Canadian Immigration for Victims of Xenophobia in South Africa/Immigration canadienne pour les victimes de xénophobie en Afrique du Sud



Am a mother of two boys
Isaac:11 years
Splander :6 years
Me and my husband need help ! We are scurd alot for the xenophobia in South Africa! We have been atack do many time and there is not solution , please we are asking for a refuge please.

Valerie Yohali (Capetown , 2019-09-10)


I'm signing because we are not save in South Africa they are killing us

Naomie Luemba (Witbank, 2019-09-10)


Because of Xenophobia attacks in South Africa.

Munguakonkwa Muyanga (Durban, 2019-09-10)


I'm against xenophobia I want to live a peace life

Joseph Muntu (Capetown, 2019-09-10)


I'm signing because was victim to be in a situation of xenofobia

Dede Noki (Witbank, 2019-09-10)


I'm signing because we are not save in South Africa they are killing us

Sabin Masini (Witbank, 2019-09-10)


je viens par la présente autoriser madame Mamie-esther Bujakera de remettre ma signature à ceux qui ont le pouvoir sur cette question.


Kabeya Lutonga

Kabeya Lutonga (Johannesburg, 2019-09-10)


I'm signing because it is traumatized ,stressful , and many more we really need help they can finish us and the government of South Africa does nothing to help

Jean Katayi (Vanderbijlpark , 2019-09-10)


I am signing this petition because my life is not safe since the recent xenophobic attacks and lootings in the country.

Patrick Patrick (Cape Town , 2019-09-10)


I am signing because I live in South Africa and I am witnessing all the atrocities which the group of unruly South African are submitting to the other black foreigners nationals

Ilanga John Engongo (Pretoria , 2019-09-10)



Hamed sadala hawazi Hamed sadala hawazi (Jhb, 2019-09-10)


I'm not feeling save my kids they scared to go to school I feel bad for everything

Sylvie Mwewa (Johannesburg , 2019-09-10)


I'm Signing because me and my familly we are victim of Xenofobia attack of September 2019 in south Johannesburg south Africa.

Malango Songa (Johannesburg, 2019-09-10)


I'm signing because South African are seriously killing us and this is becoming really serious, I want to be saved

Jonathan Kongo (Cape town, 2019-09-10)



Roudise Kamaya (Capetow, 2019-09-10)


I'm signing because we need help

Kanam Micheline Kayakez (Johannesburg , 2019-09-10)


I'm signing this petition because I'm fearing for my life here in South Africa.

Mulua Kisandji (Pretoria, 2019-09-10)


I am signe because I am a victime in South Africa like now I am telling you I can't work even sleeping in a house the home affairs rejected my refuge propose after staying 10 years in South Africa and in this xanophobia situation it very difficult to live in this country

Kasongo Peter kyalwe (Cape town, 2019-09-10)


I have been a witness in these crimes on xenophobic attacks in Johannesburg as a father of a family I can't live my dependants in danger.

Kalonji Jayjay Tshimanga (Johannesburg , 2019-09-10)


I'm signing because of fear of my life in south africa violence and xenophobia attacks

Kalala cedrick Kanda (Johannesburg , 2019-09-10)


Lives of foreigners, mostly refugees are in danger in South is needed.

Wasso KITUNGANO (CAPE TOWN, 2019-09-10)


We are not save as foreign in this country must of our brothers are no more alive

Nenkula Mvunda (Cape town, 2019-09-10)


I'm signing in because I was a victim of xenophobia in south africa when I was coming back from school,they took my phone,my jacket,and I go back home without nothing and they tried to kidnap me that day but I was lucky. Please I need help

Eunice Tshabu (Johannesburg, 2019-09-10)


I'm refuge from DRC and was attacked by guys to Johannesburg
Because i'am foreign in sud Africa
Please help to leave sud Africa

Kitangua nestor kumbe (Johannesburg, 2019-09-10)


I m signing because people in South Africa do not like us as foreigners, even school my daughter had been "abuse" just because she is a foreigner her hold classmates beat up and pulled bher hair as this Xeneponbia attack is happening i am even scared to send her to school because in school they do not like just because she is a foreigner

Bibi Sukali (Durban , 2019-09-10)


Hi guys I was victim of xenophobia in south Africa please may u guys help me to move here

Tresor kabengele Kabeya (Pretoria , 2019-09-10)


I'm signing because I'm not being treated good in South Africa.

Jessie Mpira (Witbank, 2019-09-10)


Je suis tres emu de participer a cette lettre pour confirmer ce qui se passe ici en afrique du sud la xenophobie nous fais peur en voyant comment on Tue les enfants et les fammes,casser les portes tout se qui nous appartient.j'ai quatre enfants et ils ne partent pas a l'ecole sa fais une semaine a cause de la peur j aimerai quitter ce pays a cause de la securite' de mes enfants .je suis marie a jonas lukama et mercie

Dody Ngabo Lukama (Cape town, 2019-09-10)


I'm signing this petition because I have seen the many things happen,on a street here I saw a lady walking and she had been burnt it's so bad here that the Zulu men have threatened to kidnap foreign girls because they claim that Nigerian men are stealing their women,I am pleading to the Canadian government to please help me out things were so bad I had to walk to and from school with my uncle please help me out I fear for my life every day and the news channels are reporting false news the government doesn't really have a hold of the situation every it's spiralling out of control. PLEASE HELP US WE NEED YOU

Christelle Rose Mpangula Kayumbi (Johannesburg, 2019-09-10)


Im signing because of xenophobia here in south Africa we are in danger me and my siblings

Ramata mahole (Johannesburg, 2019-09-10)


I sign because I personally attack by the South African in this xenophobic system my life is in danger

Mwamba Gustave (Johannesburg , 2019-09-10)


Me and my family are in great danger here in South Africa and we really need your support and assistance to leave this country...because we are in extreme danger.

Andre Kapita (Johannesburg, 2019-09-10)


I'm signing because I've gone through so much in this country. There are hard ships happening I can't even continue with my education because of the tragedies that have been happening I feel as if the only way out is for someone to lend a helping hand whole heartedly. I lost so many people in my life, my friend's, some of my neighbors left the neighborhood and decided to go elsewhere, my education is at a pause because of my financial status and I have nothing to make a living anymore, Xenophobic Attacks have hurt me deeply the only way out is for me to go to a better place and become somebody, poverty and struggles is not an option for me.

Josias Kayumbi (Johannesburg, 2019-09-10)


It's no longer safe to live here with my family. Thanks

Yves Mukandama (Durban, 2019-09-10)


Am singing in because am leaving in fear of attacks as I was attacked last week in the train because of been a foreigner in south Africa.
I my husband and my 2kids are living in great fear .

Mbuyi marie Kambaja (Cape town , 2019-09-10)


To the mister of IRCC. Dear sir/madam as you're all away about the xenophobia attack that have been going around in South Africa, especially in Jo'burg where I witness the killing of my friend Wednesday the 4th of September.
Since then I've been living in the fear of my life, it's no longer safe here. I did left my originally country (DRC) 12
Years ago because my life was in danger and I came to South Africa for my protection. But now this xenophobia attack its ongoing more often than before I'm fearing for my life and I really don't know if I'll be the next to get killed.
Therefore, I'm here by asking for your help to assist me with the refugee immigration in your country, please don't abandon us, thank you.

Mwepu Dolly (Johannesburg, 2019-09-10)


I seek a protection, please I m in bad situation in SA with my wife, we have a refugee status in SA, please help us

BOLETEPELI Didier mardochee (Johannesburg , 2019-09-10)


I'm using bcz of zenophobi

Kade Ekofo (Johannesburg, 2019-09-10)


I’m signing that in relation to the insecurity that is happening right now in South Africa. About the xenophobia attacks, against all the Foreigners. I leave in Cape Town with my family ( my wife , my daughter and my stepdaughter ). We are in alert , and our live is in not safe anymore .we are in permanent danger , because anything can happen at anytime. I’m seeking with my family Canada’s Help if it is possible.

When Ceslas Mouanga Meya (Cape Town , 2019-09-10)


I'm not safe in South Africa so I need your help

Muangala Gilda (Cape Town , 2019-09-10)


I'm signing because I've been affected by this xenophobic attacks.

Amisi Michael David (Cape town, 2019-09-10)


I m signing in bcz we scared to remain here with m'y familly. We are not saved

Thethe Luntadila ndongala (Witbank Mpumalanga, 2019-09-10)


I am signing this petition because I have traumatized by all the crime happening in South Africa.

Efreim Loundou Zamba (Cape Town, 2019-09-10)


I need help,I'm not safe here in south africa because of the xenophobic attack .

Sylvie Nawaya (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


Is not good to kill someone

ELor Mupata (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I' m signing because i am also victim of these xenophobic attacks going on almost every year in this country.

Norris kyenge Mwape (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


Because of the xenophobia acts here in south Africa
We are not safety with family

Didier Ilunga (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


I am signing this because as a foreigner in South Africa becomes a crime and our live is danger every days.
Me ,my wife and my children were victim of Xenophobia. We beg a help.

Prince Eale lifafu (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I'm not safe because of xenophobia

Panda tony Imona (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm not save at my place with thus xenophobie I need help to travel to other country I'm from DRC

Julie Kambata (Jhanesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this bcz of my life protection,i am not in security at all in this country and i need help

Munga Mubaya Adolph (Durban, 2019-09-11)


I’m signing because I’m a target of a xenophobic attack in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Daniel Mbayi (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I am signing in because I am currently in South Africa and I am experiencing xenophobic attacks

Mafuila Kumbenganisa (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I am signed this petition because of foreigners are not more welcomed in South Africa. I am mother of two children and pregnant. My husband lost his job because Xenophobia and live in township, every days robbery,killing and abuse so I am begging help for future of my children.

Lydia Ntatu (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I am signing because they are killing us foreign here in south Africa

Alain kashala Cibuyi (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I am signed this petition because of foreigners are not more welcomed in South Africa. I am mother of two children and pregnant. My husband lost his job because Xenophobia and live in township, every days robbery,killing and abuse so I am begging help for future of my children.

Lydia Ntatu (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I’m signing because I’m not well in South Africa not confortable in South Africa please help us in South Africa one day one foreigners died

Lydie Mbuyi kapinga (Western cape, 2019-09-11)


I'm interested in this new program,and I would like to have more infos about it.thanks.

Alphonsine pindo Dangama (Pretoria, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because people here in south Africa they don't want foreigners anyone my freind die for this problem in my presence please help us



I am signing because they are killing us foreign in south africa, and I have been attacked luckily I was saved

Mujmgila Antoinette Kazadi (Cape Town, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because my family's life and my own are in danger. The local's hatred to foreigners is unbearable and something must be done immediately to save lifes

Patience Basuabu Nsaka (Pretoria , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing in because I need your help

Bourgeois Celebre Kanyinda (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)



Bruno Balungisa (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I am not safe since this riot started my life is very unsafe. because them black south Africa refused all foreign residents in their country now l am scaring even to take a bus driving by a black south Africa or a train for my job cause to avoid if l find alone and much black south Africa a can lose my life .wherefore l need help for saving my life better to leave their country in peace that lose my life here for their xenophobia .thanks

Isaac Kabongo (Cape Town, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this petition because I am supporting the letter to the Minister of IRCC. Hopefully he will look to it with favor and grant us who are in danger in South Africa a way out by God's good grace.

Andy Kaumba (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing in because I'm victim of xenophobia in South Africa

Patrick Mumba (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because of insecurity of south Africa against me as foreigner

Nyembo Lwamba (Cape town , 2019-09-11)


I am signing because of xenophobic violence against foreign nationals in south Africa, my family and i are not safe.

Kwete Emmanuel Mbonga (Capetown, 2019-09-11)


We are not safe anymore in this country please

MIGNONNE Kalanga mbelu (Cap town, 2019-09-11)


I and my family,we are not fell save any more being here in South Africa,can you please help us.Thanks

Afie visadio Nsilu (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


Living in a country where you are extremely afraid of what could happen to you when you leave your house in the morning, it’s the worst feeling one can ever have daily!!!

Yoane Kayembe (Cape Town, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this petition because I'm victim of xenophobia and I'm not safe need to be protected.



I'm living in Johannesburg South Africa and witness of all the violence happening in the city and My Neighbor Hood theresa Huge fear wing in South Africa

Jack Falanka Mbo (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because of xenophobia here in South Africa
Am in danger

Cedrick Kabwe Tshitenge (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I need help; I'm foreign in South Africa my family and me we are not safe. I'm Congolese original

Lutayi Didine (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this petition because I'm victim of xenophobia. I'm not safe and need to be protected.



My family and I are victims of the xénophobia in South Africa

Arlaine Ngambo (Cape Town, 2019-09-11)


Am affraid of our lives in S.A., xenophobia is becoming bread of every day, blavk foreigners are not welcome, am afraid of my life and my kids one ,i need help from Canadian government.

Ĺaurentine Mbele (Aberton ,Gauteng, 2019-09-11)


I am signing because of xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals.

Yvette tshilanda Mbonga (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


L'immigration canadienne d'ouvrire un programme pour les victimes de LA xenophobie en Afrique Du sud

Nkulu Djesse (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


Because we living in fear and dangers in South Africa.

Djibrul Mudingonzi Eagle (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


We are refugees here in South Africa and we are living in fear, we don't know who is going to be killed savagely in the next hours. Please think about us, we are humans.

Ndumbu Papy (Capetown, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because where i live with my family we aren't safe anymore even to go to work is become a problem things are get tough and tougher i don't know what can i do specially i family, i'm married person i live with my wife and my two kids i would like to have your assistance my wife she's traumatized i just trying to get situation little bit calm because i don't want my kids alse to be traumatized.

Mwela Lufuluabo (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


they fire me from work
they put me outside with my family
with my kids for one year
right now we are in the street sleeping in the streets
we don't have food nothing

lubala wakabele edouard (cape town, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing due to xenophobic attack happening in South Africa, for my family safety and me with my kids I will like you to assist us for this Xenophobia attacks, I ask to who may concerns thanks for your assistance

Mukenge Dipumbe shay (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because i was under attack verbally at university where I'm where studying my Master degree in industrial engineering and also flat where I leave by local people. Actually my familly is traumatised.

Kabuya kanyinda (Durban, 2019-09-11)


I'm fed up with South Africa and the attacks
Can't live in peace anymore

Nkafuisheba Blessing Mugisho (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because I was a victim of xenophobia attack

Lelu Addy (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I am signing this petition because I am in a total insecurity frustration I’ve been aggressed fear is covering me and also my children.
Please grant my petition.

Sophie Lumbuenadio (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this because i'm not save my family here in south africa

Lusunzi Mayimona (Capetown, 2019-09-11)


Hey I'm sining bcz I need to travel to a country where I would be have peace of mean as foreign

Espoir Kuebolas (Jhb, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this petitions because, me and my children are not safe in Durban, due to xenophobic violence attack, as a women, I can not go to work actually because where I work they do not allow us to work, it not safe at all.

Tina Kibonge (Durban , 2019-09-11)


I am signing because of the Xenophobia attacks happening in South Africa-we are living in fear .I am 24 years old,i am here with my mom and young brother. Please help us-we are in dangers ,people have been killed and many injured due to the attacks.

Angel Mazombo (Cape Town, 2019-09-11)


I am signing because the overall situation is getting worse year after year. The previous xenophobia attacks were quite moderate. But it is worsening. How will the next be?

Simon Muya Kasanda (Durban, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this petition to proof how we are not safe at all in South Africa of xenophobic attack is happening almost regularly. Thanks.

Michel kambu Nsuami (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I’ll like help from this organization please

Tshimanga Baya (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I am 74 years old woman, I am signing this petition because I have a family in South Africa and we are not safe in South Africa.

Clotilde Kasongo Ina Banza (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)



Biuma Kamba (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because i am not safe to this country, i am a married woman mother of two kids living with my husband and two kids i would like you to assist me to relocate to other country where we can feel safe and feel home, i will appreciate

Annette Lusikidisu (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because South Africa treat bad foreigners in all domains, and if there is an opportunity to leave and a chance to go to Canada, I will appreciate that.

Kongolo Medard (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I'm singing because of this situation happing right here we not in peace anymore and I'm a uber driver so as our business goes we not driving as we supposed to and we not working anymore coz of fear and we not going to the erea now they're using the ladies to request in oder to attack us once they catch you the kill and the take your car or the trow you in the water and take your car so we not in peace anymore

Mputu Sanduku (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


Am signing this because am tired of xenophobia and living in fear to know that anything can happen to me and my family

Bobo Eliane (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I want to stay far from rsa cz of xenophobia,I'm a hard worker I can also speak French, English and orthe different languages thanks

Junior Bajika (Observatory, 2019-09-11)


Je suis Muludiki zoe

Muludiki Zoe (Jonhasbergue, 2019-09-11)


I am a father of two children and I have witnesse of xenophobia attacks in this country three time already and I am afraid of my family life here in South Africa, please if there is any update let me know about it.

Martinien Alponse (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


I live congenially xenophobia here in South Africa and this well before it does it openly this time, I want to live, invest and work in a country that wants me

Michel Lubanza (Western Cape (cap town), 2019-09-11)


I'm not safe in South Africa anymore and we fear for our lives with my kids

Misenga kashama Letema (Capetown, 2019-09-11)


Je ne suis plus en sécurité, mon voisin s’est fait tuer, on se pille avec tous les moyens possibles, le gouvernement ne fait rien et on ne peut même pas entrer chez nous, je vous demande votre aide le plus possible.

Daryl Nkuka (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this petition because I was a victims of Xenophobia and my family and I are not safe in South Africa.

Kimberly Faith Banza (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


I am signing this petition pleading to the Minister of IRCC to open an immigration program for the victims of xenophobia in South Africa.

Rene Tshikuna (Ashburn, 2019-09-11)



Lukondo Kuzulu (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


im signing because as refugeé my life is not safe in south africa anymore and we fear fo the xenofobia against us

Guy rene letema (capetown, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because we're not save ours life's in danger every where they're pointing us fingers

Bruno Lubalu (CapeTown, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because we are victim of xenophobia in South Africa and will appreciate if Canada could take us in as refugees

Vivien Nzihou (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I have a wife and 2 kids and i fear for our lives

Chris Kyambezi Kantanga (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing in because I want to leave South Africa because of xenophobia

Genevieve Abiba Mambote (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


I do not have a family, I am an orphan. I work hard from 5h to 22h to look for something to eat and here we are killed from day to day it scares me too much I really need your help our strangers we are in danger

Darya Arsen (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I have been a victim of attacks of xenophobia

Patrick Kaniki (Pretoria , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because of xenophobia attack in south africa

TSHUINZA MIREILLE KALANGU (Pretoria, 2019-09-11)


South Africa is really a beautiful country with beautiful people, however due to political and economical crisis, things have turned the hearts of this beautiful nation into bitterness and hatred against foreign nationals. It has become an insecure environment for foreigners. Most foreigners are now victims of political and economical threats which leads to several xenophobic attacks. We foreigners are seeking for your help. I and my family are originally from DRC.

Albert Kamatombe (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm signature I'm not feeling save. I'm in danger.

Huguette kingambo (Pretoria , 2019-09-11)


I am not safe in Cape town

Papy Mingashanga (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


Xenophobic attacks

Solange Tshiama (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm applying this because of xenophobic attacks here in South Africa
I'm ready to leave this country anytime

Badibanga Nkuna sardou (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm victim of xenophobia.

Esther Mendela Lofemba (Cape Town, 2019-09-11)


I am signing in because its absurd this xenophobia mindset in people of S.A. They have all the rightrights to complain about things that are not going well in their country and there are better ways to solve this issue of to many illegal foreigners. Killing, robbing foreigners wont solve anything.

Felly Songwe (Cape Town, 2019-09-11)


I'm at réfugié from DRC Goma,my life it not saved in South Africa, there's don't want us in South Africa.. There's killing us... Please I want to move... The Gouvernement there's indifferent to this Xenophobia no one it defender us..

Jean Baptiste Tshinkobo (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


Xenophobia in south Africa as a foreign disturbing my life

Laeticia Mayanga (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I signing because of crime of xenophobia happened to south Africa

Abed Nego Ngoie (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this petition because of the highest crime in South Africa ( xenophobic attacks, rapes, high jacking...) i real feel unsecured with my family 👪. Need to be repatriated please.

Mpoyo Mukamba Jisfar (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


I'm singing because the way they traite us here in South Africa is no good , we are human beings but here in South Africa we look like the animals

Olivierparker Nyapena (Capetown , 2019-09-11)


We are not in secure conditions

Francis cedar mopola Elenga (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


We need your assistance

Franck nguza Mafo (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing in because of the recent xenophobic attacks and discrimination that have been happening in the country. Me and my family don't feel safe as the children can't go to school and we are afraid of leave the house as it is not safe.

Mapay Ngalala Nghaza Zacarie (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I am signing this petition because the xenophobia attacks in this coutry the killing us foreigners here there is no way to life here anymore

Alpha Mukawa (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because of attack to foreign national board in SA , enough is enough . xenophobia it's too much,no life in SA anymore.

Alidor Beya Beya katolo (Jo'burg, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this bcz we are not safe here with my all family we need your assistance to proctect our life this country they kill us easy the don't have shame the can kill you infront of your kids please come for help dear God will bless you

Stella Dipumbe (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this petition because I am living in a huge fear in south Africa, on the road, in public transportation worse in my work place, please Canada be our land of peace

Cedrick Kabwe (Durban, 2019-09-11)


I am signing because my son was a victime .

Ngbendi Eloza Robert (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I am so happy with this wonderful initiative from your government because we have been really menacing ourselves with xenophobia problems we are as if giving up at our governments We ask you to agree our request near your high authority of the country i am too proud with your support from us thank you very much.

Djamel Kitambala (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I am signing because of what is going on those days in south Africa, I mean xenophobia, so I feel in unsecured, me and my family living in fear here in this country, killing the foreigners, that why I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Mathias mbuyi Shasha (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


I am signing because I am leaving in fear in south Africa. I am a single mother of two...we are refugees in south Africa and our lives are in danger... We are for the third times victims of xenophobia.... And there is no way for this acts(xenophobia) is going to stop....why us?why only black foreigners must die like animals?
Please if there is a way to resettle us in Canada, USA or other countries that have hospitality.... We are ready to move...
Please helps me and my kids.
I beg you in Jesus name....come and open doors of peace , security for my kids.


Guyguy Mengi (Capetown, 2019-09-11)


I want to leave south Africa with my family of 7 people, we don't have peace and the government of south Africa is doing nothing to prevent the attack on foreigners, it's like politically motivated, each and every year they do xenophobic attacks on foreigners, refugees are not protected, I need help to live this country

Malachie Bosweli (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I'm a truck driver here and I have been attacked more than once! As a family man, my life is in danger, I'm stressing every single day when I'm in the truck on the road! If I can get chance to travel to Canada I will be glad! And maybe do the same job. Thanks in advance.

Prosper kayembe Mukendi (Capetown , 2019-09-11)


I was victim of xenophobia in 2015, I have been beaten up and have a knock on my head, I was attacked in my shop in Bellville Area by people with guns and dangerous instruments, luckily the bullet didn’t hit me. And this year 2019 again, my shop was torched and burnt and lost everything and i have been attacked again, they took my phone, my money,...they promised(intruders) to come back to kill me if I’m still in South Africa and continue to run a business..I’m feeling really insecured and i don’t know what to do because I lost everything

Alain Mvuezolo (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


I am siging because of xénophobie violence

Eyoko Nsambi (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because of the xenophobia attack. black south Africa accuse foreigners of taking they job. So foreigners were burned. This is not the the first time. the solution is to move foreigners in to another country

Christopher Mupeta (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


I'm singning because of the way they treat us in south africa, we are himan beings here in south africa we look like the animals

Deborah Mudiaka (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


It bad here in Johannesburg, I'm living in fear, no future for our children in this country

Mikeren Tembua (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I am signing because of xenophobic violence attacks.

Nadine Monianga (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because i want to seek refuge in Canada as i am not safe in South Africa anymore.

Exaucee Mbadu (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)

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