthová (Turňa nad Bodvou, 2019-07-10)


asap rocky doesnt deserve to stay in an inhumane place like tht ,it isnt even safe

daisy guajardo (raymondville, 2019-07-10)


I’m signing because I believe ASAP Rocky is innocent.

Nur Yilmaz (Bucharest , 2019-07-10)



Nada Belarbi (Casablanca , 2019-07-10)


I Am Signing this because ASAP Rocky is My Bro, and The Swedish Police are
Fuckin *******ss for Arresting a Poor Soul (Who is Hard-Working Day And Night), who had Never Commited Any Crime. He Doesn't Even Have Any Facilities or Sources of Well Known Accompaniment to Keep Him Occupied. I Understand What Did Shit Feels Like because I Was Actually Arrested Several Times in My Life, plus Poor ASAP Rocky is The Same age As Me, like Possibly Thirty Years Old, I Assume. The Swedish Police and The British Police Only Do Did Shit For Better Pay in Their Wages and They Don't*****in Understand That Public Individuals and Individuals Such As My Bro ASAP Rocky don't have No Time For Their Shit and We Might Also have Health Issues, like Myself I can't even Stand Jail Life Anymore because I have Bowel Inflammation Issued that cause Me To Frequently Pass Bowel Movements and it's Already Exhausting for Me, and I also have Cutaneous Lupus in The Surrounding areas of My Toes of My Feet and They Get Painful For Me and I have various Other Health Conditions too and I already get Extremely Distressed About Issues In Regards To My Health Conditions so the Police Are Only Creating Extra Stress Upon The Public, My Bro ASAP Rocky and Individuals such As Myself. I Don't Think That They Are Helping Situations, They Are Actually Worsening Situations For Many People.

Zainab Kiani (Glasgow, 2019-07-10)


He fights for justice and does not do anything wrong.This behavior should be reasonable. He should be acquitted.

Ranen Ho (Shanghai, 2019-07-11)


I'm signing because ASAP rocky rights whats clearly denied, and he used self defense

Rashad Baker (Fayetteville, 2019-07-11)



Donald Miller (MIDLAND, 2019-07-13)


Plz free rocky.I just wanna say he is a good people!

哲 刘 (Beijing, 2019-07-14)


He is innocent and those jihad subhuman scums need to be Deported!!

Renato Cvikić (Osijek, 2019-07-17)


Rocky is god

Jonas Chayed (Kristiasand, 2019-07-18)


he’s too hot for jail

amaranta lajoie (sa, 2019-07-19)


It was clearly self defense

Marcus Lassfolk (Lillby, 2019-07-19)


Free soul traped in dirty sweden system. Disgusting!

Vojtech Nacovsky (Prague, 2019-07-21)


Sweden is a totalitarian country.
We will fight for democracy and against a corrupt state and against Löfvén because he is a criminal!

Gabriel Ekman (Stockholm, 2019-07-25)


Obviously he acted in self defence toward some lowlife useless punk attacking him.

Axel Thor (Gothenburg, 2019-07-26)


It’s unfair they deserved it

Brandon Barlow (Nottingham, 2019-07-27)


ASAP Rocky deserves to be free

Jay Louboutin (Rustenburg, 2019-07-27)


Racism is still alive

Liudvikas Ziugzda (Kapsukai, 2019-07-27)


Because its self defense! He didnt do anything wrong, the 19 year old deserve it after all that harassment, its justice. Here the lawbook fails doing real justice

Cassandra Albrechtsen (Landskrona, 2019-07-28)


He was defending himself from harassers.

Braxton Sessoms (Hopewell , 2019-08-02)


Sweden is making a bad reputation for itself by detaining illegally someone who should be treated as a guest with respect and warm welcome.
God bless the United States of America!

American Freedom (IRVING, 2019-08-02)


I am a dedicated supported of a family man and a breadwinner. I don't see how someone can be accused of fighting when fighting is only defending ourselves. We have the right to life liberty and equally and due happiness. How is it right that we hold a man against his will when. He is only doing what is instintual, and natural to every creature on the fa e of this Earth. I don't agree with fact that he locked up and unBle to care for his lived ones at home . My name is Danielle and my prayers go out to you asap Rocky. We all love you and miss you. Please let Rocky go home. Thank you for your time and attention . Sincerely, Danielle Kingsley (Foster). From Arizona .

Danielle Kingsley (Huachuca city, 2019-09-24)


I like A$APS music

Mauro Herregodts (Brussels, 2019-11-06)

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