The A9 community does not take it anymore - stop the greed, Gameloft!



Because Gameloft is greedy they just want money

Vikas Sahni (Panipat, 2019-08-31)


Pay to win is extremely unviable for fun and

Matheus Folha (Rio de Janeiro, 2019-08-31)


High costs in game.

Ronaldo Melo (São Vicente , 2019-08-31)


Sou contra qualquer pay to win

Vitor Andrade (Salvador , 2019-09-01)


I, Pixie from the club, Drifters Reborn had enough of this pay-2-win event.

Make the special event less pay-2-win otherwise I'll be uninstalling this game for good and going to give it a 1-star on Google Play if there's no changes.

Muhammad Faezin (Singapore, 2019-09-02)


Isso é uma vergonha!😶

Leandro Silva (Rio de janeiro, 2019-09-03)


Because we aren't slaves

Anderson Vinicius (Salvador, 2019-09-03)


This game now it's just pay to win

João Vitor (João Monlevade, 2019-09-03)


Por que quis

Vinicius Andrade (Bonito, 2019-09-03)


Gameloft is a abuser

Pedro onfroy (Pirassununga, 2019-09-03)


Because i love that franchise

Paulo Filho (Fortaleza, 2019-09-03)



Agws Trash (Brasilia, 2019-09-03)


Eu estou cansado de passar horas jogando esse jogo e não conseguir menos que o suficiente para melhorar o meu carro. E estou cansado de jogos pay-to-win!

Jean Miranda (RIO DE JANEIRO, 2019-09-04)



Ruan Lucas (Ribeirão Branco , 2019-09-05)



Diogo Sarrapiio (werdg, 2019-09-07)


I have played for about 2 years now and I have noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to unlock some cars and ever more expensive to play this game. I don’t mind the fact to watch ads to get more play tickets, shorter refuel times, car packs, etc; I understand the business model and need to do this. But you guys at Gameloft have taken severe advantage of your communities and have played favorites to youtubers and software players. I almost wanted to quit after spending all my tokens and spending about $100 on this dumb Jesko event. My club, “Load Squirters”, has consistently been in the top 200 clubs for months now and we all are struggling. Stop the unfair and expensive game play.

David Tampellini (East Patchogue, 2019-09-08)


Eu gostaria que não só esse jogo mas como todos os jogos da Gameloft fosse mais acessível para todos como dessem mais recompensas na altura da dificuldade do jogo

Elder Apolinario (Natal, 2019-09-08)


Pq sim

Marcos Pereira (Rio de janeiro, 2019-09-08)



Markus Aguiar (Brasilia, 2019-09-11)


Ta dificio aqui em piracema purq ta caro sos coiso do jogo é um abusso

Joremio Asfalto (Piracema, 2019-09-11)


Gameloft Sucks Microtrasation

Wesley Negrão (Manaus, 2019-09-11)


i am fighting against greed

Henrique Torres (Contagem, 2019-09-11)


shiti, update shit, crash lags and etc

Sandro Pereira (Sao joao de Meriti, 2019-09-11)


I want to leave in south africa i fear of xenophobia attack in south africa

Chantal maene Nganisa (Joeslovo/ capetown, 2019-09-13)


I wish that Game Loft listens to us and make some serious changes to the game policy so it become more friendly than greedy.

Ameer Moussa (Damascus, 2019-09-18)


just because they fu**** my best hobby and because they want too much for a F2P P2W, i'm not grinding for real money, i don't have fun and most important: they don't give a***** for their fans

Henrique Ferreira (Manaus, 2019-09-21)


Unfair to pay to win

Darren Jones (Greenwood, 2019-10-08)



Miklovicz Álmos (Kisvárda, 2019-11-06)


i am sick of the unfair things they do to frustrate you into spending money. then the pricing is ridiculous.... its a freakin many other things you don't have time for. i finished first in my last game and was counted last. i could go on about unfair tactics they employee

Jerry Harper (Springfield, 2019-12-19)


This applies to all of their games, Dragon Mania Legends included. It seems to have started with's Vivendi's hostile takeover a few years back and it's only gotten worse since.

BRIAN HARRIS (Bellevue, 2020-08-01)


I totally agree with you

Fazal Bajwa (Faisalabad , 2020-08-12)


I’m a member & current captain of MidNight Tuners & we are fed up with A9 too, I’ve played since day one & GL has no respect for their loyal players or any player as far as that goes, they continue to let hackers rule the Grand Prix & Special Events while taking a honest players last dime & give them garbage in return, low drop rates & events that don’t give enough blueprints to unlock a car but they end up adding packs for $99.

I’ve quit spending money & watching ads because GL has become money hungry & it’s not gonna stop until the players stop buying from them, this latest update has just about done me in with A9 & GL!!

Donald Williams (Pikeville , 2020-08-22)


I'm signing because Gameloft isn't listening to us. They just keep making every game worse with money. Game is for fun, not for robbing others' wallets.

Maximile Le (HCM, 2020-11-14)


I was wrongly accused of hacking and given a 5 day ban in Asphalt 9 Legends (my A9 name is PestisDeathbird and I have/had a club that I founded in game I named DeLorme)

Rebecca Rhoades (Orlando, 2021-01-21)


I feel cheated an screwed by gameloft....
Feel like i have been robbed when you pay dearly for something and gameloft then ends up taking back or removing your rewards.
Like the amount of gas refills are suddenly reduced from 9 to 3 or 4! Its just wrong and greedy as hell and then they lie about it saying that they've never altered my amount of refills per car!

Thor Hauksson (Stavanger, 2021-02-15)


This game too more pay to win!

Lee Wei (Melaka, 2021-08-06)


I too have found its not only asphalt 9 to be almost impossible to gather tokens and level up or insanely high prices on cash buy items . I mean what kid who has working class parents and those with less can afford these add ons on boosters and these are the kids who love and idolize game developers and play gameloft games because it is fun ,social and sometimes the only safe environment they have..
Cmon gameloft employees and VIPs...were you always this shallow and jaded.are all of you from a place and childhood of privilege so it becomes that the kids don't matter anymore...

Rib Peck (Surrey, 2021-12-03)


I'm signing this petition because i wholeheartedly agree with the message and the player who made it.gameloft has to change the idiotic rules they set for this game.what a beautiful game ruined by greed and stupidity.the game got worse with every update.the ads system is got to a point where i watched ads in career mode to earn more credits and the fokin game just crashef when i clicked WATCH AD .i swear..the nerve on these devs/marketers...i just wanna see em suffer like i did while being tortured by all the unfairness and and super gigantic bugs of the game.

Rob Theo (Baia de aries, 2022-05-08)


A non seasonal player. Just after 2 days of game, noticed the same. Repetition of ads, constant push notifications, lot drawing.
Honestly, I have to stop and uninstall it.

Han Yoong (Singapore, 2022-05-13)


tired of gameloft/vivendi nickle and diming us to play a basic mobile game.

Harry Semler (ewing, 2022-07-23)

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