The A9 community does not take it anymore - stop the greed, Gameloft!



All previous event cars were available with minimal purchases etc.. This is just ludicrous. We have almost a 3 star car with the jesko but we cant use it due to this BS key system

Kev Mellor (Portsmouth, 2019-08-16)


I'm sick of GL's P2W game mode. Basically I have to spend money on each SE to unlock cars

Carson Tsang (TKO, 2019-08-16)


Gameloft is too greedy! The credit races should reward more! The syndicate packs should GUARANTEE BLUEPRINTS! 0 BLUEPRINTS FROM A x10 SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE

Bas Tibben (München, 2019-08-16)


it matters!

Kalyan SM (Hyderabad, 2019-08-16)


Welcome to A9, a casino game with added in high graphics. We’ll make you bankrupt like a real casino
~A9 Devs

Idk Idk (Ha Noi, 2019-08-16)


NO MORE! Stop the greed!

Catalin George (Bucharest, 2019-08-16)


I'm signing because the items are overpriced. Because GL started a whole new experience with new money, but with an event that takes more than it gives.

Florian Pradines (Antibes, 2019-08-16)


The greed is getting awfully ridiculous and forcing players to quit this game

Hon Nip (London, 2019-08-16)


Been loving the game’s graphics and gameplay but the p2w system in this game is just a bunch of bs that causes many ppl to give up or even quit the game. Please stop this or this game will dead like what u greedy people did to A8. Seriously.

wut omg (Hanoi, 2019-08-16)


You're greedier than EA

Michael Vorobiev (Munich, 2019-08-16)


This is totally true, why are they making cars like the 812 12k tokens to unlock??? Waste, fun is dying,,,

Shrinandhan Prabu (Bandung, 2019-08-16)


Gameloft really manages to outdo themselves in each special event.

Rumor R (Toronto, 2019-08-16)


The latest event the greed of Gameloft went through the roof. Really with the shitty drop rate you will be lucky to unlock Genty (a required car to progress) with 20,000 tokens. Really 20,000 tokens to unlock a car??

Raviraj R Pillai (Pondicherry, 2019-08-16)


Gameloft is taking away the fun from Asphalt 9 by forcing players to pay for win and proceed in the game

Timo Valtonen (Helsinki, 2019-08-16)


Costs too much to enjoy the game

IRMANTAS MAJERIS (London, 2019-08-16)


I agree with you.

Anas Khan (Lucknow, 2019-08-16)


The game reward is getting more and more demand. They took away the fun element in the game.

Terence Lo (Hong Kong, 2019-08-16)


I want to get rid of the required rank which locked out most of the players who are actually skilled and can beat the race time

ZY Ko (Kuantan, 2019-08-16)


Im sick of this P2W/ Life grinder lobbies! I want fair MP where theres a person with 1200 ranked car to go against the same people instead of people that have 3000+ ranked cars, which is generally unfair to new users.

Deadly Bones28 (Lakemoor, 2019-08-16)


Fed up with the greedy ways and hoops I gotta jump through to achieve new cars and rewards. I have put in countless hours of in game play and watched thousands of ads for in game rewards that I know generate u income. It’s not fair that I put in the time and still am not guaranteed bps from card packs that cost insane amounts

David May (Inez, 2019-08-16)


At my wits end of the greed and hassle it has become to get the rewards I feel I earn by putting in the hours and real cash purchases occasionally. These big car events and ridiculously long seasons have gotten out of hand and unacceptable. It’s about time u show appreciation to the players that keep this game going

David May (Inez, 2019-08-16)


Game bordering on non enjoyable

Jasin GS (Bangalore, 2019-08-16)


They're really greedy

Hk Shaon (Dhaka, 2019-08-16)


Game is too P2W

Eric Sun (Westford, 2019-08-16)



Алексей Лажанев (Syktyvkar, 2019-08-16)


I agree

André Dias (Porto, 2019-08-16)


You require us to spend real money all the time to unlock cars for events . Every once in awhile might be acceptable not every week!!

Darren Jones (Greenwood, 2019-08-16)


I am signing because there is too much greediness in the game

Abdullah Younus (Riyadh , 2019-08-16)


I am sick and tired of saving and saving tokens for practically nothing because of how ridiculous these events are. (Mainly required ranks on cars.)

Christian Hood (Philadelphia , 2019-08-16)


I’m totaly agree!

Andrei Nila (Arad, 2019-08-16)


I agree

Driver 2562 (Las Vegas, 2019-08-16)


Gameloft treats players with contempt, makes every day life more difficult for players, decreases prizes, launches increasingly difficult and ridiculous events, and we are forced to swallow it, honestly I wanted to stop, but I want to see how far it will go. .

Lucas Palmeira Brito (Picos, 2019-08-16)


Very dificult the cars.

Evandro Mendes (Fortaleza, 2019-08-16)


It's a must

Adrian Burris (Birmingham , 2019-08-16)


I’m signing because I don’t want Asphalt 9 to be destroyed so early. It really is a great game, but still isn’t shining bright only because of this BS. I want Asphalt 9 to be more fun than it is now!

Driver 3921 (Tirana, 2019-08-16)


The game has become unbearably pay 2 win and its impossible to achieve/ unlock anything without having an exorbitant amount of tokens saved or just whap out your credit card lile GameLoft wants us to

Aseel Gashout (Dumfries, 2019-08-16)


Sem jesko , evento ,rediculo de aniversário do game , os outros eventos ainda consigamos desbloquear o carro até 3 estrelas 🌟 hj nem isso vamos conseguir fazer , drops rates lixo , e isto por temos uma garagem avançadas imagina pra quem está começando o game agora ,próximo passo e desinstalar o game de vez ....

Claudio Luis Cordeiro (Cataguases , 2019-08-16)


I’m signing because I 100% agree with what is said ok this page. The game needs changes. Its not fun anymore, and it seems like game loft doesn't care about their customers. Its a huge issue that needs to be resolved. This petition is relatable.

Gabriel Jara (Germantown, 2019-08-16)


GL is a fraud

Rafael Gonçalves (Chapecó , 2019-08-16)


I’m signing because totally agree with author. Gameloft absolutely loose any respect to simple players. Each event they want to steal our money. But unfortunately there are some “wheats” who pay this unbelievable prices. 400$ for 2 cars with 25% of their max, are you crazy? Stop trolling us, we are not the hamsters!

Alexey Osetrov (Moscow, 2019-08-16)



Matheus Mellenbergs (Curitiba, 2019-08-16)


Sacerd words, noone can complete „special event” without spending money, not even talking about ginetta drop and other scam, when youtubers opened 10pack with 30 bp and i opened 3x10 for 9 guaranted :)

Dawid Zaczek (Ruda Śląska, 2019-08-16)


Sinceramente a economia por trás do game e uma MERDA, nos reclamamos do hate Drop de cartas, mas a GAMELOFT fala que vai arrumar mais não arruma merda nenhuma! Além de piorar o drop do game!

Charles de Oliveira (Varginha, 2019-08-16)


"i hate a9 company"

Jean SILVA (Rio de Janeiro, 2019-08-16)


He's speaking the language of the gods. Seriously though, I agree with everything this person has said.

Ruffalo Chicken (San Ramon, 2019-08-16)


Esta ficando mais e mais difícil desbloquear carros, os pacotes do Evento Especial são uma Lástima, muitos pacotes sem Blueprints, isso é muito desanimador.

Cristiano Conceição (São Paulo, 2019-08-17)


Evento injusta da jesko

Wellinton Silva (São Lourenço da mata, 2019-08-17)


Greedyloft is too much. Worst drop rate. No guarantee BP. Prices like want to go to the moon. Too expensive. Too much.

MA Paichow (Kuala Lumpur, 2019-08-17)


Hihihi hehe

Михаил Жеварин (Магнитогорск, 2019-08-17)


Gameloft is some serious bullshit ever donde vivendi took over

A L (S, 2019-08-17)


Pls make the game great. Stop hunting money unethical ways. Pls respect players who has skill and good garage and able to get car free with efforts like A8. Thanks, Shahid

Shahid Asphalt (Dhaka, 2019-08-17)


Increase the drop rate

Reducing pay to win game

The game must be good for everyone to play

Quyyum Saad (Kajang, 2019-08-17)


I've spent $12. To this event and 6k blue coins and I don't thing that I can't unlock the Jesco

Edwin Xicón (Guatemala, 2019-08-17)


A9 has become more and more pay to win.
They removed token awards. Removed 100% chances of getting blueprints when buying 10 packs at once. Exclusive events require maxed out new cars.

Sabique Tawfique (Ranchi, 2019-08-17)


Firmo porque esta muy caro los paquetes de los coches del evento especial del jesko, tiene un pesimo drop rate,algunas veces te da y otras veces no , deberian de bajarle el precio.Hasta el punto de pagar con dinero real y se supone que es un juego para divertirse , no para invertir plata.

Cja Portal (Salta, 2019-08-17)


I dont have money

Edgar Osvaldo (JuareZ, 2019-08-17)


I’m signing cause Asphalt 9 is getting more and more elitist, pay to win, and unplayable by update to update. Ridiculous business policy, and hunger for money makes this game unaffordably difficult.

Izabella Szentpéteri (Budapest, 2019-08-17)


This game is becoming boring day by day just because of Gameloft's greed for money instead of making the game balanced in such way which can provide fun to players as well as GL will be getting their money from their games instead of focusing on making game pay to win only! This Jesko special event aka Drive Syndicate event is the biggest pay to win special event ever I saw in A9. This has beaten Chiron Special event in terms of difficulty & pay to win. You need almost 30k tokens if you wanna unlock the car and ofc the price of packs are too bad specially Akylone. Also they have reduced the amount of tokens in the events & MP but they always expect us having 50k tokens all time!? If they keep doing this, this great game will be dead soon.

Abhijit Dasgupta (Kolkata, 2019-08-17)


It's a need for us let's talk about what it's wass

Sunil Naik (Guntur, 2019-08-17)


Too much p2w.

Евгений Табаков (Rousse, 2019-08-17)


Greed is always the wrong way!

Ron Be (Kluse, 2019-08-17)


It's getting worse day by day! No respect to the loyal player base! Hackers/Cheaters (people without skill + no respect for themselves or the game) and Bots everywhere! Disgusting drop rates and overhauled prizes for some virtual cars! Do what u gotta do or this game will die real soon. It's a shame because we all love to play and invest time into this game + willing to support ya'll! Get it str8!

D D (Berlin, 2019-08-17)


as the leader of 6 Windows teams you have taken all the fun out of playing the game. Your greed is shameful. 12,000 tokens for chance to get 4 cars, but no guarantee unless you spend more tokens or more $. we are your customers, why are you screwing us over.

Jim Hughes (GURNEE, 2019-08-17)


I'm tired of having to invest hours of gameplay to achieve virtually nothing in the game whose company is mercenary

Henrique Azevedo (Santarém, 2019-08-17)


Giersoft muss ein Ende haben

Alex Will (Staufenberg, 2019-08-17)


Gameloft is really greedy and unfair, it seems like they are EA

Ricardo Romo (Mexico City, 2019-08-17)


I'm signing because Gameloft have no rule in A9 gaming. They are crazy gamer i have ever seen

Mohammad Atiqur Rahman (Manama, 2019-08-17)


It is not fair to remove the 3 bps insured in a pack of 10 envelopes

Arturo Nolasco (Villagran, 2019-08-17)


The pay walls to play the special event are ridiculous and the amount you have to pay via in game currency and real cash is way out of control.

Oliver Pooley (Bristol, 2019-08-17)


I am signing this petition because of the recent update which is as stupid as GL’s gaming strategies, we are fed up of all these you need to change this GREED.

Moon Msh (Lahore, 2019-08-17)

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