The A9 community does not take it anymore - stop the greed, Gameloft!



I d’ont like the politic or GameLoft about the game Asphalt 9 !!!

Nathan Combet (Besancon, 2019-08-18)


Not happy with special event and in game purchase items too much costly as compared to other games pls remove rep point need for next day opening event and make cars available for all users so that atleast freshers players also can unlock cars in special event but now i am playing this game from last one year spent more then 400usd in game purchase but still not able to unlock jesko. Pls improve it to playable and enjoyable for everyone.

Sukhdev Singh (Hoshiarpur, 2019-08-18)


#nogayloft no more ads

Thogami Kurumi (Mexico, 2019-08-18)


Being a top 5% player, I'd be damned to know that I don't get the rewards I worked for just because I didn't get all the cars from missing out from the event. As a result, I will have to shell out my money just to get something that I don't have or end up missing out on things. Ideally, one would want to buy something from the game because they want it, not because they have to in order to be the best.

The fact that I and countless people got bad drop rates as well as exorbitant requirements to get a certain car makes it a reason to quit A9. I've taken a break from A9 for a few months until late June because I find it painful to think that a game I like would do this to me and the others.

How is this going to continue on another year with such unfairness like this?

LY Lee (Klang, Selangor, 2019-08-18)


All the word this man right here said is completely true, the greed of a company named Gameloft has gone too far, i’m here to sign this petition to stop Gameloft from the greedy.

Nguyen Hoang (Vung Tau, 2019-08-18)


Stoop greeding you ************s!

Bucur Marius (Bacau, 2019-08-18)


Stop the greed, Gameloft!

Александр Ковалев (Dnepr, 2019-08-18)


Gameloft ued to consider what player wants but they only consider our wallet and not us

Sree Hari (kozhikode, 2019-08-18)


I'm signing because I play the Asphalt series since the first game and never have seen such an unfair form of getting better cars and get the best positions along the events and multiplayer. And this new event is forcing people to spend hundreds or thousands of money in order to go on, the cars are almost impossible to unlock (in my case, I got stuck because I spent all of my tokens and didn't get the second star from Ginetta) and when I go to the market to see the price.. it's unbelievable! So that's why I am signing this petition and so does hundreds and thousands of other players as well...

I hope they do something to make the game enjoyable and fun to play again...

Diego Mangifeste (Paty do Alferes, 2019-08-18)



Daniel Diniz (Montes Claros, 2019-08-18)


I got to say, i have putted a lot of effort throughtout the year i have almost been playing. I have done so many things to try to "enjoy" your events. Counting when exactly my tickets would refill, playing past midnight having to wake up early the next day (or in fact, that same day) and playing throught the worst of the conditions. All that to achieve nothing, NOTHING AT ALL. And you know why? Because i have to pay with money that i don t have for a car which was released in the middle of an event and the only way of getting it is via packs and the only way of getting enough packs for unlocking the car is with real money (Lets don t forget that if you don t obtain and upgrade the event car and the car which was released through packs that same event then you won t be able to fully participate in the next events because it will need those cars).

Carlos Díaz (Barquisimeto, 2019-08-18)


Player base is already low because of their greed... They will just keep on losing players...

Jean Philippe Deblaton (Namur, 2019-08-19)


Stop the greed!

Артур Каратель (Rostov, 2019-08-19)


I agree with the cause

Gustavo Abraham Rodriguez (Monterrey, 2019-08-19)


Its just too much. I play allot and find each and every event harder to complete unless i would spend money. I have no issue spending money in a game but in moderation. So i refuse to spend anymore until some adjustments are made.

Gerardo Gregory (Pleasant Dale, 2019-08-19)


gl is gae

Gabriel Loh (Petaling Jaya, 2019-08-19)



Paulo André (Vinhedo, 2019-08-19)


The petition represents exactly how I think and feel !!!!!

Geovane Carvalho (Três Rios-RJ, 2019-08-19)


This petition says everything, what i want to say. I play this game since first day and every day it was more impossible to get, what favorite players get. thats unfair. to spent money in this game is ok, when the prize is ok. for example:1.99 euro for 3 Blueprints ginetta was ok.49,99 for 5 blueprints genty is more than not club and I think also about to delete this game.Please do something, so that every player have the same chances to win.

vera marx (burghausen, 2019-08-19)


Vous pensez vraiment que l'on va dépenser 800€ dans des voitures virtuelles, sous prétexte qu'elles sont nouvelles ? Vous rêvez et vous devriez avoir honte de proposer de tels choses, quand certains de vos joueurs ont du mal à ce nourrir et que pour d'autres, ça représente peut-être 1 an de salaire !! Estimez vous heureux que moi et les 19 autres joueurs de ma TEAM ne quittions pas le jeu définitivement, car c'est limite (8 joueurs de remplacés, grâce à votre évent anniversaire, ne voulant plus JAMAIS entendre parlais de vous LOL)...
Nous avons pris une décision radicale à partir d'aujourd'hui, si rien ne change, ne plus jamais vous donnez d'argent ingame et si ça continue, ce qui ne m'étonnerais pas vu que vous avez honte de rien, vous perdrez 20 joueurs soit une TEAM entière !!
J'ai aussi signé cette pétition, car moi j'ai besoins des 2 pièces épics ou + de l'évent Acura et SGC pour mes 2 voitures, sauf que je ne les aurais pas, comme souvent, non pas parce que mon temps est moyen, il est même très bon, mais parce que je me fais voler par vos amis les hackers !! Vous ne faites rien contre eux et les joueurs comme moi et d'autres, ce font voler de précieuses récompenses utiles et importantes dans tous les évents, parce que vous les laissez jouer en toute impunité, surement en espérant que certains joueurs fâchés sortent leur C.B !! Je peux donc dire que ce sont vos amis, sinon vous feriez quelque chose (mais la roue tourne)... Ne vous étonnez plus de perdre 38% de joueurs par an, au vu de vos pratiques douteuses...

Driver Red-Zone (PARIS, 2019-08-19)


I don't have money, and I like the game, wish I can continue to get the Jesko, it is not possible for me

Pierre Diaz (Lima, 2019-08-19)


A9 has become a pay to play game and that’s what’s going to make me quit the game . Make it fair for all players. This game is rediculous now. It was super fun and I used to play a lot but now I am not enjoying it anymore . Less pay to play and more fairness would be a huge thing . This special event is stupid . You have to unlock 2 cars and star them to max to even beat it and collect the car. Get a grip gameloft

Ryan Teichreb (Peachland, 2019-08-19)


I’m signing because I played asphalt8 and 9 and I’m tired of being robbed.

Niniz Nino (Stockholm , 2019-08-19)


This has to stop , stop the greed GL.

Ahmed Jerbi (Nabeul, 2019-08-19)


Gameloft and Vivendi....just burn you two to the hell

I'm sick of P2W stuff, and can't remove HACKERS in LB

David Tanujaya (Tangerang, 2019-08-19)


Overpriced and so pay2win cars

Francis Val Espina (Cebu, 2019-08-19)


Because I agree with this!

Justin Zwijns (Antwerpen, 2019-08-19)


Stop this greedyness Gameloft, make this game fair to win.

Bhuvan Gta (Hyderabad, 2019-08-19)


I want this game to be great again

Gustavo Justo (Três Cachoeiras, 2019-08-19)


Everything stated above

Edwin Ng'ang'a (chicago, 2019-08-19)


I am really really frustated of this game. I play and play and invested so much time and resourcen, in specially jesko event and must see, that there is no chance to win without spend a lot of money. but i dont do this, because it costs finally to least i think about to deinstall this game. Gameloft is not fair to us players.
from now i look no ads .
i hope, Gameloft see, that we are players, who will be listened.
Please something!!!

peter gersch (passau, 2019-08-20)


I understand the reason for pay to play.. but taking rewards away months after game launch is really pushing the greed envelope

Anthony Lehner (FREDERICKSBURG , 2019-08-20)


I’m singing because I’m really tired of Gameloft policy about ingame currency.

Vladimir Pogromsky (Chita, 2019-08-20)


I have played since soft launch. Rewards for some events are the worst. Plus, I can't really complete special events which waste tokens and unnecessary time. Plus, probabilities for packs in car hunts need to be improved. Also, hackers need to be banned. I see it all the time

David Johan (NYC, 2019-08-21)


I completely agree.

Galina Mitskevich (Минск, 2019-08-21)


I getting robered too this company need to pay is due

Samuel Waltzing (Alma, 2019-08-21)


The events cost to much money to play them.

Mat Stephenson (Fair oaks, 2019-08-21)


I agree...Gameloft is slowly sucking the fun out of the game. I also have been playing for over a year and the bullshit gets worse and worse. I used to be in a Top 20 club, but it stopped being worth the time I invested for what I was getting out of it! Sad really

Paul Gerber (Waterloo, 2019-08-21)


It`s true!

Grigoriy Gubanov (Podolsk, 2019-08-21)


I'm signing this petition as I believe this event was badly designed. Considering the non equal drop rate for new cars such as Ginetta and Superfast, plus the non attractive conversion rate between blue tokens and s coins. It made the game totally unfair. I'm used to bad luck and I get along with it. But this event has increased the differences. I got all old cars maxed at the beginning of the event, I still spent 6k blue tokens. At the end I'm totally broke in s coins after upgrading Ginetta to 4 stars, unlocking Superfast and upgrading Jesko 2 stars. No warranty on BPs for Akylone and developers who are not able to optimize their algorithm to make the game a fair game. Hopefully you guys from GL will listen to the community.

Willy Thierry (Issy les moulineaux , 2019-08-21)


I sign it because I agree with all of the above, it can’t continue any longer. You need to invest a huge amount to open the car in the current special campaign, you can’t even fix errors in the game, crashes on advertising constantly, connection errors, etc. ...

Evgen Mokh (Novovolynsk, 2019-08-21)


GL/Vivendi is goin crazy, they taking all kids money to make shareholders happy. I call those methods criminals

Michael Kaufmann (Bodelshausen, 2019-08-21)


Fix this shit game. Stop P2W!

Denis Kiyashko (Vladivostok, 2019-08-21)


I signed it. I will do everything just to feed any chance or hope to stop the greediness of Gameloft. It is like feding a baby too much to the point baby throws up. That baby is like the current Asphalt Community right now and the only thing GL is feeding us, is their greed.

Hamdi Halimov (Asd, 2019-08-21)


Olá caros desenvolvedores da Gameloft,eu gostaria de fazer uma reclamação sobre todas as recompensas roubadas em troca de meses e meses suando,sofrendo bastante para receber 3 diagramas em um carro por 750 fichas,e eu quero que isso mude,torne os eventos mais específicos onde não tenha nenhum roubo e tragam mais diagramas dos carros de pacotes anteriores nós eventos e que todos consigam vários carros de graça

João Pedro Almeida (Rio de Janeiro, 2019-08-21)


Desanimado de jogar

Flavio Alvez (Casa, 2019-08-21)


Eu concordo com a petição

Adriano Beppler (Petrópolis RJ, 2019-08-21)



Alexsey Alexseev (Moscow, 2019-08-21)



видеть больше (Moscow, 2019-08-21)


Chega de ganância queremos um jogo saudável pra quem não paga e pra quem paga também ! Chega de abuso !!! Não somos escravos desse jogo !!!

TIAGO RODRIGO SILVA (Carapicuíba, 2019-08-21)


Gameloft para de ganancia e de roubar o tempo e dinheiro do fás da franquia seus mercenários

ELIAS DANIEL (Santa Luzia, 2019-08-21)


100% apoiado , jogo fazendo agente e de besta

Marcelo Dias Santos (Jeremoabo, 2019-08-22)


I'm tires If Loot Boxes ando lose lots If money

Pablo Rosa (Santos, 2019-08-22)


Não quero pagar para jogar

Otacílio Penha (Rivera, 2019-08-22)



Layla Souza (Ceará, 2019-08-22)


This game is fkin bs

Pedro Lucas Bahiense Evangelista (Serra, 2019-08-22)


É inaceitável o que a Gameloft está fazendo com os jogadores de Asphalt 9, em vez de passarmos o tempo curtindo o jogo, passamos mais é raiva!!!!!

Jefersoon Caetano (São Paulo, 2019-08-22)


Gameloft is charging absurd prices for simple items. Items that almost never make a difference in gambling in general. It's sad to know that the game no longer entertains us, it only makes us lose money.

Marcos Antonio (Blumenau, 2019-08-22)


Tô dentro !!!

Alan Galdino (Cascavel-PR, 2019-08-22)


Concordo plenamente com o que foi falado na petição, não podemos deixar isso continuar!

Jefferson Soares (Recife, 2019-08-22)


I’m signing because I’m very disappointed with this game. There are many bugs, glitches and P2W stuffs that spoil the game and make it no longer fun to play anymore

Nguyen Viet Ha (Hà Nội , 2019-08-22)


I'm signing this cuz I play also this ago almost softlaunch, and I left the game since Terzo Event, because this game is very pay to win, the goal times are very hard to achieve, the drop rates from the packs are very low! I had a good progress in the game but Gameloft took this game harder, I don't know what Developers are trying to do with that!

Gonçalo Araújo (Leiria, 2019-08-22)


A Gameloft pegou 2 mil de mim pra ganha um carro

Túlio Sotero (Itororó, 2019-08-22)


I've had enough of this Pay2Win addiction from Gameloft

Luca Alves (Aracaju, 2019-08-22)

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