Canadian Immigration for Victims of Xenophobia in South Africa/Immigration canadienne pour les victimes de xénophobie en Afrique du Sud



Je suis victime à la xenophobia qui d fait ici en Afrique du sud nous souffrons on nous tue tout le jour nous sommes en l'insecurite

Ntumba Shabani Mulamba (Durban , 2019-11-01)


I’m signing because I’m a victim of xenophobic attacks in this country of South Africa

Daniel Kabongo (Boksburg , 2019-11-01)


I am signing cause of xenophobic attacks to foreigners

Junior Mulombe (Capetown , 2019-11-02)


I'm signing because there's no peace for foreigner here in South Africa we not save at all ...please help

Cedrick Kabangu (DURBAN, 2019-11-03)


I'm a victim of Xenophobia attack

Rigobert Bunga Nosso (Capetown , 2019-11-07)


Because I victims xenophobia in South Africa

Bila Thesia (Johannesburg, 2019-11-08)


Im victim of xenophobia south African, they are killing foreigners everyday , so aim afraid,, i need your help please

Kalambayi Carine Kapinga (Johannesburg , 2019-11-11)


Be gos of xenophobia

Kapinga Buabo patience (Johannesburg , 2019-11-11)


For reinstalation of the refugees in Canada because of South African attack on foreigner national

Mandola makiadi (Johannesburg , 2019-11-12)


I'm signing because here they are burning and killing us, foreigners.. I'm victim of a terrible attack in my flat by Pretoria Sunnyside.. I'm save with my family just because God didn't want us to die.. They burn down our building and they kill people by burning them one by one.. I survive because i run away from a window to the back of our building to the neighbor building.. Me and my family.. I lost everything.. That why I need your help please.. Help we're dying

Kalombola Kasongo (Centurion, 2019-11-13)


I am signing this letter because for the xenophobia in south africa l sign this letter

Ariel Pambou loundou (Cape town, 2019-11-16)


I’ve witnessed xenophobia, it’s horrible and if given a change, immigrants contribute to the economy of a country.

Ndzoungani-Nkamba Bernavie (Paris, 2019-11-18)


I'm signing in because I fear for my life and the life of my family being a father of a family and living in a country where you don't have access to anything just because you are a refugee.So discrimination is my rason of signing today.

Kalala lagos Mulamba (Cape Town, 2019-11-19)


I am signing this petition because of what we are going through in this country as Foreigner. I don't kknow if being foreigner in south Africa means become nobady among others. ????
It sade i'm short of word to relate my worry.

Mako Makola Mamuesa (Cape town, 2019-11-19)


My family and I we are in danger , we have lost everything because of xenophobia , my business was in fire , we are not safe

Thomas wanzio Ndumu (Cape town, 2019-11-22)


helpe please xenophobia attack the foreigns i am worried

Sandra ndukuma (cape town , 2019-11-22)


Im signing this petition because Im a victim of xénophobia in South Africa.

Kinsangu Mawungu (Johannesburg , 2019-11-23)


I'm signing because me and my family we are one of victims for this current xenophobia in south Africa 2019

Tshimbombo Dan (Johannesburg, 2019-11-23)


Because i'm un secure and My life is on danger ,i'm victim Of treatness xenophobic ,My life ils un danger,please i beg your help rescue me

Mulumba Mukuna olivier (Cap town, 2019-11-26)


Xénophobie attack in south africa

Cephas Cienda (Cape town, 2019-11-29)


There is xenophobia here in south africa
They are shooting there is many things very bad south African they are doing that is why we aren't safe

albert panzu ekenza (Cape town, 2019-12-02)


I need a visa to Canada

Ciunza Kabishi (Johannesburg, 2019-12-03)


Because I was victim of xenophobia here in South Africa and still not safe. My life is in danger and my country where I come from still not stable. I'm afraid I can be killed anytime and I don't have access to school either to work. I sign to seek for protection pliz. Thank you for your understanding.

Salama Zahabu (Johannesburg , 2019-12-03)


Mukendi kadima

Mukendi Willy kadima (Johannesburg , 2019-12-04)


Hi , my name is Joseph I live in South Africa.for many years but am no longer feeling safe since they started to kill foreigners in South Africa.the reason why we asking for a help to the Canadian immigration consultant to help us to move to Canada or USA.thank you

Joseph Luvumbu (Cape town, 2019-12-11)


i am a witness to the xenophobic attack ,on my way to work i also how they killed a foreign brother of mine and i fear for my own life and ran way,only by God's love he protected me that's why i am signing this so that you could help us because since then i am not going to work beacuse they are going to kill me too even though the government promised peace but they don't bring peace

nicole tshilanda malumba (cape town, 2019-12-12)


I'm signing because me and my family are victims of xenophobia

Nsimba Likonga bobete (Johannesburg , 2019-12-12)


Xenophobia attacque

Lufoundi Mayassi (Johannesburg, 2019-12-15)


My petition is regarding the xenophobic attacks in South Africa. It happened before in 2008, 2017 and the latest attacks in 2019. Blacks from from other African countries live in fear every day in South Africa. Attacked and others killed by irresponsible police officers yet nothing is done. Those who attack are seen on videos by the world yet they walk freely. My family and I are not safe either. So I say No to xenophobia.

Arsene Banza (Johannesburg , 2019-12-19)


I am signing this petition because my sisters and brothers got abused in South Africa without anyone to denounce this matter. Please do something

Brigitte Katumbus (TORONTO, 2019-12-26)


My heart, my kids, and my wife our heats are bleeding crying day and night our property have been taken my shop burnt down with all my belongings i dont even know where to start with this thing of xenophobia anyone can help me and my family to move out of South Africa.

Ilo Kibambe Mutombo (Johannesburg, 2019-12-27)


Because of zenophobia in South Africa this side it of Johannesburg it very very bad ;and the don't won't any foreign on this country and iv lost my brother eish ...

Mamaki Juer (Johannesburg, 2020-01-09)


Je suis totalement à l'insécurité ici en Afrique du Sud à cause d'xénophobie

Biamungu Giresse Mburugu (Johannesburg, 2020-01-10)


Je m'appelle nathân

nathan nsanga (Johannesburg , 2020-01-14)



Chri Bithodi (Pretoria, 2020-01-15)


I'm signing because of xenophobia here in south Africa.

Chadrack Mukadi Tshinyama (Johannesburg, 2020-01-16)


Am refuge from south Africa , I support this coz I now is going to help us the victims of the iPhones attack

Sophia Michael (Pretoria, 2020-01-19)


Yes I'm refugees in south Africa am suffering because xenophobia until now

Rehema Mrisho (Pretoria, 2020-01-19)


Im signing here because they are killing foreigners here in south africa so im looking for they way to go reside to canada if possible. At least there they will take good care of us foreigners

Florian Lutonadio masala (Cape town, 2020-01-20)


I'm signing this because of insecurity in the country , and south Africa police doesn't ensure protection of foreigners . so I'm scared to live in this country

Didier kabuya (Johannesburg, 2020-01-27)


Firstly a huge thank you for this program of having the will to hear our voices for being the current victims of this xenophobic in South Africa. We are really calling for help out there!.

Orcient Bazola (Cape Town, 2020-01-29)


I am signing this petition because of violence repetition against foreigners in South Africa. After being victim.

Justin Kolela Mukena (Johannesburg, 2020-02-06)


I m refuge in South Africa i m sefaring beaucouse my husband he passaw I have 2 children i need idea

Amissa Nzikobanyanka (Durban, 2020-02-06)


I'm sign in to this petition.

Meta Mwamba Rebecca (Cape town, 2020-02-07)


I am signing this petition because we really need help.They are killing ,raping,discriminating us for so long. We might be safe up until now but who knows tomorrow ? What we cry the most is our children,what they have seen it enough. Do not wait for the next Xenophobia to act or help,please do now and save lifes.
Many Thanks.

kamutshape Nzirorera Bwerevu (Cape Town, 2020-02-12)


Je suis en Afrique du Sud depuis 13 ans. Mais je suis victime de la xénophobie parce que le bureau du ministère des affaires étrangères refusent de renouveler mon papier de demande d'asile, il me donne expressément des rendez-vous de courte durée, ce qui a affecté mon travail puisque mes justifications de mes absences devant le directeur de ressources humaines étaient moins convaincantes. Et en plus, j'ai une famille que je dois nourrire et sans papier d'identité je risque d'être en insécurité.Et plus dans les bureaux de "home affaires" il y a seulement des conversations xénophobes, c'est insupportable. Veuillez nous accorder cette chance de nous accorder l'asile...

Vincent Kabengele Muteba (Johannesburg Benoni, 2020-02-19)


I'm signing because my family and i are no more save in South Africa because of zenophobias attack

Embadza Lingbindi (Johannesburg , 2020-02-24)


I'm signing because I'm inquiet about my security

Tshivuadi Kalonji (capetown, 2020-02-27)


Xenophobic attack in south Africa

Kamanga Jackson (Johannesburg, 2020-03-09)



Mathylde Masengu (Middelburg Mpumalanga, 2020-03-20)


By signing, I authorize Mamie-Esther Bujakera to hand over my signature to those who have power on this issue.

Banana Manda (Jahannesburg, 2020-03-26)


I need help from you guys

Libacho Lukambila mola (Johannesburg, 2020-03-28)


What we see is more then to much we are all human beings the killing is more and more am seing it live we need an assistance plz

Wandja Lukuni (Durban, 2020-04-02)


I'm signing because these Xenophobic attacks are making me feel unsafe and threatened

charvely elese ekila (Johannesburg, 2020-04-15)


Im insecure and im a victim of aggression in the taxis

ursula Bongongo (Cape town , 2020-04-25)


I am happy to join petition

fatoumata sidibe aishs (Johannesburg , 2020-05-12)


I'm signing because... (optional)yes because I'm a refugee here in SA I'm suffering a lot in South Africa. I support the idea.pls help us

irankunda angel pamella (Cape Town , 2020-05-14)


I got family but life is difficult I prefer just to live south Africa with my kids

Kuntima Megra (Cape Town , 2020-05-17)


Because I'm victim of XENOPHOBIA in South Africa me end my tried my family please i need your help thanks.

Huguette Ngoya (Cap town, 2020-05-27)


Need help

Mbuyi Kasongo sylvie (Johannesburg, 2020-06-02)


I'm unsecured in south Africa, due to the xenophobia attact several time, joblessness,being refugee in south Africa we are like slave,pls help us.

Lubamba Mbenza (johannesburg, 2020-06-18)


I'm in danger in south Africa I am refugee in this country but I am not safe with my family thank you help us

Dady Bayona (Cape Town, 2020-06-21)


I'm not on security whit my family becouse of this Xenophobie please if it possible content my on my phone number 0027842109500

Kamanda Mustafa (Johannesburg , 2020-06-23)


I'm signing this document because I and my family are exposed to be killed for the reason of residing in RSA as refugees and ourlives are completely in great danger.

Jimmy Tshibangu kanda (Cape town, 2020-07-08)


Marriend with five kids please i need i need your help my Adress is 34 Associated Hse 60king Dinzulu Road in Durban

Bonheu Muronda (Durban, 2020-07-14)


I am not feeling safe to stay in South Africa anymore. Too much violence to the immigrants

Josephine Akingeneye (Cape Town, 2020-07-23)


I need to leave this country bcz this propre dont like foreignier guys here in south Africa that one is no opportunity for the foreignier

Herve Kwilu Makanda (Cape town, 2020-09-02)


I'm signing this because of the xenophobic attacks that it's happening here in south Africa as I'm not safe as well as my family al we're living in fear and traumatized therefore I hereby to ask for reinstalling us in a country whereby we can live in peace i and my family...

Bonaventure Mudiandambu (Capetown , 2020-09-19)


I'm not safe in south Africa coz off those xonophobic

Jigala Kabuasa (Johannesburg , 2020-09-19)


I'm signing because I'm sufering here in South Africa xenophobia

Bya-Mungu Shewe (Cape Town, 2020-09-22)


Help for relocation to Canada from Canadian authorities because of xenophobia in south Africa

Desy Tshitenge (Cape town , 2020-10-15)


Am signing because I was a victim to xenophobia attack...! I risked my life because I was a foreigner national in South Africa..! And I was staying with my grandfather and he past away with hear-attack when he New that I was attacked when I was going back home at school!

Rael Parker (Johannesburg , 2020-11-10)


I'm signing in because my family we are not in peace in this contry. I have to kids the going to university there are not safe because of xenophobic attack .

Pappy Munsa (Cape Town, 2020-11-25)


I'm signing
Please help me

Yoshuwa Obedi (Ladysmihty , 2020-12-06)


I'm refugees in South Africa

Mika Bitangalo (Welkom , 2020-12-31)


I am a minority in sa subject to xenophobic discrimination.

Annemarie Smalberger (Hartbeespoort, 2021-01-22)

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