Canadian Immigration for Victims of Xenophobia in South Africa/Immigration canadienne pour les victimes de xénophobie en Afrique du Sud



Every day it's becoming tough to live in South Africa !

There is alot of Killing and theft against us.Everyday I feel I am next .

This xenophobia issue has occured alot of times to me and my family.
I've got about 4-5 police cases,it just seems the police does not help in this country.

At times my children can't go to school because of the fear they might not even come back home
xenophobia is really playing a big part in my life which me and my family hates.
Is it a crime to be a foreigner?

Madeleine Juma (cape town, 2019-09-12)


The reason it because km leaving in fear in this place you want know what will happen tomorrow I bloked myself indoor for now 3weeks why because we are not safe I will like to leave this country for my own sake and my family I'm tired been in fear please hell us before they kills us

Miriame Lufuila (Pretoria, 2019-09-12)


I am signing this petition because of xenophobic attacks in South Africa

Lukalu Loucky malongu (Durban, 2019-09-12)


I'm a victim of a xenophobic attack here in south africa

Justin jiresse Ngweye (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm Mr Tresor, I'm married and father of two pretty daughters, we was attacked for xenophobia by the back people in philippi ( cape town), we are not safe.
Please assist us.

Matayi Tresor Masamba (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I am.signing.because of xenophobia in south Africa especially at Johannesburg where I they are also refusing to give us paper after staying here for 10 years

Nicky wumba Luvengomoka (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because of xenophobia in south Africa is too much now that killing people broke things the don't want foreigners in south Africa is why I'm asking Canada immigration if they can help use

Ilain Mpandanjila (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)



Winnie Mhishi (Capetown , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this assegment because they are killing foreigners, so I want live the country ,

Charles Andre Kpoghomou (Pretoria, 2019-09-12)



Yewa wakiese Jonathan (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


I was attacked last week by a groupe of South African people at my work place, was beaten and some of community members rescued me .

John Morrison ngoy (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


Xenophobia attack against us

Jordy Lunda (South Africa , 2019-09-12)


Xénophobes attaque

Presley Eyoka Ndinga (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Moi et ma famille sommes en insécurité ici à Cape Town,nous ne bougeons pas,les enfants stressé par la situation et elles me demandent”Daddy we need to leave this country.Toutefois ce que vous voyez et entendais est correct.Please help

Lucien Musasa Umba (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I was victim of in Johannessburg attack

Eric Mutkbe (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm suffering because of xenophobia
J'en ai mare de restée ici ya tellement des morts, violes, assassinants, nous sommes dans l'insécuritées total

Nitumfuidi Masambukidi samuela (Cape town , 2019-09-12)


Our live is in danger daily; there is discrimination all the time. Foreigners are not safe ...

MUSUNGAYI TSHITENGE (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I need help to quit this xenophobic country which South Africa with my family.

Julie Baswamina Kabamba (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because of this xenophobia in south Africa we are in very danger

Kitoko Muteba Ngoy (Port Elizabeth , 2019-09-12)


We are a familly of 4 people me my wife and my 4kids so we are victm of xenophobia in south africa we are not safe any more in south africa plz help as to leave this contry

Pappy Kole tshiseya (Joahnnesburg, 2019-09-12)


Because of last xenophobia in south Africa i been attacked and i was a victim of that.

Bosawa Didi (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


Because I and my family are victim of xenophobic attacks in south Africa.

PIERRE urbain BAMBALA (D R congo, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing in to seek for help because I don't feel safe anymore in south Africa after witnessing a 2nd xenophobia in south Africa. Single mom of two and living with fear our life is in danger very terrible,thank you

Nelly Kazimbe (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I am a single mother , who is really looking for change for my dougther and me, Thanks

Mireille kapombe (Captown , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because I was victim for attack xenophobia in township and I'm still fear ...

Chouchou Kabenda (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


I’m signing this petition because i’m an asylum seeker in this Country for 10years yet there’s no help from the government and we are suffering for Xenophobia, we are fearing for our lives, please help us!!

Sandrine Bahibitugu ( Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


I have had enough in this country

Dieudonne Bulongo (Pretoria , 2019-09-12)


Thank you

cornelie milolo okar-ebes (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because I'm one of the victim of exnaphobic

Luisa Mayamba Andre (Gauteng , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because they are killing us here on account of xenophobia and I say to you to help us we need help please please

NKOMBO Cherubin Joseph (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I wana go out of this place

Luzolo Daudet (Capetown , 2019-09-12)


I am signing this petition because I am against the xenophobic attacks against foreign nationals in South Africa recently and in the past that have caused death and a lot of damages between both parties. People have lost their loved ones as well as their valuables. And all this for what? simply because of hatred that some of our South Africans brothers have developed towards other nationalities these few past years and it is wrong and we should stand against it and condemn it with our last energy.

Emile Tshinkunku (Durban , 2019-09-12)


I'm not safe with my kids here , they are kill us

mamie kapinga (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Good day,
Words cannot explain how insecure and prone to attacks we are in South Africa.
Any kind of help to relocate will be appreciated because there’s no assurance from the government whatsoever that these things will not be repeated again.

Yeze David Ngongo (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Xenophobia in South Africa

Pathy Dikomo Onombe (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because of insecurity in South Africa. I am specially located in the city of Durban that we been attaqued by xenophobia one day on my way to work and from there make us leave in insecurity that you can't even go out or to work.
Thanks so much for your support and the love you are showing in the world.

Abraham Boyebozina (Durban, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this petition because my life is danger , few days before we were threatened by the south Africans citizens and my uncle was killed . I'm leaving now in fear.



I m signing this because South Africa is not safe anymore for us foreigners and refugees.

Osee Moukala (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


I support this petition. We are unsafe in south Africa due to repetitive xenophobic attacks against foreign nationals

Patrick Amani Makalangire (Pretoria, 2019-09-12)


As an immigrant in south Africa I'm in danger because of the xenophobic attack toward immigrants in south africa .

Minga phineas Ishama (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm victim where I am working the south African destroy all my stuff

Bosako Giresse (Durban, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because of xenophobie in South Africa

Milhene mbuyi Bashala (Vanderbijd park, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because black foreigners people in south Africa a facing crisis and are suffering

Patrick Miantama (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm not happy of what's happening in south africa #xenophobia

Claudia Mutanga (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


Because of xenophobic

Losikiala antho Mumputu (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because I've see the atrocities committed by south african citizens to foreigners recently such as killing, destroying their goods and even burning people alive....

Blandine Mutombo (Pretoria, 2019-09-12)


I’m signing this petition because of xenophobia in South Africa.

Ngoyi Mbuyi Francois (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I m bécause to looking for my protection With my family to another country i exiled in south africa my protection but things turned worng that why i prefer to leave south africa bécause of xénophobia attack.

Bradel Vunana (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing in because right now am left with nothing but fear and ashies of my belongings that was burnt down during the xenophobic attack in south Africa. I wish to migrant to Canada and my family for a better and fruitful living

Obinna Clement (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this because local South Africa citizens are killing us foreigners in their country and are chasing us . there is no live for us anymore in South Africa.

Keren Moseka Limbila (johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I nabintu rwezangabo I'm sending this message because i was a victim of the xenophobia in South Africa Johannesburg,do to that i will like to ask of been transfer to a safe place and better life.kind regards

Nabintu Rwezangabo (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm singing beacause I'm a victim of xenophobia in south africa

Mami Mupenda (Durban, 2019-09-12)


I sign because I am Trangé in this country and I fear being the next victim

Milenge watuna Gloire (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


I am in living fear due xenophobia attacks against refugees including foreign nationals and immigrants

Mulanda Badamu Bachinda (Durban , 2019-09-12)


i am signing because i was a victim of xenophobia and robbery .



I Mr Misiso Makumu, I am signing this application for asking for a help, to take me out of South Africa, I am, miner , position multi skill operator and open cast missing supervisor, may you please help me, I will be thankful.

Makumu Misiso (Carolina Mpumalanga, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because I'm not save in South Africa

Miteo Kazadi (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)



Pauline Lukaya (Pretoria, 2019-09-12)


Can you please help us we are suffering in South Africa ,...we are not save ... on nous attaque , they try to us because we are from others African countrie,...

Benjamin Kazadi (Joburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this because am a refugee here in Sout Africa we are passing a very difficult time and we really need help.

Mechack Byamungu (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because of violence here in south Africa,we are very tired to be traite like animals.

Florica Tchambila niangui (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because of xenophobia act.there is not any protection for us

Elondo Jules Katana (Pretoria , 2019-09-12)


I am victims of xenophobia here in south Africa two times now first time it was on 2008 than now again plz Help me end my family to get out here

Makwela leta Emmanuel (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I m singing because they're killing us here and we need help please and in need living South Africa in have family my life and my baby

Rubens Miasamu (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because... (optional)

MAYELE MAZUNGA (kinshasa, 2019-09-12)


Xenophobia in RSA

Lysette Tshibambe Diaz (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


My life is in danger because of the xenophobia attack happening in South Africa

Auno linda Gallet (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


Because of the xenophobia attack I nearly became a victim
Am not safe here anymore

Malongo Kabeya (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I JM KABWAYA and my husband TC MATTHEWS are currently living in Capetown but due to some realities faced of xenophobia attacks happening to us as foreigners caused by South Africans citizens, our lives become targets and anything can happen to us anytime especially while I and my husband doing casual work in their areas ( black ones ). We can't go to work. Our lives become too scary to use the public transport such as train and taxi even walking alo



I'm signing because of ourlife was in danger we almost lose one of our son, they burned down our Bangalore with fire because we where foreigners, asked us to leave the area were we where leaving, now we are leaving in a friend's house with my wife and our 3 boys age 11,7 and 5. We are in need of assistance please because we can no longer afford to live here because of the insecurity.

John Monyako Bomwele (Cape town , 2019-09-12)


I'm congolaise refugees to south africa

marth ilunga (pretoria, 2019-09-12)


I m signing because am not secure in this country . They don't like us foreigners , and the will do it again as they use to do it after some your

Patrick Mukanya Justin (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this because i feel insecurity​ in this country I have mother for 3 children's​ please I need help I 'am a lone my husband is not with me please I need help for my children's

Julia nitu Luzeyidio (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Hello dear immigration

Am from Congo DRC, l stay in JOHANNESBURG, Yeoville/south Africa.

The reason for that mail is am subject of threat by south-afrcains who stay around to me. I need your help please



Because here in south africa they don't want foreigners and the try to burn me.

Mira Tambwe (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I was a victim of xenophobia in South Africa🌍

sangol Kakiele (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


Because, I and other African's we're in permanent danger in this country.

Jean Jacques Ilunga (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I am signing because I am a sixteen year old living in South Africa for the past 10 years as an asylum seeker . I have done my primary schooling and i have two more years to finish my high school . I would like to ask the Canadian Government to please consider this petition and to help us , I have experienced Xenophobic attacks were I couldn't go to school because I feared for my life and my family's . Thank you

benedicte kimpanga (cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm sining just because i was almost killed due to thé current situation that we have hère. I'm even scared to go out. If you leave me hère they are going to kill me.

Malosa Christian Kamvudi (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I am because of the on going xenophobia attack which we are facing here in south Africa.

Jean Claude ntumba kayembe (cape town , 2019-09-12)


I’m signing because I’m in insecurity since the xenophobia issue started ,
I want to leave this country

Joel Tshitenge (Pretoria , 2019-09-12)


My life is in danger i am a father with 5 children. We are living in Kwazulu natal . the protesting people of xenophobia here is very bad ,my children they are not going anymore to school and me too i am not going to work plz we need help and assistance for this matter

Djuwa patrick Odiko (Stanger, durban, 2019-09-12)


We never really had an opportunity in this country , we been leaving like slaves and now they’re killing us. They give u a paper but u can’t work, u can open an account and every single jobs where there are foreigners , they make it difficult for us ( Uber latest example). You apply for a job even with you qualifications, they want a citizen; you apply for a study loan it’s the same, citizen only so which jobs they say we taking ? Security ? Bouncer? Car taker? Waitrons? They just hate us and they using excuses.

Ludovic Tshishima (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


Because of this xenophobia I lost my job all foreigner as been removed, because we are foreigner and don't have ID citizens

Joseph Kabashadi (Capetown , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because i'm no longer feeling safe at all in this country , what ever i do or where ever i go my life is on the line , no hope of doing anything it's very bad here .

Jimmy Nahayo Niyonzima David (Cap Town , 2019-09-12)


I'm living in South Africa and my life danger because of the xenophobia attack and I need help

Richard Ange Rika Gallet (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


We are not fine here they don't want us here killing us not job for us the foregner pleas we need help

Lamama Kamboko Lembusa (Capetown, 2019-09-12)


I'm singing because I was victim of xenophobia at my place in south Africa

Bulungu Muyombo (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Yes i m a refugees im suffiring here in south africa because of xenophobia

Benitha Sophie (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


Xenophobia issues

Fabrice Kande (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because... (optional) , please i need an help i can't get outside of home because of Xenophobia, I'm afraid I can be killed any time



IM living in south Africa city Johannesburg they killing us here we don't have place to go we need your help please please

Noelange Nkenge (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I am fed up on the behaviour of these local citizens of South Africa
I fear what might happen next witnessing violence in this country

David Raphael mulomba (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


Because is not safe anymore here in South Africa for us foreigners, my family is not safe anytime xenophobia can start

Gustave ngandu MPOYI (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this petition because me and my family are not longer welcomed in South Africa due to killing and attacking us as immigrants.thanks for this opportunity to find hope and security from your organization

Michel Limbaka (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this petition to say no to xenophobia

Yves Matuba (Johanesburg, 2019-09-12)


My name is William houeho I'm Benenese citizen Base here in south Africa.Do this recent xenophobia attack in south africa by the local citizen of south Africa it's uncontrollable. I'm pleading with this platform to help us as we know and the world also know that Canada is peaceful and lovely nation they should accommodate me do to xenophobia.

William Houeho (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


It's the right thing to do

Timothee Kasongo (Ekurhuleni, 2019-09-12)


I am signing because i have been living in South africa for ten years as an aslyum seeker and i have experienced xenophobic attacks in South african and i am scared and fearful and its not the first time these attacks have happened . I am pleading that the Canadian Government to please consider this petition and to help us . Thank you

florencs Deanda Tshiela (cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because of xenophobia here in South Africa

Paul kasongo KITENGE (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


Xénophobie attack here to south Africa

James Ngongo moket (Pretoria, 2019-09-12)


I am signing because of what took place in few days pass over here in South Africa,feeling that my life is not safe I can't let this opportunity to pass me by.

Gracien Kabutuka (Tshwane, 2019-09-12)


I support this petition because we're struggling in this country south Africans doesn't like foreigners if you go to hospital they insulted the person and they ask why you don't to go back to you're country or they says who call you in south Africa if they find you on the road and they ask you something if you don't they says they don't like(makwerekwere) in they're contry please help us

Eveline Sifa ndagano (Pretoria, 2019-09-12)


Shekinah kaja

Shekinah Kaja (Captown , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because the situation is awful now, I'm not felling save l anywhere even in the train they are attacking people, so I'm afraid for my life.

CHADRACK ILUNGA (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because I want help I am a refuge here in South Africa I have got family (my wife and 4 kids) we are a victim of xenophobia here this a 4 times xenophobia is happening in South Africa, really people are death please help us other wise we gonna lose our life.
Thank you for your help

Bibomba Willy kabemba (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I sign in because of xenophobia

baya bob m (cap town, 2019-09-12)


I m victim of xenophobia has happened . I saw how they kill people without fear. Oh my God! I run for my life. Please i need to get out of this hell. Please

Pascal Bagula (Pretoria, 2019-09-12)


No safety

Yannick Mayele (Capetown , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because I'm not victim of xenophobia but also injustice

Charles Kibambe (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


My life and that of my family is in danger as a Pastor in South Africa because of the xenophobic attacks on foreigners in RSA.

Christian Kaluba (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this because I'm not safe here in south africa

Beya Musungayi (Witbank, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because there is no peace in South Africa people are getting killed and burned every single day

Koso Henriette okoko (Pietermaritzburg 3201, 2019-09-12)


We are victim of xenophobia, we need help please.

Chancelle Migraine Pievenie KIFOULA LOUTAYA (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


I am signing this petition because of the Xenophobic attach happening in South Africa. We have living in a scaring situation, where anything can happen at anytime. We have this fear inside us, Everyday and every time, us children are kidnapped at to school and their are not save .

Yannick Nuapia (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm living in cape Town right now, we are not safe here, we are scared all the time ,we fear what we happen to us here in South Africa, we don't know where to go and we fear for our children

Simire Ndabaza (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because of the xenophobic attacks which I and my family have been experiencing recently.
I'm a Burundian married to a south African woman. Things are so bad.

Rapha Habonimana (Pretoria, 2019-09-12)


Because I have been a victim of xenophobia ase a Foreigner in this country

Cedrick Sanga (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


The Xenophobia in South Africa affecting us ,because we can't even go outside to go to work and my kids are terrified to go to school and work and the South Africans continue to scare us. So we need your help so we can live in peace.
Thank you in advance for your positive response and help

Veronique Lukeba Nkanza (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


South Africa xenophobia

Laetitia Khonde (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing in because I would like to immigrate to another country as I don't feel safe in South Africa. I've encountered a lot of rejection in this country just because I'm a foreigner. I'm insecure with these xenophobic attacks and the violence in South Africa.
Please help

Vanessa Amisi (Pretoria, 2019-09-12)


Yes I'm sining because I'm suffering here in south Africa with xenophobia, I lost so many things but i don't want to talk much just to sining first. Thank you.

Saidi Nassoro (Cape town , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this petition because I'm foreigner living in cape town and we don't feel safe anymore where ever we going and our children does'nt feel safe either @ school...... it's will be so helpfully if we can be taken away from this country and live somewhere else.

Jean Blanchard Ngoma (Cape town , 2019-09-12)


I am signing because I have found this as an opportunity which i would like not being missed out ,my wife and I nearly been killed though this xenophobic's period

Danny Cibuyi (Tshwane, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because am not safe in south Africa because of this xenophobia that the south Africans are killing us like without care or think that we're also human being .

Dieudonné Sopo (Mosselbay, 2019-09-12)


I am signing this petition due to the fact that I am a victim of the xenophobic's terror,I am not longer feeling comfortable in South Africa,I don't go to school and work because I am scared to be killed.

Kaseya Kazadi (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I am signing this petition to request protection from Canadian government because of xenophobia Attack in south Africa we are living in big terror no way to escape I am original of congo living in south Africa now 12 years refugee I am holding a degree in Business Facult in cost management Accounting I have been a teacher working in retails in spar in Kenilworth at cape town we faced more than three times xenophobia in 2008,in 2010, in 2015 and now in 2019 we greatly Appreciate your protection for us refugees and Asylum seekers in south Africa

Wilson Kimpanga (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'am lost my wife for this xenophobic I'am so desapoit for this country I burn me in my legs ineed your help

Nanga Sabiti (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


As a foreigner in this country I'm scared for my life and of that of my children.

Jeannine Kabuya (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


I'm not secure here in South Africa,they'really busy killing foreigners. Thanks

Mupuanga Benny rive (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I am signing this bcs we are not save in South Africa,my South African work mate are always remind me about who I am !

Bahati Bujiriri Teddy (Cape town , 2019-09-12)


Hello.i am signing because of my security.south african peoples try to kill me in the Train during Xenophobia.they hurted me.i am still in the house,i am not working and i am thinking about how i am gonna pay the Rent and buy the food.please i need help

Sibomana Nasibu (Captown, 2019-09-12)


I'm asining because of xénophobie i'm tired with this country the are kiling us like a chicken please i need your help

KUHUTAMA NDUKU-JEREMIE (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)

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